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Seven former Canes to play in All-Star Classics Jan. 21

Saturday, Jan. 21 will be a busy day for seven former Miami Hurricanes who have been invited to play in three different senior all-star games showcasing the nation’s top talent.

At 4 p.m., wide receiver LaRon Byrd and tight end Chase Ford will be playing in the East-West Shrine Game, the longest-running all-star game in college football. The Shrine Game will be played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, and will be broadcast on the NFL Network.

At 6 p.m., quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Jordan Futch will play in the sixth annual AstroTurf NFLPA Collegiate Bowl at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. The game, which pits the best players from Texas against the rest of the nation, will be broadcasted on NBC's new sports network.

At 8 p.m., cornerback Lee Chambers, offensive lineman Joel Figueroa and defensive tackle Micanor Regis will play in the inaugural Battle of Florida All-Star Game. The game will feature former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden and UM legend Howard Schenellenberger on the sidelines at Florida Atlantic University Stadium. The game will be broadcast nationwide by Fox College Sports.


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Funny how the above names are even remotely associated with the word All-Star considering not a one of them even made the lowly ACC All Conference team as even an honorable mention ... Which again is a complete contradiction in terms. ACC and All-Anything.

Just 1 of the many national writers and their take on Ur Mighty ACC ...

F'ing HALARIOuS !!!

Speaking of Clemson and the ACC. Well, well, well.

After the Tigers ingloriously fell 70-33 to the Mountaineers, we got our second story from the BCS bowl season: The ACC's insistence on throwing up on itself in BCS bowl games.

The conference that was once expected to challenge the SEC is now 2-13 in BCS bowl games. That's hard to do. You'd think in 15 BCS bowls the conference could get lucky at least five or six times. But no, it insists on making ACC blogger Heather Dinich, a genuinely nice person, into some sort of Grim Reaper every bowl season.

Heck, the Big East has won seven BCS bowls -- second fewest among AQ conferences -- but it's 7-7.

Of course, this all ties together, and we're here to bring out a bow, but first a warning: If you don't want to read about how good the SEC is for the 56,314th time this year, then stop reading. I'd recommend an episode of "South Park" or perhaps a John le Carré thriller as an alternative for passing the time.

but wait til next year riiieett U dopes ?

Big deal, after last nights showing by Clemson showing last night I think it best to just forget the whole Cane season and the ACC's as well. LOL

Points are well taken - snarky but well taken. Also, did you guys see the beating Teddy Bridgestreet (sp?) took and kept on ticking? TOo bad we didn't get him to wait to start - if he did he might have averted the beating.

I thought u said seven?

Whoops didnt recognize the first two names being how they never made any plays...oh snap

really acc, sec, who the eff cares. Only that sad bubba that basically stalks this blog to write annoying things about Miami. Funny thing is the coawrad p-ig doenst take a stance on a particular program. He likes "the sec" as the typical bandwaggoners do. He couldbe a loser from Kentucky or gainseville for all we know. But boy he loves the sec.

Regardless, the U will put more in the NFL this year than the turds. Guaranteed. And a new streak of TDs in the NFL by former canes has already started and continued into next year... but wait! he makes fun of that too.

Don't matter. The media dn ESPN decided that LSU Alabama had to happen so they can keep talking about the SEC streak. Couldnt afford to have anyone else win it. No way. This streak will eventually end. What will they talk about then?

What a bunch of path-etic losers

Gonna be a typical Cane Winter Arty ...


oh yeah, go HEAT

U Wanna bet Arky - K. State ?

Funny the big east guy counts Miamis 3-1 record in his tally for the bcs record of the big east then puts them down lol.. without Miami the big east is 4-6. Fyi



5>3>2 you should care since your team plays in the worst conference they should dominate it if they were any good. They don't because they are not.
The NC game was not decided by ESPN, it was decided on the field, if OSU played against either Bama or LSU they would get pasted, like LSU did to Oregon.
The only time when the media decided the NC was prior to the BCS. BTW that was when you won all your titles, coincidence?

The only real all star game listed here is the East West Shrine Game, the other one is the Senior Bowl, not listed. All the others are mickey mouse.
Wasn't Byrd suspended this season? And didn't Chase Ford suck badly? I'm surprised they made it.

No stadium
Poor facilities
No fan support
No national relevance
No Mo Titles

Yes, Canessuck, that is and has been true.

Despite that, the Canes have blasted the Gatr Trash 3 of the 4 the past 10 years.

Suck in that, maggot. Or is it, players don't win championships. Stadiums and JumboTrons do.

Typical ignorant whitetrash Gatr.

Potty mouth, frustrated cane clown is that all you got? How have your canes fared lately you fool? You have to go back at least 8 years to find anything good. Stop living in the past, your conference sucks, right now, today not a decade ago.
Your team sucks now, today and will continue to do so.

Why are we scrimmaging in Fort Meyers? Are we moving there?

Yo,cane Trash, the ACC suuuuuucks.

It's now been 10 years since cane maggot won anything. Tired yet? Next year's track team will feature no track athletes so whachagonnado?

Send out Morris and the frosh as the two-headed monster? HORRIBLE

Run behind that sieve of an O-Line? HORRIBLE

Throw to the non-existent receivers? HORRIBLE

Yep, things sure look bright in caneville. And once the NCAA finishes gutting the program, you will look back fondly on the Shannon years.

But hey, Goldencrap is a fine choice. BWWAHAHAHAAHHAHA.


The new cane home stadium is rumored to be built around Fort Myers. They are hoping to get better attendance out of that area.

It seems that we had b\more talent than a 6-6 team. Nothing less than 11-2 isd acceptable for next year!

Why r all local kids that r highly touted leaving to go to other school. Golden has his work cut out for him. These kids needs to stay home, Burgess how could u choose the Cardnials over the Canes. Go CANES!

No talent
No goods kids coming, local or not
No big wins
No big games
Pretty losses
No Mo Titles

That's are motto at the "U" now, get'em ready for the pro-bowl. Average talent here, great in the pros.


I'd rather have average talenthere, 6 wins and great NFLers than the alternative: The putrid gaytr gang whocomes on here spewing their dribble:

Top 5 recruiting class last 5 years
Worst QB in the NFL
35 arrests, 2 coaches
Former coach left to a hated rival after he left for "health" reasons
Gatorade player of the year in Brantley

Yet... drum roll...

UF beats 1 team with a winning record.
Finishes 7-6
Plays UAB, FAU, Furman as their OOC conference games (at least LSU played Oregon and UGA played Boise)
Still has fewer players in the NFL than Miami
Dropped to #58 in the US News and World report top colleges in the US 20 spots below Miami
My fat doctor-suing offensive coordinator bolted (maybe the armadillo burgers in Gainseville are not his taste)
My school was named the dooshiest college in america by GQ mag

I still can't catch Miami in Number of NCS.., BUT,

The SEC is a great conference! Go SEC. YAy> Do theyhave their own cheerleading squad?

Yeah Miami sks. Tell us something else. Do you need to be so low and pathetic to rip on a Miami commit such as Duke Johnson before he has even stepped foot on campus? Seriously.

Question to gaytr fans: which of the 6 pathetic Qbs (I use that term loosley) will chuck the ball for Coach MUnchy?

If it weren't for The U -- a small elite and the most envied private school in college football -- all you cheap public school losers would have nothing to talk about! We're HONORED that you losers dedicate so much of your time and energy to hate on The U! It's All About The U, Baby! HA!

Ford and Chambers in an All-Star game? Just seems odd. I saw both play during the time they were here and I gotta tell you — they aren't all-stars....

Reno: I'm with U on the Bridgewater deal. RS, the true recruiter that he was, almost had him, then the wheels came off the Hecht Athletic Center.

Jim Kelly has a nephew QB that can play, but he might be going to Clemson. U gotta figure he saw some kind of "writing on the wall" somewhere....


I'm Soup/Skreetz. Please visit Canespace to read the article I cut and pasted from one of my bloggers. That's real hard work, you know.

I like to pretend I'm 'in the know", but in reality, I'm a pathetic jagoff that people try to avoid like jock itch. When they see me coming, they try to get away. I don't even realize how bad they're laughing behind my back, especially coach Kehoe.

I'm so delusional, I actually think people believe my imaginary friend Skreetz actually exists. Even Solar, cc, and OGV are on the record that he's fiction, but I keep trying to convince people he's real. Please get me help!

Ah yes, two more prominent juniors, including Heisman finalist Montee Ball RB, annouce they are returning for their senior season. Love the loyalty and commitment.

These are the kind of players that UM needs. Bring 'em in, Coach!

Love the canes, but none of these guys belong in a game that's supposed to be played by all stars

how many early enrollees do we have this year. is manny on vacation.

Manny is at Prime 112 on assignment

"G5 will be landing in Tallahassee next season," the post read, "#bcs bound."

Greg Reid, another team guy!

All about da U,
Thanks for the info on Greg Reid. All the better for FSU and, probably, Greg.

And, by the way, where is the argument that African American kids have no choice but to come our early? Talk about stereotypic garbage. Granted, it is probably a dream come true for some, and maybe even a financial necessity and thank you to family. However, others clearly value Team, Commitment, Loyalty, Teammates and their University.

Maybe S. Florida kids are less likely to hold those values in terms of an attitude trend?

So, let's get more Greg Reids, Montee Balls, Matt Barkleys, Ray Armstrongs and LaMichael James kind of players. The less meeee-first types, the beter for the future of Canes football. Make a commitment to finish your eligibility or go somewhere else.

Do you have any idea how bad UM would have been in the last 30 years if they didn't recruit players who wanted to go to the NFL early?

I go to maybe 1 or 2 games a year, these student athletes owe it to me to stay in school and thats real talk

Retraction: In spite of his glowing comments sfter the Oregon-Wisconsin game, LeMichael James is going to the NFL.

Oh well, there's always top 5 QB pick Landry Jones! He is returning.

Real talk,

Do we have any idea how good the Canes would have been had kids played out their eligibility?

I get the real world of sports today. Kaching, etc. Still hoping we get kids who will finish their commitment to UM.

The EOTH are back with their bs again....YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets see that means a 150,000 word post from Calvin the tool is on its way. A word of advice dont read it unless you really want 20 minutes of your life you can never get back is something you are interested in. Then you can read all of bgs lies about him being a recruiting genious. Plenty of sick twisted pervert comments from the on-line lawyer. That covered all the bloggers they have unless you want to count the lady that hates everyone that isnt the same skin color as her

Ho Hummmm ... Another SEC team in a Major Bowl game ... Another SEC Victory ...

hang in there U clUcked clods ... I'm positive an SEC team will lose Monday nite.

Reno: I'm with U on the Bridgewater deal. RS, the true recruiter that he was, almost had him, then the wheels came off the Hecht Athletic Center.
Jim Kelly has a nephew QB that can play, but he might be going to Clemson. U gotta figure he saw some kind of "writing on the wall" somewhere....
Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | January 06, 2012 at 04:49 PM

Ahh sir, i dunno' what writing on the wall you're talking about, Golden never offered Kelly's nephew, he's a dual-threat, he doesn't fit the pro-style system we run over here, get your facts straight!

Plain and simple... It's a FACT !

*** No One Does College Football Better Than The SEC ***

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A few months ago, when there were rumblings that Virginia Tech might be jumping to the Southeastern Conference, Eddie Whitley and his teammates got excited.

"Everyone was like, `Man, I would love to play there!'" the Hokies senior safety said, his eyes lighting up. "I was like, `Man, I wish I was a freshman now!'"

The switch never happened. Virginia Tech stayed put, at least for the time being, in the Atlantic Coast Conference. But Whitley's account sums up what just about everyone else in the nation has been forced to concede: Love it or hate, no one plays college football like the SEC.

Look no further than Monday night's BCS title game between No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama. For the first time under this format, two teams from the same league _ heck, the same division _ are facing off in a no-lose situation for the SEC. Before one strand of confetti falls to Superdome floor, the conference is assured of its sixth straight national title. No other conference has won more than three in a row.

"You've got the best athletes in the nation going to one conference," Whitley marveled. "Alabama's got linebackers that are 260, 270 (pounds). Our defensive TACKLES are 270."

The SEC's dominance has been decades in the making.

Many point to the SEC's revolutionary decision in the early 1990s to expand from 10 to 12 teams, allowing it to become the first conference to split into divisions and set up its own championship game. Other factors, everything from an exclusive national television deal with CBS to top coaches such as LSU's Les Miles and Alabama's Nick Saban to the abundance of high school talent in the Deep South, help keep the SEC on top year after year.

But the real roots of the SEC's breakaway can be traced to the turbulent `60s, when the region was ripped apart by the struggle for civil rights and its universities were still clinging to the notion of only letting whites through the schoolhouse door.

In 1966, Alabama posted a perfect 11-0 record with an all-white team but still finished third in The Associated Press poll behind Notre Dame and Michigan State, which had played to a 10-10 tie. The feeling at the time, and one that is even more apparent with the hindsight of history, was that both the Fighting Irish and the Spartans were superior programs because they had African-Americans players and faced teams that allowed them on the field, too.

"There were athletes who were qualified and capable and had the ability to play in the SEC, but they were not recruited because they were black," said Wilbur Hackett, a longtime conference referee who, in the late `60s, became the first African-American captain when he played at Kentucky, persevering through intense racial prejudice.

When it became clear that integration was inevitable, the SEC finally tapped into a whole new pool of talent, gaining the inside track to huge numbers of immensely qualified locals who had always been forced to sign with historically black schools or venture far from home, to the Big Ten or the Pacific Coast, if they wanted to play at the highest level.

Today, every SEC roster is filled with black players. Their influence on the game is undeniable.

"The league was strong, but it could have been stronger if they had integrated sooner," Hackett said. "Look at the Tennessee States and the Jackson States and the Gramblings, all the players from those schools that went on to play in the NFL. Now, those schools don't put players in the NFL because all those players are in the SEC."

Over the last 10 years, a staggering 72 players from SEC schools have been first-round draft picks. The Big 12 is next on the list, far behind at 51.

With Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton leading the way, the SEC had five of the top six picks in 2011. The odd man out was Von Miller from Texas A&M _ which is joining the league next fall.

"There's a lot of talent down there and they do a good job of coaching a lot of talent," said Al Borges, the offensive coordinator at Michigan who formerly coached at Auburn. "That's all there is to it."

Digging a little deeper, the emphasis on defense in the SEC has largely fueled its rise to power (34 of those 72 first-round picks came from the less-heralded side of the line). Not surprisingly, Alabama and LSU are the nation's two best defensive teams, filled with impact players such as Crimson Tide linebacker Dont'a Hightower and Tigers cornerback Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu.

From the perspective of ESPN analyst Todd Blackledge, it all starts up front.

"I really don't think they have more speed at those skill positions on offense than the Big 12 or the Pac-12 or anyone else," he said. "But those defensive linemen in the SEC, that's where the difference is."

Blackledge points to last year's BCS title game, when Auburn stifled high-powered Oregon 22-19 to claim the SEC's fifth straight championship. Offense may excite the fans, but teams such as West Virginia (a 70-33 winner over Clemson in the Orange Bowl) and Oklahoma State (which beat Stanford 41-38 in the Fiesta Bowl) didn't qualify for the biggest game of all.

Rest assured, defense still wins championships.

"Auburn was, at best, a middle-of-the-pack defense in the SEC _ and Oregon could not block their front," Blackledge said. "Until teams in other conferences make inroads on defense, it's just going to be hard to catch the SEC."

Blackledge also believes that SEC schools are more willing to bring in junior college signees, especially on the defensive side, players who are often challenged academically and shunned by schools that don't think they can keep up in the classroom.

This, of course, fits in with another popularly held image of the SEC as nothing more than a dozen football factories (well, 11, leaving out Vanderbilt). The largest building on most campuses is a palace such as Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium (capacity: 101,821), a convenient symbol of college athletics gone wild. When Texas A&M joins, the conference will have eight of the 20 biggest stadiums in college football, all with seating for at least 80,000.

Of course, the SEC can quickly counter that it's hardly the only conference to place a huge emphasis on football. Three of the four largest stadiums _ at Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State _ are in the Big Ten. And while plenty of SEC programs have run afoul of NCAA rules, perhaps the worst scandal in college football history erupted beyond its borders: the child-sex abuse accusations against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky that led to the firing of coach Joe Paterno.

But there's little doubt the SEC is boosted by an accident of geography, too. Five of the nine states in the league's current makeup have no major-league franchises of any type to steal away attention from the gridiron.

"Maybe it's the culture of the South," said Michigan lineman David Molk, whose team was in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. "They're much more focused on football. The North has a lot of other things to do. ... Down here, it's football. That's it. It's football from birth."

Of course, there are those who've grown weary of all the SEC hype, who see it as a league that is reluctant to travel too far from home, yet still receives preferential treatment in the rankings and a little-too-much praise from the media.

Georgia, for instance, went 42 seasons without playing a regular-season game outside the confines of the old Confederacy (if Kentucky is included) before traveling to Oklahoma State in 2008. This season, Alabama lost to LSU at home, 9-6 in overtime, but still wound up No. 2 in the BCS rankings over other one-loss teams such as Oklahoma State.

"I do feel like they get first dibs on everything," said quarterback Tajh Boyd of ACC champion Clemson.

Certainly, the folks at Big 12 champion Oklahoma State felt they deserved a chance to play for the title rather than having to watch an SEC rematch on TV.

"People see the SEC different than they do any other conference," Cowboys coach Mike Gundy said. "It's deservingly so, because they have won in the big game. But, in my opinion, from top to bottom the Big 12 was the strongest league in the country this year."

Gundy, it seems, is in the minority.

"You could say we're getting tired of hearing about the SEC, but we all know it's the best," Molk said. "They have all the talent. They should win it every year."

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh U delUsional Dopes ...

The NCAA will prohibit the over-signing that the SleazEC is known for and then this too shall pass.

But really, does a Gatr maggot feel better going 6-6, beating only and Furman with a winning record and having Muscrap as coach simply because the SEC wins? That is all pretext ment to bury the epic failure that is UTrailer.

Actually, the cheer is SEC West. Get it straight, maggot.

Randy to Tennessee - he brings some integrity and depths to that program

Since Ur Pathetic U Program joined the Athletically Challenged Conference in 2004, the worse Football Conference that there is, The S.E.C. Championship Game in Atlanta has featured an 8 team rotation of Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and S. Carolina with the eventual SEC Champion going on to win the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 6 out of the Last EIGHT YEARS by 4 different teams !!!

Yeah, real Top-Heavy there U Cane clUcks ...

And Duh U has played in how many ACC Championship games ?


The ACC Championship game winners have won how many BCS National Titles ?


The combined ACC BCS Bowl record by it's Champion and runner-ups ?



It just can't get any worse than that U know U dopes ?

Ahhhhh, but just U wait til next year ...

Posted by: Arty |

January 07, 2012 at 05:37 AM

The NCAA will prohibit the over-signing that the SleazEC is known for and then this too shall pass.


U incredibly ignorant and even dUmber dipsheet, it's was the SEC University Presidents that imposed that rule not the NCAA. And it will only make the Conference even stronger overall as a result, as if that is at all possible.

Gundy, it seems, is in the minority.

"You could say we're getting tired of hearing about the SEC, but we all know it's the best," Molk said. "They have all the talent. They should win it every year."


'nuff said

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