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Sizing up UM's 2012 recruiting class with Rivals analyst Chris Nee (Part 2)

In this installment with Rivals.com recruiting analyst Chris Nee we cover what he thinks of UM's three incoming quarterbacks, their defensive linemen, if UM took players it shouldn't have and if they missed out on guys in their backyard they should have gotten.

Q: What are you thoughts on the three QBs UM has lined up? Any of them really have the potential to be big time?

Is Preston Dewey not the answer at quarterback"Preston Dewey got banged up during Under Armour and prior to getting banged up he really didn't show much. I thought he struggled. He had a couple nice passes on the week, but not anything that grabbed your eye or caught your attention. David Thompson always has question of baseball hanging over his head. But he has good talent. It's tough to grade him against his level of competition. He didn't do anything or play anywhere that showed us what he could do against different players. Gray Crow has great arm strength, looks great in camps. But in games he's inconsistent, throws a lot of interceptions. His feet are a huge concern for me. I don't know how he's going to handle a pass rush at the D-1 level. He's got really heavy feet. I think it's something he understands. I just don't know how much room for improvement there is."

Q: What about on the defensive line, did UM address its needs?

"[St. Thomas Aquinas'] Jelani Hamilton will end up on the inside. Early on he'll play on the outside. But when he's healthy Jelani is a great football player. [Tampa Jefferson's] Tyriq McCord is a great speed rusher. You want to line him up as an outside rusher, put him in space. The up position is kind of what he was made for. [Vero Beach's] Dwyane [Hoilett] is a bit of project in that he has to add strength and improve as a football player. But I like him a lot because he has a good first step and he does a good job getting in the offensive backfield. He just has to develop physically. [Palm Beach Central's] Gabe Terry is a pass rushing specialist. I don't know if he can defend the pass. He's a little bit small to play defensive end. So if you put him at linebacker I don't know if he's a liability. All of the film I saw of was he was a speed rusher of the edge, which is what he's good at. I don't know if they got a guy on par with an Anthony Chickillo. I don't think they got that complete dominating force at defensive end. But a guy like Dwyane Holiett is a guy you shouldn't grade after this year. Grade him after 24 to 30 months."

Q: Who ultimately makes an immediate impact on defense as a freshman?

"Jelani Hamilton assuming he recovers from knee surgery. I think he can. [Safety] Deon Bush, [Linebacker] Raphael Kirby can. [Tampa Jefferson defensive end] McCord can if you put him as an outside linebacker type. If you want him at defensive end he will need to add weight. I think Rayshawn Jenkins can make plays at safety. He'll be raw back there. But athletically speaking, physically speaking he's ready to contribute."

Q: All in all, a good job by UM recruiting or did they miss?

"I think they did a good job. The one thing about Miami is when all the [Nevin Shapiro] news broke they kind of rushed a little getting some commitments. At that time they may have taken a guy or two they may have not needed -- [Leesburg receiver] D'Mauri Jones -- that they could have gone out and gotten that was better. But all in all I grade them as doing a pretty good job. Getting [Miramar cornerback Tracy] Howard -- if they can -- would be a nice cherry on top. But getting [Palm Beach Central receiver Angelo] Jean-Louis back in March or April was good. And they definitely added depth. A guy like D'Mauri Jones is a toss up. He may develop into a really good player. He may develop into nothing. I don't think it's always bad to take a guy like that."

Q: Still, and I've heard this from a few scouts, did UM take recruits who aren't supposed to be Miami guys? Do you think that was panic setting in with the NCAA investigation?

"I don't know if it was so much panic. They just had some really deep needs. They had to load up on DBs. [Hialeah American cornerback Larry] Hope is a D-1 player. I don't think he's a bad player. I just don't know if he's a Miami-caliber player. I think at that point they did have to take some risks. A guy like [Tallahassee Godby tight end Brandon] Holifield they took him after he came to their camp. That's personal evaluation. That is what it is. He's only played one year of football and he wasn't even a primary contributor. He played off the bench a lot. He's extremely raw, more of a basketball prospect than a football prospect. But hey, Jimmy Graham was a basketball prospect and look what he's doing on NFL Sundays."

Q: Who would you say are the biggest risks, maybe not Miami guys that they took a chance on?

"[Countryside quarterback] Gray Crow. His feet are just really a concern as far as being able to evade anything in the pocket. I'd say [American High cornerback] Larry Hope falls in that category, [Leesburg receiver] D'Mauri Jones, [Tallahassee Godby tight end] Brandon Holifield, and then [Cypress Bay linebacker] Josh Witt. Witt's kind of a specialist at linebacker. I don't think he has a whole lot of versatility. It is what it is. But one thing Miami made evident in this class was they're really going to trust themselves. They do their own evaluations. They don't go after a kid if they truly believe they shouldn't have him. I don't think they recruit off a list. And I think that's what a lot of schools fall into. A lot of schools will go recruit a kid because a lot of people say he's really good, even though he doesn't fit what they're trying to do. You need glue guys to make you a better team even if they're not a superstar."

Q: Who did they miss out on in their own backyard?

"Well, if they don't get him, Tracy is a guy Miami has to keep home. I think Tracy arguably is the best player in the entire state. We consider him the top corner in the country. Now, they did a good job because they kind of started on the back of the bus with him and worked his way up. The fact they're getting him to visit is unbelievable. I think that's a real credit to how Al Golden is willing to recruit until the final minute and give his program a chance. Honestly, outside of him, Miami was a bit down this year. I'd say [Miami Beach athlete] Ricardo Louis is a guy you want to get. He'll end up at Florida State or Auburn. I know this is going to sound a bit crazy, but considering they needed three quarterbacks I'm surprised they didn't give more of a look to [Miami Northwestern's] E.J. Hilliard. He's a bit raw and has to develop. He's only started one year. But I thought that was a steal by FIU personally. [Northwestern receiver] Amari Cooper is probably the biggest miss, him going to Alabama. I think the world of Amari. He's got a ton of talent. He's a huge receiver. If he can stay consistent he's going to be unbelievable. They had [South Miami cornerback] AJ Leggett for the longest time. That had to do with academics. I wouldn't fault Miami for that."

Q: Is this a Top 10 Signing Class?

"I don't think it's one of the top seven, eight classes in the nation, but I think they did a good job building depth, getting some really good players. I think the top 10 players in their class are some very good football players. I'd say top 15, top 20 class for sure without a doubt. I think some of the inflated rankings has to do with having 31 kids committed. But guys like Duke Johnson, Reggie Northrup, Jelani Hamilton, Deon Bush, Angelo Jean-Louis, Ereck Flowers, Malcolm Lewis, Tyriq McCord, Danny Isidora are great players. Those are guys a lot of schools in the country wanted and they did a really good job bringing in some top tier talent that's going to help them next year because they have voids to fill."

Q: Surprised they've done as well they have?

"I think when you take everything into account, the mediocre record, guys leaving to NFL, the whole investigation and possible sanctions I think they did a good job. Anytime you get a guy like Duke Johnson to stay home -- I know he's a die-hard Cane -- but that's still a huge get in light of everything. I'd give the class a B, B-plus for sure. Tracy Howard pushes them up a letter grade because that would be a huge get. At that point it would be tough to argue against a class with two five star kids and 10 kids who were four stars or higher. And some of their three stars -- Danny Isidora, Dwyane Hoilett, Rashawn Jenkins are going to be major contributors as well."


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Gaytors cany name who there RB will be or the QB.
But we will be top 10 and surpass what Saban and Les have built in one year.
Even though gaytors forgetting that now they are behind SC and UGA as well.

I really hope Tracy Howard's mom is reading this blog so that she can see which fans are the most psycho, Turd fans have nothing better to do in Gainesville but come on this blog and talk dumb ish like they always do.

I can't blame this fools, there is no real publication in Gainesville so they come to the miami herald site.

Why someone giving Morris credit? He has an arm , can run, he just needs to make better decisions. That can be fixed.

Why isn't ....sorry

I agree with Sidcane, Morris deserves tons of credit. He almost took the record away from Jacory while taking less snaps.
Too bad he has an arm, imagine if he had two.
And he sure can run, someone just needs to point which way to go. I think he will be the best QB at the U since Kyle.

He will fare better than Japicky brisket will for ufelons... he has a much better O-line in front of him.

Remember Goldy, even though Tracy will be visiting this weekend Donna says no booster involvement, no yachts, strip clubs and the like.

Muschump must be getting nervous. No QB, No rb, No O-line, new OC, and FSU and Miami creepin up on that vaunted UF recruiting that supposedly won them 2 NCs. LOL. Zook won the 2006 NC.

Japicky Brisket and Cap'n Muckrat all aboard.

Hey 5>3>2> sweet... so take that 10 years of mediocrity ahem medications....

Very Very well done..I had to read that 3 times..

Great stuff we are 'Canes all the way, and the Gayturds should take note....

Bring it..

Go 'Canes

SidCane you are right we own the canoe and we have some talented and very motivated guys on board..
Coach G has show in a quiet way that you can develop a Class without a lot of bluster that will more than anything satisfy our need postions but also have a mix of athletes that can be trained to develop in multiple positions.
The 'U' team of Coaches are getting it done.

Ed Reed was a 2 or 3 "Star" depending on the service..so guess Stars don't really matter.

Those stars matter more than they did 10 years ago.Ask Alabama. You don't see to many 3 star players on their verbal list and I doubt you would see more than a couple not rated on there. Everybody goes about there recruitng in a different way. I don't think a school like the "U" should have no more than 4 or 5 not rated players on our list. I think we 12 or so on there now, which i would classify, most not rated as reaches.

If Golden can keep what we have committed and they sign on signing day this is a great class considering all the crap that he and his staff has had to put up with. If he gets howard and one or two more big names then this recruiting effort is one that is off the charts. Great job coach Golden and staff, lets finish strong.

Your best quarterback of all time is a fullback....and a virgin. Hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhaahhahahahaha. A gay QB....hahahahahhaahahhahahahah. Gay-Bow. Hahahabhababababbabababbabanhahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahha. Muschamp is Hungry eyes from the M&M commercial. Hahahahahhahaha. Weis is in Kansas. Nobody wants to be with crazy eye Muschamp. Hahahhahahahahhaababbaabbabanhhahahahaha. Theirs only one U.




Morris is the man, I think he'll start.

As it has been proven over the decades you cannot tell what you have until it gets on the field. This year is no exceptions...for example (one among many) Alabama had Arenas a year or so back and he was a wlak-on who now starts in the NFL. Rosters are filled with these types that fly under the radar than end up better in college.

Hey...remember those big quaterback that were multi-talanted- according to the GURUS that went to Florida and were to be the heir apparents to Tebow.

They sure did not do much over the last year.

The chemistry along with talent and COACHING is so important.

If one looks at the starters for the top 5 teams last year about 25% were guys that were 3 stars or even lower and some walkn-ons.

So much for the college recruting evaluators in these magazines.

But then again look at NFL rosters and see how many free agenst, and low round draft choices are not only starters but stars. And the NFL spends MILLIONS in its eveluations befoe selecting.

any word on Eddie Goldman out of DC?

As a ardent Costco family (with 3 college grads) I can reasonably say that anyone whom uses Costco in a derogatory manor to describe someone they consider inferior obviously (1) has never been to Costco, or (2) is too cheap to pay the membership fee, or (3) enjoys paying more for less at a super market.

Speaking of inferior, gator trash infesting Cane blogs proves one thing:
They have NO LIFE.

How sad u gayturds are...u complain about cane fans living in the past & pretend youre superior...ummm,kim shebow is in ur past.REALITY here since shebow,u girls have sucked too...thats reality,go look at ur record,more reality since were clearly still discussing the pastis othe than with shebow & urban the defectors high school schemes,danny weurful(the gay preacher/real estate agent)is the only one in ur history(entire history of ur fooseball program)to EVER win anything...its not even we orth commenting on gayturds lack of relevancy in the nfl...yeah I know emmit smith(& by the way any of u trailer trash,inbred,tobacco chewing he/shes couldve ran the ball for that team as well)so yip,conclusion here is we know u understand perfectly whats goin through these kids heads & who their choices come down to cause after all the mental equivolancy level of a typical gayturd does grade out to roughly pre-teen...

Goog thing scUMbagU played the 1AA teams and the Acc teams in order to get the 6 wins they had this year. Just think if they actually played in a real football confrence, can you say 3 - 9!

What is greater? The distance from LA to Moscow or the gap between Cane Trash expectations and the reality of their dismal disgusting status?

Methinks the latter both academically and athletically.

Cane Trash overpays for a mediocre Big Least coach clearly out of his element. He isn't mayor conference head coach material, but in the stinky Gables, does it really matter?

Do ignorant scUMbags even know the difference? Just yell, "Dah U Is Back," and take another crack hit and all is well in skinky Gables.

The long slow slide to mediocrity continues. Another 100 years of empty stadiums. You have won some titles based on an outdated system and playing most of those games @ home, in the modern BCS era you are a no show, irrelevant.

Really, Cane maggots, what have you to be proud of?

Do I really have to continually call out the Cane maggots for the lies (or is it abject stupidity) they post? Do I?

Boston College has the most players from one school in the Super Bowl. That's right, Cane Trash. An ACC school. Notice how you keep bringing up the NFL when talking college football, you know why scUMbag right?

Big Vince for the Pats is now proud to display his free Escalade now that University of Mediocre paid up hush money to the bankrupcy court to try and stave the looming NCAA sanctions. But Gerald Warren next to him @ game time makes him look better, and that Spikes is the best player on D they got according to their owner. And Hernandez is a beast on O.

So, while you are spending your 7th year in undergrad smoking and wondering why Wikpedia, the only resource material you were taught to use at Sun Tan U, failed you, you may want to consider contemplate your lowly station in life and why it has come to this. That is for the few of you who actually attended that stinky Gables school. The vast majority of you are drop outs of MDCC or just barely got a GED

Right....Josh Witt is just a specialist. His specialties are playing hard every snap and never missing a tackle. I can live with that.

You have emotional issues. I really feel bad for you.

Canetrash you are very very trashy. What have you been ingesting?..

Don't answer I know that you have no idea what that means...

You sound like a 13 year old on Mom's computer.

I sense a high degree of frustration in your post..

Remember 5 BCS rings in your little brain. Probably can't imagine that can u?.
Enough said.
Go 'Canes

Antonio Crawford the latest DB commit. How many do we have to go? Sure would like to secure a few others who visited on Friday.






What will be revived first: a dead dog or the dead Cane Trash football program?
Me thinks the dog and it's not even close.

Any "nice" ....LMAO, pickup for the downtrodden scUMbags would be nice, but they get shut out again.

Goldencrap around in 2013? After another 6-6 season? If he is lucky, more likely a 4 - 8 season or worse. Maybe he can get another extension. He got one for being mediocre, next one for being a loser. Got them desperate canes by their small testicles, they know the Golden Mediocre One is the best they can do.

Amnesia or just stupid, Cane maggot. Which one is it?

Just plain desperate...... and stupid too.

I see the Canes are on your pea brain early monday morning Muffchump pole smoker.

Bottom Line- Miami has beaten Florida 6 of the last 7 times they have played. Look it up!

It's funny I keep reading that "UM hasn't done a thing in over a decade". That just goes to show the lack of productivity from uf or fsu. Even after a dEcade neither team together CAn accOunt for as many nc that the U has. Go cry some more! Bet ur missing teblow now aren't ya

21 of SCUMs 31 recruits are 3 stars, highest ratio of any team. Lowest rated average star rating of any team in the top 20.

Same as it ever was, got shut out again, maggots.

Hey gator garbage. Here are a some 3 star players who would disagree with you.
Santonio Holmes R Steelers
Mike Williams R Seahawks
David Harris LB Jets
Sam Bradford QB Rams
Matt Ryan QB Falcons
Darrelle Revis CB Jets
There are many more. From what I have read more 3 and 4 star recruits go on to greatness than 5 star. Your teams record last year proves that.

Canetrash you know more about our Cane program than 70% of bloggers on this board..

Thanks for caring and I know it hurts but keep up the good work..

Deep inside the trash pile it simmers always that the 'Canes are there and it bothers you..

Go get em tiger..
Go 'Canes

sorry Canetrash but we sit with 15 three stars and 12 four stars

UF has 5 three stars and 13 four stars and only one 5 star

I will take 10 extra 3 stars to coach up rather than the 1 five star and 1 four star= 2 guys.
Oh thats right you dont have a coach worth a turd. thats why NOBODY wanted to be your OC for weeks.

Same as it ever was is right, UF grads cant add and all cry when they get fired.
espn star system has us at 89 stars to UF's 72
the only reason the whole class is ranked high is one OL that ESPN puts in there top 150 rated 5 stars.

You guys do need him, as Deonte Thompson said to me himself.
"By the time I come out of my break, the QB is on the ground"

Too bad about Skeeters Big Biscuits, it was darn good.
It takes a good coaching staff and good player development to turn those 2 and 3 stars into good college players. That has been absent at Dah U during the past 2 staffs. Keep praying that Golden Boy is any different, so far he hasn't shown squat on the field. But the kool aid tastes good right?

What Golden has shown so far is the quit the team had at the end of Shannons era was gone last year.
Golden brought in Jedd Fisch wich did a great job with INT prone Jacory. The last game was bad but the year was good.
He is emphasizing strength wich is lacking throught the team.
This year the OL will improve from aleady being a top unit. From him bringing back Kehoe.


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