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Canes land 2 U.S. Army All-Americans during recruiting spree

It's been a pretty special 24-hour span for the University of Miami's football recruiting efforts.

Deon BushThe Hurricanes, who lost a handful of key underclassmen last month who announced their intentions to enter the NFL Draft early, picked up four commitments including two U.S. Army All-Americans on Saturday -- Miami Columbus safety Deon Bush and Tampa Jefferson defensive end Tyriq McCord.

Bush (6-1, 185) is ranked as a consensus top five safety in the country by ESPN and Rivals.com and picked UM over Alabama and Auburn. McCord (6-3, 222), ranked 7th by Rivals at weakside end and 13th nationally at his position by ESPN, chose UM over South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Bush is said to be done with his recruiting. McCord said before his announcement he still plans on taking an official trip to USC on Jan. 20.

Both are huge gets for coach Al Golden, should they still sign a National Letter of Intent with Miami on Feb. 1. Oral commitments are non-binding.

Bush will probably be able to help right away. While the Hurricanes return safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque and veteran cornerback Brandon McGee, there are plenty of openings elsewhere in the secondary. Although Bush is tabbed as a safety, Columbus coach Chris Merritt, who was in San Antonio for Saturday's Army All-American game with his star pupil, said Bush is more than capable of playing cornerback and probably will start his career there with the Canes.

"What the Canes are getting is a very well prepared, long athlete. He is what people want in the secondary, a long tall body who can play corner or safety," Merritt said of Bush, who finished his senior season at Columbus with over 60 tackles, 11 pass breakups and four blocked kicks.

"People make a lot about how he didn't have any interceptions. Well, there weren't many people who threw his way. For us, he probably lined up at about 40 percent of the time at corner and did a good job when we had him there. He shut down [Miami Northwestern's] Amari Cooper [Alabama commitment] and did a nice job against Miramar's receivers in the state semifinal game. He's a big reason we held them to 14 points."

Bush, who will graduate in June, is the first player from Columbus High to head to UM since offensive tackle Joaquin Gonzalez walked on and eventually earned himself a scholarship.

Bush announced his decision, along with McCord, during Saturday's game.

"It was a hard decision," Bush said. "A lot of them were great schools. But I think I have to put my city back on the map right now."

He then put a Hurricane hat on his head.

McCord, who won the Class 3A state championship as a junior at Jefferson, did the same when he made his announcement for UM. "I am going to take my talents to South Beach," said McCord, who finished his senior season 6-4 on the field and with 59 tackles, 11.5 sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles.

"Coach Golden is leading that program in the right direction. I just want to be a part of it and they have a great broadcast communications program that I want to study in."

The other two commitments UM picked up were defensive tackle Jacoby Briscoe (6-4, 290) of Lafaeytte, La. and Fork Union Prep, Va. receiver Robert Lockhart (6-2, 180), who played his high school ball at West Boca Prep.

Lockhart was a Virginia Tech commitment and the prep school roommate of offensive lineman Taylor Gadbois, who is also headed to UM.Lockhart becomes the sixth receiver UM has in its recruiting class. Briscoe, unranked by Rivals and ESPN, is the second defensive tackle to join the class.

UM now has 31 commitments. Eight (including three prep school or JUCO recruits) have said they will attempt to enroll in school now in January and will count toward last year's signing class. Per NCAA rules, UM can only sign 25 on Feb. 1.

UM's recruiting class is ranked 12th by ESPN and 10th by Rivals.com.


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Man up, Soup, admit its you or your recruiting "expert" stand in, ohiocane talking for you like he does on twitter.

You are a twisted piece of trash calling out people that leave you the fug alone. Why do you keep bringing those two up. You do it because you see them as a threat or your competition.

You have no competition. You are the only one running a blog with imaginary characters, like skreets, and with recruiting info that consists only of cutting and pasting from other sites for which you take credit. Your content sucks.

Do Manny and Susan know what a liar and con man you are?

Why don't you go make up another skreetz lie and post it. Manny and Susan are laughing at you.

And with those last few comments that is the OFFICIAL AND FINAL END OF CANESPACE.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Stick to your word you schizoid drama queen

Yea right, wish it was a football blog but all anyone ever wants to talk about is the Gators or Shalala.

FYI a college of arts and sciences is the most important school in any university, and not because of the art or humanities departments.

my friend SOUP is pissed...you go get the cross soup, i'll go get the matches and gasoline brotha....oh yeah go get SKREETZ as well!

Proof that YAWN is Soup:

"Yep thats the quality of in depth blogging you get from them morons."
A random blogger isn't going to discuss the quality of blogging at one site vs another. The "them morons" is so out of place it was obviously put in to try and disguise his writing style and identity. Its definitely Soup

"jsq can turn anything into a perverted conversation"
Only Soup says things like this. As a matter of fact, his bizarre prudeness was the basis of the original dispute. It's you, Soup.

"They are the worst Cane blog out there"
Again it's obviously you, Soup.

"End of story tools"
This is vintage Soup. He uses the term tools frequently. More proof it's you skreetz or should I say Soup

Don't ever disrespect canechic again soup/yawn/86cane...oh and you need to seel that rag to my friend ohio cane, he is way better than you!


Agree with Eudo on endless Gator posts here. Shalala is more relevant as the leader of the University, but not sure how much she influences the operations of the football program. She seems to have helped the U, and liberal types are not usually sports fanatics
(too masculine, it makes them uncomfortable!), but she seems here to stay.

Agree with the poster about the 2001 UM team being O and D balanced, in contrast to last night's teams. With Bama's speed on D, could not understrand LSU throwing to the sideline, running the option, etc. LSU's scheme was weak. The "U of old" had way more O firepower than these guys, but Bama played a strong game and they are well coached.

Maybe we will see the U competing at that level again. We need a coach who is up by 21 and freaks out with 3 minutes to go when his player jumps offside on an LSU punt. Now, that's commitment! Coach Golden has got it as well.

Much as I hate Saban for what he did to the Dolphins, I gotta agree with dbc there.

We started to lose our edge when Clappy would allow substandard play, figuring his overwhelming talent would overcome any deficit.

That rubbed off on Shannon, and led to teams of players doing just well enogh to keep their jobs and nothing more.

i hope Golden changes their attitude to one of being better than themselves, and not just better than their backups.

Eudo, who gives a crap what the importance of the arts or science department is at any school? That is not what we are debating. Thats just some crap that U are putting out there in desperation to try and validate any of your points. Who cares. Read my words, "This is a football Blog, not a nerd blog." And most of the problem with the Gators on this blog is and has been initiated by Gators coming on our blog running their mouth. The vast majority of Cane fans do not even care about them and that is why those morons come to our blog. Since U are such a Cane through and through as U like to act, one would think U would know that.

Clappy? LOL. you mean Coker? That's funny. The main cause for UM's downfall (which began with the loss vs LSU) was 1) coaching but a huge component was 2) lack of a QB.

Coker gets lambasted about not recruiting but you all forget that he recruited Kyle Wright- the then #1 (gatorade) hs recruit, all everything. He also recruited Charlie Jones, Tyrone Moss (which was the best rb coming out of florida for those saying he didnt recruit local kids), and Ryan Moore- all HUGE gets. But these players (along with giving Willie Williams which was wanted by every major school in the country), a chance, were all BUSTS. He also managed to get Brock Berlin, who could have gone anywhere. How was it Coker's fault when Kyle Wright got sacked by GaTechs's Blitzes 9 times in 2005 when UM was actually ranked #3 by the BCS? At some point theses overhyped kids need to buck up and do what they are supposedly getting a free ride to do- Like Brantley at UF, Chris Rix at FSU, Xavier Lee who was supposed to be all everything as well, and many others. Some were either overhyped, but others were just lazy and didnt want to put in the work (Charlie Jones)

I agree with dbc- bama is a very well coached and motivated team. Saban doesnt take any crp. Players either work hard, do what they are told- or NEXT!! But the biggest difference with the top 5 teams is two things in order of importance:

1) a real QB. Not a "Jacorry Harris"
2) a big, fast, angry D-line

It should be a football blog but it isn't because dumbasses like yourself want to try to talk about the school instead of the team.

It'd be like someone who doesn't know the importance or meaning of the phrase 'touchdown' coming on here and trying to make some point about football. The college of arts and sciences equates to 'fruity art' in your mind, that just about sums it up - you're Homer Simpson without the entertainment value.

You're out of your element Donny. Please do stick to football, and for the record UM fans talking about the Florida bleeping Gators has nothing to do with football and everything to do with internet nonsense.

It would be nice if this blog could go back to the way it used to be with nothing but Cane talk.
Now it seems like most want to act like little kids by comapring one blog to another blog, like anyone really cares.
Why not just ban those people right along with the Curse

It should be about football but it also shouldn't be allowed to change names. It's so annoying.

I agree with you 100%.
I fpeople want to be that way then have them post under 1 name and thats it
This blog used to be great, now not so much
Then to have other blogs coming in here talking trash is the topping
Nobody cares about them.
It should be about the Hurricanes
Cant have that with people posting garbage here

Gentlemen I too am excited about the "quality" numbers of this class, but 2013 is when we bring in the defensive linemen needed to be a dominating team. These are all guys we have a "legitimate" chance of landing since they A.) are withing the state of Miami reach, B.) We would have already been recruiting them for 2 years.
1.Jaynard Bostwick-DL-Ft. Pierce 2. Keith Bryant-DL-Deltay 3. Deadrin Senat-DL- Immokalee 4.Joey Bosa-DE-St Thomas 5. Matt Thomas-LB-Booker T...OOS 6. Greg Webb-DL-NJ. Some more will emerge, but a big nasty DL is what we are missing.

Eudo, whom are U directing your last response to?

Maybe if you the true cane fans could post picture of them selves preferably shirtless. We could ID each other.

^^^^^ U ^^^^^

Awww, poor Curse has to steal an ID to make fun of someone just because they suggested his sick comments get banned, and he then shows yet another reason for him to be banned, jailed, and lobotomied.

Preferably without anesthesia.

If Curse is in jail, chances are we aren't going to hear from him. Can someone please make a citizen's arrest for felony blog posts? Perhaps get Crockett, Tubbs, or Horaito Cain can assist.

U can come see me in the Alabama Athletic Office Lobby ...

What happened to all the Bammy fans that were terrorizing the Gator blog back in early October? Hmmmmmmm..

Fire shalalalala now

Sssssssss ... Eeeeeeeee ... Ccccccccc ...

You can see 5 of your cousins at the Hecht Center.

Only three reside in the Trailerpark glass case. Next to the coonskins, spittoons and rat-ka-bobs.

Looks like a great class so far, if all come on board, but we really need to add to depth and quality on both the OL and DL with more than now "committed". We could also use at least one more quality running back in this class.



because the SEC LEast straight suuuuuuuuucks.

Bama laughs at you Gatr maggots. LSU craps on Gatr Trash.

let me gUess ?

just when is Ur pathetic Spring game ?

when U gonna , " ... RE-NEGOTIATE ... " Al

Pease ...

New O.C.

hola Arty

I can count...check this out. If Muskrat losses 2 commits a day, how many recruits will be in the FU recruiting class on FEB 2?

ANSWER: (2) you homer

maybe all of the Turd fans can root for bama and lsu all year long so that they will at least feel like a winner.

How is it that UF can lose recruits and still have the 3rd best recruiting class in the nation?

There is some conspiracy going on here and I know it involves ESPN, the SEC, FBI, IRS, DEA, and Kirk Herbstreit!

Yep that's right name Kirk Herbstreit...we all know he couldn't find his arse in a ghey bar.

Quit looking at the rankings. Do they gauge the heart of a warrior? Who cares about the rankings? Just show up on Saturday and support the kids who come here to play!

Oh and Jebb don't go to Chicago. It's cold and windy(two things that effect canes)

rankings...shmakings... We'll see where everyone is come next season....

April 14th will answer a ton of questions for all true Canes fans. See you at the Mecca.

10 early enrollees already... Spring ball is looking good right about now and they haven't even touched the field yet.


Q.B.'s Gray Crow and Preston Dewey huh. Not ONE Top 25 Team even offered either of these Nationally UNRANKED duds. But one will be the next Vinny and the other the next Walsh riiieeet? Nothing but warm bodies like 2/3rds. of this entire recruiting class.

Does Duh Ewe have a men's hoops team ?

Let me be the first to say it for U dUmb clUcks ... Ur crying call, mantra and excUse the next 3 years ...

"We're yoUng"

Pig Soldy is drunk. And lonely.

Canes are doing just fine, thank you, Pig. Can you please re-post all of your predictions over the past two years so we can laugh at how stupid you are and how wrong you have been?

You shouldn't be drinking on the job. The Costco frozen vegetables deserve your best, Pig. C'mon. Clean that up.


Mecca? How are we going to afford to take the team to Saudi Arabia? Do we have a lot of fans there? I always knew the cane love was like pitbull - worldwide.

**/***U. Why don't you go k**l yourself right now and do the world a favor.

I prefer having a non-pursued Grey Crow or Preston Dewey, than an over hyped, over pursued, over estimated, under performing, out of touch, out of place 7-6 Gatorade player of the year like Brantley and another 2 coming in the form of Driskel and the other gaytr dweeb.

By the way shame on you for blasting two kids who haven't even seen the field as "unranked duds". At least Brantley had his chance ans started his career as a RANKED dud. And now he leaves an Unranked wannabe.

Oh yeah, things will be soooooo much better in trailertrashtown with your mentally challenged schizophrenic rednek coach muschimp

Over under on his firing: 2 years

Another 6 or 7 loss season looms, 'billies

What's your excuse?

Grey Crow and Preston Dewey didn't want to play at Big Schools because the crowds in the stands make them nervous. This is a perfect fit. Does anyone know when the spring game in Fort Meyers is? I love that we are like gypsies or carnies traveling around putting on a show for all to see!

@ True Cane

The Mecca, in Dade County, is Traz Powell Stadium. Damn man, where have you been?

Just never heard of a high school stadium being called the mecca for a college team.

Gray Crow is very underrated also. He lead his team to 10-2 I believe but his receivers weren't the best. He has a gun and they just couldn't hang on to the ball. In some highlights on youtube you can see that he drills the ball in and sometimes it went right through the hands of the receivers into the hands of the defense. Alot of the interceptions he had this year was due to that. He had like 12-13TDs and 11INTs, correct me if I'm wrong here, not 100% on those #'s but I think I'm close. He's a pro-style QB but he played on a team that ran the ball most of the time. Preston Dewey - great highlights on youtube. He reminds me of Dorsey in the sense of physical stature but with a slightly stronger arm. Very good timing and ball placement. He didn't play much this year due to an injury to his non-throwing arm.

So for spring ball we'll have 4 QB's..

Stephen Morris
Ryan Williams
Gray Crow
Preston Dewey

with David Thompson coming in later due to baseball season.

That along with the rest of the early enrollee's should put on a great show come Spring Ball.

Go Canes!!!

@ True Cane

It's not. For all of the Dade County players that are on the team, that's how Traz Powell is referred to. So many NFL players that have come out of Dade County have played in that stadium during their highschool days... There's even a video explaining it on youtube. You hear Art Kehoe talking about it. That video of spring practice where Michael Irvin gives an emotional speech to the team before they step out on the field. Check it out.


Damn I can't wait to pick out my seats for next season.

hearing very reliable confirmed reports (Cutler and Fisch are in constant contact) out of Chicago that Fisch has accepted the QB Coaching job for the Bears but will wait to announce it until after Feb. signing day. Not trying to stir this hornets nest fellow Canes, but I'm wondering if this is in fact true, what are Coach Golden and Co. telling recruits? I'd imagine they will be totally truthful and probably already have a O.C. candidate lined up. So maybe it won't be a bad thing. Just a Cane moving onto the Pros as per usual? I hope.

Just wondering, how's the weather back home ? 50 and Sunny here today but 20's and snow tomorrow. Aaarrrrggghhhhh !!!

@ WindyCityCane

Weather here is nice and should hit high 70's to 80 later today. Wkend should be nice if we don't get too much rain.

Damn I was hoping that we could keep this coaching staff for at least 4years. Personally I'm not happy to hear this kind of news. I do wish Coach Fisch the best but I was hoping that he could finish coaching up Stephen Morris and Ryan Williams.

Please say it ain't so... Not yet at least...

If thats true, the only problem with that is the lack of constancy. Fisch didnt convince me one iota. He made J12 a bit better, but his play calling was also suspect. How is it that he didnt get called out when our Offense could not punch it in twice this season from 1.5 yds out?

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