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News: Hurricanes men's hoops coach Jim Larranaga gets 3-year contract extension

This was just released by the University of Miami.

Jim Larranaga is a keeper, and UM struck before the season even ended.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami and head men’s basketball coach Jim Larranaga have agreed to terms on a three-year contract extension that will run through April 30, 2019.

Larranaga, who took over the UM program in April of 2011, has led the Canes to an 11-7 record during his debut season. “Jim Larranaga is a tremendous basketball coach and an even better person,” said Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst. “He has been a great teacher and leader of our student-athletes and he has continued to passionately expand the brand of our men’s basketball program both on campus and in the community. Jim is a first-class representative of our University and we look forward to having him at the helm of our program for many years to come.”

Larranaga’s extension adds three years to his existing five-year contract which began in April 2011.

"My staff and I are very happy to be a part of the Miami Athletic Department family. There is such a great athletic foundation here," said Larranaga. "We are also very excited about competing in the ACC against some of the best basketball programs in the country. I'm thrilled with this three-year extension and the commitment it shows to our program. My staff and I are confident we can build the type of program that will be a source of pride for the entire University."



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Yep - this Coach demonstrates just what Miami needed.Enthusiasm and positivity.He s not content with settling or uninspired effort.He seems like he can recruit and teach the kids to become the best possible student-athlete possible.His maturity and leadership is up there with the best collrgiate basketball coaches in the country.He appears on a mission and I see Miami reaching the top of the college basketball elite one day...with his guidance.Great extension and so far.....very deserved.GO CANES.

Great fluff piece "Joe." Maybe you should first focus on a realistic goal like winning the conference.

Coach your attitude along with Coach G shows that Miami is serious about getting good athletes to participate in their programs, and when they move on to be focused men capable of using that knowledge in life.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Go 'Canes.

Susan also thanks for a piece that shows character and decency is still worth highlighting in this world with all its faults and intricacies.

Good job.

what happened to all the recruiting news and updates we used to get. This blog has fallen just as fast as the Gaytards.

Typical douche, you're a redneck dork. Your dog could probably have a litter of puppies right in the middle of your double-wide and nobody would even notice it.

Brother Joe can write whatever he wants about his team on his team's blog, troll.

No matter what we do we will never compete with Duck, NC, hell even FSU.

"No matter what we do, we will scrape by Fordham, get blasted by Bama, and cook roach barbecue."

A little premature with the contract extension in my eyes (we haven't even gotten to the ACC tournament yet), but it is what it is. Susan, posting this is going to upset some of the UM fans. Some fans want to go back to the times before 1987 when we had no program, before Sam Jankovich and Bill Foster brought the program back. They believe the program should be disbanded, so this news is going to ruin their weekend.

One thing is for sure though, if the gave Coach L. a 3 year extension, Coach Meier needs to have a lifetime contract.

Posted by: b | January 27, 2012 at 01:02 PM

^^^^^Look at all the previous blogs on here u moron...."B" must stand for Braindead.

Cane4Life your logic astounds me...this is nothing that Susan posted to ruin a weekend.. come on get real...this is a PRESS RELEASE from the 'U"..it has nothing to do with making fans upset it is what it is and that is....

Bring stability and build a b-ball prorgram that uses the talent of Coach L..(proven in Northern Va.) that we can build a program moving forward. Of course our gayturds trolls will have some commentary but that is expected.

Did you read of Coach L being with a player in his time of bereavement, and motivating the guys by being their for them 24-7. Dedication should be rewarded...Joe you are 100% correct.
I am with you.
Go 'Canes.

What logic are you speaking of? I like Coach L. and think he will and can win here. I just thought it was premature to give him an extension. I was being sarcastic about the lifetime contract for Coach Meirer (but if Coach L. got one after 18 games, Coach Meirer definitely deserves one after her body of work). As regards having "their weekend ruined" I was referring to the "fans" that belly ached on Manny Navarro's blog about us having a bad to mediocre Men's basketball program that needs to be disbanded so that we can use the money/funding from the basketball program for the football program. My statement was regarding "fans" who posted that lunacy having their weekends ruined by news of Coach L.'s contract extension.

If he wasn't a proven commodity this would be an insane move but Larranaga is a good smart coach who knows how to do more with less talent wise. I can see it if they are doing it from a recruiting aspect but I like Canes4Life, see it as a little premature. After season 1 or 2 I could see it making more sense.

We should've waited until halftime of a game where we were being crushed to announce the extension.

ROFL!!!! Canesjunkie, that was very funny.

How sad have we become in all sports. We didnt learn from the Randy Shanon, Perry Clark, or Haith contract extension mistakes. This guy is 2 and 3 in the ACC and is much considered one of the under achieving teams of the ACC. Proven commodities? The guy had one final 4 run and kicked butt in the Colonial Conference? I like Larranaga and he might well be the answer, but jeez!!! Wait until the guy at least has a winning record in the ACC. Miami continues to make moronic moves.

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