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ACC's plan once Pittsburgh, Syracuse join bumps conference schedule up to 9 games in football

Hurricanes fans can say good-bye to a fourth non-conference game once former Big East partners Syracuse and Pittsburgh join the ACC.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford announced Friday the future scheduling formats once the league expands to 14 teams and instead of playing eight conference games in football, every team will now play nine.

The format will consist of each team playing all six teams in its division each year, plus its primary crossover partner (in UM's case Florida State) each year and two rotating opponents from the opposite division.

Pittsburgh, which will join UM in the Coastal Division, will be Syracuse's cross over opponent.

Here's how the divisions will look in football:

> Atlantic: Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest, N.C. State, Boston College, Maryland and Syracuse.

> Coastal: Miami, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Duke and Pittsburgh.

> When it comes to hoops, the ACC has already employed an 18-game conference schedule that will begin next year.

When Pitt and Syracuse join, each school will have one primary partner (Boston College and Syracuse; Clemson and Georgia Tech; Duke and North Carolina; Florida State and Miami; Maryland and Pitt; NC State and Wake Forest; Virginia and Virginia Tech).

The scheduling model will be based on a three-year cycle during which teams will play every league opponent at least once with the primary partners playing home and away annually while the other 12 rotate in groups of four. The format allows each program to see opponents with more regularity and creates an increase in competitive balance throughout the teams.

All 14 league members will continue to automatically qualify for the conference tournaments. Tournament formats will be announced at a later date.

> In other sports, all teams will continue to play each conference team at least once during the regular season -- except baseball, which is the only exception as they currently don't play all conference opponents.

The league will continue to sponsor an ACC Championship event in all sports except volleyball, which will continue to recognize its champion from regular-season play.

The conference will now sponsor an ACC Championship in the sport of gymnastics. There are currently three institutions that sponsor gymnastics (Maryland, North Carolina and NC State) and with the addition of Pitt, the ACC will have four programs, the necessary number in the league's bylaws to host a conference championship. The ACC previously sponsored a conference championship in gymnastics in 1984.


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Hola Arty !!!

U think they even understand what the term "Quality 2 Deep Depth" means ?

doUbtful... Another one of then "Cane Thangs" ...

Aloha Arty !!!

Hi everyone. It's Susan. FYI: If you're wondering when this will happen, Pitt and 'Cuse won't be joining the ACC until July 1,2014 (in time for '14 football season), when this would all take effect. HOWEVER,depending on if West Virginia bolts the Big East for the Big 12 early, which it is trying to do, Pitt and Syracuse could also try doing the same. Brett McMurphy of CBSsports.com said his sources indicate that Pitt and 'Cuse "are monitoring West Virginia's situation" and could attempt to join the ACC early.

Thanks Susan, your a doll

Wow, Cuse and Pitt. Two more perennial national powers to join this most excellent conference. ACC will soon overtake the Mountain West in quality teams.


Just to clear it up ...

Kenny Kelly went where and won how many State Titles ?

U should go for a Third Degree in DelUsional History.

Take FAMU or Bethune Cookman off the schedule already!

Who needs to play FAMU or Bethune when you play such powers as Duke, BC, Maryland and soon Syracuse.

This blog's Batman and Robin sure love saying hello to each other.

Must be the Costco security guard uniform that makes Arty's privates tingle.

an SEC title. It will be a looooooooooong time.

7-5 and 6-6. Way to go Gatr garbage. That surely is something to brag about on a Cane board.

Either that or the mold found at most Trailerville restaurants.

That would be 8-5 and 7-6 ... Gators actually Win their Bowl games played in January.

U ... 7-6 and 6-6.

U lose yet again... (or for Can Fan, U Loose again.)

Man, I have spoken to many Gator fans today and every single one of them say, "We have Tracy Howard in the bag. He is signed, sealed and delivered a Gator." This is terrible news and I was hopeful for a while that we had a chance, but now I am not. The people I spoke with seem to be 110% sure of this. Don't get your hopes up. I don't want to hurt too bad on NSD.
Posted by: Big Daddy Cane | January 26, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Yeah, those Gators sure know THEIR math. 110% huh? Big Daddy Cane, make sure to smack those losers on the side of the head for their stupidity.

Hola Arty !!!
U think they even understand what the term "Quality 2 Deep Depth" means ?
doUbtful... Another one of then "Cane Thangs" ...
Aloha Arty !!!
Posted by: Soldier Soldy | February 03, 2012 at 02:22 PM

Sure we do. We look at the raging dumpster fire over at UF, and decide to load up each of our positions with two or more quality players.

Who's your QB?
What's your RB?
I don't know's your WR?

When you gonna tell us? Tommorow? Naturally.
Why? Because! Oh he's the middle linebacker!

You really should worry about how you are not one deep before ragging on our bench depth.

You seriously are trolling here bragging about your team going 1.5 games better than us over a two year period?


Let's go ahead and compare this unstoppable Gators team with the Canes, who you deem to be nowhere near you.

Miami(FL) Florida
Conference record, Both 3-5. No difference there.
Points scored in conference games? Miami wins 219 to 166.
Points allowed in conference games? Miami wins 190 to 191.
6-6 to 7-6. Gators played a squeaker in a freebie bowl game against a lame duck coach, got to 1/2 a game ahead of Miami. Wowie.
Overall points scored? 318 to 331. Recall that is against three paid for free wins, plus they needed their bowl game 24 points to push them ahead of Miami. (sarcasm on) Impressive. (sarcasm on)
Overall points allowed? Miami wins 241 to 264.

Six measures, Miami wins 3, ties 1, and loses two thanks to a self-imposed bowl ban.

Sure looks like the Gators got no room to talk, loco.

You are ripping Syracuse, the reason that the Gators never leave the state of Florida anymore for a regular season game unless forced by the SEC? They are the team that beat you the last time you dared leave home against a decent non-conference opponent for a non-bowl game.

The Orange's ten national championship titles are the most of any team in NCAA Division I history.

Oops, they sure look like they have some titles. Their three basketball titles is more than the Gators have. Oh, and any school that can generate Jim Brown and Larry Czonka is not all bad.

And you are ripping Pitt, the school of Dan Marino? The school that has nine national championships to go with Tony Dorsett for the Heisman? And Larry Fitzgerald, second only to Andre Johnson as far as top wide recievers go in the NFL?

Try something else, cause that one failed miserably, loser.

Bottom line- Miami has beaten Florida 6 0f the last 7 times they have played. Look it up!

Anyone know why Brandon Holifield was dropped on NSD???

2 deep? Like UTrailer who was trailing Furman in the 3rd quarter? Is that the 2 deep you are referring to?

Why did you lose to an ACC team Gatr Trash? Can't beat SEC West competition. Can't beat the ACC. Scrape past MAC teams. Well, can beat Fuam so Muscrap must be doing something right.

Just to clear it up ...

Kenny Kelly went where and won how many State Titles ?

U should go for a Third Degree in DelUsional History.

Posted by: How Many Teams With LOSING Records Beat U Again ? | February 03, 2012 at 02:52 PM


I corrected myself already for it. I had a feeling I was off with my info so I verified it and when I came back to the blog someone already came in and stated the correct information. I gave that person credit for it. If I make a mistake, I'm man enough to admit it. I even mistyped a statement after that and came back to correct it again. I have a habit of typing very fast and the words came out wrong. But I catch myself and corrected what I said. The person that came in was right, 100%.

Unlike yourself, I man up. Unlike your team which I'm willing to bet is either fswho or UofFelons. Besides to DLinemen, what did fswho really do on NSD? As for UofFelons, with muskrat as head coach I see that team going down the toilet and fast. He's gonna be carted off the field ranting and raving while paramedics put the restraint jacket on him. Those 2 teams will always and forever be the little brothers that wish to be as great as The U. Even when we don't have favorable seasons we still load up the NFL. No one has a history or brotherhood like we do. Sorry facts are facts.

Now trailer trash sex with family members isn't right. You're only increasing the population of retards. Find another doublewide with a family that is not related to you and attempt to breed with them. That's how you weed out retardation.

And for the love of god get a dental plan.


ACC - 1

Gatr Trash - 0

Don't lump yourself in with the SEC West. You are dregs of the SEC Gatr Trash.

Bottom line- Miami has beaten Florida 6 0f the last 7 times they have played. Look it up!

Posted by: raymond roy

I love when facts make me laugh. Especially when they're all true.


"Now trailer trash sex with family members isn't right. You're only increasing the population of retards."

Nah, don't worry, his daddy can't get pregnant.



Its a very nice information which you gives in your post. Readers can get all the information about the Football games. In this post they can see which team is play in this league.

This is a good thing. Both those teams generate a lot of press, especially at ESPN. Syracuse graduates a ton of radio and TV journalists, commentators...Bob Costas being one.
Pittsburgh has a great tradition, a basketball team that can, and will give the Dukies all they can handle, and fired Wannstache, which pleased many Fins fans.
All we can hope is that the ACC powers that be don't schedule the first Pitt away game in November/December...but you KNOW they will.


Afraid of Cold Weather ? Atleast U'll have an excUse.

Says a guy whose team never travels far from the Florida border.

Says a guy who's schedule was ridiculously easy.

I Like it. I'm not a fan of big scheduling. Keep it simply. Schedule one big money game, play your conference games and rest of the games fill in with cupcakes. Look at V-Tech's schedule last year. No big money game, conference games and four cupcakes, as a result (Bowl Game). Keep it simple!

Would be nice to debate once in a while without this site immediately reverting to name calling. Facts are we wanted Howard and you got him. Congrats, he is a great one. Still don't understand if playing time and proximity to home were determining factors why UF was ever the leader. Those things never changed. Miramar didn't suddenly get closer to Dolphin Stadium and UF has good DB's coming back while Miami has plenty of holes.

As far as Syracuse and Pitt, the Cuse didn't even qualify for a bowl game and Pitt lost their bowl game to SMU finishing 6-7. Both are mediocre at best and unless they get a lot better don't see them playing for ACC championships.

gatorsam. fair enough, but UF wont smell an SEC ch for decades either. Despite the fact that their divison is easier than the ACC coastal.

Here's a shocker: Wisconsin coach accuses urban the Liar of questionable recruiting. Coach Bielema- We all knew Urban Meyer was dirty and used dirty tactics while at Florida. I know that for a fact. Nobody did anything about it including the NCAA because they were all sniffing Tebow's jock straps. But from 2005-2010 they played by different rules. We in So FL (I actually know this) knew this, And everyone in Florida knew this, and everyone in the SEC knew it.

SYR and PITT will be nice additions in all sports.

For teams that want to, like Miami, 3 non-conference games still leaves room for meaningful home and away competition, e.g., recent series with Ohio State and also Oklahoma.

For teams that prefer to play only patsies at home and teams required required by the conference, like Florida, they will continue to do so. Until the BCS incorporates a real strength of schedule component dramatically penalizing teams with Gator-like non-conference schedules, the wimps won't change behavior.

Btw, Florida has not played a meaningful non-conference team away from home (except a bowl where it is kinda required) in years. Decades?

Can anyone tell me why Miami fans don't consider Florida's game against FSU an out of conference game on par with the most difficult of any out of conference game anyone else plays?

Because it is in state and only 2 hours away.

As far as the Coastal being greater than the SEC East, Final rankings, South Carolina 8, Virginia Tech 17, Georgia 20. Bowl Games Coastal 0-4 SEC East
2-2, Recruiting, Coastal 2 teams in the top 25, SEC East 4 teams in the top 25.

It is mandated by the legislature. If you ignorant Gatr Trash 'necks had the chance, you would drop the series. But you can't.

That's why, Gatr Douche Sam.

Typical idiotic SCUM response. It's an out of conference game moron.

My GOD, the COASTAL DIVISION is FAR TOUGHER than the Atlantic....Miami has VT, NC, G.TECH, VIRGINIA...all very tough teams.
FSU has....who? Clemson MAYBE...NC STATE? DUD...SYRACUSE...DUD....WAKE FOREST...DUD....MARYLAND...DUD....wow, who ever came up with this didn't think it over too well, that's for sure.

Aside from Clemson, NO ONE in FSU's division is a constant in the rankings...IN UM'S DIVISION...there's VT, NC, VIRGINIA, and G.TECH...always in the TOP 25!

It's ok...the better the competition, the better we will be!!

Pitt and Syracuse are below average football programs. They only make the ACC a better basketball conference.

SCUM? That's from the 70's, right Gatr Trash Sam? Still funny. You stil got it.

Wow. The UTrailer is still pumping out illiterate 'necks after all these years.
And you wonder why your diploma is worthless.

Umike said....hope my man Solar comes back soon....
I second the feeling

Posted by: Fran | February 04, 2012 at 01:03 PM


Posted by: SOUP | February 04, 2012 at 01:28 PM


It's not going to happen, Mr. Soup Skreetz, other than maybe a courteous drive-by. Solar has too much class and dignity to post regularly on your site when you continue to insult your readers with your lies. He's a good man, but he also hasn't forgotten your disrespect and condescending tone and he will not be party to your shameful deceptions.

You do realize there are more trailer parks in the City of Miami than in all of Alachua County.

Doubtful, Gatr maggot. And on a per capita basis, Alachua County is king. Plus the meth trade.

Don't worry about facts. They don't emphasize those at UTrailer.

Don't get out of mommy's basement much do you? Ever drive around Miami? Or are you just a trust fund baby?

Do you even know what per capita means? Or are you another one of the thousands of ill-prepared useless-diploma holders from UTrailer?

Probably the latter. There are about 17K per year pumped out. The education budget cuts are really starting to show.

It will be the premier basketball conference.
Would have preferred Syracuse in the Coastal since PITT can be tough, especially with good coaching, if they ever find one who stays.

And congratulations to Tracy Howard. He will be a difference maker for Miami. We needed a good CB. But DT is still a big question mark. Kind of amazing how FSU pulled in some promising players there (Goldman, etc.).

I believe Stephen Morris could be a solid QB if he wins the job. Competitive kid with a very good arm and good feet.

Wow you know a big word is that what they taught you at Ransom Everglades? Did mommy' pick you up from school every day or did your maid because mommy was busy at the spa?

...ha!, it's unbelievable how obsessed they are with our program...they just cant help themselves!!


Good comments.

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