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Canes land 2 U.S. Army All-Americans during recruiting spree

It's been a pretty special 24-hour span for the University of Miami's football recruiting efforts.

Deon BushThe Hurricanes, who lost a handful of key underclassmen last month who announced their intentions to enter the NFL Draft early, picked up four commitments including two U.S. Army All-Americans on Saturday -- Miami Columbus safety Deon Bush and Tampa Jefferson defensive end Tyriq McCord.

Bush (6-1, 185) is ranked as a consensus top five safety in the country by ESPN and Rivals.com and picked UM over Alabama and Auburn. McCord (6-3, 222), ranked 7th by Rivals at weakside end and 13th nationally at his position by ESPN, chose UM over South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Bush is said to be done with his recruiting. McCord said before his announcement he still plans on taking an official trip to USC on Jan. 20.

Both are huge gets for coach Al Golden, should they still sign a National Letter of Intent with Miami on Feb. 1. Oral commitments are non-binding.

Bush will probably be able to help right away. While the Hurricanes return safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque and veteran cornerback Brandon McGee, there are plenty of openings elsewhere in the secondary. Although Bush is tabbed as a safety, Columbus coach Chris Merritt, who was in San Antonio for Saturday's Army All-American game with his star pupil, said Bush is more than capable of playing cornerback and probably will start his career there with the Canes.

"What the Canes are getting is a very well prepared, long athlete. He is what people want in the secondary, a long tall body who can play corner or safety," Merritt said of Bush, who finished his senior season at Columbus with over 60 tackles, 11 pass breakups and four blocked kicks.

"People make a lot about how he didn't have any interceptions. Well, there weren't many people who threw his way. For us, he probably lined up at about 40 percent of the time at corner and did a good job when we had him there. He shut down [Miami Northwestern's] Amari Cooper [Alabama commitment] and did a nice job against Miramar's receivers in the state semifinal game. He's a big reason we held them to 14 points."

Bush, who will graduate in June, is the first player from Columbus High to head to UM since offensive tackle Joaquin Gonzalez walked on and eventually earned himself a scholarship.

Bush announced his decision, along with McCord, during Saturday's game.

"It was a hard decision," Bush said. "A lot of them were great schools. But I think I have to put my city back on the map right now."

He then put a Hurricane hat on his head.

McCord, who won the Class 3A state championship as a junior at Jefferson, did the same when he made his announcement for UM. "I am going to take my talents to South Beach," said McCord, who finished his senior season 6-4 on the field and with 59 tackles, 11.5 sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles.

"Coach Golden is leading that program in the right direction. I just want to be a part of it and they have a great broadcast communications program that I want to study in."

The other two commitments UM picked up were defensive tackle Jacoby Briscoe (6-4, 290) of Lafaeytte, La. and Fork Union Prep, Va. receiver Robert Lockhart (6-2, 180), who played his high school ball at West Boca Prep.

Lockhart was a Virginia Tech commitment and the prep school roommate of offensive lineman Taylor Gadbois, who is also headed to UM.Lockhart becomes the sixth receiver UM has in its recruiting class. Briscoe, unranked by Rivals and ESPN, is the second defensive tackle to join the class.

UM now has 31 commitments. Eight (including three prep school or JUCO recruits) have said they will attempt to enroll in school now in January and will count toward last year's signing class. Per NCAA rules, UM can only sign 25 on Feb. 1.

UM's recruiting class is ranked 12th by ESPN and 10th by Rivals.com.


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Great job Coach Golden and staff!
These are two very special players.
welcome Deon and Tyriq, and your family, to the UM Family! It's gonna be real good and you will be a big part of making it happen!

And Jacoby and Robert, congratulations to you and your family on a great choice! You will be part of something very special, in a very special city, and a great U!

Increddible recruiting the day for Goldie and his coaches. UM jumped from 12 to 6 in one day on Rivals, and they have UM has having 30 recruits commits of 31. Deon Bush and Tyriq are great gets. Now if we can putt he pieces of this puzzle together and field a team of kids who will leave it all out there for the U, and for Coach, we will see this program gradually rise, regardless of the NCAA spanking.

ESPN has an article on how bad the attendance hasbeen inbowls and speculate on 2 possibilities: match-ups and the economy. Noooo? Geniuses in these bowls were charging boo-coo bucs. A ticket for the OB game was $250. $250? are youkidding? for a 13 vs 12 matchup? They did see lots of offense! NCAA needs to get a playoff going-

10 game seasons
1 confrence championship
8 major conferences: SEC, ACC, PAc12, Big 10, Big 12, MWC, Big EAst, WAC
8 final teams seeded by the BCS and play in the 4 major bowls
1 semifinal game
1 championship game 2 weeks before the superbowl
top 2 teams play 14 games, which is what LSU would have played this year versus 13 for alabama (is that fair?)

OK. This is what we need. Bush is an impact player. He knows what he's doing. Sit Ray Ray, use him on special teams. Ray ray is not a defensive player and I definitely would not give him another chance in secondary. But a player like this is what Telemaque needs. He s not altogther happy.

U need some more of these kinds of recruits. Sadly, Bush must play for a DC that simply should not have that job.

Scratch that about VT and ray Ray. Telemaque will be in NFL and Ray Ray will be back at home when Bush gets there.

Omg I can't wait to see deon bush. Our secondary is by far our weakest point (besides qb) and he will be a huge help.
Also, kudos to al golden and crew, they are putting together a spectacular recruiting season, currently ranked sixth by rivals. If we could land one five star player it would be, in my opinion, even better than the northwestern year, which turned out to be a mixed bag as far as talent. I know we don't have much chance at green-beckham, but if we could get someone like wr Nelson agholor or Tracy Howard that would be amazing.

OMg I love Golden, her has done such a great job we should give him another extension! All the best players want to play here. We have the best recruits ever. And with all our NFL players scoring TDs we will be unstoppable next year. Too bad we don't play in a soft conference like the SEC, if we did we would be undefeated every year. But it's ok to play against the best competition in the world, the ACC. That is why our football ans basketball teams are so great. If any recriut decommits from us he must be a coward. If I were a recruit I would want to play for Golden for sure and maintain Golden's winning tradition at the U. OMG I'm so excited!

It sure looks like Golden is recruiting for a 3-4 defense, fast d ends and bigger d ends along with a couple of big potential nose tackles? Don't blame him for trying to shape the roster to his preference.

Ok slow down fellas,lets not get beside ourselves. Lets see how these boys perform on the field and im also not sold until signing day bc these high school players have all month to change their minds(signing day 2-1-12)

We still have to get stronger,faster,and mentally tougher to get where we neeed to get. A leader has to emerge maybe Chick or Perryman but thats sad bc their jus sophmores but I guest Ray Buch can (medical redshirt).

Lets see if the the defense coordinator make a change. lol but Im serious

All bout TheU

Im the great on-line lawyer that has the greatest recruiting expert in all of America.
I told you guys that Bush was a lock for Auburn, Mccord a lock for South Carolina and no way was Lockhart going to decommit from VT and turn around and commit to the Canes
Thats 0-3 for my fat useless recruiting expert
I have faith that he will someday get 1 right
Sorry guys

Posted by: Pure Facts!!!! | January 07, 2012 at 08:44 PM



Be a man and sign your posts with your real name, TomThumbPopadak.

Everybody knows its you, who else would benefit from calling out JSQ and BG1906 in the same post.

It's you, you pathetic coward.

By the way, you are totally wrong. Our man got it right. Your site is all about cutting and pasting and made-up stuff from your imaginary friend, Skreetz. Everybody in the Cane universe knows what a fraud you are and are laughing at you

Be a man for once in your life you loser

Jesus, and stop talking about some other UM blog - wtf is wrong with you nerds?


Please god let just one blog here be about UM football!

who in their right mind would choose Louisville over the Canes. I like what Bush said " I want to help put my city back on the map" that's a message to Howard help put ur city back on the map. Go Canes.

If you have ever been to Louisville, you know it is the second biggest craphole in this country behind Gainesville.

If you gave Gainesville an enema you could fit it into a shoebox.

Posted by: 5>3>2

You can't afford it because you didn't graduate from college.

AWESOME day for the Canes. Rivals already moved us up from #12 to #6. That's TEN 4 star recruits already. Sweet! Alot of stud juniors were watching the U land great players on national TV. Great exposure for next season too!

People...forget about Grooms already! He wasn't going to see the field as a tailback. That job will be Duke Johnson's for the next 3-4 years. Guaranteed! He's the best high school back coming out of South Fla since Frank Gore. Grooms may have been a kick returner. He's way in my rear view mirror. Just another Bryce Brown.

The Keith Brown situation sounds a bit iffy to me too. It's a shame. This kid is as close to a no brainer star as you can get. He is so big and strong for his age. Very physical but also so fast and so instinctive. He will be missed. Why would he go to an inferior academic school and a football team that lost to FIU? Fishy.

Finally, it would be so sweet to land Tracey Howard. That would be the coup de gras and likely place this recruiting class in the top 3. Tracey, join your teamate Malcom Lewis. We need a CB. You'd likely start as a freshman. You'd look great in orange and green.

Keep banging the gong about a playoff 5,3,2. It would make college football bigger than any other sporting event out there - March Madness, Superbowl, etc.

They must be paying players at Louisville. Hurtt and Strong seem shady to me.


Earlier people were discussing the number of scholarships a team can give per year. I believe your conclusions were generallly correct except for the following:

A team can give a player a non-football scholarship and let him practice as a redshirt. Until the player plays a down he is not counted as a football scholarship. This is how many deep schools build their teams by having many freshman as redshirts that will graduate in 5 years. In the case when you are forced to play a redshirt, like Stephen Morris, you cost the player a year of eligibility and you use a football scholarship.
Often these redshirt players are given TRACK scholarships for one year.


Keep 'em coming Golden Al!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

TEEEEEEEEEEEEBOw! Yes he can even overcome an F-Up by a stupid Cane, and forgive him.

Wish tebow had played at the U. Better than jokecorey.

Very nice, feeling good!
I hope I still have this good feeling in 3 1/2 weeks.

Welcome to the U,
Mr. Bush,
Mr. McCord,
Mr. Lockhart and
Mr. Briscoe.
U go out play with HEART and FIRE!

Shame on you ltcdolphin, that's the most disgraceful thing I have ever seen posted on this blog.

Not tebow, demaryius thomas, from the ACC!!!!!!!

Lets see,
Jimmy graham
Andre johnson
Demaryius thomas

Wheres the sec in all this?

Cocaine cowboys: youre a doooosh

Dude, don't forget McGahee -- he coughed up the ball that put the Steelers right back in it!

I watched out for Bush's highlights on the news last season, he looks legit, fantastic news.

Does anyone know if Dallas Crawford is going to play at corner? Armstrong and Telemaque are locks at safety.

The SEC will be playing big boy football tomorrow night. That's where they are in all this.

Biggest signing day yet for any school in the country all year.

Canesrule, please learn how to write. BTW The ACC sucks.

I hate this section for posting, you can't reply to posts directly. It's almost a waste of time. Why can't it be like the other section.

God Bless ...

thanks Willis, Orlando and D.J.

thank you for believing in me .

Jesus, and stop talking about some other UM blog - wtf is wrong with you nerds?


Please god let just one blog here be about UM football!

Posted by ... GET A LIFE MORONS |January 08, 2012 at 12:26 PM


by Jesus you mean what ? whom ?

Who wouldn't want to play for Golden and his staff? Ever since the 2005 Peach Bowl against LSU the U has been blown out at least once a year. That year LSU beat us 40-3. Effective immediately when Golden was hired we have competed and had a real to chance to win each game.

We lost six games with a total of 33 points. That is improvement. I will also add that the ACC needs a dominant Hurricane team to beat any team that the SEC puts up against the ACC in the national championship games. I know what Hurricane Football looks like cause it's what I see when I watch the playoffs and it's better than any team the SEC puts in the playoffs. I am excited to see Golden's version of Hurricane football.

Yeah gatr doosh, Willis may have coughed it up, but O Franklin had a beast of a game and so did DJ Williams. Demaryius Thomas and Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech are the leading receivers in the Playoffs. Jimmy Graham and Andre Johnson not far behind. Wait till Gore gets going.

Chris Myers (center) and Eric Winston (tackle) also had superb games.

There is no hiding from it gator dweebs, its NFL-U manifesting itself in the playoffs.

Nice pass by Tebow, but Demaryius outran 3 defenders. Tebow's pass protection was incredible. Pittsburgh sold itself out on stopping the run, and forgot to defend the pass.

Teblow will be cut or traded in the offseason. Elway knows why everyone else does: Teblow cannot play QB in the NFL. Same goes for most Gatr Trash.

Why didn't the blog Pig Soldy post overnight? There must have been a riot in prepared foods at Costco. That graveyard shift can be a bear.

You still suck, Pig.

Don't UF and FSU have half as many kids signed as Miami of Florida, yet their classes are either higher ranked or just as highly ranked?

well, yes, but we saw how that turned out last year, right? When hasn't Gatr Trash had a top 10 class yet still manage to puke themselves every year.

Outside of the Teblow years, it was a lot of losing for Gatr Trash and the strangest thing is that there is no hope in sight.

Flaming. Dumpster. Fire.

but we saw how that turned out last year, right?

You mean like the vaunted NW class?

Truth hurts white heron. Tebow backs up and produces, jokecorey does not know how to do that.

Fire shalalalala now.

Point is, canes ranking is based on signing a s__ load of players, not necessarily quality guys. FSU has the biggest opportunity to surge in this statistics, given they only have 15 commits at this time.

you know that to be true, 5*? You think Rivals and ESPN push up rankings simply due to quantity and have no idea whether there is any quality?

If that is true, then you logically must disregard every ranking for the same reason. Either you have quality or you don't.

Typical Gatr Trash idiot. And yes, the NW class makes my point. You are quite a brainiac.

Can we continue to count the number of Gatr Trash decommits and transfers or do we need to borrower Big Blue from IBM to count that high?

The Gatr maggots are so insecure.

Whooaah. I didn't say it, Rivals did. The fact that FSU and the rest of the top 10 teams are preparing to make a push for the big fish on signing is telling (as you can tell by the low number of commits).

Nothing to get bent about.

It's not like I'm chirping about that NC you are sharing with U-dub...

ltcdolphin - no sh*t Tim Tebow is better than Jacory Harris, doesn't mean you have to jump all over his jock. I'm sure that Danny Wuerffel was better than his UM counterpart - you want to join the Wuerffel fanclub and sh*t all over Kenny Kelley too?

Jacory Harris is a Hurricane, Tim Tebow is a Gator.

What are you?

Clearly just a glory supporting bandwagoner.

That's why you hate UM so much now - we don't live up to the lofty bandwagoning expectations of the miserable unaffiliated Miami fan base.

Not sure how the shared NC has anything to do with this. Although, if Gatr Trash was any good other than a brief 4 year run, they may have been in a position to share an NC.

Alas, the big school that couldn't is just a flash in the pan.

Who likes sharing? Sharing is for losers -- you know -- sharing NC's, sharing stadiums...

Don't know too much about sharing.

But maybe you can fill us in on sharing your sister in your run down trailer. After a hearty meal of BBQ roadkill, of course.

Now, go bl0w a farm animal in your Tebow pose.

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