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Miramar CB Tracy Howard talks about picking UM

MIRAMAR -- Tracy Howard made a nation full of Hurricanes happy Wednesday morning when he announced he was picking UM over Florida.

So why is the All-American cornerback -- considered the best in the country at his position -- heading down to Coral Gables and not Gainesville, where he was locked in before taking his official visit to UM last weekend? Here's what he had to say about it not long after announcing his choice.

Your mom [Shaiy Howard] said you were kind of going back and forth with this the last couple days. When did you really say 'That's it -- I'm going to Miami'?

"This morning. I prayed about it. I asked God give me a sign. I'm locked on Miami. If this is the wrong choice, just give me a sign. I got no sign telling me it was wrong. My family was happy about the decision. I was happy about it."

What did your family say when you were finally done with the recruiting process and had chosen the Canes?

"Dad was the happiest man in the world. He's a Miami fan. Of course he wanted me to stay close to home, but it wasn't even about that. My mom was cool with it. My mom was actually a Florida fan and I knew when my mom was happy, I was going to be happy. I'm happy with Miami. I want to be a great player there and I'm going to be a great player there."

So who is going to wear No. 3, you or Norland running back Duke Johnson?

"I don't know. But to be honest, both of us can wear it. I'm not sure we're going to do that. But we could if we wanted to."

How much did playing with your friends: Duke, Deon Bush, Malcolm Lewis play a factor?

"It didn't really help. They were talking to me for months. I was like 'I'm going to Florida, I don't know what you're talking about.' I told Deon 'You go do your thing at Miami, I'm going to go do my thing at Florida. We'll go to the league and meet each other there.' But I mean I just looked at the opportunity and I couldn't throw it away. The opportunity there is great. I have to take advantage."

Do you think you'll start as a true freshman right away -- your first game?

"I'm not really a guy who is going to talk and say I'm going to start. It's up to me to produce. Do I feel like I'm going to produce and show out, compete and work hard? Yes. I do. If I do that I'm going to start. I feel like I'm going to go in there, work hard. Do I feel I'm the best? Yes, I feel I'm the best. Even if there's a senior in front of me, this is about business. I'm going in there working. I'm going in there hungry. I want everybody to know that. I can't tell you I'm going to be starting, but that's what I really want to say. I want to say you'll see me starting opening game. But I'm a humble guy. And I feel like if I handle business the way I have throughout my life, then why not. I did great on the optimist level. I did great on the high school level. So why would I not succeed on the college level?"

Who did you really rely on to make the decision?

"My dad. Me and mom are very close and everybody knows that. But at the end of the day, he means a lot. He molded me into the man I am today. We just talked about everything. He never told me go to Miami. He said whatever you do, I'm behind you 100 percent. I just weighed everything about Florida, Miami and Florida State and I felt Miami was the better fit."

Happy it's over?

A: Yes. I'm relieved."

What's next for you?

"I'll be running track in the spring. I'll run the 4x100 meter relay, the 100 and the 400 -- I want to run the 400 to get stronger."

Miami is coming off a 6-6 season, is facing NCAA sanctions, why didn't that affect your decision at all?

"It did. I talked to coaches about it. Nobody really knows what's going to happen. But I feel smart about it. The guys were suspended for what happened and they took a bowl game away. I think Coach Golden did a good job handling it. In the end, I prayed about it and God led me the right way."

What are your expectations for the signing class you are coming in with?

"National championship. Of course we feel we have the best football in South Florida. Same in Texas and California. But we feel if all of us get together, we're going to be dominant. I think we will be."


Here's what teammate Malcolm Lewis also had to say about Howard picking UM.


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Talk is talk. Do it!!!


I could care less if he's a 3 stars or 5 stars recruit, if he comes in here and bust his behind to be the best player he can possibly be, then I'm happy we have him. If he thinks he's entitled because of his high school accolades, like the Northwestern boys go to FSU or Florida.

Good to have you Tracy, now go PRODUCE

Good Job Golden, welcome to the U ,Tracy!

No matter what happens with the sanctions Howard won't regret his decision - he'll be going to school on a beautiful campus in a world class city for the greatest NFL pipeline in the country.

Welcome to the U Mr. Howard!

he is very well spoken. Very confident but not really cocky. Can't ask for more than him to come in and work as hard as possible.

God really is a CANE! Lol... Welcome to The []_[] all recruits. We're excited to have you all :-)

I feel much better about this 2012 class versus the 2008 Class, its just something about the caliber of guys that are coming in from different high schools across the state and nation that i believe will make a hugh difference during the upcoming season. The Northwester Pipeline is good, but Randy wanted it to be his bread and butter, and now it belongs to Alabama and L'vill, well, let them have it. But Golden and his staff did a good job, we have marquee players in the secondary behind Armstrong and Telemaque in Bush, and Howard, plus several 3 star DBs who within 2 years will be ready to contribute, and see Golden and his staff know, most 3 star recruits take 2, maybe 3 years to fully develop and be ready to contribute, but that does not matter as he came from Temple, and he know these are the type of players who stay for 5 years with a program, not the 5 Stars, and high 4 star players. The only thing that is missing is that marquee interior lineman, and that ultra talented athlete who can play multiple of positions, but they will come next year!!!! The U is back baby!!!! Them haters dont understand, and will not understand. With last year haul, this years, and we a few key veterans, we should dramatically improve in the standings, but so did VTech with this year's recruiting class, so it will not be easy!!!

How can you possibly go wrong choosing a top private university with a pipeline into the NFL in your own backyard. Who wouldn't want to live and play in beautiful Coral Gables as opposed to Trailer-ville in the middle of nowhere.

Good choice Tracy, now lets get this program heading in the right direction again.

Go Canes!


I am excited to really see what Coach Golden can do with better athletes at The U than he had at Temple. And yes, I am starting to care about the ratings a little more than I did when coach Shannon was around because Coach Golden has a proven record for player development. Not to mention he also knows how to evaluate talent and get players to play at a higher level.

Great job Coach Golden and staff. Now make these boys into men and these menchilds into beast by the time their football days in Coral Gables are done.

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Gatr Trash 6-6 in 2011.

DejaVu for UTrailer.

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Today was a good day

Soldy, im curled up in my trailor will you please come cuddle with me and let me know everythings going to be ok
P.S. Do you think all of our failed predictions will cause our weekend rat bbqs to be cancelled

We need a surprise commit from a d-linemen. Welcome Howard

Secondary: Bush, Howard, telemaq, Crawford (nickle Finnie and Mcgee)

Linebacker: Armstrong, perryman, Buchan, Gaines (paul, kain, McCord,kirby)

Dline: chick, Hamilton, Briscoe, grimble, pierre,

Couldn't be more exeted with this signing. Well spoken youngster who's talents and and achievements will translate to the college level. He used the words "humble" and "hard work" an identity Golden is instilling.. Big up's on ur decission Tracy #WelcomeToTheU

At least UF was able to lock up a kicker.
That was a close call

@rich: i wasnt feeling to good about the linebackers in this class but i saw what you wrote and now i think the opposite. A lockdown corner in t. Howard will change the dynamics in this defense.

The one thing that impressed me the most was that he mentioned academics. Good choice you will play in the NFL with a first class degree.

Good job in landing Tracy. He mentioned he prayed to God for guidance several times. Hear that ignorant gator clause troll? So is Tracy an ignorant maggot because he believes in God?
Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about go to gator clause to see. Heres a hankie and Arty are the same ignorant atheist. troll

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Not to hand out schollies to 2-3 Star talent-ladened freshmeat doorstops like 2 fer 1 coUpon fliers in front of Sedano's with Golden and Company ...
Posted by: Soldy | January 27, 2012 at 05:16 AM

LOL! Howard is now a 2-3 star doorstop? Boy did you change your story fast! oh wait, you wrote that before we signed Howard. Looks like this prediction of yours was wrong. nice job picking up that nobody QB and kicker though, that makes up for Howard, I bet.

Yo Artful one ... Like playing ping pong with the Cane dopes. Here's the Latest Gator Closing news ... Try to learn something Cane fools.
LOL! Yep, we learned not to get the kind of "closing" news that the Gators are seeing.
Zero for 13 and counting up. The sky's the limit.





What's the deal w/Holifield? Props to the kids that signed, but I don't like dropping kids the day off. That's shady!


Beamer was mad as hell @ Blue for switching.. F&ck VT!!!!

Let's review the Gator Troll's predictions and results so far.
Darius Hamilton - ALL GATOR
Josh Harvey-Clemons - ALL GATOR
Tracy Howard - ALL GATOR
Dante Fowler, Jr. - ALL GATOR
Florida HEY HE GOT ONE RIGHT! Throw enough **** on the wall and something sticks, I guess.
Jake Meador - ALL GATOR
Leonard Williams - ALL GATOR
Nelson Agholor - ALL GATOR
Schyler Miles - ALL GATOR

So, of the 8 guys mentioned, ONE went Gator. 12.5%, not bad, if you were trying for an annual return on a loan, but that sucks on any 50/50 gamble.

Avery Young - WHHIFFFFFFFF gayturds!!!!

Love it!!!

Oh no! Meltdown continues.

Avery Young *****

GATOR LOCKS ... ALL SILENT Commits just waiting to sign at their respective schools Wed.. Three Huge Skill guys in the stable. Immediate playing time.

Posted by: Soldy | January 27, 2012 at 05:16 AM

Ouch! And the answer is... Auburn, NOT the Gators.

Your LOCKS are broken. LOL!

Young choose Auburn. He wanted a counrty school. He's a country boy. Well he certainly choose right. No mention of academics, but maybe a foreman for the Suga Canes industry is in his future. :)

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Where's Skreetz?

How about some more of your bulletproof predictions Soup or Skreetz

It's always 100% when you say I knew that a few days ago after the announcement is made.

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Vincent Valentine - ALL GATOR

SMH, 1 for 14. That kind of hitting slump will get you benched.

Ahhh, what are we talking about, you have been benched for five years, that is why you troll night and day on here.

Oh, and Stefon Diggs, Gator Lock? Then why is he waiting until February 10th? That isn't a lock, that is a "I will sign if your WR class is atrocious." I guess you still have a shot at him then! LOL!

what a job by al golden. unreal congrats on a great class

Manny_Navarro Manny Navarro
With Avery Young picking #Auburn, #Canes are pretty much done on NSD. Good, balanced class. Now it's time coach 'em up.
This is the words of a wise man. 31 commits coming in to the UTough program, gonna be fun watching them push the upperclassmen to play better.

Yeah baby! Welcome to the U!

Posted by: Five Titles

why are you so obessed with gaturd trolls ? continuing to copy n paste their words and bring them into these conversations only plays into what they want. honestly five, it seems as though you are hanging on their every word. we all saw the crap they've posted here, but having their dumb posts saved and copied and pasted just seems weird. ignoring and not acknowledging them and then they go away. we should instead be celebrating a great Cane recruiting day and the blog is filled with responses to gaturds that are just trying to get under our skin. F-them!

GO CANES ! ACC Champs and Top-5 !

12.5%? That's half your body fat, Soldy Pig.

Posted by: MontrealCane | February 01, 2012 at 02:59 PM

I just remembered hearing about all those Gator locks, and how the Canes had no shot at them. Thought I would score their predictions. It was a fail of epic proportions that won't be seen again until next February.

Did you not see the post 20 minutes before yours that had zero mention of that other team?

Heck, I can even talk about how Miami will get to 4-3 in the ACC with a win over Maryland tonight in men's basketball. But recruiting was the discussion today, and they were ones who had made the lame predictions.

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Im a Gator lock

How is it that on a 'bad' day for the Gators they end up with a top 5 recruiting class and a 'great' day for the canes lands them barely a top 10 class???

Its a bad day for the Gators because nobody has been arrested yet. Only when a Gator athlete is on the police blotter can we call it a good day

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