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Cardinals OF, former Cane Jon Jay to host celebrity bowling event Saturday on Miami Beach

Despite always being a profoundly good left-handed hitter for average and very good defensively, Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay said he's never played on a team where he's been the best or even the second-best player in the lineup. 

Jon Jay"I mean you look at the teams I played on at [Miami] Columbus [High] and the University of Miami -- we had so much talent," said Jay, who hit .297 in 159 games last year for St. Louis.

"But you don't always have to be the best to be successful. You just have to believe in yourself, work hard and good things can happen for you. I've been very blessed."

A lot of good things have certainly happened for the 26-year old Miami native who recently became engaged. After leading Columbus to its first baseball state championship in 2003 and earning All-ACC First Team honors at UM, Jay helped guide the Cardinals last October to the World Series in just his second big-league season.

Now, he's hoping to give back some of the good fortune he's received by hosting a charity bowling tournament featuring other major leaguers with local ties Saturday night from 6 to 9 p.m. at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami Beach, 1691 Michigan Avenue.

The event, called Jon Jay's Celebrity Bowling Challenge, will raise money for the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust and will feature about a dozen big league ball players. Among those expected to attend: Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez, Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez, Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer, Indians pitcher Chris Perez, Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia and Rays infielder Sean Rodriguez. Tickets ($100 per person and available at jonjaychallenge.com) include food and drinks, plus the opportunity to bowl and hang out with players.

"I've done a lot of [community service] during the season when I've played in St. Louis and when I've come home I've visited homeless shelter and hospitals before. But I wanted to do an event where I could give the money to charity and have it be a community thing with the guys down here who are sort of the next generation in the big leagues."

Jay, who scored the tying run in the bottom of the 10th inning on Lance Berkman's two-run single with two outs in the Cardinals come-from-behind win in Game 6 of the World Series, got a chance earlier this month to shake hands with President Barack Obama when the Cardinals were invited to the White House.

"It was crazy man and a lot of fun," Jay said of St. Louis' run from 10 1/2 games out of a wild card spot heading into the final month of the season to winning it all.

"It's going to be a lot different with [manager] Tony [LaRussa] leaving and then Albert [Pujols]. But when you look at our roster I still think we have a great team. We have Matt Holiday and Lance Berkman and Yadier [Molina] who is one of the best catchers in the game and we got [Rafael] Furcal back. I mean we played the whole season last year without Adam Wainwright. People don't realize how important he was our team. I mean the guy won 20 games. So we're getting him back and Jaime [Garcia] is coming back. The whole team is pretty much coming back except Albert. Our bullpen has some good young guys who are coming back. I think we're all excited about coming back."

The Cardinals, who share their spring training facility in Jupiter with the Marlins, will open the season at the Marlins new ballpark April 4.

"I drive by it everyday on the 836 when I'm home," Jay said. "It's beautiful. I'm excited I'll get to be a part of history when it opens."


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Posted by: stancane


NONE ... U will not get ONE of the remaining 30 4-5 Star kids yet to Commit. Not one is considering U. Their mini-vacation tease visits are done and over with. That's why Al Used up most All his 31 spots on **/*** reaches because he, like I and Unlike U know that it was best to fill the barn with Nags, mUles and donkeys rather than waiting to go after and get shot down by the T-Breeds that ALWAYS announce on Signing Day.


Holla ARTY !!! Less than 30 Hours uNTIL The RELOAD !!!

Gators have 6 schollies left to offer ... Hmmmmmm

U have 1... maybe 2 and that's only because Reggie Northrup is going NOLE and Tyriq McCord is heading to Cali to be a Trojan... U dUmb clUcks better forget aboUt Ur dreams of who U might get to commit on signing day and worry aboUt who's leaving U at the Alter...

Don't U worry though, Miami Ohio, Central Michigan, Toledo, San Diego St., Ball St. Bowling Green, FIU, S. Alabama and Ohio will have a few ** defectors that that U cane throw a garbage scoUtteam schollie at to fill the statUs Quo Cane Void... Like that 5-8 midget tablescrap corner Antonio Crawford who Georgia Tech sent packing so he chose U over the above mentioned never to be ranked crap teams ... jUst ... like ... U.

bUt he's ALLLLLL CANE ... 'Cause Noooo decent program offered the dwarf.

RECRUITING: Gators up to 21 commits with several others in play

by Jason Lieser

Florida remains in strong contention for the next seven players: 5-Star WR Stefon Diggs (Olney, Md.), 5-Star DE Darius Hamilton (Ramsey, N.J.), 5-Star CB Tracy Howard (Miramar), 5-Star WR Nelson Agholor (Tampa-Berkeley Prep), 4-Star OL Avery Young (Palm Beach Gardens), 4-Star DE Leonard Williams (Daytona Beach-Mainland) and 5-Star Josh Harvey-Clemons (Valdosta-Lowndes).



But 5-STAR D.E/OLB Josh Harvey-Clemons and is PAPA did have this to say about his free trip and steak vacation on Ur dime ... Along with accusing the Miami coaches of not returning his phone which he left at Fat Tuesdays, and went back to get it, was told that a manager gave it to one of the Coaches, and that Coach said he didn't have it, but mysteriously found it the next day after Clemons and his Preacher GandFather returned to Valdosta. (GrandPappy was not happy with the Duh U Thang treatment.)

Clemons about the overall Miami visit and I quote ...

"How much of a contender will Miami be to UGA and the other finalists for Josh Harvey-Clemons?

The 6-foot-5, 200-pound linebacker from Lowndes High School will announce his highly-anticipated decision at 9:05 a.m. Wednesday on national TV. Harvey-Clemons is the state’s No. 1-ranked prospect, according to ESPN.

What about Miami, compared to Florida and Georgia. But the Hurricanes may have some catching up to do if you listen to Woodrow Clemons, the grandfather and legal guardian of the 5-star prospect.

Clemons has ranked the recruiting trips to UGA, Florida and FSU as an “8” on a scale of 1-10. What about this weekend’s visit to Miami? “Overall, I’d probably give them a 7, well a 6 or a 7.”

GrandPappy no likey Meeeeami for Junior.

And Tracy Howard ? That Kid straight up played U.

U get all your 5 stars and 4 stars, gatrs, You'll still be beetches to UA ansd LSu and still OUR beetches. 6-6 despite 5 stars Brantley, patchan, rainey, Demps, blh blah blah.

U all sk. Admit it. Accept it, 'billies

By the way, teague, where were you in 1992?

How did Teague treat the Gatr Trash that year?

How did Tommy Frazier treat the Gatr garbage a few years later.

Don't look now, Nebraska just scored again.

And don't address me unless I authorize it in writing you bloated blog Pig. You are a sick pedophile with dwarf-like features. You should kill yourself.

Gatr Trash living in the past? Talking about the 90's?

Wow. Isn't that what the inconsistent maggots accuse the Canes fans of doing?

what? a gatr talking bama smack? hahahahahahah

Coach Osborne sez- Hey Spurrier- Tommy Frazier still running. Tackle somebody pleeeeeeeeasse!

What was the score? 88-14? Vaunted SEC defense.

looks like a pic from the Munich Olympics. It's 2012, get a haircut you bum

We should have kept Haith and not this dinosaur Larranaga.


Sending the Orange Bowl off by losing 48-0.

^^^^^take the computer away from this idiot....Dwayne Johnson wasnt even there then. But, I tell you who was, DOUG JOHNSON to JACQUEZ GREEN BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

HIStory, Devin Hester still running.

Chris Leak still crying.

Brock Berlin still shoving the Gatr Chomp up the arses of the Gatr Trash.

Now that was a fun one. Just wait, lil Gatr maggot. There is more to come in 2013.

The Pebble did the introduction before he went on to film the tooth fairy

Concentrate on women's hoops. It will be the closest we get to a championship in sometime. (Unless there is a SWAGGA national championship game)

You called him "Pebble?" I am OUTRAGED. OUTRAGED I tell you. That is the last straw. I am furious with you, sir. Busting.

Seriously, you are a five foot tall girl with that post. Shows us all we need to know about you, little purse-carrying Nancy.

Can you be more of a loser or would you have to be booted from Mommy's house first?

BWWAHAHAHHAHAHHA. The Pig is like the giant in Mad Max Thunderdome; the face a distorted baby. All hat no cowboy.

Stupid Pig is gutted again.

Hey Manny and Susan ... Where is the new blog updating us on Signing Day, that is less than 36 hours away, letting us know about all the uncommited top 4-5 Star talent that's left that Golden will close strong with by getting their signed LOI's come Wed. morning ?
Posted by: Oh... That's Right ... There Are NONE Of Those Kids Are Even Considering Us ... | January 31, 2012 at 01:47 AM

Let's ask Matt where HIS new blog is for the Gators. Oh wait, there is no new blog for the Gators, either.

Guess what, loser, they are resting today because they will VERY busy with the over 30 signings to discuss tomorrow.

Don't worry, I am sure Matt will bring up the 21 signings the Gators get, leaving them short of the 85 scholarships available, thanks to all the transfers bleeding out of the UF program.

Gerald Christian left Trailertown holding his nose. He said the stench was unbearable.

Seems like that is a popular sentiment in Trailertown. Pigs, slop and slimy 'necks doing the Gatr Trash chomp.

Gerald Christian left Trailertown holding his nose. He said the stench was unbearable.

Really that's hilarious! Send me the link.

Matt Patchan just came out. He, Joakin No-ah and Riley Cooper are making Shampoo commercials. Brandon Spikes is still on You tube kissing Tebow.

And you brag?

Wait a minute. Rexie Gross man sez...Mr Foley Mr Foley please dont ever play Miami ever again. They is scary.

Watch Kenny Phillips light up Aaron Hernandez on Sunday. We'll see.

Posted by: pseudologic

Was that English or a rap song? Do us a favor and don't defend the Canes. Get a job and buy some tickets to games but stay off the blogs. We don't need you unless our grass and hedges need maintenance.

and after you've cut the grass, some Gatr Trash grad will come and clean up after you. However menial a job a Cane performs, there is always some Gatr garbage a notch or two below.

That's not me talking. That is just reality.

MDCC- Do us a favor- drive down i-95. Stop. Get out of your car. walk into the middle lane. do the gator chomp.

Thats your worth. Less than a dang possum. In wouldnt wish that on a possum.

You stay off this blog, because nobody cares. I have more intelligence on the tip of my---- than you , your daddy, your momma, and everyone that lives in your trailer park do all put together.

Lots still left up in the air, but this Gator comes on here and talks about how the Turds are in the running for several guys and it's ironic they more than likely will only get one and they have to wait till the 10th to find out. Here is a list of guys who are 5 or 4 star guys who he said were 'Turd locks.

1) Josh Harvey-Clemons - Well, the truth is this kid will more than likely stay in state and attend Georgia.

2) Darius Hamilton- Well the truth is this kid will either stay in state and attend Rutgers or go to Coral Gables.

3) Tracy Howard- Well, the truth is he more than likely will flip and end up in Coral Gables. Arte the 'Turds in the picture? Yes, but they are hanging on for dear life. They are on slippery ground with him right now. If signing day were in another week, instead of 1 day, this would be a rout with UM running away with it. Lucky for them NSD is only 1 day away.

4) Nelson Algohor- Well, the truth is, the kid is headed out west to play football in a real city and for a real program. He is headed to L.A., to play for USC.

5) Stefon Diggs- Well, the truth is, that if you throw enough crap up against the wall, some of it has got to eventually stick. This kid is probably headed to Trailersville in all actuality, but the 'Turds have to sweat it out till the 10th (Diggs birthday). Kid announcing on his birthday wants all the spotlight on him, not trying to paint any 18 year old in a bad light, but kid seems like a prima dona/trouble already. He will fit in nicely up in trailersville.

Again, I could be wrong about all this (these are 17-18 yr old kids who change their minds constantly and who are also getting pressure from parents, friends, family and even HS coaches). The truth of the matter is that Coach Golden and his staff are finishing extremely strong and whether we get Darius Hamilton, Tracy Howard or anyone else or if we don't get them, this staff has done and is doing an excellent job and we all should be happy to have them. So while the Gator twit was rubbing himself raw about how the 'Turds were going to close the deal on all these guys, and the 'Canes were not going to get anyone else and were going to lose some of the guys we have, he has proven himself to be what we all know he is. A know nothing, moron who is obsessed with every and anything related to the 'Canes.

I think we will either get those kids or not. It's a fluid situation I believe. But I trust in Coach Golden because he is going to win some and lose some.

I pray that these kids choose UM!

I dunno, Gatr maggot. But if you type it in ALL CAPS it must be true.

Going to laugh a lot tomorrow when the Gatr Trash is locked-out of the remaining players. Egg on your face, Gatr Trash? It can only add to the rotten egg stench in Trailertown.

I'm a recruit.
Do I go there- where the coach's name rhymes with CHUMP, where my morbidly obese, deoctor suing-failed lap band surgery barbeQ eating OC bolted from, where the former HC bolted from due to esophageal spasms, after acruing 36 arrests, where the war chant is 'don't tase me bro' ?

Or do I go to a cosmopolitan worldly city, with a top notch university, beautiful weather, a new, enthusiastic coaching staff that loves to be there despite what happened, where 5 championship trophies hang on the walls (not 3), where their are beautiful honeys walking around 12 mos of the year (not 8)????

No brainer

Hee Haw hillbillies

Watch the continuing collapse tomorrow, toothless nex

We're well into your second 100 years of cowardice, failure, incompetence, choking and losing

Enjoy trailer 'billies

Orange Bowl??
Hey Gatr maggots how did you send off your coach that brought you inbreds your first SEC title and NC........??

Thats right a rear end stretching by DA U!!!!
Sugar Bowl
UM 37
UF 16
Pist!!.. U only scored 1 TD on 1st possesion of game, I remember because some Billy gatr was screaming at the party I was at how gatrs were gonna kick our a$ after the first score.
Pist!!... He left at halftime

Or do I go to a school that won't have a program a year from now? Hmmmmm. What did all those SMU kids do back in '88?

When the toothless nex have nothing to fall back on, they pull the discredited sanctions or death penalty card.

Ain't going to happen, trailer'billies. Light penalties - I'd tell you to go look it up and read what's actually been proven and compare to the already served suspensions and self-imposed bowl ban, but you still haven't learned to read taking your online reading comprehension course.

Enjoy your roach and roadkill BBQ

This is a Cane blog and I could care less about the Gators, Noles, or Golden Panthers. Give me updates not this trash.

Penalties for what? According to this blog there were NO actions for which punishment was deserved before the season began. Now it's light sanctions and self-imposed bowl ban in a down year. I'd call that doing a serious 180 in the course of 13 weeks.

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