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Miami Hurricanes officially announce seven early enrollees

So, we've heard all along that up to eight, nine -- even more -- young pups would enroll this semester to take classes and participate in spring football practice. The Hurricanes announced seven this afternoon.

Others might be announced in the near future. In these situations, it usually comes down to paperwork involving academics.

For UM's sake, the more the better, because the school can only sign 25 newcomers on Feb. 1, known as National Signing Day. The kids who come in for this spring semester will be counted among last year's signing class.

Here's the release we just received from the University of Miami:


CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The University of Miami and head football coach Al Golden announced Tuesday that seven student-athletes have enrolled early and joined the Hurricanes' football team as participants for the upcoming spring semester.

Gray Crow (Clearwater, Fla.), Preston Dewey (Austin, Texas), Ereck Flowers (Miami, Fla.), Taylor Gadbois (Dallas, Ga.), Ladarius Gunter (Montgomery, Ala.), Raphael Kirby (Stone Mountain, Ga.), and Josh Witt (Weston, Fla.) have all begun classes for the spring semester, which commenced today, Jan. 17.

The early enrollee positional breakdown is as follows: two quarterbacks (Crow, Dewey), two offensive linemen (Flowers, Gadbois), two linebackers (Kirby, Witt), and one defensive back (Gunter).

Crow hails from nearby Clearwater, where he graduated early from Countryside High School. He stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs a solid 230 pounds. He was ranked a three-star prospect, and threw for more than 1,600 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior.

Dewey enters the university as a highly-recruited prospect at the quarterback position. He was a four-star prospect and No. 133 overall regardless of position in ESPN's Top-150. Though he lost the bulk of his senior year to a wrist injury, he shined at the Elite 11 Camp hosted by TCU.

Flowers joins the Hurricanes from nearby Miami Norland High School, where he helped lead the Vikings to a 15-0 season and a 2012 Class 5A State Championship title. Flowers earned a four-star ranking at offensive tackle from both Rivals and Scout, and earned a No. 200 overall ranking regardless of position from Rivals.

Gadbois arrives at Miami after a half-season spent with Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, Va. The Georgia-native stands at an impressive 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 300 pounds. He was ranked a three-star prospect by both Rivals and Scout.

Gunter begins his career as a junior after two seasons spent at Fort Scott Community College in Fort Scott, Kansas. Originally hailing from Montgomery, Ala., Gunter had 24 tackles through seven games played at Fort Scott this past season. He had three tackles for loss, forced two fumbles and returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown.

Kirby enrolls as one of the most decorated players in Head Coach Al Golden's 2012 recruiting class. The Stone Mountain, Ga. native transferred to powerhouse Stephenson High School for his senior season, where he finished with 121 tackles, 18.5 sacks and 23 tackles for loss. He was the fourth-ranked outside linebacker according to Rivals and earned an overall ranking of No. 89 regardless of position.

Witt makes the short trip to Coral Gables from his native Weston, Fla. where he starred at Cypress Bay High School. After playing quarterback through his sophomore season, Witt made the switch to linebacker and finished his junior season with more than 100 tackles. He earned First-Team All-Broward County honors from the BCAA after a 100-plus-tackle, 14-sack senior season with the Lightning.

The spring schedule officially begins on March 3, when Coach Golden and staff host their first practice of 2012.

 Stay tuned.




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No Mo Titles your logic is flawed from the outset, by comparing very good teams to a very mediocre one. Further you compare a terrible team(BC) to good ones. There is no basis of comparison. Your very mediocre canes lost at home to a terrible team, they also lost on the road to another terrible team. Both games they should have won. But keep drinking the Golden Kool Aid while he keeps losing to inferior teams. Yep you are way ahead of Va Tech, can you say delUsional. Maybe you can get some of those probowlers to help you win next year.

Although favorites SHOULD beat underdogs, obviously it doesn't always happen. That is part of the fun of sports, especially if you are the underdog and win.

But let's face it, Miami has not had the confidence for many years in games like the BC one, or the rout by Virginia at the Orange Bowl, or the Maryland game. Something has been missing. They have not been believers. Thus, the frequent pattern of getting behind and making a furious 4th quarter run, only to lose. Yes, there have been some dominating games, Ohio State and Ga. Tech. last year. It was great.

What has been missing is a winner's culture that emphasizes hard work and dedication. From that will come success and consistent confidence. I think Coach Golden is working on that issue big time. If he succeeds, we will not approach games with underdogs with a subtle sense of "we might lose this today" type thinking.

Also note that in several 1st round NFL predictions, no Canes are there, including all the ones who jumped ship. Good luck and good riddance. On to a new mentality for UM football!

"Something has been missing?"

Yes, it's called "SWAGGA". It's on page 115 of Goldens 300 page plan. I would have thought it would have been in the preface written by all the probowlers.

gatr logic:

Play Furman, FAU, UAB, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Ole Miss. Those 6 wins plus the fact that we play in the SEC will make us look good, and yay, they will make all the rednekks in Alachua county happy. After, all, we have the Gatorade player of the year and the 2 fastest pseudo running backs in the country. Then, criticize UM fans for cheering for former UM players.

According to dumblogic, true to his namesake, Miami fans are dumb for rooting for former UM players because they are no longer UM players since they are NFL players. LOL, what a loser


UF don't have it. Even in 06, 08. Maybe in 96.

Swagga is not Brandon spikes smooching Tebow on the sidelines.

Swagga is nottwo pretty boys on the squad with long hair

Swagga is Ed Reed, Vilma, Buchanon, Rumph, Cook, DJ Williams, McKinnie, Gonzalez, Dorsey, Johnson, Gore, Portis, McGahee, Moss, Parrish, Wayne, Hester, Myers, Winston, Joseph, Pata, Atkins. Swagga is playing for the NC in 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 2001, 2002.Swagga is a 57 home win streak. Swagga is winning championships despite "bad facilities". Swagga is destroying Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Swagga is destroying Nebraska in the Orange bowl and Rose Bowl. Swagga is destroying Oklahoma 3 years in a row in the 80s. Its Destroying Penn State in front of 110,000 fans and Tennesse in front of 107,000 fans and Michigan in the 80s in front of 103,000 people. that is swagga.

Pseudo loser no comprende heh?
Cane "fans" are dumb, not for rooting for former canes in the NFL, that is expected and normal.
Canes fans are dumb for bringing up constantly those former players when discussing the positives of the current cane team. They have nothing to do with it.
You left off your list Bama, LSU, Auburn, So Carolina and UGA, level of competition Dah U has never faced in one season.



UM played 3 SEC teams.
Plus Oklahoma, FSU, Notre Dame.
Went undefeated.

Your argument again, dumlogic. PSeudologic.

Yes the ACC is down, but the SEC was no where to be seen until 2005 with 1-2 exceptions. Please. Auburn, Albama, LSU never whines about their schedule and once in a while go undefeated. When did UF ever go undefeated? When?
When dumblogic?

Almost 3 decades ago. Now you know why people say you live in the past.
So why don't you brag about your probowlers some more, cause you know, there is nothing else to brag about. Unless you have a time machine and go back to .......................1987.

Hey why don't we trade with the Ravens and bring back Ed Reed we sure need help in that secondary.

Dumblogic - hey nutsack, go back as many blog posts as you need and find a post from a UM fan that rather than rooting for former Canes in the NFL, is bringing them up in the context of the current team.

Barring that, STFU - you have no point to make here.

What year - I am in!

It's 1987 cane clucks, and you have a bunch of probowlers on your team. Life is goooooooood.....

Eudo - happens all the time when the point is made that you fools haven't won in a decade. Your come back is "yeah but we have 300 probowlers" and " we have a NFL TD scoring streak going on". We have such a great program, I can't understand why all the good recruits don't want to come here. Look at all our probowlers, bahhhhahhhh.

Hey maybe we can get on that time machine and play all our home games @ the OB. And bring back Ed Reed and Jim Kelly. Lord knows we could use a real QB.

Dumblogic - I thought not.

Guess it's option B then? STFU and go follow your own team.

When did UF ever go undefeated? When?
When dumblogic?
Posted by: pseudologic | January 19, 2012 at 11:28 AM
Almost 3 decades ago.
Posted by: Probowlers and Tme machines | January 19, 2012 at 11:44 AM

Wrong again. Florida did NOT go undefeated in 1987, troll.

Oh, and Miami went undefeated in 2001, so you were ONLY 14 years off on that one, too.

Wrong twice in one answer, only dumb Curse Piggy logic could accomplish that.

Posted by: Canetrash | January 19, 2012 at 01:26 PM

Repeating your lies doesn't make them true, it just makes them old lies, fool.

Haha, do you have that post saved on your computer so you can keep posting it here?

Sad stuff.

BTW Dumblogic - you see the quality of thought process from your fellow Gators trolls around here, you are somewhat different as you're actually trying to make cogent points.

So if you don't mind my asking - why do you care about UM football?

Three different IDs, and he screwed up by answering a question posted to one of them with a different ID, as if it was addressed to him.

Schizophrenia, it why the trolls' trailer needs to be a doublewide.

Losing to mediocre teams has been our signiture for 7 years. It will change, just not any time soon. The day we get a dependable Qb, have depth at CB, Lb & DT and ahve a few playmakers on offense, the worm will turn. How slowly who knows!

Please forgive my ignorance here but we have 31 commits and 7 are on ccampus and now enrolled. So that leaves us basically just one more schollie to offer right ? I'm not one to question Coach Golden and his methods but there are still 25 uncommited kids in ESPN's Top 150 and another 30 or so 3-4 Star uncommited kids in the top 150-300 ranked right ? It's great that we could have a Top 10 Class, but there are about 10-15 Top schools that only have 15-20 commits so far. Just by simple math, it would seem that they will split the rest of that talent pool evenly at around 3-5 kids per school basically. My concern here is that because we have really no more schollies to offer, are we even in the running for any of these uncommited kids ? Looking at the commit list and it's nice, it just screams for W.R.'s, T.E.'s, D-Tackles, D-Ends, L.B.'s and Corner depth. Especially D-Linemen where we are basically painfully paper thin. My question is, is that I've looked, and we are still offering many of these yet to commit kids but just don't have the schollies to give unless we "de-offer" others ? I know we need to keep the 3-star bird in the hand rather that go for the two 4 Stars in the bush , but couldn't we have held back a few of the unranked, 2 star and lower 3 Star kids until we could have made a bigger push for the overall better impact players ?

I know, I know, Stars are over rated, but who wouldn't want 10 1st. through 3rd. Round picks rather than 10 4th. through 7th. ?

Just wondering why we filled up so quickly. Or do we really have a shot at any of these yet to declare obviously impactful players.

Would like to hear from all that have an opinion on this, espeacially anyone close to the program that knows.

Suppose 3 years from now, we'll all know.

Manny and Susan, your take on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure that because of the present "situation" we are in no doubt has an effect as to why.

Good question Thomas.

Not manny or Susan, but we know we will have a few that won't make the grades, so if we get, let's say 35 commits including 4 of those late big fish, they will still fit as long as two guys greyshirt, Prep School, etc.

And those lower star kids are guys that were evaluated while here at camps, so I would guess some of them were just underrated by Rivals and Scout.

We are in the running for I beleive 6 of those remaining top guys, so it will only be an issue if we snag more than half of them.

Nice problem to have, huh?

Actually Susan asked Golden directly about keeping a few scholarships available for latecomers (I think the transcript is on the last blog or the one before).

His answer was that he thought they were on a roll and wanted to 'strike while the iron is hot'.

So your analysis is dead on but Golden is obviously more of a 'bird in hand' type.

Hate to bring this up, and only will do this because the injury is not career threatening.

Timmy Tebow was popped so hard he hurt his ribby wibby and his lungie wungie. Who landed on Timmy, the gainesville-anointed chosen one? None other than Big daddy Wilfork. Welcome to the NFL Timmy. This isnt the Citadel. In fact, youre danged lucky Ray Ray didnt get to say hi to your face!

I actually was rooting for Tebow- Not really. Rooted for Willie, Franklin and DJ.

A certain dweeb is crying that we live in the past. Where have we heard that before? because he was talking about UM never having played a schedule as tough as Floriduh's. HA HA. I brought up 1987 but didnt bring up 1989, which was just as tough. Then I brought up the fact that Um has gone undefeated more than once and UF never. And he comes on here with insulting innuendos yet a few days ago he cried that someone was name-calling.

What a weenie

Here you go Dumblogic. UM an UF had two comon opponents this year.FSU and OSU. Lets compare stats from the games to see which of our teams were logically the better team. In the FSU game UF had 184 total yards to FSU's 95. In our game UM had 383 total yards to FSU's 259. Advantage UM since we had a total 35 more yards than your team. Our time of possession in the game was 32:44. UF's 28:23. Advantage UM. Turnovers in the game. UM 1, UF 4. Advantage UM... In the OSU game. UF's time of possession 27:39. UM's 34:30. Advantage UM. UF's total yards 263. Um's 363. Advantage UM. UF had 2 turnovers. UM 0. Advantage UM. Face it we had a bad year, but your team still could not do better than us. Is that why you are here. You are a little jealous that you are below us again, or is it that you are scared that you have to play us in 2013. Take your ball and go home. We are tired of playing with you.

Good analysis except they were both 1-1 vs them. Come up with something better.

Enough with the swagga mumbo jumbo. It means absolutely nothing. Did frank g?ore just get swagger in the nfl this season? It is coaching , game planning and a little bit of luck

Tell you one factual thing that Gore and every single running back that was ever coached by Don Soldinger was. He turned them into 18 year old men within the first month he got his coaching hands on them ... Not to mention they feared his wrath but loved coming to practice with him coaching them every single day. Simply put, he turned them into smart, mean ass ball tote'n MuthuF'n machines.

Ask anyone of them and then tell me I'm lying.

Come on WhiteTrash. What does the record matter? So we are 1-1. We won and lost to the same teams. We controlled the ball better. Had less turnovers. Just face it. The Canes are better than the Gators in the games you can compare them in. I am looking forward to 2013. Are you? Do you think Muschump will still be there? I am sure Golden will. LMAO

What you poor cane clowns miss is the fact the the canes lost 2 games to much inferior teams while the Gators beat every single team they were supposed to and all the teams they lost to ended up with winning records, ranked and in bowl games. No losses to the likes of BC or the wimpy turtle.
Second, the Gators played a January bowl game and won it.
You clowns decided to stay home to try and stave sanctions(will not work), but if you had gone to a bowl, it would have been a second rate December game, and you probably would have stunk it up judging by your your recent tradition. Heck some idiot called the BC game "our bowl game", and thus you were doomed to get whipped.
I too am looking forward to the 2013 game. Do you think many cane "fans" will be there? I am sure tons of Gator fans will. LMFAO

Thomas, Golden needs to sign up as many kids as he can. Quantity instead of quality. He knows he has no shot to get those top kids you are asking about.

Losing to mediocre teams has been our signiture for 7 years. It will change, just not any time soon. The day we get a dependable Qb, have depth at CB, Lb & DT and ahve a few playmakers on offense, the worm will turn. How slowly who knows!

Very, very slowly Herbie
Your tradition lives on with Golden. Different coach, same poor results. Actually worse than Shannon's last year but all the cane clowns are drinking the Golden Kool Aid when he hasn't shown squat.
Guess what, this upcoming season you still have no depth, not only at all those positions you listed on defense, but also at WR, RB, and OL. Plus who is your QB, Morris? Good luck.

Oh how I wish we had that time machine
Back to 1987 or 1989
Back to the OB
Kelly at QB
Canes winning and being relevant
Oh how times have changed
No winning, no relevance
Joke-ory or Kyle Wright
No Life empty Stadium
Sanctions are coming
Give me back Uncle Luke
Take back Lil' Luke
Oh lets pop the DVD

Posted by: canentally | January 19, 2012 at 07:18 PM

Hey typical Cane dummasse ... Florida lost to #1 Bama, #2 LSU, Top-10 S.Carolina, Defending Champ and ranked Auburn, ranked Georgia and Ranked FSU ...

U lost to a 2 Win Maryland and 2 Win Boston College and played in the ACC... Argue that geniUs.

Bottom line at 7-6 verses 6-6 ... WE BOTH SUCKED !!! Any knowledgable Cane or Gators knows that...

U've sUcked for 8 years and 2 FULL Recruiting classes and havn't played a single January Bowl game and Lost ALL Ur December Bowls... 48-40 the last 6 years.

Florida sucked this past year but still got a New Years Bowl Win ... 71-21 the last 6 years with Major SEC and BCS Hardware.

Logic? Do Urself and Ur fellow Cane fans a favor, take the next 4 years of College Football off and shut that cesspool below Ur nose... All College Football fans will benefit as a result... U dismissed now TallyCaneCornhole.

But Ur LadyLezzie Hoopsters can strap it on and ball though...


Poor guy. With a handle like Cane n Tally, no do doubt he's on hand n kness getting it from both ends from his College Football Big Brothers ... Just when will they ever learn Arty ?

White Trash Gatr logic. Your. Owl invite has little to do with record or merit and more to do with the number of rednecks in the seats.

Don't pat yourself too highly over that. Remember, NIU was in a post-New Year's Bowl too, Gomer.

SSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh lil cane ...

and dream of 20th Century cane football played at the O.B.

White Trash Gatr logic. Your. Owl invite has little to do with record or merit and more to do with the number of rednecks in the seats.

Don't pat yourself too highly over that. Remember, NIU was in a post-New Year's Bowl too, Gomer.

The Gator brand is indeed very strong and even with a .500 record they get to play in January. The thing is, they win those Jan bowl games.
You, on the other hand cane clown, cannot get the invite, will never do, since you have no name brand, no following and no relevance. More importantly, you have history, history of getting clocked in every second rate Dec bowl game you happen to back into.
NIU and Div 2 always play in January you ignorant tool, no relevance to the argument.

Dumblogic - why do you care?

mediocrity - you write daily poetry about the Miami Hurricanes on the Miami Hurricanes blog on the Miami Herald's website. Re-evaluate your life.

CUtesy nUmbers crUncher - Um may have sUcked for however many years bUt U've been here even longer delUding Urself into thinking that spending Ur life stUdying Um all day every day woUld make U feel better aboUt Ur pathetic life. bUt there U are. alone. argUing with Um fans on a Um blog.

Let's have a mental exercise - try to quantify, roughly estimate the amount of time you're going to waste here before UM and UF are once again relevant to each other. That's September 7, 2013 - 21 months from now, 630 days.

Now imagine what you could achieve if you spent that time using Rosetta Stone, or studying whatever field you work in, or almost anything other than trolling the UM blog on the Miami Herald's website.

48-40 the last 7 seasons since 2006 ?

U wanna really put THAT ACC Season Team record into logical perspective ?


I don't know Arty ... Should I ? You know what's coming don't you ? I almost feel bad driving in the final nail of reality on the poor bastards so I'll give them a break to digest 48-40 for 7 straight Seasons for a bit as they get all charged up watchn Duh Fuego...

I'll be back ... U clUcks might wanna go to bed early before U read this one...

Aloha Arty

Haha, no, go ahead.

We'll go to bed early, you spend your night on this.

Ouch so 7 straight seasons you say. Who is reaching into the past now. That must be some life you little gators live. To come on and post at the same time so frequently, or is it just one little loser talking to himself. So sad... So someone points out that we actually played not one but two common opponents and the Canes played better against each one.LMAO Don't face reality boys. What a bunch of losers. I said we had a crappy year. You had a crappier year. Hey I know maybe when Tebow has a child and he grows up you might have another good team.... One thing Miami never had was a coach who said he could not coach anymore for health reasons, only to find a miracle cure and coach again at a different school. Meyer left because of hicks like you losers. I imagine it drove him crazy having to explain things to you stupid gator fans over and over... It is real simple boys. The stats don't lie. Explain them to me not what happened when other teams beat you or when teams beat us. Just pull the butt plugs out so you can think, and lets talk about those two teams we each played this year, and how a crappy team from the worthless ACC out played you in both of them.

watchn Duh Fuego...

Aloha Arty

Posted by:Hmmmmmmmm Outta Conference | January 19, 2012 at 08:45 PM


You mean The Two Gator Studs and the BIG 3 ?

48-40 the last 7 seasons since 2006 ?

U wanna really put THAT ACC Season Team record into logical perspective ?

Posted by: Hmmmmmmmm Outta Conference | January 19, 2012 at 08:45 PM


Wrap Ur mental midget minds around this lil * to your 48-40 overall Football record the last 7 Season at Duh Peeeee-Ewwwwwe ...

Minus Wins against Doormat but tough Venue Duke 7 Wins ... UCF 3 Wins ... FAMU 3 Wins ... USF 2 Wins (should be 3 but U lost @ Home?) ... Marshall 1 ... FIU 1 ... Bethune 1 ... Nevada 1 and an on probation Houston 1 ... ( I'll leave out sorry Wake and Virginia since U barely split with them) ... Can U begin to Calculate wat Duh U been cooking the last 7 Seasons since 2005 ? Well Can U ?

That would be an Overall Team Record against College Programs that have an actual budget for their teams of .... it's begining to smell in here ...




28-40 ... that number again ...


And U said year after year these last 8 years, that we're young, we have the right Coach in place now, A stellar Recruiting class is incoming and it's just a matter of time before Duh big bad U will be back winning National Championships (not Conference first, but BCS Crystal)...

And here U be yet again. Same Song ... Same verse ... Same soUr notes. Ur vaUlted Nortwestern boyz laid an egg. The ones that were decent jumped ship for Drews fools gold. While other upper-classmen opted to declare to be NFL free agent practice squad members, cut or Canadian rejects. Ur ENTIRE skill set of "playmakers" are non-present (any track schollies left?). U face probation. Stocking up on Freshman the next 3 years that will lead U to, at best, 3-4 seasons of 6-6 or 7-5 or look out a 5-7 campaign mixed in (oh and how they'll turn on U oh Golden one)... And after all that. Ur going to huddle up in here as a collective deluded mess and claim that Ur right where U want to be and actually believe that?

Cane fans, U make Chinese, Japs, S. Koreans, Ruskies and Nazis from the Early to Mid 20th. Century seem actUally sane ... And U are proof positive that to the Insane ... The Sane are trUly Insane...

U enjoy Ur Fiddy/Fiddy % throUgh 2015 now ya here U Fools ... but compared to the numbers presented prior that actUally woUld be an improvement henceforth ...

So Congratulations are in order and let me be the first to say, welcome back to the reality of being "Back" to where U've been ... Are ... And always will be ...

U gotz some canes ova here ... coUgh coUgh .









dayUm !!! 28 n 40 ?


maybe obama can help Uz getz Ur swagga back with redistribUtionazation .

Yo Art ... Holla

hey, but look on the bright side Cane Fan ... Come Spring, U'll have 3 scrimmages and the BIG Spring game in Broward with 4 k filling the bottom 2 rows and I'll garUntee U'll go atleast 2-2 ...

Dumblogic and the other haters - Shut the hell up!! You're clowns and waste everyone's time here. Please go visit your gayturds in jail or something, everyone else here has important things to discuss. For all of the fans of my beloved CANES please ignore the idiots and don't reply to them. UM is truly on it's way back to Glory....I STAND WITH THE U!! GO CANES! Golden is committed, a top 6 class this year and we're not finished. With the 7 early (maybe more) arrivals it will give us a few more scholarships to offer since the 7 early arrivals go towards last year's class. Oh yeah, Eddie Goldman will be a CANE...mark it down!!

Swagga is Ed Reed, Vilma, Buchanon, Rumph, Cook, DJ Williams, McKinnie, Gonzalez, Dorsey, Johnson, Gore, Portis, McGahee, Moss, Parrish, Wayne, Hester, Myers, Winston, Joseph, Pata, Atkins. Swagga is playing for the NC in 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 2001, 2002.Swagga is a 57 home win streak. Swagga is


Bad boys all

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

any of them lining up next September ?

U Go Al

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