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VIDEO: Canes' National Signing Day Preview

RECORDED TUESDAY, JAN. 31 at NOON at the Miami Herald

With less than 24 hours before fax machines around high schools across the country start sending over signed National Letters of Intent, the Miami Hurricanes appear to be on the verge of landing a pretty good recruiting class (32 new players at the moment).

It will only get better if Miramar All-American cornerback Tracy Howard does what some considered a few weeks ago to be a longshot: pick the Canes. Howard will announce his choice at approximately 9:50 a.m. Wednesday on ESPNU. I'll be there for the festivities and will provide live updates on my Twitter account.

Where is Howard, the No. 1-ranked cornerback in the country, headed? Late last night I got word Florida coaches were no longer confident Howard was headed their way. Does that mean he's a UM lock? I'm not going to go that far. Kids change their minds all the time and the fact he built a close relationship with UF secondary coach Tavares Robinson over a long period of time is something he has to be weighing and will up until the last moment.

Outside of Howard, UM has had flirtations with a lot of other top-tier recruits: Palm Beach Lakes offensive tackle Avery Young (UF, Auburn, Georgia), Georgia-are linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons (Georgia, FSU, UF), New Jersey-area Darius Hamilton (also likes Rutgers, UF) and Lake City Columbia defensive tackle Dequan Ivery (Louisville commitment).

From other reports and conversations I've had with recruiting analysts and coaches, Howard, Ivery, and West Boca Raton linebacker Jawand Blue (Virginia Tech commitments) are likely the only players UM will add. Jacksonville First Coast outside linebacker Reggie Northrup, who has long wavered on his Canes commitment, is the only player counted in the class the Canes will likely lose. Many expect him to end up at FSU.

> For more in depth perspective on the class, check out the previous blogs I had with Rivals.com state of Florida recruiting analyst Chris Nee.

> Nee by the way thinks the last player UM received a commitment from over the weekend, Tampa Plant athlete Antonio Crawford (5-11, 180), is a nice pickup for the Canes and "an excellent athlete." Crawford was previously committed to Georgia Tech.

"He can play on both sides of the ball, slot receiver on offense or corner or safety on defense," Nee said. "He will have to be groomed at whatever position he ends up at, be taught the position, the ins and outs of it. But he has really nice top end speed. He has a really nice burst. I think on defense he'd be a great guy in nickel dime schemes. On offense, he would be great in the slot, take that quick pass and make something happen in the open field. Just a really nice athlete. It sounds like they're going to play him at corner. That's probably the best place to put him. He's also going to be very good on special teams both as a cover man and return man."

Crawford ran for 471 yards and 5 TDs, caught 10 passes for 129 yards and a touchdown and had 45 tackles, 4 INTs and 19 pass deflections at corner. He averaged more than 32 yards on kickoff returns and brought one back for a score for the Class 8A state champs.

> We'll have coverage on MiamiHerald.com throughout the day as we'll send writers to all the local high school. Expect to see video interviews and much more here. Hurricanesports.com will provide updates on recruits once they officially receive those signed National Letters of Intent. Be sure to follow them as well.

> American High cornerback Larry Hope said Tuesday he will be enrolling in classes at UM as early as Wednesday. Hope said he was "waiting on a clearinghouse issue" to get in. "I'm excited, but I've got to go," Hope said. "I'm walking around campus now."

Hope gives UM nine early enrollees for the spring. 


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Keep an eye on Darius Hamilton flipping to UM also.

Crawford had 45 touchdowns?!?!? thats production!


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

LOL it won't matter much once we get cut next year to 15 scholarships for three years and another year bowl band. But dream away. It will be at least 4 or 5 years before Golden will be able to make any real noise in the ACC or nationally. Oh, and don't give me the USC argument, they will be good this coming year, but there scholarship reductions start this year. They too are heading for the dark days. All this brought to you by a lot of greedy selfish people around and in the Miami program.

Manny you are the MAN...Great incisive coverage and good analysis...

I think Coach G and his group of Coaches did a great job of giving these guys a full picture of what Miami is all about.. and this is emphasizing the Big Picture for Team and not about individual accolades..

Howard is a good example of a great athlete and hard worker willing to contribute along with his friends to make S. Florida another power on the Football College scene. They got the picture.

Manny good luck tomorrow I know it will be hectic but great job in setting everything up.

Go 'Canes


Apparently Soup has a lot of inside info and is beating people that do this for a living. Or at least that's what he'd like you to think.

Notice that skreetz has no predictions? Maybe because he's a fictional character. He's strangely silent.

Herald writers should find it insulting that his con artist tries to show them up.

So before his decision is made - most UM fans don't want Tracy Howard here right?

We're looking for guys who are team players? Unselfish? Won't leave early for the NFL like those selfish jerks Tommy Streeter and Lamar Miller and Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp and all the rest?

Howard's exactly right - this is a selfish decision he needs to make on his own without judgmental hypocrite fans (from both fanbases) roasting him after he makes it.

Yes, but Gatrs are trash in addition to being hypocrites so that is a difference.

Gators are happy either way because they get to eat the possums, jerky the deer meat, and marry their cousins. The Decision is easy - UM is where the nightlife and international culture is at. Plus KOD with the Boss Rick Ross.

The key folks is defense. UM's secondary needs players bad. Nobody is going to know anything until signing day comes and goes.

If Northrup has long wavered on his Canes commitment, with a seemingly known expectation that he's heading to FSU, why hasn't he decommited (if that's a word)from the Canes long ago?

The quicker we inject some Crawford into the secondary the better.

DJ Clue. getta outa here with that KOD/RICK ROSS S$#@. Its that garbage that gets football players into a trouble and a bad reputation.

Another thing - this is for all these FAKE ROSS fans out there: Listen to some real hip hop and some real dj'ing.


consider this a step in the right direction.

OH YEA. One more thing

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Incoherent words warrant no attention.

Compare USC's probation to ours?
Don't see it Miami Truth.

Bush's improprieties totaled in the hundreds of thousands.

Miami is on the hook for about $3,200 bucks to this point.

Nice job on this class for the 'Canes, although recruiting is a little overrated unless you get the QB star like Vince Young, Newton, or Luck. Coaching is the key...we shall see.

G O ' C A N E S

Great video, non-bias gave Miami fan's what they need to hear. Sounds like Tracy Howard would make this class amazing. Also like if I have said, is look at Virgina Tech's recruiting classes maybe a couple four star players but they are competitive. I think this staff can develop a ton of these 3 star guys. Also I think the Star system is spewed. Like a lot of guys are put into certain schemes or systems that enhance there stats.

The Gator trash is getting nervous

Hip hop is garbage. Who listens to that, you nerds? Stick to the topic.

TO the contrary my friend. Hip hop is only one venue of music. MESHUGGAH is rage and logical and mathematical. However, you are correct; back to the topic.


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]


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Things are looking really good so far guys. All of our solids have committed. Briscoe sent his in and McCord as well.

Golden is a closer.

Canes are looking alot better than our northern retarded neighbors.



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Da Skreetz said that Northrup would NOT wind up at UM three weeks ago.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 01, 2012 at 09:03 AM

Oh yeah right , now you vpcan tell us that's it's confirmed, right?

Da skreetz knew but he couldn't tell us until now

You insult th intelligence of your 4 readers

"Tyriq McCord is heading to Cali to be a Trojan"

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LOL! Zero for One so far.

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Darius Hamilton is staying with Rutgers you clUcks. Pray you can get Howard to save your sorry butts. with him maybe you can salvage 6 - 6 seasons in the future.

The fat slob at EOTH with all that inside information he say he has all picked Reggie going to Miami. Everybody better run over there and read the spin on that one. Smell the skags perfume and 10lbs of makeup. The bloated expert has all the correct predictions

Reggie who, Soup?

Reggie who, Soup?

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Northrup. Everybody suspected he was going to FSU. You're lying again Soup.

Got anymore skreetz bs to report?

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Darius Hamilton is staying with Rutgers you clUcks. Pray you can get Howard to save your sorry butts. with him maybe you can salvage 6 - 6 seasons in the future.
Posted by: ACC sucks and canes can't compete | February 01, 2012 at 09:22 AM

That's not what you said less than 48 hours ago!

"Darius Hamilton *****
Was 50/50 between hometown Rutgers and Gators. BREAKING NEWS Report out of Rutgers, Greg Schiano, who personally recruited Hamilton is to take Tampa Bay Buc job. This 5 Star 6-4 300 STUD will be ALL Gator now..."
Posted by: Soldy | January 27, 2012 at 05:16 AM

Zero For THREE! Good thing this isn't baseball, you would be walking back to the dugout, dragging your bat behind you!

He was all Rutgers from the start, and they grabbed a coach he wanted just to get him to sign with them. So he wanted to stay hometown, but he sure clowned the Gators along the way!

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