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Schnellenberger, Bowden saddened by Paterno news

BOCA RATON -- With Joe Paterno's health reportedly taking a turn for the worse Saturday night, two longtime college football colleagues -- Bobby Bowden and Howard Schnellenberger -- shared their concern for the 85-year old former Penn State coach.

Paterno, hospitalized since Jan. 13 for observation of what his family had called minor complications from lung cancer treatments, has experienced further health complications according to a family spokesman and his status is now considered serious.

Bowden and Schnellenberger, coaching in the inaugural Battle of Florida all-star game at FAU Stadium, were surprised and saddened when told of Paterno's condition about an hour before kickoff.

"I'm distraught that this is happening to him," said Schnellenberger, 77, who went 2-1 against Paterno when he coached against him at the University of Miami.

"All of this happened to him so fast. I hope he can pull through it if he has the ability or the chance to improve. The University of Miami's successes are tied real closely to him, the games we played together. We played three times. Everyone of them was a big struggle knowing we were going up against the best coach in America. The last two months have been a terrible thing [for him]."

Paterno, Division I's all-time winningest coach, was diagnosed with cancer in November, days after getting ousted as head coach in the aftermath of the child sex abuse charges against former assistant Jerry Sandusky.

"Oh, I hope not," Bowden, 82, said when he was told Paterno's health had worsened.

"I've known Joe forever. I've known him personally since 1966. The first time I met him was 1962. We've always been very close. We're close to the same age. He's just one of the best coaches ever. I felt like he would go down as probably the best ever, but after this little thing it kind of tainted it. But I'm sorry it happened. I hate it happened. I hate to see something happen to Joe."

Paterno won two national championships and a Division I record 409 games over 46 seasons at Penn State and the family has donated millions of dollars to the school.

This was his second trip to the hospital in a month. He's also recovering from a broken pelvis that required a weeklong stay to make it easier for cancer treatments. Paterno first hurt his pelvis in August when he was accidentally bowled over by a player in preseason practice. The injury forced the Hall of Famer to spend most of the season coaching from the press box - until trustees dismissed him Nov. 9, four days after Sandusky was first charged.

Asked what he will remember most about Paterno, Bowden said: "Just remember the good things. I don't remember the bad things. He didn't have many bad things. I would only remember the good things. He and I spent a lot of time together. We played him 10 times at West Virginia and played him twice when I was at Florida State in bowls. I never beat him in Pennsylvania. He had too many good players."

Said Schnellenberger: "The thing you remember about Joe is that even though he had a lot of good things going for him at that particular school and that particular state and that particular level of football, until they got into the Big Ten, he was always a winner with class. You very seldom found some reason to get upset with him. He was kind of a model citizen as a coach."


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you struck the right tone regarding JoePa. He was a coaching legend and it is sad how things ended and how quickly he was dumped. True, he should have been more aggressive when informed of the Sandusky allegations.

Another admirable man taken down by today's endless parade of sleaze. Rest in peace and thank you for your loyalty and career, Coach.

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Que vola Canes fans...

Here's something that off of this topic but an interesting fact none of the less...

But first...

I stand corrected on a post that I made a few weeks ago that was accurate but missing some "more" information...

Apparently the University of Miami has a lot more National Titles than I knew of. Here's the list.


Swimming & Diving



That's 16 National Championships across multiple sports since 1970. That is unheard of anywhere in college athletics. If anyone has any information of any other school that has accomplished this same feat please present that information and source.

From 1970-2001 The U has 16 National Titles in 31yrs...Suck on that NCAA!!!!






ok that stanford post was really impressive. Honestly had no clue whatsoever. There you go.

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Canetilidie your original post on Joe Pa was sensitive and direct..
The guy was one of the most gifted and influential Coaches on the College scene..
He also got caught up in a scandal not of his making in which a wrong decision tainted his Career..

Looking at his body of work, and commitment to athletes that he developed, ( and they were accomplished players ) I am sure that they learned from him how to be honorable men..e.g Coach Golden.

Some degenerated, psychotic child molester who attacked innocent children should not be hung on the neck of Joe Pa because he did not drive to the police station and report a psycopathic A**H**** on his staff and his befudlement in handling this should not obliterate the good he did for so many years..
Children were reportedly raped and should have been protected but let us not loose fact that the perpetrator is the doer of the deed.

Joe Pa died of a broken heart .
Read what Bobby Bowden said on Joe Pa and we would have full perspective.

Rest in peace Coach.

Here's what I dislike about the outpouring of JoePa adulation - no one is making the connection between his reputation as a 'high character' person and Penn State's reputation as a squeaky clean program and his decision not to stop his long time assistant coach and hand picked successor from systematically raping children.

People say Joe Pa is a great man but he made a mistake, well he made that mistake BECAUSE of he's thought of as a great man, so how good is that greatness, really?

He was a willing accomplice to the cover up, he passed it on to his boss and went on pretending it never happened.

If he wasn't so afraid of tarnishing his school or the football program I doubt he would have let Sandusky keep raping children, Joe Pa is a fraud but he's not a monster.

The major evil that came from his one mistake easily outweighs the minor good he did for thousands of student athletes he coached.

Eudocimus01 I disagree with you..
Here's why....
1) Greatness as you stated is based on a body of work..who won the most games in College sport?..
2) Who had the respect of ALL the College coaches and his peers in Most Colleges Nationwide?.
3) If you said Joe Pa there would be NO explanation needed as to whom are your referring. In sports we know the name and recognize the man.
4)Greatness was not sought by this guy people placed that on him for his accomplishment..he was a humble dude and did not like publicity or diefication..in fact he gave millions in contributions that we know nothing about..

Now following your argument all that means NOTHING because he reported the atrocity and did not follow up... what follow up could he have done if the Administration said they would handle it..
That is why the two Penn State officials have been charge...
How do you know what he knew and where is there been proven a coverup?..
How could he willing cover up and tarnish his name and the schools in such a tawdry deed?..
Think rationally here and place yourself in his position as leader following the protocol or rules laid down by the University and in doing so he is a fraud..
Come on we can posture and be emotional but in a legal sense why should he be included and indicted for a Major Evil (and I agree) on which he had nothing to do or control..so all the lives this guy touched was for nothing..
Think again about your post....
Let him rest in peace.

Posted by: UGoCanes2

So OJ is good to go because of his career numbers?

Thanks UGoCanes2..

I know that things got ugly at the end of his career but I would rather remember him as the coach than the person that people are making him out to be due to the actions of sick SOB. Things should have been handled differently, I truly do believe that. But I'm sorry that his career came to the end that it did.

I'm going to remember him as the person who did bring a lot of positivity to many young people that they carried with them throughout the rest of their lives. Everyone else is welcome to think of him in whatever fashion they wish. Who am I to tell them how to think? I'll remember him in a positive way and I'm good with that. I'm sorry for the victims from the Sandusky scandal, I truly am. I pray that they find some resolution of some kind so that they may continue their lives how they see fit. In regards to that, of course I'm saddened for them but I'm also saddened for JoePa.

I say just let JoePa rest in peace. Honestly the man is gone so what difference does it make to keep ripping on him, really.. Just think about it. Alot of people are ripping a guy who just died and didn't actually commit a crime. I'm not taking away the fact that he had information about a negative situation that he could have handled differently. But I would rather just let him rest in peace. C'mon guys...

Some people here view me as a cocky SOB which is perfectly fine, I could care less. Some view me as a Cane homer..Well there's a ton of truth in that. But one thing that I will share with all of you is that I have a deep respect for those who have past on. In this case, a person who at least tried to do right for the vast majority of his life. I'm not perfect and neither is a damn person in this blog or anywhere else but JoePa at least tried to be as a person.

See U on that big football field in the sky Joe.

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