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Canes land 2 U.S. Army All-Americans during recruiting spree

It's been a pretty special 24-hour span for the University of Miami's football recruiting efforts.

Deon BushThe Hurricanes, who lost a handful of key underclassmen last month who announced their intentions to enter the NFL Draft early, picked up four commitments including two U.S. Army All-Americans on Saturday -- Miami Columbus safety Deon Bush and Tampa Jefferson defensive end Tyriq McCord.

Bush (6-1, 185) is ranked as a consensus top five safety in the country by ESPN and Rivals.com and picked UM over Alabama and Auburn. McCord (6-3, 222), ranked 7th by Rivals at weakside end and 13th nationally at his position by ESPN, chose UM over South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Bush is said to be done with his recruiting. McCord said before his announcement he still plans on taking an official trip to USC on Jan. 20.

Both are huge gets for coach Al Golden, should they still sign a National Letter of Intent with Miami on Feb. 1. Oral commitments are non-binding.

Bush will probably be able to help right away. While the Hurricanes return safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque and veteran cornerback Brandon McGee, there are plenty of openings elsewhere in the secondary. Although Bush is tabbed as a safety, Columbus coach Chris Merritt, who was in San Antonio for Saturday's Army All-American game with his star pupil, said Bush is more than capable of playing cornerback and probably will start his career there with the Canes.

"What the Canes are getting is a very well prepared, long athlete. He is what people want in the secondary, a long tall body who can play corner or safety," Merritt said of Bush, who finished his senior season at Columbus with over 60 tackles, 11 pass breakups and four blocked kicks.

"People make a lot about how he didn't have any interceptions. Well, there weren't many people who threw his way. For us, he probably lined up at about 40 percent of the time at corner and did a good job when we had him there. He shut down [Miami Northwestern's] Amari Cooper [Alabama commitment] and did a nice job against Miramar's receivers in the state semifinal game. He's a big reason we held them to 14 points."

Bush, who will graduate in June, is the first player from Columbus High to head to UM since offensive tackle Joaquin Gonzalez walked on and eventually earned himself a scholarship.

Bush announced his decision, along with McCord, during Saturday's game.

"It was a hard decision," Bush said. "A lot of them were great schools. But I think I have to put my city back on the map right now."

He then put a Hurricane hat on his head.

McCord, who won the Class 3A state championship as a junior at Jefferson, did the same when he made his announcement for UM. "I am going to take my talents to South Beach," said McCord, who finished his senior season 6-4 on the field and with 59 tackles, 11.5 sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles.

"Coach Golden is leading that program in the right direction. I just want to be a part of it and they have a great broadcast communications program that I want to study in."

The other two commitments UM picked up were defensive tackle Jacoby Briscoe (6-4, 290) of Lafaeytte, La. and Fork Union Prep, Va. receiver Robert Lockhart (6-2, 180), who played his high school ball at West Boca Prep.

Lockhart was a Virginia Tech commitment and the prep school roommate of offensive lineman Taylor Gadbois, who is also headed to UM.Lockhart becomes the sixth receiver UM has in its recruiting class. Briscoe, unranked by Rivals and ESPN, is the second defensive tackle to join the class.

UM now has 31 commitments. Eight (including three prep school or JUCO recruits) have said they will attempt to enroll in school now in January and will count toward last year's signing class. Per NCAA rules, UM can only sign 25 on Feb. 1.

UM's recruiting class is ranked 12th by ESPN and 10th by Rivals.com.


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@ corpus

I just did a couple of searches and it does say that the Bears are looking into it and testing the waters, so to speak, but I don't see it happening. Fisch has stated that he wants to be a head coach someday and to go from a OC job to QB coach isn't the right way to go about it. It's actually taking a step backward. I believe that the Bears and searching but I believe that they're asking the wrong guy. I think he wants to build with Golden and make Miami a powerhouse once again. Only time will tell. I hope that I'm right.

His play calling was suspect in certain games I'll definitely give you that, but I also look at what he did with J12 and it does help me look towards the future with a brighter outlook.

As I said, only time will tell and I hope that I'm right.


I liked the fact that Fisch was able to finally get Jacory to play the Q.B. position like a professonal and not a gunslinging Prep Q.B. His teaching were Philosophically sound and executed quite well for being here for just one year. Now the question is first, who's presently on staff can continue that and if not, who as a candidate has the minimal ego to come in and adopt the present coordinating principles avoiding a total overhaul?

# 11 anyone ?

Oh, and to anyone that argues that this is a lateral or backwards move for Fisch, it's not. Being a QB Coach and passing game coordinator (which he was not @ Seattle) at a nice pay raise will be quite the feather in Fisch's coaching resume cap leading to a Head job in College or Head OC in the Pros. The Bears have a very legitimate shot next year to make a deep run and any Coach that has Coached at that level ... Well, that Super Bowl Ring is what it's all about.

No offense CANETILLIDIE....DH . Just don't think it would be a backwards move on Fisch's part. It'll be quite the resume builder.

No offense, the NFL pays better then Miami.

@ Mark B

I like your posts, both were very informative. The idea of it being a backward move can be looked at both positive and negative. He already has a very sound resume and plenty of people to give positive feedback about his abilities. I just find it weird that he would be coaching at the college level to later go and coach at the pros, then back to coaching college level (present time), to then coach at the pro level again...What do you think?

I hope that he's here for a couple more years at least...

@ True Cane

of course man that's obvious.


Looking at it from a strictly business aspect. No emotion or fandom as a Cane fan whatsoever. What Fisch did here this season was pretty good. Stats wise, the best and most proficiant in many years. Penalties and turnovers way down. Huge Huge key to being in and winning football games There was lots of ready to be developed mature talent that he did a fine job with. That said. Losing the amount of talent that Miami did from this past season, in my opinion is going to be quite the hurdle to overcome this up coming season and into the 2013. O.C.'s, good ones anyways, are like gypsies and move from program to program climbing that ladder every 3 years or so to pursue that next challenge or eventual Head Coaching job (the Gaturd new Boise OC Pease will be gone by 2014 for a head job). That said, as an objective Cane fan looking at Fisch's present situation with no invested emotion, I have to ask myself what he and his agent are thinking. Stay at Miami and basically start a rebuild and reload for two years taking a chance that a few 7-5/8-4 Seasons won't hurt his stock and then accept an average College head job when it opens... Or Go to Chicago, where most of the pieces are in place to certainly Win a Division and have a shot at playing in a Super Bowl the next two years. Then use that to step back into the College ranks as a Head man for a pretty damn good College program ? ? ?

Like you said, We'll see, time will tell.

If he took the Bears job I couldn't berate him for doing so. It could come down to something as simple as a logistical family decision.

It would be funny to me if Spencer Whipple turns out to be a million times better coach than he was at playing QB. To be COMPLETELY HONEST, I actually had high hopes for him when I found out that he was coming here to The U and his dad was the OC. Here I am thinking that the prodigal son of a OC, who grew up with football all around him and play books to go through from early childhood would turn out to be a tremendous QB at the college level and then on to the pros. I unfortunately was very wrong on this. I never made any claims just hoped that he would become that. Oh well, but I hear that he's staying on as a graduate assistant (correct me if I'm wrong on that anyone). Maybe coaching is his calling, who knows.

It would be funny if you think about it. Who knows.

Anyone want to comment on this..?

@ Mark B

Very well said. I'm an emotionally invested Cane Fan but I do have the ability to look at the situation from outside the box and my heart. Here, he will have to rebuild and that will take time. It could be advantageous for him to stay because if he does and rebuilds with Golden and the next 2 seasons are great, it'll only add another feather to his resume (quoting you). Or go to chicago where the pieces are set and simply need to be guided to the Division and then a possible Super Bowl trip.

You made an excellent point. In the end it is a decision that could benefit his family greatly as well as his career. For that, you can't berate him.

Time will tell....


Has anyone heard anymore news about cuts on the team????

Who's been let go??

Who's on the chopping block???

I agree with what I read except one small point. Fisch did a good job with jokecorey but it's obvious that jokecorey was not on board, proof positive was the BC game. Jokecorey did what he wanted because he knew there was nothing anyone could do to him. Basically thumbed his nose at Fisch and Golden.

Ken Dorsey.

Ken Dorsey

Ken Dorsey

Kenny lost 2 games as starter at the U. His first, during which he nearly brought Miami back against UW away (miami playing an away game at a very hard OOC school, imagine that). And the final game (arguably his worst game as a starter, yet, he did bring us back to tie the game and we were robbed). There is no question he is Miami's best ever QB. I don't care about Jim Kelly, Gino or Bernie. Kenny was the man. Vinnie T threw the 1986 fiesta bowl and I also liked Walsh and erickson, but none of them compared to #11.

@ corpus

I wouldn't mind Ken Dorsey coming back to his alma mater to be the OC at all. I always said that he would make a better coach than a player at the next level. Why not do it here?? Makes your mouth kinda water a bit just at the thought of it.

@ ltcdolphin

very true post. Fisch did what he could do with Jacory. It's a shame that many of the NWcrew that came in the '08 class had a poor mentality. It should have been nipped in the butt when they got here by candy randy but he never developed his players correctly. Probably because he was too busy trying to run shitpiro off of the practice field.



Gaytors and their wishful thinking...OC FISCH aint going nowhere so stop dreaming turds. Believe me when I say HE WILL be around when tha turds come around in 2013. Randy Shannon wont be there this time, and I'm willing to be Muskrat wont be there either. 2014 VASTLY APPROACHES TURDS! Let's see if Stephen Ross will have another reason to celebrate the turds.

Hope we keep Coach Jedd. I think that he did wonderful things with Jacory and our offense last season. We only threw the ball deep occasionally, not on every play like when Whipple ran the offense. We also had a running back who gained over 1,000 yards for the first time in almost 10 years. Again, I hope we keep him, but I can not begrudge him if he leaves.

To become a HC, you sometimes do have to jump through hoops, so to speak to get there. Look at Rob Chudzinski's resume and route to just getting interviewed (this year) for a HC position. He was a TE coach with San Diego and other teams for years, till he finally got a OC job. Now due to the work he has done with Cam Newton in Carolina, as the OC, he is being looked at for a HC position. Chud was a great OC with Miami over 10 years ago and now he is finally getting a shot as an HC in the NFL. The road, for most, to becoming a HC in college or the NFL is very long an tenuous one.

I love Ken Dorsey. He is bright, charismatic and quarterbacked the best UM team and best team ever (in my opinion- 1986 team, if only you had defeated those Nittany Lions, you would have also been in that conversation).

Again, Dorsey is great and I do want him associated with the program in any way possible, but what makes you guys think that he is ready to be a OC at a top level school like UM. Being an OC is extremely hard. Here a just a few of the subtle things that an OC has to do: 1)Have to have plays ready for every situation and yardage in 10 seconds (not speaking down to anyone, but this is harder than it seems. It is not like playing Madden against your boys). 2)Be able to design plays. 3)Be able to find and make mismatches on the fly. 4) Be able to make continous adjustments as the game goes on. Now, is it rocket science? Of course not, but it takes time and preparation. As 'Canes fans who throw out Dorsey's name to become the OC, we have to ask a couple of questions. Has Dorsey had any experience whatsoever as a position coach? Has he even been a grad assistant at UM or any other college or even been on a coaching staff at the high school level? Again, we all love Kenny, but he needs at least 3-4 SUCCESSFUL years on someones staff as a position (preferably QB)coach on the college level, then I think he will be ready to step up to being an OC at a program like Miami.

Too bad no one's coming after the DC!

Cane4Life - Dorsey coached at some high school recently but yea, couldn't be an OC in college without being a position coach somewhere first.

CANETILLIDIE - there aren't any cuts in college football, unless you're talking about players being kicked off the team for violations?

You're right about Spencer Whipple, when he transfered to UM he was talking about how he just wanted to go into coaching, everyone knew he was never going to actually play.

Does anyone know if Deon Bush can play cover corner?

Canetillidie. Is there a squeak out there from white heron?? Bet he cannot back up that statement about the DC.
Knew easily what you meant by cuts. Looks like Fisch is staying and not going to da bears. Most people believe him when he has said that he wants to stay and teach kids. Certainly hope so.
Others news, ala cuts, is the Jean Louis guy from PB county apparently does not have the grades to come in this year and will go to a Boston prep school for a year. Still a firm cane commit by all reports.

I know we are talking football here but just my opinion- MIami basketball s-ks and should be shut down. There has been absolutely no progress. Year in year out especially since we joined the ACC. Shut it down, give more money to football and baseball. This yr. They sk. Last year, they sked. The yr before they made some progress, but in the end... they sked. 2 coaches later, they still sk.

The issue with the 31 or so verbal commits is a non issue. Coaches have to do that. I guarantee 5 or so players wont even step foot in the gables even if they do sign, because their grades aren't good enough. Coaches should know that ahead of time but they don't. This is a bigger problem with college sports in particular football. These kids who have no chance to qualify should NEVER get an offer by ANYONE until and only until they have the credentials stamped as qualifying. No prep school cr-ap or nothing. You dont have the SATs or ACTs or grades, you cant play D-1. Go to Juco and try again. Seriously. Why is Jean Louis even on the list of verbal commits if he wont even see Miami?

If he is truly that unprepared as a student, he should enroll at UTrailer. He will be make valedictorian there.

Boston college held the ball for almost 38 minutes against our defense. Rest assured no one is coming after him. Fisch did some good things with j12 by allowing him to run audibles and putting emphasis on the check downs. However he also had some questionable playcalling at critical times of the game. We have these 31 recruits but I'm concerned that we don't have enough studs at dt.


Ya some people just can't understand what "being cut" means... And yes you can get cut from a college football team not only for team violations but for under performance.

From what I hear from other sites that 13-15 guys are being cut.

Davon Johnson
Ben Jones
David Perry
Kendall Thompkins
Billy Sanders
CJ Holton
Jeremy Lewis
Darion Hall...This kid hasn't had a chance yet so I hope it's not true. 6'0 215lbs 4.4(40) and can take a hit. Make him a WR if anything..
Keion Payne

and some others but those were the ones that I could remember off of the top of my head.

Sweep the rats off of the ship and set sail Golden!!!!

Golden Era is upon us, 2012 here comes The U!!!

@ tallycane

very accurate post. One can only assume that a OC can only do soooo much with J12. That is now the past and we look forward to the future.


Um, players could get cut but they rarely do because that doesn't free up their scholarship...

Thought you might know something I didn't about violations or something - no one's getting cut from the team for performance, can't imagine where you thought you heard that.

Furman - I'd root for tiddlywinks players if they had a U on their shorts but I also think the basketball team is a waste of space. I'd rather they drop it and get a mens soccer team to poach kickers from.

Just snatched up DE Dwayne Hoilett too, a good pass rusher who's gonna enroll early. Its all about da U

Most contributors here are retarded.

Cane contributors and, goes without saying, Gator trolls.

Suspend basketball program: never going to happen and it's a stupid suggestion

Fire Shalala: what a joke; on what basis? It won't happen, morons. Since not a single one of you learning challenged contributors has even attended college, let me make it easy for you: she's president of an academic institution, not just the football program. There's no movement to fire her, not by anyone. Get real, idiots.

Build a stadium on campus or nearby: do you a-holes have any idea what a stadium costs? Try hundreds of millions of dollars. The powers that be at UM have no interest in this. It will going to happen. Ever.

We are just fine with our president, our stadium, and our basketball team. The football team will rise again with Golden, as will the basketball team with coach L. The university, academically, and economically, has prospered with Shalala.

You idiots need to get a clue.

Build a stadium on campus or nearby: do you a-holes have any idea what a stadium costs? Try hundreds of millions of dollars. The powers that be at UM have no interest in this. It is not going to happen. Ever.

Too? I thought Hoilett was committed since June? Did he de-commit and then come back on boars recently?

Come back on board, not boars. Sorry. LOL!!

Read a book Morons,
Even though you are probably throwing me into the pile with others, I do like your name and your post. It is really funny stuff (no sarcasm whatsoever). Even though I agree with you about the stadium issue, I think that most people are mad at the administration and the City of Miami for letting the Orange Bowl get in such a state of disrepair to the point that it had to be destroyed. It really is a shame. The thing is, no one talks about the City of Miami or the administration, they lay the entire blame squarely on Shalala. Whether wrong or right, that is how many people feel. I personally believe, as do you, that due to what she has done for the entire school (sans the athletic department)wspecially the research department, that she is not going anywhere, unless there is enough information in this Nevin Shapiro debacle to knock her off of her lofty perch.

In my opinion, and here I go again being a Moron, the place for a stadium would be Tropical Park. I know that infrastructure would have to be changed to accommodate a stadium in that area and that we are in tough economic times, but if they build a 55,000 seat stadium at that site, I think that it is something feasible in the next 10-15 years. Again, this is just one Moron's opinion. Well, I am off to the library now to read as many books as I can before they close.

According to scholarships requirements, certain needs must be met. A certain grade point average, behavior, and performance. If you don't do all, you don't play in a matter of speaking. If you don't play and you're on scholarship then what the hell are you doing there? The scholarship will get pulled and the athlete cut from the team. If he or she wishes to continue attending said institution of education they must pay the remainder out of pocket. That's a general way of putting it but yes you can get cut no matter how long you have been on board. Another matter is behavior. Players must behave themselves in accordance to the school's standards for all students. If they act out in a way that makes the school look bad then they can be reprimanded with suspension or expulsion.

There are a few ways that one can lose their scholarship. Don't go thinking that a Head Coach can't make the decision to remove someone from the team for lack of performance if he has simply not performed. Simply put the coach will sit that player down one on one and see what the hell is going on and if it's best for that person to seek education/playing time elsewhere.....Loosely translated as being cut because you can't make it.

Kind of like being asked or forced into retirement.....It's exactly the same thing.

I feel for some of these guys because they came in with high hopes of contributing etc etc...Keion Payne for example claimed he wanted to be a shut down corner and wanted to bring a championship back to The U. He came in from St.Thomas Aquinas with a few ships under his belt but stated that Miami was his front runner the whole time. I honestly had high hopes for him but he's been on the scout team for sometime now. We'll see what happens. And Darion Hall out of Naples, FL is a good athlete in my opinion. He did pretty well in spring ball 2011. He took a nasty hit from Spence that sent his helmet flying and then he stretched out for 5 more yards while falling forward. Maybe put him on defense in the backfield, he does run a 4.4. With that speed and his 6'0" 215lb body he can track almost anyone and lay them out with his body. Who knows. Before we got Eduardo Clements I had high hopes for D.Hall also.

Like I said before, we'll see. Spring Ball 2012 at THE MECCA.


We have these 31 recruits but I'm concerned that we don't have enough studs at dt.

Posted by:Tallycane |January 12, 2012 at 11:59 AM


Confirmed, U DON'T .

Quality D.E.'s - LB's - Corners - T.E.'s - W.R.'s - R.B.'s - Q.B.'s too.

but U have qUantity.

Like owning 10 cars... 'cept they're Datsun's, Kia's, Pintos and Pacers .

read a book:

Dude, take an ambien. Try not being so concrete. Understand the frustration, and go with other's opinions. I for one, feel like the bb program is a waste of money, a waste of scholies, a waste of time, a waste. a pure unadulerated waste. Are you serious that the bb program will "rise again" under Coach L? Never. The goal would be to regularly play in the NCAA tournament, and slowly creep our way into the sweet 16, final 8, final 4, etc. Never gonna happen. Not in the NCAA. Not ever. I realize they'll never shut down the bb program.

The stadium issue proves that YOU are the moron. Narrow minded, pessimistic, unimaginative dweebs like you will always maintain the status quo. Everyone knows it takes millions of dollaers- like the millions that Schnellie raised for FAU. Like the trillion dollars shaneh neh raised for the U as a whole. You need about 175 million dollars for a 55,000 seat stadium at Tropical park. This school could raise that. You need people with the will. Ok I'll give you they dont have the will. Because they are idiots like you.

Read a book, Morons.....
Just a few points.
1.If you are on this site and actively participating you are not retarded. Opinions you might not agree, but retarded no.
2.Basketball and the ACC I agree will be here no questions about that.
3.Cane contributors and Gator trolls should not be put together..these are opposites and show your lack of finesse.
4.Shalala has to take some heat because much of this scandal happened on her watch. Dismissing culpability is not smart.
5.The Orange Bowl was home for the 'Canes and I think a lot of supporters miss the old girl so when stadiums are mentioned this has to be considered.
6.Throwing around words like retard, and idiots twice in you post show a blatant disregard for other opinions, and an arrogant attitude.
My degrees from U of M does not preclude me from reading and enjoying the posts of all the 'Cane supporters..agree or disagree.
GEt off your High Horse, we are all 'Canes and want the best for Coach G and our team..
Go 'Canes

175 million will get you a high school stadium with no amenities. No thanks.

Cane4life- appreciate your post. While you're at the library, check out a couple of books on finance and let me know how you're planning to fund a stadium. Think in the neighborhood of 400+ million. I appreciate your response, especially since I was pretty nasty in my original post.

There is absolutely no support for a stadium from the people that count and I can understand why. It's simple. It makes zero economic sense.

Didn't say they would or could get rid of basketball, just that it'd be nice to poach some kickers from a soccer team like other schools (FSU) do.

Come to think of it all those talented soccer players didn't amount to much while they were at FSU did they?

CANETILLIDIE - when players sign on the dotted line they have a guaranteed scholarship as long as they uphold the requirements you outlined but the coach can't just cut a player who doesn't perform. They try other paths, like you mentioned.

I'm with you on the young guns though, I can't wait for the spring game - lots of players leaving but it's just next man up for 2012!

Canetillidie. Does not moron and white heron sound slot alike?? Notice white heron never figured out he did not say anything about the dc. Hmmmm. Same oh same oh.
Hey mr moron 175 in the real world will get you a heck of a stadium. Are you talking just the u contribution or total??
They closed the ob because shalalalalala was going elsewhere.

Just snatched up DE Dwayne Hoilett too, a good pass rusher who's gonna enroll early. Its all about da U

Posted by:NMBcane |January 12, 2012 at 01:08 PM


Congrats, U picked up a 6-3/215 D.E. "Suzuki Samurai" over FIU,FAU and Jacksonville that absolutely not 1 Top 50 team even offered...

Quantity personified ... Must be a U thang.

In my opinion, and here I go again being a Moron, the place for a stadium would be Tropical Park. I know that infrastructure would have to be changed to accommodate a stadium in that area and that we are in tough economic times, but if they build a 55,000 seat stadium at that site, I think that it is something feasible in the next 10-15 years. Again, this is just one Moron's opinion. Well, I am off to the library now to read as many books as I can before they close.

Posted by:Cane4Life |January 12, 2012 at 02:40 PM


Just make a deal with FIU, play there in MEEEIAMI and be the Jets to the Giants lil has been brothers that U will be in 5 years anyways and get it over already U collective morons.

What do you want a dome stadium? The FAU stadium cost around 150. It seats 35-40. Very nice. 400+ million not a chance. Sure if you want stadium with plasma Tvs in the locker rooms and such. You dont know what you are talking about. A stadium does make sense. It would pay itself off, if handled smartly.

Dude. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are a debbie downer. A 'can't be done" kind of guys. People like you fall behind.

ltcdolphin - you're a mental midget, I'm not going to waste my time explaining myself to you.

You don't like that I made a joke about our DC? Too bad.

A stadium would be nice but Tropical park is too far from campus and there would have to be a new highway going from 95/the city out there.

Directly across US1 from UM is no longer the Gables, it's South Miami - that's the place to look.

Again with stadium talk? It is not happening and the u wouldn't want to go half arsed for a stadium with out luxury boxes...how would recruits feel when they look at a stadium that is barely above a high school and then go on visits to SEC schools? How about this GO TO THE GAMES?!

Look it up. $175 million is ok for FIU, for us? Not so much. Also FIU's stadium would take over $200 million to build today.

Its idiotic to think that the type of stadium needed for a top program, like the U, would cost any less than $400M. Use your brain and do a little research.

Be happy with what we have. A state of the art stadium good enough for superbowls, not tractor pulls like in gaytorville, and be thankful we don'tt have to attend games in a smelly sewer pit roasting with unbathed necks in the midday sun.

Again with stadium talk? It is not happening and the u wouldn't want to go half arsed for a stadium with out luxury boxes...how would recruits feel when they look at a stadium that is barely above a high school and then go on visits to SEC schools? How about this GO TO THE GAMES?!

Posted by: True Cane | January 12, 2012 at 05:40 PM


True Cane Amen.... all the stadium talk in the world doesn't cut it...and I know that Canetilidie has been beating this horse forever about attending games..wish I was closer because my butt would be parked in those seats any chance I could get. I agree with him.

Reality is Miami does not have the finances or the property to put a staium in place so to be realistic this is all Wishful thinking...

Our program sells based on Legacy, Coaching, Exposure, the Aura of the 'U' and Placement at the next level..that is why kid's sign up for the 'Canes..not a Stadium, or our facilities.
Somtimes intangibles do count, and that is what Coach G and his team is selling to the scholies.
Go 'Canes.

"smelly sewer pit roasting with unbathed necks in the midday sun"

That's just dumb....you ever buy food outside the OB? No, I didn't either but damn that sh*t look gross.

Hmm white heron now your making a joke. Nice try does not work.
So let's see if I am a mental midget you are what since just about everyone here runs circles around your circle jerk logic. Pea brain seems next for you.
So in the last few posts:
You supposedly make a joke about the dc with no indication that was your intent.
Then there was a comment about cuts. Got schooled about that quickly I saw
Then there is not a way to reuse that scholarship. That's not true either.
Just keep embarrassing yourself.

"Too bad no one's coming after the DC!"

Buddy if you're too dumb to read that and see it's a joke I don't know what to tell you.

Be happy with what we have. A state of the art stadium good enough for superbowls, not tractor pulls like in gaytorville, and be thankful we don'tt have to attend games in a smelly sewer pit roasting with unbathed necks in the midday sun

Pretty bold statment for someone that's never left Miami Dade!

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