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Schnellenberger, Bowden saddened by Paterno news

BOCA RATON -- With Joe Paterno's health reportedly taking a turn for the worse Saturday night, two longtime college football colleagues -- Bobby Bowden and Howard Schnellenberger -- shared their concern for the 85-year old former Penn State coach.

Paterno, hospitalized since Jan. 13 for observation of what his family had called minor complications from lung cancer treatments, has experienced further health complications according to a family spokesman and his status is now considered serious.

Bowden and Schnellenberger, coaching in the inaugural Battle of Florida all-star game at FAU Stadium, were surprised and saddened when told of Paterno's condition about an hour before kickoff.

"I'm distraught that this is happening to him," said Schnellenberger, 77, who went 2-1 against Paterno when he coached against him at the University of Miami.

"All of this happened to him so fast. I hope he can pull through it if he has the ability or the chance to improve. The University of Miami's successes are tied real closely to him, the games we played together. We played three times. Everyone of them was a big struggle knowing we were going up against the best coach in America. The last two months have been a terrible thing [for him]."

Paterno, Division I's all-time winningest coach, was diagnosed with cancer in November, days after getting ousted as head coach in the aftermath of the child sex abuse charges against former assistant Jerry Sandusky.

"Oh, I hope not," Bowden, 82, said when he was told Paterno's health had worsened.

"I've known Joe forever. I've known him personally since 1966. The first time I met him was 1962. We've always been very close. We're close to the same age. He's just one of the best coaches ever. I felt like he would go down as probably the best ever, but after this little thing it kind of tainted it. But I'm sorry it happened. I hate it happened. I hate to see something happen to Joe."

Paterno won two national championships and a Division I record 409 games over 46 seasons at Penn State and the family has donated millions of dollars to the school.

This was his second trip to the hospital in a month. He's also recovering from a broken pelvis that required a weeklong stay to make it easier for cancer treatments. Paterno first hurt his pelvis in August when he was accidentally bowled over by a player in preseason practice. The injury forced the Hall of Famer to spend most of the season coaching from the press box - until trustees dismissed him Nov. 9, four days after Sandusky was first charged.

Asked what he will remember most about Paterno, Bowden said: "Just remember the good things. I don't remember the bad things. He didn't have many bad things. I would only remember the good things. He and I spent a lot of time together. We played him 10 times at West Virginia and played him twice when I was at Florida State in bowls. I never beat him in Pennsylvania. He had too many good players."

Said Schnellenberger: "The thing you remember about Joe is that even though he had a lot of good things going for him at that particular school and that particular state and that particular level of football, until they got into the Big Ten, he was always a winner with class. You very seldom found some reason to get upset with him. He was kind of a model citizen as a coach."


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Rot in peace

See U up in Happy Valley after 2013 Al ....

Take your nedications Joe Pa


Another 100 years of mediocrity in the trailerpark.

Comin' up.

Joe Pa will certainly be tainted by the Sandusky scandal and his failures when it came to protecting children, no doubt!

That said it is not the sum total of the man's life and his numerous contributions to his community and to the world of college football.

His family is on the threshold of losing him, a father, a husband, a granddad and the lack of respect for his current condition and for a man who did much good tells me more about those who show disrespect than they do about Joe PA!

Well said ac

Ditto anonymouscane.

If those little boys were his children do you think he would have exposed so little about what was going on there? People would actually care if he would have been a champion for those kids and not some who passed the back.

Buck excuse me.

Obviously Ufelony trolls showing disrespect once again but when you have a degree from a diploma mill it shows not much was learned.

what the () is dumblogic doing on this post? Get the out of here and 5tfyu you p-os gatrwe care zilch about your opinion

Besides, in all star games yesterday- John Brantley went 1 for 6 for 36 yds, while Jacorry Harris went 6 for 8. Or something like that. One a former Gatorade player of the year. The other led his hs to the mythical hs NC, and was Floridas Mr football.

End results: 5 star BUSTS

Been listening to talk radio and I hear a lot of platitudes like 'he was a great leader with a strong moral fiber who did a lot of good', too bad about the scandal.

Joe Pa was a great football coach and NOTHING more.

He might have had a strong character and moral fiber when it comes to telling young men to run extra sprints or be in bed by 9 but he was a weak man and a coward when it came to something that actually mattered.

if coach golden to keep it up as far as recruiting and which will turn to wins and his youth I think you breaks joe pa's record

Eudo, I think you are way off base when it comes to calling the man a coward. Did he handle the situation the way that I would have or many others would have? NO. But until we are in a mans shoes of that age who is really from another time when it comes to the way things are handled, it would ignorant to pass judgement or for that matter call him a coward. Paterno, did what he thought he was supposed to and that is report what he heard to an official that was higher up the line, which is protocal. The one who is the real coward was McQueery who allegedly witnessed the act and then went home, called his dad up, and then went to Paterno. If he witnessed the act then he should have gone to police directly.

He did not stop his long time assistant and hand chosen successor from raping children because he was afraid of embarrassing the university. He could have stopped it but he didn't. He passed it off to people who could make it go away.

Maybe it is a generational thing but I would hate to assign that kind of cowardice and selfishness to a generation that I hold in such high esteem.

F Joe pa. F McCready. They could have saved those kids and take away some of his wins.

Proper protocol would be to call the police. They sacrificed those kids for the sake of the university and his legacy. He broke his leg and did everything he could to get back on the field. If he could have shown that same tenacity in regards to the kids maybe he would have made a difference. He is worst than a coward.

Championships you referred to aldarius Johnson's mother as a stupid bit## for taking up for her son but yet you reprimand eudo for calling Jo pa a coward. Wow

Tally, I said that because she was acting that way. And second I wouldn't call my conversation with Eudo a reprimand. I was just stating that the use of that word was not a rational assessment. In this world at any organization there is protocal and if anyone should have called the police first it should have been McQueery. Now I agree that the situation should have been reported but this situation was completely mishandled by Penn State as a whole. Paterno did just what McQueery did and that was report it to their superiors. They are the ones that dropped the ball. And in this world you have to have some proof. All of this does not make the man a coward. It just makes him a person who like many at that school who mishandled the situation nothing more or nothing less.
And Tally, what has my statement about Aldarius's mom's antics have anything to do with this. Nothing. Quit trying to reach for things to make a point because its pointless. Glad to see I can blow your mind continuously and I am so important that you remember something I said months ago.
The question I have is has Sandusky been convicted of anything? NO. He has just been charged which in this country he is innocent until proven guily. That is guilty in court not the court of public opinion. If he is guilty then he should pay for that crime because there is nothing that infuriates me more than for someone to do that to a child. I just see a man in Paterno that should be judged on all of the good he did all of those years rather than just one alleged incident in which he didn't handle the situation as he probably should have.

championships - my fault, I'll wait until after Sandusky's convinced of raping children to point out that Joe Paterno's mythos as a leader with a high moral fiber is a complete farce and that he allowed his long time assistant and hand picked successor to continue raping children because he was afraid of embarrassing the university.

Eudo, Paterno told Sandusky that he would not succeed him and Sandusky subsequently retired or quit. So although speculated by the media at that time that Sanduskly was the heir apparant he was not his hand picked successor. That generation is the same one in which Bear Bryant and other greats come from and at that time people don't go tattle telling just because some snot nosed grad student alleges something. People of that time did things through protocal which is what he did. So to me he is no more guilty than Mcqueery (who I hold most responsible for not reporting to police) and the AD who didn't report anything and then Paterno. If anyone was looking after themselves and is most selfish then it would be McQueery. Penn State and that bald headed little dweeb that spoke at that conference meeting when they fired Paterno were all just looking for some reason to get rid of the man and they used it to their advantage.

Eudo, just how do you feel about McQueery's guilt and self preservation in reference to this alleged act?

I don't single Paterno out, I think the entire system that made Joe Paterno and Penn State football such a revered and infallible institution is what's ultimately responsible for allowing otherwise good and sensible people to coverup the systematic rape of children by one of their own.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Penn State fans and college football fans who agree with you, but the people who defend Paterno now are the same ones who allowed him to become such a mythical figure that he didn't feel he could risk the reputation of his school by confronting a child rapist.

Sandusky was of course the heir apparent until he was forced into retirement in 1999 after two accusations and a university investigation into child molestation accusations in 1998.

I'm sorry and saddened that this happened. I'm not gonna say that everything about JoePa was perfect because we all know that truth. But this is a man who did affect many in a positive light. For what I know about him, this scandal is the only negative thing that I'm aware of about his history. I'm saddened for his family, and loved ones.

I will simply say this..JoePa, rest in peace. Thanks for all of the good that you brought to so many. I'm sorry that your career and legacy came to the end that it did, I truly am.

Rest now, you deserve it.

Eudo, Sandusky was the heir apparant to Paterno by the media and that is it. Not him. And how do you know he was more concerned about the image of the university rather than the children that were allegedly raped. U are drawing your own conclusions again. And what is this mythical figure you are talking about. The man was and is what he was. He did great things for student athletes and others and made them into men. Just because he didn't go directly to the police doesn't make him a coward. It just shows that anyone of greatness is human and can make a mistake. Get off your high horse.

Joe Paterno could have stopped Sandusky from using Penn State to systematically rape children and he chose not to.

Whoopsy. Po one's nerfect.

Championships we finally agree on something. My mind is continuously blown by the pervasive ignorance spewed out of your mouth.lol

Or on to the keyboard in your case.

Eudo, I agree but so could have the so called man that actually witnessed the alleged rape as you call it. The way you talk you act like Paterno actually witnessed the alleged act himself. If that was the case then I would agree with you in villifying the man more than any. My point is he did not witness it himself but people like yourself act as though he deserves all of the blame when in fact he was going on here say. The real coward here is McQueery.

Tally, for someone who believes that Randy Shannon should not have been fired based on his prowess as a head coach U my friend are a fine one to be calling someone else's point of view ignorant. Keep trying maybe one day U can really get me on something but that day is not today or any other that we have had.

Anyone who did a little sniffing around could tell that Sandusky had his pinky in some buttholes.

I guess U are an expert on sniffing pinky's that are in or have been in buttholes.

CGNC...did U get all of my emails with the "insider" stuff?

Posted by: SOUP | January 22, 2012 at 04:41 PM


Soup - yes I did.

Posted by: CGNC | January 22, 2012 at 06:55 PM


Skreetz-Soup-86, yo listen up,

Translation: she's not playing along with your liitle fraud. Made up "insider" horse$hit emails aren't going to convince an intelligent person to believe your scam is real.

You're pathetic and desperate. Canespace making any money for you yet? Nah, I didn't think so

lol...and the bashing continues

I guess for u champ ignorance is BLISS!

No Tally, ignorance is U. keep trying.

RIP J.P. He was a good coach.

Soupthecon...why u dissin the skreetz man? What's ur beef?

damn listen to U in the moment lacking clUcks ...

I'm sorry and saddened that this happened. I'm not gonna say that everything about JoePa was perfect because we all know that truth. But this is a man who did affect many in a positive light. For what I know about him, this scandal is the only negative thing that I'm aware of about his history. I'm saddened for his family, and loved ones.

I will simply say this..JoePa, rest in peace. Thanks for all of the good that you brought to so many. I'm sorry that your career and legacy came to the end that it did, I truly am.

Rest now, you deserve it.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | January 22, 2012 at 05:41 PM


fine post ... 24 hour silence .

fine post ... 24 hour silence .
Posted by: John Wooden's CoUsins friend that went to Penn. St. | January 23, 2012 at 02:50 AM

Yeah, right, you have tried that scam before. you will just change IDs again and claim it wasn't you. Tomorrows' 2am rant will just have a different ID, but the same hateful tone and spiteful attitude and bitter anger that you have spewed here from one dynamic IP address after another.

Joe Paterno died knowing that his legacy was tainted. Think about how rotten it would have been if he had thought he had gotten away with that coverup. He almost got away with it, and would have if not for those meddling moms that finally turned to other cops to get Sandusky, Paterno, and McCleary.

Did he help folks? Perhaps. But when former players like Jimmy Cefalo were already ripping into him even BEFORE the Sandusky scandal, that straight-laced attitude covered some very shady activities.

And when they played Miami in 1986, the fact that their players were racist enough to joke about how their black players have to sit at another table, and Paterno said not a WORD about it, just shows he was in silent agreement.

SOUP, got email this morning. That's actually the same info Papa Cane sent us back at the beginning of December. Thanks for the info tho!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 23, 2012 at 09:40 AM


You're still trying to con your readers, Soupy? Even your blindly loyal one.

You're BUSTED by one of your own. This is really getting pathetic.

SOUP, got email this morning. That's actually the same info Papa Cane sent us back at the beginning of December. Thanks for the info tho!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 23, 2012 at 09:40 AM

^^^^^^ Soupy Sales still regergitating other peoples stuff. I guess the skreetz be crawlin.

Agreed, 5 titles.

Typical Bobby Bowden comment- on the one corner of his mouth he says "sorry about Joe, I've known him since 1966, probably the best ever"... then he goes on to say, " had that little thing not happened at Penn State he would have been the best ever". Of all the slimey shadey skanky coaches, you take the cake Bobby. You always have. before the Florida 30 plus arrests (and 9 more now), FSU was the epitome of wrist slapping and letting the criminoles play. Yet the media always looked at Miami as thug U, and you, Bobby as the good ol' dang nabbit boy. Makes me sick. Jimbo Fischer is continuing that tradition with shadey recruiting.

And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

^^^^^Yea right, this stiff soup doesnt have enough sense to quit that 4 follower rag.

I bet soup goes cryin to susan and manuel about the out of control bloggers over at the miami herald....what a sap!

I am sorry fellow cane fans for the confusion.

See, it didn't take long for the Gator troll to come back, with his off the wall obsession for Canespace.

Hey loser, Gator Clause needs your help, go to work....

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