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Miramar CB Tracy Howard talks about picking UM

MIRAMAR -- Tracy Howard made a nation full of Hurricanes happy Wednesday morning when he announced he was picking UM over Florida.

So why is the All-American cornerback -- considered the best in the country at his position -- heading down to Coral Gables and not Gainesville, where he was locked in before taking his official visit to UM last weekend? Here's what he had to say about it not long after announcing his choice.

Your mom [Shaiy Howard] said you were kind of going back and forth with this the last couple days. When did you really say 'That's it -- I'm going to Miami'?

"This morning. I prayed about it. I asked God give me a sign. I'm locked on Miami. If this is the wrong choice, just give me a sign. I got no sign telling me it was wrong. My family was happy about the decision. I was happy about it."

What did your family say when you were finally done with the recruiting process and had chosen the Canes?

"Dad was the happiest man in the world. He's a Miami fan. Of course he wanted me to stay close to home, but it wasn't even about that. My mom was cool with it. My mom was actually a Florida fan and I knew when my mom was happy, I was going to be happy. I'm happy with Miami. I want to be a great player there and I'm going to be a great player there."

So who is going to wear No. 3, you or Norland running back Duke Johnson?

"I don't know. But to be honest, both of us can wear it. I'm not sure we're going to do that. But we could if we wanted to."

How much did playing with your friends: Duke, Deon Bush, Malcolm Lewis play a factor?

"It didn't really help. They were talking to me for months. I was like 'I'm going to Florida, I don't know what you're talking about.' I told Deon 'You go do your thing at Miami, I'm going to go do my thing at Florida. We'll go to the league and meet each other there.' But I mean I just looked at the opportunity and I couldn't throw it away. The opportunity there is great. I have to take advantage."

Do you think you'll start as a true freshman right away -- your first game?

"I'm not really a guy who is going to talk and say I'm going to start. It's up to me to produce. Do I feel like I'm going to produce and show out, compete and work hard? Yes. I do. If I do that I'm going to start. I feel like I'm going to go in there, work hard. Do I feel I'm the best? Yes, I feel I'm the best. Even if there's a senior in front of me, this is about business. I'm going in there working. I'm going in there hungry. I want everybody to know that. I can't tell you I'm going to be starting, but that's what I really want to say. I want to say you'll see me starting opening game. But I'm a humble guy. And I feel like if I handle business the way I have throughout my life, then why not. I did great on the optimist level. I did great on the high school level. So why would I not succeed on the college level?"

Who did you really rely on to make the decision?

"My dad. Me and mom are very close and everybody knows that. But at the end of the day, he means a lot. He molded me into the man I am today. We just talked about everything. He never told me go to Miami. He said whatever you do, I'm behind you 100 percent. I just weighed everything about Florida, Miami and Florida State and I felt Miami was the better fit."

Happy it's over?

A: Yes. I'm relieved."

What's next for you?

"I'll be running track in the spring. I'll run the 4x100 meter relay, the 100 and the 400 -- I want to run the 400 to get stronger."

Miami is coming off a 6-6 season, is facing NCAA sanctions, why didn't that affect your decision at all?

"It did. I talked to coaches about it. Nobody really knows what's going to happen. But I feel smart about it. The guys were suspended for what happened and they took a bowl game away. I think Coach Golden did a good job handling it. In the end, I prayed about it and God led me the right way."

What are your expectations for the signing class you are coming in with?

"National championship. Of course we feel we have the best football in South Florida. Same in Texas and California. But we feel if all of us get together, we're going to be dominant. I think we will be."


Here's what teammate Malcolm Lewis also had to say about Howard picking UM.


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Ha, Ha, never thought of it that way. No one should down Miami of Florida, they did pretty good....for them.

Gator punks said Golden was not going to recruit well beacause if the NCAA allegations. Yet UM has a top 10 class and 2 5 stars, the best CB and the 2nd best rb in the nation.

We ready, We ready, We ready.... ......

Long ride back up I-75 come 2013. Mark my words. Muschump will be in the lead bus furious, laying into jacoby Driscuit.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GREAT GATOR Recruiting Day !!!

3 - 5 STARS ... 15 - 4 STARS ... 5 - 3 STARS

8 ****/***** D-LINEMEN . The Signature of SEC BIG BOY BALL.

5 - STAR DIGGS next ... annnnnnnnndddd Josh Harvey-Clemons has NOT signed his LOI and decommitted from Georgia per Grandpappys advice.


Rivals - Gators #3 ... U - #8 --- WIN - U lose

Scout - Gators #5 ... U - # 7 --- WIN - U lose

ESPN - Gators #4 ... U - #10 --- WIN - U lose


Silly Cane fan. So starved for anything remotly resembling good news and one, just ONE very good get sets U ALL on tilt. Plus 2- 3 Stars flips that only U, UCF, S.Fla., FIU and FAU offered. But that's where Ur at. U don't comprehend that, but it's where Ur at. Damn Ur all charged up over 20+ 3 STARS that not ONE Top 20 team even offered and they're ALL Urs.... Enjoy that mediocrity combined with NCAA pulled schollies the next 4 years.

but let me gUess ... Ur BACK Riiieett ?

2012 - 2013 - 2014 --- Motto ... "WE'RE YOUNG"



get back to me Cane clUcks after U all get Ur hands out of Ur pants rubbin Urself raw over 1 Cover Corner that's ranked BELOW Gator Cover Corner Brian Poole...

Holla Arty

How many years have you had that copied post going now? It has to be at least 5 years that you repeat your lame post. Do what was suggested for another blogger
Kill yourself

If Will and Jimbo had Ur Recruiting Class on the end of there Fishing Rods, they'd throw back 25 of them !

Posted by: MontrealCane

let'm creme over their false hope U French Frog Cane... It's all they've had to hang it on the last 10 years ...

GOLDEN is a never won a Bowl game, 6-6 geniUs !

And you're so starved for anything remotely resembling a friend that you talk to yourself all day every day on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald.

I see the fellas are taking all of Soldy's multiple personalities behind the wood-shed today. rotfl!!! Golden turned a two star recruit into a first round draft pick last year, let's see what he does with more talent

Same Pig nonsense.

Over and over. Point is, you were wrong as usual.

Gutted. But all you have is, "duh, Cane Clucks blah, blah, blah, duuuuuuhhhhhhh. I'm Soldy Pig duuuuuuuhhhhhh. "

If Golden can get another 10 *** Stars to sign U just might have a Top-3 Class...

If only the multiple ID Gator scum could load his gun correctly we wouldnt have to put up with his garbage. Focus on aiming the gun at your dome and not stars next to players name

Soldy you are a coward. And you luv de KAK.

But you are more of a coward. Let Muscrap sink to 6-6 again. Failure at UTrailer. Aside from roach stew, its what's for dinner in the trailerpark.

You still suck Soldy Pig.

Arty, hola Douchebag?

blah, blah, Trailer, blah, blah, Gay, blah, blah, Something Religious, blah, blah, Tooth/Toothless, blah, blah, Small town rant, blah, blah

Great day fellas. according to Rivals, all of our players are 3 star and above and #8 rank. Espn has us #10 but 6 ESPN 150 players and if you go to their list on espn.com/recruiting, we have another 10 or so ranked in that 79-80(grading scale) range-howard #1 with 83 rank. But Dewey got an 80 grade and Kirby got an 80 and both are on camput. Holifiedl got a 3 star from ESPn. anway. #1 RB, #1 CB, #1-4 safety in Bush dependin on sites, #4 WR in Angelo Louis. I mean 3 qb's and Dewey made the Elite 11 with Trent Dilfer. TOp 5 players now at the skill positions, bush to replace ray ray and telemaque when they leave ,howard starts now, perryman replaces spence, buchanan is back. I mean. 55-60 players are fresh/sophomores, SO THATS GREAT_why, because if we do get 5 scholly reductions per yr which isnt that bad, we are DEEP ENOUGH NOW To withstand a few reductions in schollies if we lose them, And, with shapiro being a convicted felon and golden taking the bowl hit this yr and suspending the players,. WE ARE LOOKING GOOD-------the good thing about golden it seems, is he rates the kids on what he feels. LOOK AT UF, FSU--no offense turds, but meyer signed kids on what rivals and scout say(we are #7 on scout so top 10 classes on all 3 major sites). UF HAD TOP 5 CLASSES THE LAST 6 yrs or so, and 2 have back to back seasons of 5-7 losses, thats bad recruiting. we didnt have top classes, but look at texas, mack brown gets approvals from these kids a yr a head of time .and they suck also.
MIAMI WILL BE BACK--------MORRIS for 2 years, and then Dewey seems to be a ken dorsey type

anyway, my point is Rivals.com has us with all 3 star kids and up. no 2 stars. and, AGAIN< dont go by stars people. Sometimes a 5 star in idaho would b a 2 star in FL, just because they stand out. my point is many of our 3 star kids out of FL could b 4 star and even 5 but there are only so many 5 and 4 stars they give out. WE ARE LOADED WITH TALENT NOW AT EVERY POSITION,. #1 CB #1 RB on rivals, 3 qb's, BUSH, AWESOME LB's, and Raphael Kirby is already enrolled, and this kid blue on espn is 79 grade and strong replacement for losing reggie northrup. Goldie, way to go

You guys ever go to the youth Fair or another carnival event, and they have that dunk tank clown, screaming and hollering for attention, saying you can't dunk him?

Then you toss a ball, hit the target, and he gets soaked?

He then climbs back up, sits on his pathetic shelf, and starts hollering again to the next guy?

This pathetic troll is like that. Got dunked 15 or more times in a row, then climbs up and says "High and Dry"!

The difference is, the dunk tank clown ends up with a dollar at the end of it all, this guy just ends up all wet.

Shannon and Butch are both on the same panel on espn recruiting. how funny. Lets not forget, all of our losses we had a chance to win, so considering we were 6-6, we lost alot late.
1. Maryland game w/Morris,. led by 1 with 3 min left
2. Kst game. Jacory ruled down at 1 yd line, with no time left
3. VA TECh-led with less than 1 min left
4. Virginia game. came back late and almost tied it at 9 yard line.
and the other 2 games were close. so my point is we ARE CLOSE MY FRIENDS>.................

Solid summary Dom.

The guy can thrash and call howard a three star all he wants, but Golden took many of those players from his own camps, and saw them outperform higher ranked players in person.

Someday, the dunk tank clown will get that, but in the meantime, his wet face makeup is running down his red neck, and down his double chin.

Posted by: Dom

And Ur CLOSE to not being a moron ... but U are.

Another LOSS for U .

Papa Cane is telling the story of Muschamp getting kicked out of a home for slanderous negative recruiting earlier this year.

Between them and that VT asst coach, f*@! em.

Posted by: Felipe. | February 01, 2012 at 05:00 PM

He is prolly quoting Da Skreetz from emails I sent him. According to Da Skreetz Muschamp has been the WORST and has been thrown out of MORE than one home in the 305 for bad mouthing UM.

Posted by: SOUP | February 01, 2012 at 05:08 PM

PapaCane : now Soup is taking credit for your posts and information you work so hard for

We thought you should know

Papa Cane is telling the story of Muschamp getting kicked out of a home for slanderous negative recruiting earlier this year.

Between them and that VT asst coach, f*@! em.

Posted by: Felipe. | February 01, 2012 at 05:00 PM

He is prolly quoting Da Skreetz from emails I sent him. According to Da Skreetz Muschamp has been the WORST and has been thrown out of MORE than one home in the 305 for bad mouthing UM.

Posted by: SOUP | February 01, 2012 at 05:08 PM

PapaCane : now Soup is taking credit for your posts and information you work so hard for

We thought you should know

Here's what espn says about this Blue kid we stole from VATECH to replace northrup. Sounds like a steal, nice grade. and goldie loading up on D> only thing we r really missin is those impact Dlineman. we got some ends but those russel maryland types, cortez, jerome browns, we need. maybe some of our 3 star guys he got. ya never know. Russel Maryland wasnt highly rated and alot of Jimmy Johnsons classes didnt even make top 15. its about what U do with them

High three-star inside linebacker Jawand Blue (Boca Raton, Fla./West) headed into Wednesday as a Virginia Tech verbal but sent in his fax to the Hurricanes.

HEres the key turd fans and nole fans. take your star rankings. here is espns rankings, but per state. link is FL recruits.
we got 3 of top 9 in FL, and UF and FSU got 0 of the top 9 in state prospects and 5 of the top 21 in FL.....................take a look
we got 14 of the top 100 in FL, and 6 ESPN 150 RECRUITS. and golden had dewey and kirby with 80 grades putting them in the 150's ranked, so thats like 8 of top 150, and another 12 with an espn grade of 78 or 79 , just a notch below the 80 grade which is like a cant miss. IMPACT CLASS---REMEMBER, the sanctions probably stopped another 4-5 top 5 star kids from signing, so, once we get this done and over w/per ncaa, I can see Golden landing a top 3.
we are top 10 on all 3 Major sites
#7 scout.com miami.scout.com
#9 rivals.com miami.rivals.com
#10 espn.com/recruiting.


Dom, No Mo Titles, corpus and the rest of you cane clowns are all wet in anticipation. Poor clUcks, you got a top 10 class and that is the most excitement you've had since the NW class in 2008. Bet you can't wait for that Spring game right?
You all have that Gator envy, mentioning the Gators over and over. Poor saps the Gators did better than you according to all relevant sources. So go ahead and wallow in your delUsion clUcks. After the Spring game you will all cry out again: "wait til next year".

great day, welcome to the U new recruits and great job coach Golden and staff.

Rivals reported Holified decommitted,. Larry blutstein in this article on this site the bUZz said he wasnt good anyway, so maybe thats good thing

Coward Soldy Pig. Back to your rock until August when you can start making more idiot predictions.

We're you one for 14 today? ONE FOR 14? You stink of loser Pig. And you LUV de KAK.

How does Traxy Howard's ass taste, idiot Pig.

I am done with this Soldy loser.

Don't address me unless I contact you first.
You are truly an idiot. What they say about you here is true.

Great decision, Tracy. Welcome to you and your family into the Canes family! You sound like a solid young man and I look forward to cheering you on at the U!

Just want to point out two things - one, that if you care so much that someone is pretending to be an 'insider' on the internet then you should stop promoting him on other websites.

Two, that Miami's rival and Florida's rival Florida State killed us both. And the fact that there isn't a single mention of them on this blog is just another example of how you losers are engaged in a fake internet rivalry that doesn't have anything to do with college football.

Wish you'd all shut the f*ck up, know you won't, get back to it then.

Also - you're my boy Blue! Stick it to those Hokies, slap Beamer's goiter right off his neck. You don't want any part of Blacksburg Virginia.

Great signings, but we need more help on the DL, OL and running back. We have a lack of quality depth in all three positions. What happened to our OL coach, who has the rep as a supposedly great recruiter? This was a weakness that needed much better results.

Eudo is somewhat correct
FSU got the best recruits
UF was second best
UM 3rd best
So why are most of you clowns so giddy and bad mouthing the Gators?
Envy, jealousy, and more envy
So wallow in your delUsion all you want clowns
Soon the Spring game will be here
The best time to be a cane
Then we will see what Golden Boy can do
Will there be another Maryland or BC?
We will see
As for the team you envy, wait til 2013
Orange and Blue will color No Life Stadium
Will you clowns show up?

Why are you on the University of Miami blog on the Miami Herald?

UF doesn't play UM next season, go find some other UF blog, the one on the MIAMI Herald's website is obviously going to be garbage for UF fans.

No one said UFailure had a bad class. What you had was a linking by several players who chose Miami, FSU and Georgia when a certain slob on this blog claimed they were "locks."

And that the Canes got a top 10 class despite the adversity surrounding the program and the perceived lack of resources is a cause for celebration. Gatr Trash should always have a top 10 class. And they usually finish 6-6.

That is underachieving garbage. Which is what you are. Which is why the Canes have more titles and have a 3-1 record agains the Gatr Trash over the past 10 years.

Gatards Suuuuuuuuuccccccklkkkkkkkkk.


Dude, where's my content??? Way to cover signing day Manny.... NOT!!

Hey Tracy , If you are reading some of the negative posts. They come from Gayturds and SemiHole fans. 99% of the other are true CANE fans. Welcome to the U.

Under-the-radar guys. You saw what under-the-radar guys did to the SEC LEast champs right? Boise crushed the Dawgs.

......and the Dawgs crushed the Gatr Trash.

Ten years and all of you gator garbage:

F-u has been ranked in the top 5 recruiting 4 yrs in a row. Result: 6-6. Beat one team with a winning record: furman

Fsu is yr in yr out ranked in the preseason. End result: choke at the doke

Do us all a favor an st...f...f...u


10 years of medication found his meds...he finally awoke from the trailer in Turdland.
NO Cane fan and I repeat NO 'Cane fan is envious or jealous of the 'noles or gayturds.

On the contrary you envy us to be camped here on this site...now who is being introspective?..
why you of course.

We as 'Canes fans should ask the questions if your gayturds will even show up in 2013..because after 2011 you should be worried.

Go take your meds..
go 'Canes

Your trolls are the ones camped over at gator clause. Don't worry silly clown, the Orange and Blue will show up in droves at No Life in 2013. And please, who is afraid of the very mediocre canes, not even doormats like BC and the Turtle. Wallow in your delUsion while drinking your Golden Kool Aid, you are still a very mediocre team, just like last year, and the one before, and the one before that................

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