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Report: UM to play at Boston College on Labor Day weekend

A report from the Boston Globe has UM football playing at Boston College on Labor Day weekend to open the 2012 season.

It could definitely happen, as the two teams do not have nonconference games scheduled for that weekend.

However, the Globe, which cited sources from Boston College, said "the likely dates are Sunday or Monday, although the entire weekend remains in play.''

I just did my own snooping around, and it seems that UM, if it does travel to Boston College on opening weekend, would likely play on Saturday, Sept. 1, and not Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 3.

The reason: UM will meet nonconference opponent Kansas State, AT Kansas State, Sept. 8. It seems unlikely Al Golden would want to meet KSU on a short week, especially since the Canes will be traveling.

But I do not know for sure. The Atlantic Coast Conference likely will release its 2012 football schedule next week.




    The Miami Hurricanes could start the 2012 season facing the same team they finished against in 2011.

     Boston College will be host to the Hurricanes during Labor Day weekend, according to The Boston Globe. The Globe cited “sources at Boston College.’’

     The Atlantic Coast Conference is in the midst of finishing its football scheduling for 2012 and would not confirm the report.

     “I can’t comment on it,’’ said ACC associate commissioner for football operations Michael Kelly. “The schedule is still in development. I can’t confirm any games at this time.’’

    UM opened last season on the road at Maryland on Labor Day, so it seems unlikely that the Hurricanes would play BC in 2012 on that day. Additionally, the Canes play Kansas State the following Saturday, Sept. 8, so it’s likely they would meet BC – if the game does materialize – on Saturday, Sept. 1.  However, the Globe reported that “the likely dates are Sunday or Monday, although the entire weekend remains in play.’’

    Most ACC teams have nonconference game scheduled for Labor Day weekend. Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech do not have nonconference games slated for that weekend.

    UM’s other nonconference opponents in 2012: Bethune Cookman at home Sept. 15, Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago on Oct. 6 and USF at home Nov. 24.

    UM finished the 2011 season by losing to the Eagles 24-17 at Sun Life Stadium. The Hurricanes ended 6-6.

     Kelly said the reason the ACC’s scheduling has been delayed is because West Virginia dropped Florida State last Friday from its nonconference schedule.





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let's play Long Beach State

Losing to BC back-to-back. That can't be good. Doubt it happens but if it does you guys are the biggest losers of all fans in Florida. Maybe you can root for the South Florida Bulls. Or all your Miami Dade and FIU graduate fans that live in Miami can start rooting for Mario Cristobal. At least that's a nice story about an up-coming program. Good luck with that TOUGH ACC schedule. I hear Syracuse is tough.

Lets play the Gators. Oh yeah they don't want to play us. I can not wait for 2013.

NO elite school goes to an AWAY game at a patsy for their opener. But then again, UM definitely isn't elite. What a crapfest this program is

Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere


Hey FAMU, you worry about your Obama lovin school, and we'll worry about ours.


Posted by: UCane305

Bro, that is unnecessary. Lets stick to football!

Hey Gator Trolls, you enjoy your coach Muschamp. He's a certified psycho but you bury your heads in the sand and say he has "passion".

obama loving school would u rather the money hungry repuklicans run the country. lets not for get george bush puts the country in this position and the repuklicans are fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way. if ur not rich now you will be poorer. wise up

let's play Long Beach State

Posted by: DrDan | February 09, 2012 at 04:24 PM

LOL! That was a great game back in the day.

What do you mean by your statement that FAMU is an "Obama loving school"? Have you ever seen a FAMU Rattler post on this site? Do you think that maybe this was posted by a/the Gator troll that post on here all the time and he posted this to get someone to respond in the manner that you did?

Before this turns nasty on the board between the donkeys and the elephants, the post by FAMU was more than likely not a FAMU Rattler, but by the resident Gator troll. He may be a Gator, but he is smart and knows how to push buttons and from the couple of post that I saw after the post he made, it seems to have worked real well.

Rule of thumb, if you see a post by someone or from somewhere out of character, THINK first before responding, especially negatively to it.

U see my show on CNBC last night?

stay tUned for part DeUx ... U hear


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | February 09, 2012 at 02:11 PM


then there's U

cane 4 ever... no offence , but Clinton and the democrats were the ones that got us into this mess when they said everyone should be able to own a home. Mccain said fanny and freddy would end up in a bubble and bust but noone listened to him....Thank Clinton.

I dont like playing a conference game as the first game of the season. Play BCC or somebody like that to find out what you have when the lights are on.

I hate this Blog, you can't respond directly to comments. Why can't that be fixed. Right now it's just a bunch of crap being thrown against the wall.

Hey 'Nevin', I've been reading your bullsh*t for a while now, you understandably use a different name every post to make it less obvious that you're a pathetic loser who spends way too much time doing what you do - but this is the closest you've ever been to getting it right.

Much like good old Nevin you're obsessed with the University of Miami Hurricanes even though you have nothing to do with the school.

You read the Miami Herald for whatever reason and as a Gators fan you thought it would be fun to talk a little trash and rile people up. Little did you know that those couple of posts would become a multiyear addiction, you've wasted not hours but DAYS obsessing over the University of Miami Hurricanes.

Maybe you're not a complete loser in real life. Maybe you don't work at Costco. But you sure have an unhealthy habit that you would be completely ashamed about if anyone you knew found out.

Find something better to do. Spend those countless hours learning a language on Rosetta Stone, or a skill that would be useful for your career, or maybe just talking about the Florida Gators with other Florida Gators fans.

What is wrong with you brother?

Posted by: bob_bba70 | February 09, 2012 at 10:54 PM

^^^^^Truth is ROBERT no one wanna hear ur psycho babble.

Sidcane president Clinton left office with the biggest surplus ever in the history of the US. The Bush administration put us in one of the worst recessions in history. We fought two wars on borrowed money and millionaires paying a lower taxes than the middle and lower classes. The bubble didn't occur because Clinton wanted everyone to own homes. The bubble came because the bush administration allowed people to receive multiple loans based on stated income no w2 or anything. That is how we got into this mess.

Ok, let's be real Miami fans both of our teams suck right now so please stop talking. You guys have not won a conference title in who knows how long and besides the Ron Zook era your only wins against us in the 80s were after we were on probation, before that it was a rivalry kinda of like what FSU did to you guys in the 90s when ya were on probation so lets get the facts right. Lastly I hope both teams do well in their new coaching eras, as a Norland alum I hope Duke wins a Heisman and we both thrash that team in northwest florida with all that espn hype. Oh yea lets not forget how much hating you guys were doing on gators blogs the past few years. I like the canes more than the criminoles and I cant wait for 2013, I keep dreaming that they announce they are renewing the annual series, but don't blame us and call us scared we don't schedule the games we want to play the canes, write a letter to jeremy foley I have seriously thought about that. The gators and canes not playing annually is ridiculous.

GatorMan - what Gators blogs? The one on the Miami Herald? Is that the only blog that Gators fans have to read? Do you not expect the Florida Gators blog in the sports section of the Miami Herald to be full of UM Gators haters?

But excellent post - it is completely ridiculous, UF isn't 'scared' of UM just like UM isn't 'scared' of FIU.

The games just don't make sense to those in charge of scheduling so they don't happen.

yes the gators blogs in the miami herald, especially during the meyer era there were more comments from canes fans than gators fans as a matter of fact sometimes there were no gator comments and nothing but canes hating. I realize this is the miami herald but geez, I remember reading a blog and the first 20 comments were from canes fans. But anyway I hope the 2013 meeting is competitive and Jeremy Foley realizes the state needs the big three to play each other.

I think they should go back to the old format of gators v canes early in the season canes v fswho in the middle of the season and gators v freeshoesu at the end of the season.

No sh*t. It's the MIAMI Herald.

Go read the Gainesville Herald if your weak psyche can't handle reading mostly negative things about the football team you like.

Two of the top three rated ESPN college football games of all time are Labor Day UM/FSU games, FSU/UM early and UF/FSU late is the ticket, be great if UM and UF could play in the middle of the season, after the conference schedules get going.

I'm so tired of this trash.......on both sides. The games are played on the field not on blogs. Trash talk is meaningless.

GAtor fans talking about an ACC schedule? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

This is who UF beat inthe reg season last year:

Kentucky. LOL
Ole Miss. LMF_AO

and finally, drum roll please....


Stefon Diggs ...


Ya know, Diggs might end up joining Urban. But one thing is definitely for sure; he's not joining stank a $$ U

No chance of that

It’s time for five-star receiver Stefon Diggs to fill in the blank. He will be announcing his college destination at 6 p.m. today, which is his 18th birthday. The four finalists for the Olney, Md., prospect are Auburn, Florida, Maryland and Ohio State.

This story is about playing BC fools. And so another extremely tough and highly rated conference schedule begins for the mighty canes who are back where they belong with the Golden One at the helm. Not to mention the new ACC national powers just added to that most difficult schedule, the Cuse and Pitt.
Wow, how the great ACC just got a lot greater, how do you guys do that and still compete at a high level and win is beyond me.

with or without Diggs the Gators out recruited the canes, again.

Not our rival... so I guess you forgot the part where I said I am from Miami that is why I read the herald and on the gainsville/orlando blogs there are no comments about the canes we are too busy complaing about our own problems, so your comment is nullified I understand the trash talking I was just saying...Anyway recruiting rankings don't mean much if you can't coach em up or keep them at your school i.e. Meyer with the 08-10 class, 70% of those players were dismissed or transferred.

Meyer was a coach's coach not a player's coach he needs a good staff, look at the talented players that underwhelmed under him: D. Thompson, M. Patchan, J. Brantley, C. Moore...the list goes on, he was a good coach but he got content and it began to show. Meyer thought he could hire anybody and compete for a championship i.e. the 2010 staff. So Meyer leaving and starting over was good for his career.

yeah and guess what you all stunk with all those so called 5 star players

@corpus: so did you guys, don't forget all the so called 5 stars from the Coker/Shannon Era..Kyle Wright, Willie Williams, Marcus Forston, Arthur Brown...the list goes on for you guys too. You canes fans crack me up you guys point out every other school's problems but get amnesia about your school's issues.

You guys have shory memories. The Gators dropped the Canes from their schedule in the early 90s to play a more diverse geographical schedule. That meant opening the season with two "pay for a win" teams.
Get real: the Gators ducked the Canes!

Posted by: GatorMan | February 09, 2012 at 11:44 PM

Please do. Let's get those facts right. Really using UF being on probation as an excuse??? LMAO!!!

First let's look at the bowls:

January 2, 2001 Sugar Bowl: UM 37 UF 20
December 31, 2004 Peach Bowl: UM 27 UF 10

Most importantly, let's look at when UF was preseason #6:

UM 41 UF 16

But you know:

"Florida snapped its 23-year drought against Miami with a 26–3 win over the Hurricanes in 2008."

And we were SOOOOO good in 2008...

23 years of probation sure is a very long time. Love how they spin it!


People are so dumb. We upset #5 Duke in OT a few days ago. We're 1 game behind from being tied for #1 in the ACC right now in Men's basketball.

Big game tomorrow at 1PM in Tally against #17.


And isn't the women like #7 or something?

Man, I don't miss this...

Posted by: 360Cane | February 10, 2012 at 01:01 PM

you have no idea what you were talking about we were on probation from 1984-1991, we actually were put on probation twice in that time period which is why it lasted so long, the 41-16 zook, the comeback in 03 zook, peach bowl zook, the 2000 game UF was very young and UM was a veteran team with a veteran defense against a freshamn rex grossman and we got beat fair and square. It was a closer game then the score indicated stop looking at wikipedia and watch the games lame.

don't be mad at the gators because you guys gave the big ten their last NC lol

Revenge game on Labor Day weekend. Will show the world how the U is back unlike those gayturds I own on the Gatr blog day and night.

Posted by: JaxCane
No get your facts straight the game was dropped in 87 and the SEC decided to add another game and we were already on probation with no scholarshiups to give so instead of going 3-7 every year they decided to drop a power team off their schedule which I disagree with, but hey I don't make the schedules then when the SEC expanded it became less and less likely, look at Texas and TAMU they are not in the same conference and will not play. The only reason the Florida schools played was because FSU and UM were independent but when they joined conferences that changed. The Big 3 in Cali play, why? because they are all in the same conference. None of you guys actually went to UM so I would not expect you guys to understand.

Posted by: DirtyBillies-R-Us
how do you own the gators blog by posting comments O_o???? it shows how pathetic you guys have become since you can't win championships I guess you guys must win arguments. And you guys have won this one I am tired of arguing with idiots only a couple of you guys are reasonable the rest of you guys are haters and remind me of criminoles fans, every year's motto is: "We will back this year".

GatorMan, that idiot DirtyBillies-R-Us that posted above is actually a Gator fan. He has been posting ridiculous nonsense on both boards.

Shows you can never underestimate the ignorance of a person posting.

gatortrash: Please. Enough. Your Florida gators cannot under any circumstances hold Miami's jock strap in football. Please. Why are you so stubborn and continue to argue this point? Are you really the lawyer Morgan form Morgan and Morgan ( a notorious Florida grad)?

When UF beats Miami consistently (not once every fr-gg-in 25 years, then come on this M-I-A-M-I blog and say your piece, Otherwise do the world a favor and run back to your trailer in ocala.

When Oh Lord, When, will the Florida gators ever travel across the country, or anywhere outside of florida to play anyone OOC? Anyone. Texas, Oklahoma, Boise State,oregon, OSU, kansas State. Anyone...in d-1. No, the SEC doesnt count. the SEc is basically home games for you incestuous bunch. Your coaches all know each other, each others' tendencies, players are familiar with the stadiums and the crowds, not the same.

Are you really bringing up Kyle wright et al? Difference is, son, even with Kyle wright, Miami went 9-3, 9-4, 7-6. What was, UF's record teh last two years with brantley, Driskel, and Trey what ever his name is?

How many points did Nebraska put up on Florida in that national Championship game?it was a record wasn't it?

These ignorant 'neck from UTrailer never learn.

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