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Sizing up UM's 2012 recruiting class with Rivals analyst Chris Nee (Part 2)

In this installment with Rivals.com recruiting analyst Chris Nee we cover what he thinks of UM's three incoming quarterbacks, their defensive linemen, if UM took players it shouldn't have and if they missed out on guys in their backyard they should have gotten.

Q: What are you thoughts on the three QBs UM has lined up? Any of them really have the potential to be big time?

Is Preston Dewey not the answer at quarterback"Preston Dewey got banged up during Under Armour and prior to getting banged up he really didn't show much. I thought he struggled. He had a couple nice passes on the week, but not anything that grabbed your eye or caught your attention. David Thompson always has question of baseball hanging over his head. But he has good talent. It's tough to grade him against his level of competition. He didn't do anything or play anywhere that showed us what he could do against different players. Gray Crow has great arm strength, looks great in camps. But in games he's inconsistent, throws a lot of interceptions. His feet are a huge concern for me. I don't know how he's going to handle a pass rush at the D-1 level. He's got really heavy feet. I think it's something he understands. I just don't know how much room for improvement there is."

Q: What about on the defensive line, did UM address its needs?

"[St. Thomas Aquinas'] Jelani Hamilton will end up on the inside. Early on he'll play on the outside. But when he's healthy Jelani is a great football player. [Tampa Jefferson's] Tyriq McCord is a great speed rusher. You want to line him up as an outside rusher, put him in space. The up position is kind of what he was made for. [Vero Beach's] Dwyane [Hoilett] is a bit of project in that he has to add strength and improve as a football player. But I like him a lot because he has a good first step and he does a good job getting in the offensive backfield. He just has to develop physically. [Palm Beach Central's] Gabe Terry is a pass rushing specialist. I don't know if he can defend the pass. He's a little bit small to play defensive end. So if you put him at linebacker I don't know if he's a liability. All of the film I saw of was he was a speed rusher of the edge, which is what he's good at. I don't know if they got a guy on par with an Anthony Chickillo. I don't think they got that complete dominating force at defensive end. But a guy like Dwyane Holiett is a guy you shouldn't grade after this year. Grade him after 24 to 30 months."

Q: Who ultimately makes an immediate impact on defense as a freshman?

"Jelani Hamilton assuming he recovers from knee surgery. I think he can. [Safety] Deon Bush, [Linebacker] Raphael Kirby can. [Tampa Jefferson defensive end] McCord can if you put him as an outside linebacker type. If you want him at defensive end he will need to add weight. I think Rayshawn Jenkins can make plays at safety. He'll be raw back there. But athletically speaking, physically speaking he's ready to contribute."

Q: All in all, a good job by UM recruiting or did they miss?

"I think they did a good job. The one thing about Miami is when all the [Nevin Shapiro] news broke they kind of rushed a little getting some commitments. At that time they may have taken a guy or two they may have not needed -- [Leesburg receiver] D'Mauri Jones -- that they could have gone out and gotten that was better. But all in all I grade them as doing a pretty good job. Getting [Miramar cornerback Tracy] Howard -- if they can -- would be a nice cherry on top. But getting [Palm Beach Central receiver Angelo] Jean-Louis back in March or April was good. And they definitely added depth. A guy like D'Mauri Jones is a toss up. He may develop into a really good player. He may develop into nothing. I don't think it's always bad to take a guy like that."

Q: Still, and I've heard this from a few scouts, did UM take recruits who aren't supposed to be Miami guys? Do you think that was panic setting in with the NCAA investigation?

"I don't know if it was so much panic. They just had some really deep needs. They had to load up on DBs. [Hialeah American cornerback Larry] Hope is a D-1 player. I don't think he's a bad player. I just don't know if he's a Miami-caliber player. I think at that point they did have to take some risks. A guy like [Tallahassee Godby tight end Brandon] Holifield they took him after he came to their camp. That's personal evaluation. That is what it is. He's only played one year of football and he wasn't even a primary contributor. He played off the bench a lot. He's extremely raw, more of a basketball prospect than a football prospect. But hey, Jimmy Graham was a basketball prospect and look what he's doing on NFL Sundays."

Q: Who would you say are the biggest risks, maybe not Miami guys that they took a chance on?

"[Countryside quarterback] Gray Crow. His feet are just really a concern as far as being able to evade anything in the pocket. I'd say [American High cornerback] Larry Hope falls in that category, [Leesburg receiver] D'Mauri Jones, [Tallahassee Godby tight end] Brandon Holifield, and then [Cypress Bay linebacker] Josh Witt. Witt's kind of a specialist at linebacker. I don't think he has a whole lot of versatility. It is what it is. But one thing Miami made evident in this class was they're really going to trust themselves. They do their own evaluations. They don't go after a kid if they truly believe they shouldn't have him. I don't think they recruit off a list. And I think that's what a lot of schools fall into. A lot of schools will go recruit a kid because a lot of people say he's really good, even though he doesn't fit what they're trying to do. You need glue guys to make you a better team even if they're not a superstar."

Q: Who did they miss out on in their own backyard?

"Well, if they don't get him, Tracy is a guy Miami has to keep home. I think Tracy arguably is the best player in the entire state. We consider him the top corner in the country. Now, they did a good job because they kind of started on the back of the bus with him and worked his way up. The fact they're getting him to visit is unbelievable. I think that's a real credit to how Al Golden is willing to recruit until the final minute and give his program a chance. Honestly, outside of him, Miami was a bit down this year. I'd say [Miami Beach athlete] Ricardo Louis is a guy you want to get. He'll end up at Florida State or Auburn. I know this is going to sound a bit crazy, but considering they needed three quarterbacks I'm surprised they didn't give more of a look to [Miami Northwestern's] E.J. Hilliard. He's a bit raw and has to develop. He's only started one year. But I thought that was a steal by FIU personally. [Northwestern receiver] Amari Cooper is probably the biggest miss, him going to Alabama. I think the world of Amari. He's got a ton of talent. He's a huge receiver. If he can stay consistent he's going to be unbelievable. They had [South Miami cornerback] AJ Leggett for the longest time. That had to do with academics. I wouldn't fault Miami for that."

Q: Is this a Top 10 Signing Class?

"I don't think it's one of the top seven, eight classes in the nation, but I think they did a good job building depth, getting some really good players. I think the top 10 players in their class are some very good football players. I'd say top 15, top 20 class for sure without a doubt. I think some of the inflated rankings has to do with having 31 kids committed. But guys like Duke Johnson, Reggie Northrup, Jelani Hamilton, Deon Bush, Angelo Jean-Louis, Ereck Flowers, Malcolm Lewis, Tyriq McCord, Danny Isidora are great players. Those are guys a lot of schools in the country wanted and they did a really good job bringing in some top tier talent that's going to help them next year because they have voids to fill."

Q: Surprised they've done as well they have?

"I think when you take everything into account, the mediocre record, guys leaving to NFL, the whole investigation and possible sanctions I think they did a good job. Anytime you get a guy like Duke Johnson to stay home -- I know he's a die-hard Cane -- but that's still a huge get in light of everything. I'd give the class a B, B-plus for sure. Tracy Howard pushes them up a letter grade because that would be a huge get. At that point it would be tough to argue against a class with two five star kids and 10 kids who were four stars or higher. And some of their three stars -- Danny Isidora, Dwyane Hoilett, Rashawn Jenkins are going to be major contributors as well."


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Some solid, tough questions there, answered honestly.

Overall, missed out on a couple of guys, reached on a couple of guys, but overall a top recruiting class.


The best QB has been on the roster 1 year and sat out last year because he transfered from Memphis. he was a stud at Miramar high.

He threw 5 tds in state championship game in HS. and completed 85%
as a True freshman at Memphis he started 10 games going 165-290 for 13tds.
He was 6'6" 220lbs last year when we got him but have heard he is sleeping and eating in the gym.

Absolutely SOLID class. All that is needed now is a few cherries on top.


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Your Sleeping on David Thompson.
His Coach Sedrick Irvin was on the National Championship Staff 09' Alabama. Thompson has a Cannon for a arm. But he could opt to go play pro baseball. He's one of the best players in the nation. 6th to be exact.

These so called "recruiting experts" can only SPECULATE...everyone is UNTESTED...no one knows for sure how someone is going to do at the next level...so, what this guy says, both positive and negative means absolutely nothing to me...one of the QB's he mentioned could be the next star...think about this: who saw Kenny Dorsey, that skinny kid from California, leading UM to two straight undefeated seasons.....NOBODY, including the most avid UM fans/supporters...the fact that Golden has nabbed as many players as he has is REMARKABLE....let's see how and IF he and his staff can mold them into great players at the college level...UNTIL THEN, anything that these "experts" say is really meaningless!


We'll see what happens with some of these guys from NJ that were committed to Rutgers. Now that Schiano is leaving, I wonder if they stand a good chance of getting them here since they are visiting this weekend. Stay tuned, this can be better than expected.

I agree with UMike. The stars they got in High school mean nothing in college. Every college will find out how good their recruiting class is at the end of this coming season, and the 2013 season.

The talent is there. We will see what our coaching staff is made of this season.

thanks Manny!

I'm not an evaluator at all, I just look at the highlights of these guys on YouTube. Yes, I know these are highlight tapes, so all you see are the good things, but by looking at Josh Witt, D'Mauri Jones, David Thompson, and Larry Hope, I saw some incredible talent. On those tapes, those kids can flat-out play and hustle. Happy to have them be 'Canes.

Hopefully Holifield can develop into a starter, we just gotta trust the coaching staff to develop his raw talents.

No one has signed yet. We only have an idea who's coming. We have to trust Coach Golden as far as getting the best players possible. I honestly beleive that the player rating system is "Over-rated". Let's cross our fingers!

One more thing that I found out about. NCAA rules forbid schools to evaluate student athletes during Official visits. That's why Schools host "Camps" to evaluate the players.

Todd Schay is a dweeb wannabe talking head who like Mel Kiper is wrong 50% of the time, calls the obvious, like " beckham-Green will be in the top ten recruits". That makes Nee just as silly.

But to be that silly yet have strong opinions about "feet", etc, dude, you are a ()-(). Basically, he just said that none of the UM QB recruits are any good. So--- is he saying he is a better talent evaluator than Golden?

Please. This program won 5 national ch with neitehr a #1 class, nor tons of 4-5 star recruits, except for a couple here or there in key positions. The last 7 years (since 2004) we have been bad for 3 reasons:

1- No QB
2- No D-line
3- No coaching

period end of story.

And sonme dude from Sporting News called Sean Spence the best lnb since Ray Lewis to come out of the U. really? Really? Did you forget Dan Morgan, Vilma, DJ Williams, or BEason? What is wrong with you media people?

they stayed home and in-state just as JJ did. just give G a chance. he is building from with-in. there will be a cohesivness and a togetherness that has been lacking for some time. the special bond these recruits attain will win the close games. give G another 1-2 years recruiting. the results will be awesome

A big thank U to whom ever took out the garbage

Agree Golden need time, improvement seen this past year. It was a 6-6 season but close to be 10-1, margin of defeat was less than 8 points, team was in the game until the end and more important never gave up. This class is one of the best I have seen recruited, Golden maximize the chance he have with this kids. He also created some good bonding eith local programs for the future. Even from Louisiana he racked a player, I have to give Golden a A+ for effort and A++ for keeping his commitment to our beloved program. Before this weekend is over we will have the players we need no more no less, because whoever don't want to be a Hurricane, is not needed in the program, now the one who sign in will be part of the U family.

Dewey reminds me of Dorsey with a stronger arm, and with the athleticism of J. Harris.

Way to keep it coming manny and susan

pssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttt ... Canesfools ... U can ALL put away Ur Missyssippi pom poms now ...

RecrUiting Reality Concept huh Cane Fan ... U'll be lUcky to finish Top-20 come Wed. night.

gUess U don't believe in FREEDOM of Expression huh MANNY ? MinUs ANY Expletives what so ever.

But when a Cane compares the Gator Chomp to Cerebral Palsey, that's makes the cut huh ?

Ur as FU@king gUtless, clUeless and thin skinned as the idiots that U write for !

Holla ARTY !!! Top-20 Class now huh ? Bwwwwahhhhhhhhaaahhaaaahhaaaa !!!

First amendment has nothing to do with determining what speech is allowed on a PRIVATE business' blog you ignorant puke.

And there is no equivalency between saying the Gatr chomp resembles someone with cerebral palsy and joking about Pata's death and the hundred of racist comments you make you dirt Pig.

Get a clue you sow. Back to your graveyard detail at Costco, Pig.

Agree with the poster who says Ryan Williams is the next great QB. Guy played really well in HS and at Memphis (where he had no talent to work with). Think he's a sleeper who will give Morris a good run this off-season.

...every article...every blog...always obsessed with the []_[]!!

UM should've offered Hilliard, he's going to be a good one.

God Bless U

U Canes are plain nUts !!!

Top 3 Class ...

Studs on Defense ...

Offering a # as a bribe ='s maturation ...

Recruiting Winners ! ...

Kids actually care more about academics than winning CONFERENCE and National titles ...

The kids are reading this and it'll help them decide ...

Golden will close strong, while not one of the 30 Top uncommits left have U on their Radar ...


Yeah, the kid is reading this and U'll sway his opinion U incredibly dUmb clUcks.

Ur still Champions at putting the U in delUsional !

The kid's a silent UF lock and just wants a free paid day on U and a Prime 112 Steak.

U've been played again ...

*** Howard, like 4-5 other Uncommited TOP 5 STARS STuDS come FEB. 1 will be ... ***


they are what and be what they are Arty

Yo Artful one ... Like playing ping pong with the Cane dopes. Here's the Latest Gator Closing news ... Try to learn something Cane fools. A real Program save 5 or so schollies to get the BIG Fish at LOI time (letter of intent U dopes). And there are about 30-40 or so 4-5 Star studs waiting to announce between the Top 10 Programs. Both of which U are not and will not get since NOT ONE has U as a choice other than maybe a hat on a table to skim over...



Stefon Diggs *****

Tracy Howard *****

Nelson Agholor *****

GATOR LOCKS ... ALL SILENT Commits just waiting to sign at their respective schools Wed.. Three Huge Skill guys in the stable. Immediate playing time.


Darius Hamilton *****

Was 50/50 between hometown Rutgers and Gators. BREAKING NEWS Report out of Rutgers, Greg Schiano, who personally recruited Hamilton is to take Tampa Bay Buc job. This 5 Star 6-4 300 STUD will be ALL Gator now...


Dante Fowler Jr. *****

Here's the steal. This Former SOLID FSU but now recently as 48 hours ago soft commit has visited G'ville 9 times total and 6 times since the season ended and has told Gator early enrollees that he will shock the recruiting world Feb. 1 . FSU is panic stricken to lose this 6-4/240 D-End terror.


Josh Harvey-Clemons *****

Here's the flip of the coin. 50/50... Valdosta kid. Either Dawgs or Gators period. Because of Gator depth and lack of Dog depth at OLB/DE this 6-5/220 Javon Kearse Clone could go either way. What Fowler does could sway him either way and might not sign for a week after Feb. 1. He might even team up and be down this weekend with his preacher grandpappy for a free vacation and Prime 112 with Tracy Howard... Be sure to watch this one's pick on ESPN Cane fan. U'll actUally might see a U hat on his pick table with about 5 others. Maybe U'll feel good for a few seconds if he picks it up and puts it back down before going all in GATOR.


There are a few 2/3 other nice 3 star kids. A psycho LB outta Tampa Berkley (Agholor's teammate) a punter and Marty Morningwigs QB son outta the Northeast... But the best news is that ALL COMMITS have reaffirmed and there will be ZERO committed defections and no foreseen Admission problems with any of them. Plus a few extra 'Shops for defectors/Transfers/Walkons to boot... ROCK SOLID TOP 3 CLASS EASILY...

U see Cane Fan, this is how a TOP-TIER Program closes a recruiting season. Build slow and finish SSSSCCCRRRRROONNNGGGG @ # 1 !!!

Not to hand out schollies to 2-3 Star talent-ladened freshmeat doorstops like 2 fer 1 coUpon fliers in front of Sedano's with Golden and Company ...


Aloha Arty ... More info coming...

And please U ClUcks, I'm gonna lay out in the hammock watching Tiger blast some long white ones on the 120in. Plasma on the Golf Channel... So please, please tell me some good stories of Duh Peee-U's good ol days like this still living in the 20th. CentUry dork Posted by: CaneDog | January 26, 2012 at 09:55 AM...


oh yeah, Oye, U Know NADA Cane Fans ... U sUck ... Ur New O.C. for the 6th. Time in 7 years will be ?

It's 12 pm Cane ClUcks ... Do U know where Ur Recruiting Class is ? ...Go Fisching ... again.


morning Art ... can you believe these Cane dipsheets ?

they're too typical

^^^^^mentally disturbed rubbish...from a 60 year old paranoid schitzophranic

Manny...who will be the most impressive Freshman this seson?

Posted by: SOUP | January 27, 2012 at 12:27 AM

Manny...what is the deal along the OL?

Will Flowers and Isadora play?.

Is Kehoe up to the task?

Posted by: SOUP | January 27, 2012 at 12:31 AM

Manny...What about the DL?

Posted by: SOUP | January 27, 2012 at 12:40 AM

^^^^^Manny was like screw this, I have more pressing things to do like pick my nose, pick in between my toes, and sniff the oily stuff from behind my ears. LMAO.

We are the gators.

We love our gator Nation and our silly chomp.

Watching grown men chomp is what we do.

We revel in our history. A great history of "wanna-be ism"

A great history always being inferior to that little old school from Coral Gables.

We are the gators. Our fan base other than alumni, consists of the populace of Alachua county, and central and north florida, where pickup trucks outnumber farms 3-1 and where the IQ:tooth ratio is <1.

We are tha gators. Simply put we cannot surpass Miami in football or baseball. We just can't. We can beat them in basketball, adn women's lacrosse, but not in the only sport that matters in college athletics. We just can't despite our many alumni and money and sice and hype by ESPN.

We are the gators. We had the gatorade player of the year in Brantley, yet we went 7-6. We had the 2 fastest players in college, yet we went 7-6. So what do we resort to instead?

Going on UM blogs to talk shmack about our incoming class. All the stars we have, all the stars UM doesnt. We chant SEC, SEC, LOL.

What does that get us in the end? We are still Miami's b---o===tch---es

Love these UM stalkers on here . they remind me of bitc#es in chick flicks that are all pissed off before they kiss the guy. UM is their guy.Pucker up girls. We have already taken recruits from U and still have a shot at 2-3 more. They talk alot of crap for an inferior program with 5 x's the cash flow. They can't buy all the 5 stars . Some just dont want to go there. They are on their 3rd offensive cord. in 3 years, and we all know how that goes for an offense. Keep up those arrests Ufelons, Muschamp is on par to have more than Urban. At least they are not as violent or dangerous now...so far.
All of them have stars in their eyes and are blinded by the stars they got the last few years and cant see the results of said stars.And they still have NO QB...
C'mon Wednesday... Let's get this season rolling.

o, Cane Trash, the ACC suuuuuucks.

It's now been 10 years since Cane maggot won anything. Tired yet? Next year's track team will feature no track athletes so whachagonnado?

Send out Morris and the freshmen as the two-headed monster? HORRIBLE

Run behind that sieve of an O-Line? HORRIBLE

Throw to the non-existent receivers? HORRIBLE

Yep, things sure look bright in caneville. And once the NCAA finishes gutting the program, you will look back fondly on the Shannon years.

But hey, Goldencrap is a fine choice. BWWAHAHAHAAHHAHA.

Silly haters can't stand the fact that UM is bringing in the best 700 recruits in the nation. No on can come close to the success our little old school from the Gables has had over the past decade alone. Not one of them can match our dominance in January for the past 5 years alone. The canes have not lost a January bowl game in 5 years haters. Heck the canes have never lost an ACC championship game, haters. Watch out, the canes are back, ACC ship and NC coming up for 2012. Can't wait for the Spring game!

Let me let ya'll in on something. Many of these website guys know little about grading prospects. I've seen them year after year here in Tampa at 7 on 7 Tournaments. They focus on the guys already being offered by the Power schools, grade the 4 stars+ and those offered by middle tier teams and or not lesser or no stars. You can see a direct correlation of stars to Power school offers. I like the fact Golden and staff does first hand evaluations and are looking to develop guys that have a special skill or speed for a position. Miami is rebuilding and the object is to recruit better talent with each class and develop them. Plus we won't be able to keep every player home, some want to leave home, some are never recruited because of higher academics requirements for admission. But don't rely on the opinions of website geeks. Do what they do. See who the power schools are after and take it from there.

Agree with Tampa Cane. I would trust the coaching staffs own evaluations over some internet dork. The coaches had a chance to watch a lot of these players in camp as opposed to watching highlight film.

ESPN reports that UF and Rutgers recruit is visiting Miami TODAY!!
Darius Hamilton from NJ wich probably has met Golden before.
Would be nice pick up

Delusionalgator and gator trash... when y'all get a NC with an undefeated season maybe someone will listen to your jealous babbling. Minus1 player and y'all have 1 NC. Still can't get that undefeated season... maybe with federal funding u can pull one off.Keep paying those recruits and it will catch up with U now that the NCAA has closed that loophole.
Are y'all mad ??? because we own the canoe??? Like we own the gators??? Because we own undefeated seasons??? Because we have more NC 's??? Because we have a better school??? Because we have our own documentary??? Because we send more players to the nfl??? Because your starting an was in line to be our backup??? Because y'all got our receiver coach that couldn't teach how to catch a ball???
I think it's parenting...or lack thereof.

LOL, Oh yeah certain member of UF faculty still sore about the Canoe. I live here in Gainesville and trust me Dooley the sportswriter brings it up once a year.

3 undefeated season in those 5 titles.

wrap your head around this, the Canes played in the NC game 5 times in a 9 year span with 3 different coaches from 83-92.
Its a U thing you wouldnt Understand!!

Somebody needs to take out the Gator garbage again.
How about a ignore button?

Take that haters, we got the coveted canoe and we went home with it when the going got tough. Something every kid learned in the playground, when you get your butt kicked take the ball home, but I digress.
No one can pay the recruits as well as our own Nevin did, his cash brought us lots of victories you know.
Take that, remember the 1980s we have Goldens Time Machine ready to go back to the glory days. In the meantime we have our DVD.

"I like the fact Golden and staff does first hand evaluations and are looking to develop guys that have a special skill or speed for a position. Miami is rebuilding and the object is to recruit better talent with each class and develop them."

Wow! What a genius this Golden One is! How come no other coach in the nation is looking for better talent to develop. Must be one of those cane things no one else knows about.

Best class in the nation.
I write this from the future. From Feb 2, 2012.
Go Canes!

What happened? Your blow up girlfriend spring a leak, and now you have nothing better to do with your hands?

Best class in the nation.
I write this from the past. From Feb 2, 1982.
Go Canes!

Darius is on UM campus today since Schianno left Rutgers. One day after the news??? Hmmm

The U will hold it's own against EVERYONE in 2012!
Mark my words.

Delusionalirgator ...we didn't go home when the going got tough. Fueling opted not to get beat up anymore. That is why we have the canoe.but u are right about taking the ball home,bring it back and get some respect. And u are wrong about nevin...the state has castaways more money than him.and greatness is put on DVD these days, catch up with the Times.

The biggest morons are always the ones who say, "mark my words." nobody is marking your word slunkmeat. Your talking tough about a program that hasnt been competitive for a decade. U got bytchslapped by BC in your last game fool. ALL of what remaining talent you had BOLTED. Years of Shamwows incompetence isnt getting fixed in 12 u nimrod. You are GUARANTEED a losing season in 12. Your deprh has slid BACKWARD. U probably predicted 10 wins in 11 too, huh slunkmeat. Now go watch your video that features a wrecking ball destroying your little program.

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