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High school coach of Darion Hall 'saddened, but not surprised' to hear RB was suspended indefinitely by UM

Coach Al Golden told Canesport.com Wednesday running back Darion Hall, who was expected to start spring football third on the team's depth chart, has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

Darion HallHall (5-10, 190) made his only appearance last season against Bethune-Cookman, but didn't have any carries. He is no longer listed on UM's roster.

His former high school coach at Naples Lely, Steve Pricer, said Wednesday night he's "saddened to hear the news," but "I'm not surprised."

"Darion had a great junior year for us -- ran for more than 1,700 yards. But he had discipline issues," said Pricer, who is no longer at Lely. "We tried to get him in line, but he was always getting in trouble.

"Frankly, I was surprised Miami took a chance on him. I'm sad for him because he had a lot of talent. But how many times now have we heard a story of a talented kid blowing his opportunity?"

Last week, Golden confirmed redshirt freshman Dallas Crawford had been moved from cornerback to running back for spring ball. UM heads into the spring with senior Mike James, junior Eduardo Clements and junior fullback Maurice Hagens as its other scholarship running backs.

Blue-chip recruit Duke Johnson of Miami Norland and Danny Dillard, a 6-2, 205-pound back out of Venice, are expected to arrive in the fall.

> Golden also told Canesport the team has moved junior Tyrone Cornileus from safety to linebacker. Cornileus (6-2, 195) has 13 tackles on special teams in two seasons.


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duke to the rescue..no worries

it sure would have been nice to have storm johnson

stor and duke in the same backfield would've been unfiar lol


Typical cane thug

lol ^

Puff you d....arse. Thug? What did he do? Did he get arrested?

The move from safety to linebacker seems completely out of line with Golden's goal of getting closer to 130, 150 lb linebackers

He should transfer to UTrailer. They have yet to meet a felony, misdemeanor or team violation they won't sweep under the trailer rug.

lmao @ dirty!

This is why you don't transfer because you think you won't get any play. Storm Johnson could be fighting for a starting spot but now he is at UCF?

Did Forced-to-Resigned HS Coach loose control of his Players and Reckless?

Posted September 10, 2009 at 1:52 p.m., updated September 10, 2009 at 9:09 p.m.

NAPLES — Just hours after Collier County Public Schools issued a press release saying Lely football coach Steve Pricer resigned because of health issues, the now ex-Trojans coach said his health is not why he is no longer on the sideline.

What’s true is, as Lely prepares for its second game of the season tonight at home against Gulf Coast, Pricer is no longer the coach after 32 years at the school. Pricer said he resigned Thursday rather than being fired following a dispute with Lely administrators over continuing practice when the light on the field’s lightning meter was on.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon. After a lightning delay, Pricer brought his players back on the field even though the lightning meter, which signals lightning in the area and tells coaches and players they must go inside, was still on. Because the skies were clear, Pricer said, he felt the light on the meter was malfunctioning.

Pricer decided to speak out about his resignation after he read the school district’s news release announcing his resignation, which indicated it was for health reasons, noting he had knee surgery recently.

“That’s just not true,” Pricer said. “I’ve been getting phone calls constantly since the announcement, with people being concerned about my health. One person even asked me if I had cancer.”

Pricer chose to resign, effective immediately, after meeting with Lely principal Ken Fairbanks and athletic director Paul Ruby on Thursday morning, he said. Pricer will remain as a social studies teacher.

Pricer said the team had to leave the field earlier in practice because the lightning meter sounded. When it occurs in practice or in a game, the players and coaches have to leave the field for 45 minutes.

They can return when an all clear signal of three blasts goes off, which it did. A school trainer, who has authorization to give the order for players to go on and off the field, told Pricer he was clear to practice, the coach said. He brought his players back onto the field. However, the lightning meter light was still on.

The trainer told Pricer he had to take his players off the field. Pricer said Fairbanks was on the field at the time.

“I said that I thought there might have been something wrong with the light, maybe a power surge that was causing a malfunction,” Pricer said. “Fairbanks agreed at the time, but did not say so later (in the conversation when Pricer resigned.) I told (the trainer), ‘the sun’s out,’ and that I would take full responsibility.”

In a phone interview Thursday afternoon, Ruby repeated the district’s stance that Pricer resigned for health reasons. He did not return calls from the Daily News on Thursday night — after Pricer spoke publicly — and the school district’s communications office did not allow reporters at the Trojans’ practice that afternoon.

After coming to Southwest Florida as an assistant at Naples High in 1976, Pricer moved to Lely as an assistant the following year. He remained as an assistant for 30 seasons before taking over as head coach in 2007.

Dave Miller, who has been Lely’s defensive coordinator the past two seasons, will be the Trojans’ interim coach the rest of the year. Miller joined Lely in 2002 before moving to North Carolina in 2007 and returning the following year.

Miller did not return multiple calls to his cell phone Thursday night.

After 30 seasons as an assistant, Pricer took the reins of Lely’s program when Chris Metzger left for another job following the 2006 season. The Trojans went 5-5 under Pricer in 2007 before going 7-4 last year and making the Class 3A regional playoffs for the first time in three seasons.

Pricer said his actions Wednesday may have come out of frustration because of bad weather causing limited outdoor practice time over the last three weeks and not playing full scheduled games. The school district canceled Lely’s game against Tampa Catholic on Aug. 29 when nearly 20 percent of Tampa Catholic’s student body came down with the swine flu.

On Saturday Lely got to play only three quarters of a game at Miami-Gulliver Prep because of rain and lightning.

Some players took their time coming back on the field Wednesday. Pricer waited for them then had a coach go back to the school to tell the players to come out right away or be punished after practice.

“They were testing me, kids do that,” Pricer said.

He started practice without them. When they did come out they were told they were to serve punishment after practice. That upset some players, which resulted in phone calls by players’ parents.

“One couple came to see me at the school last night,” Pricer said Thursday. “I explained the situation and they were upset with their son. Another parent called and screamed and yelled at me, but when you are a coach you have to deal with that.”

Thursday’s meeting ensued, where Pricer chose to resign, rather than be fired.

“When I sat down they (Fairbanks and Ruby) gave me the options of being fired, or resigning,” Pricer said. “Since I may go coach somewhere else I didn’t want it on my record that I was fired. I didn’t want to go through what others guys I know have gone through. I thought it was the honorable thing to do. Sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t like.”

Though he’s disappointed to see Pricer go, former Lely coach Metzger said the Trojans are in good hands.

“I’d say it will be difficult (to transition coaches midseason), but if anyone can do it, (Miller) can,” Metzger said. “He’s a tremendous person, and he’s liked by the kids. He’s like a brother.

“I love Steve (Pricer). He was like family those years I was down there. He’s a solid Christian man who tried to coach the right way. He coached to help kids have a better life.”

© 2009 Naples Daily News. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Buenos Dias Miami Hurricanes,

This pisses me off man, I had high hopes for this kid coming in with his size and speed. He came in as a freshman at 6'0" and 205lbs running 4.4 flat. Those are good numbers to grow from. Since stormy johnson left that bumped him up a spot on the rotation. He could have had a good chance at playing time this year. I saw in the spring practice 2011 he had a couple of good runs. One of them included getting popped by Spence hard enough to blow his helmet off a few yards and Darion got another 5 yards after the hit. There's no doubt in my mind that Darion Hall is athletically talented but for him to blow an opportunity like this just shows how immature he really is. Not everyone gets noticed by recruits from The U let alone get to come here. I'm really disappointed in him.

This is another example of Golden's no toleration, no exception. The best will play and if you act up, U sit down, or worse, gone.

I really hope the matter gets cleared up and he can be reinstated and move forward from this. DAMMIT!


This does open up a scholarship position if we want to steal that WR that is holding off until the 10th to announce, Stefon Diggs. The Gators think they have him wrapped up (remember, ALL GATOR), but a call from Golden and an open spot might be all this recruit needs to change his mind.

Out with the bad air, in with the good air.

It s unfortunate the kid is no longer on the roster.However...if he brings with him similar problems of past several years of some Cane players.....then the culture will not change in a positive direction.Have to kill the cancers early before they spresd to others or cause a lackaidaisical attitude.Happens to all programs but the kid sure did mess up his life.Guess he grew up with issues not entirely known to everyone.

Refreshing to hear a High School Coach tell it like it is without sugarcoating. Sometimes a talented guy just wastes your time and with so many kids seeking opportunities a team can afford to jettison guys who cannot follow the rules.

Darion we can only speculate on what caused this, but one thing you can rest assured and that is the opportunity was give to you..
How you used it or abused it is left up to you..

In retropsect when your College playing days are over; feeling upset or mad with yourself will not change the situation.

You lost buddy!

The gift that so many scholies dreamed of was given to you..now find somewhere else to roll because it ain't as a 'Cane..
Good luck..
Go 'Canes

Good luck to him!

Posted by: Five Titles

Diggs is choosing OSU

I say take his scholly and point it right at stephon diggs. Throw everything and the kitchen sink at him and see if he takes it. Or go after another "athlete".

I would love to see another "headhunter" at the safety position. Someone that knows how to take the right angle and can lock in and destroy a receiver in his tracks.


Miami has 5 players from the 2011 squad invited to the NFL combine, but all you hear how LSU and Alambama getting the most invites.

Diggs is not going to UF or UM.

He's going to Maryland


Let's refrain from using,"Throw everything and the kitchen sink at him" That's what got us in trouble in with Nevin and you the Gatr trailer trash will turn us in.

Just hard to fix stupid.

Fake DirtyBillies-R-Us

How about coming up with your own name, since you've stolen mine.

Only a retard gayturd troll would make the following comment: "That's what got us in trouble in with Nevin..." This is typical turd...no canes fan would make that idiotic remark

You've been called out turd 'billie

I hope it wasn't anything to get the team in trouble.

Discipline is needed everyone. Thankfully we a coach with zero tolerance.

This kid just threw it all away. Too bad but good move by Golden in dealing with him. Hall was going to be a fourth team guy anyway.

This does open up a scholarship position if we want to steal that WR that is holding off until the 10th to announce, Stefon Diggs. The Gators think they have him wrapped up (remember, ALL GATOR), but a call from Golden and an open spot might be all this recruit needs to change his mind.

Out with the bad air, in with the good air.

Posted by: Five Titles | February 09, 2012 at 09:25 AM


the mere fact, that U could even form that thought and then express it in any form, on any forum, is the pure definition of uninformed dumbasfuck idiot opinions ...

U thang

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | February 09, 2012 at 02:11 PM


then there's U

Storm Johnson would be starting right now. Oh well, we got the Duke.

the mere fact, that U could even form that thought and then express it in any form, on any forum, is the pure definition of uninformed dumbasfuck idiot opinions ...

U thang
Posted by: CNBC Greed | February 09, 2012 at 08:31 PM

Says the same loser that went what, 1 for 14 in his ALL GATOR predictions? Today we find out if that is actually 1 for 15.

You actually didn't say what was wrong with the suggestion. We have an offer for him, a likely opening that just came up, and he is the best available player out there. You can hate the suggestion, but it isn't a dumb suggestion to try. Tracy Howard already proved that we can win those recruiting battles head to head against Muschamp.

trolls are popping up from everywhere huh?

ltcdolphin...It's a great thing that we have a zero tolerance coach. It'll keep these kids in line. In regards to handling cases that "pop up" that can hurt the team, Golden has proved himself that he can take all of that on. Beginning of the season was a perfect example of it and canceling the bowl game as well. Golden will get these kids in line or off the roster. One or the other. Good to hear from you hermano. Have a great day.

Five Titles...Excellent point about Tracy Howard. I don't see any other coaching staff being able to pull off the recruiting class that we did this year with looming sanctions over head. Plus, thankfully, we have recruits and players stepping up and recruiting other athletes for us. This will only add to our upcoming seasons... Cuidate.



You folks are sure jumping the gun, do you even know what's up!! Could be a misunderstanding that's appeallable, couldn't it?? And who knows what would prompt his HS coach to say such unfounded awful things about him. Has anyone checked the facts?? Why would his ex HS coach get FIRED if he was such a good coach & teacher by the way, now here he is slandering one of his players!! And what's up with he HAD talent?? He HAS talent & no one can take that away from him!! Before you take the outrageous comments of his coach to heart you should check HIM out!! I'm 110% sure this will be resolved for Darion without any serious disciplary action taken by the Canes. GO CANES!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!

People don't have their names removed from the roster for an appealable misunderstanding.

And the coach resigned, and the reasons for it were already discussed here.

Did we check the facts? All the ones that have been published. We still don't know what Hall did, but it was obviously not good.

If he returns, good for him and his talent, but if not, he has only himself to blame.

I didn't see mention of the reasons for the coach being fired. I saw bogus reasons for the coach "quitting" but not for him being FIRED. I guess I'm the one that is confused??? Anyway if you just wait for the whole story you'll see that you jumped the gun. Give the guy a break!!

imagine storm and duke as i 1 - 2 punch as RBs!

Speculation is like looking at the three stooges on a sinking ship.

Who will jump first...

We do not know what transpired, but if Coach G thought it was a reason to unload this guy with his attitude etc. that is fine with me.

Our mission is to to build the 'Canes in a way that will maintain the legacy, and keep our profile of what our program should be at all times maintaining a 5 time BCS Championship attitude, that in my book is a plus.

Live it or leave.
Go 'Canes

Please have compassion for student-athletes who are not stars, but trying to find their ways through life.

Dont know what he did , maybe find out soon. Must be serious stuff to get his ass booted off the team ,why does this all happen to the players with a promising future , I saw Duke as 1 and Hall as # 2 in the starting rotation. Hope he gets another shot to get it together and gets in the backfield again.


Read what his HS Coach said about him. He was obviously a problem in HS and has not changed. His HS coach said he was surprised he was even recruited to the U. That tells me a lot.

always a shame to see wasted talent.
another kid programmed to self-destruct,

He is too damm small to play linebacker. This has been the problem all the long. Too small, and not thinking quick enough.

A mention was made of impending sanctions.
Considering the stuff that went down at other schools, such as TCU, I would hope that the boom won't fall too hard on us.

That said, because we're UM, I would expect 2-3 years of scholarship losses, and a 1 year bowl ban.

I'm wondering if the NCAA is timing this till the day before our first game, or maybe the day before we play their favorite Notre Dame.

We actually caught a break with no decision before signing day. THAT would have been tragic had the shoe dropped then.

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