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Report: UM to play at Boston College on Labor Day weekend

A report from the Boston Globe has UM football playing at Boston College on Labor Day weekend to open the 2012 season.

It could definitely happen, as the two teams do not have nonconference games scheduled for that weekend.

However, the Globe, which cited sources from Boston College, said "the likely dates are Sunday or Monday, although the entire weekend remains in play.''

I just did my own snooping around, and it seems that UM, if it does travel to Boston College on opening weekend, would likely play on Saturday, Sept. 1, and not Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 3.

The reason: UM will meet nonconference opponent Kansas State, AT Kansas State, Sept. 8. It seems unlikely Al Golden would want to meet KSU on a short week, especially since the Canes will be traveling.

But I do not know for sure. The Atlantic Coast Conference likely will release its 2012 football schedule next week.




    The Miami Hurricanes could start the 2012 season facing the same team they finished against in 2011.

     Boston College will be host to the Hurricanes during Labor Day weekend, according to The Boston Globe. The Globe cited “sources at Boston College.’’

     The Atlantic Coast Conference is in the midst of finishing its football scheduling for 2012 and would not confirm the report.

     “I can’t comment on it,’’ said ACC associate commissioner for football operations Michael Kelly. “The schedule is still in development. I can’t confirm any games at this time.’’

    UM opened last season on the road at Maryland on Labor Day, so it seems unlikely that the Hurricanes would play BC in 2012 on that day. Additionally, the Canes play Kansas State the following Saturday, Sept. 8, so it’s likely they would meet BC – if the game does materialize – on Saturday, Sept. 1.  However, the Globe reported that “the likely dates are Sunday or Monday, although the entire weekend remains in play.’’

    Most ACC teams have nonconference game scheduled for Labor Day weekend. Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech do not have nonconference games slated for that weekend.

    UM’s other nonconference opponents in 2012: Bethune Cookman at home Sept. 15, Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago on Oct. 6 and USF at home Nov. 24.

    UM finished the 2011 season by losing to the Eagles 24-17 at Sun Life Stadium. The Hurricanes ended 6-6.

     Kelly said the reason the ACC’s scheduling has been delayed is because West Virginia dropped Florida State last Friday from its nonconference schedule.





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the SEC doesnt count

says the dumb cane wannabe, it counts as the best conference by far no one can argue that fact.....except the delUsional cane clown.

When, will the Florida gators ever travel across the country, or anywhere outside of florida to play anyone OOC?

Beat #1 ranked and previously undefeated Oklahoma for one NC
Beat #1 ranked and previously undefeated OSU for another
You see cane clown, when it counts the Gators have beaten the best form other conferences

Your Florida gators cannot under any circumstances hold Miami's jock strap in football.

Stop living in the past, this may have been somewhat accurate in the 1990s. But in the last decade it's the other way around. The gators have been light years better in the past decade.

DirtyBillies is not a Gator, he is a pathetic cane troll

You've beaten UM once in the past 25 years.

You want to compare teams? You want to break down the minutiae of the past two decades and try to present arguments for why the Gators have been better?

Why? What's the point? You're not our rival. You never play us. You don't give a sh*t about the football, you just want to talk to people on the internet.

loser: right on.

But let's take it a step further- let us compare the ENTIRE HISTORY of UF vs UM football ever since their first game in 1933 when a young UM football squad actually had to travel by train to Gainseville to play the already well established gator squad because the gators wouldn't travel down to "Miama" as it was called then, only to get their lilly a-55es handed to them on a platter. That would forebode the entire cowardly philosophy of the gator vs UM series- from the gator flop, to negative recruiting, to talking shmack on blogs, to fights in Bourbon Street (Bryant McKinnie bb** slapped a couple of gators that night, had to be done.

face it gators you all are, at best our little step sisters. You are annoying and pests. You dont respect us. You are jealous of us.But thats ok, the feeling is mutual.

And by the way for the genius who just cannot comprehend my point about playing OOC and away, a bowl is not the same, rocket scientist. Go to an unfriendly stadium that hates your guts. Go to the horshoe for example,Michigan stadium, or U Wash. and have batteries thrown at your players (like I know for a fact gator fans have doen to Miami players) to play- DURING the season. Not in the sterile env of a bowl. Can't you understand the difference?

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | February 09, 2012 at 02:11 PM


then there's U

Posted by: Un real | February 09, 2012 at 08:59 PM


C'mon and try to put something intelligent together and construe an actual sentence here.

Douches come from everywhere and anywhere. Amazing.


" when it counts the Gators have beaten the best form other conferences."

Wonder what FSU had to say about that in November.

Guess the insecure Gatr garbage only considers a game that "counts" as one where they win. Hey, Furman counted.

SEC West us tops. Horrible SEC LEast is piggy-backing because it sucks.

Got it, Trailer maggot?

Them billies are just down ignorant. I'll be here all weekend to put them in there bbq eatin possum place.

Corpus, I was actually in the bar on Bourbon street. It was actually Dan Morgan, he friggin dropped Alex Brown. Swole his Eye up to where he was dodging cameras pre game.

Dead on Arrival!! As usual Miami plays strong teams AWAY their first 2 games. Who is the moron who makes these schedules year after year?? Miami will be 0-2 and then lose to Notre Dame for a great 1-3 start. They will never recover and never be ranked.
Every smart team plays 3 or 4 patsies at home to pad their W-L schedule and ranking. This has been going on for years and we never learn. So, write next year off.

The Gaytors play Cripple Creek Community College, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and NE Mississippi A&M every year. Gaytor fans actually go to the game and cheer for blood.
When will the Gaytors have the guts to schedule a non-conference team, on the road, that has a chance of winning the game?
Did they ever go to Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc?
Cut the crap until you grow the balls to play a good team ON THE ROAD!

Did you know that the coward lizzards are going to cancel us from their 2013 schedule because they are afraid to play in Miami.
I've been a cane fan for 25 years and this is only DeJa Vu.

@UCane305.Why does FAMU has to be Obama School,Let me guest! Because he's our first Black President Right!Grow up or go on another site with that Racist!stuff...PLEASE!

Yea, or maybe it's because Obama and Florida A&M supported each other, with A&M's band traveling to DC for his election night and him returning the favor with a visit to campus.

It's racial both ways, doesn't make it racist.

Agree with loser.

Come on lets hold off with the politics. But i will say this. Unemployment rate now... 8.3%.under Bush 5.8%. And the one guy who said clinton left the economy with a huge surplus, he also left us with a huge bubble and a recession that bush inherited, plus a bold alqaeda that took practice runs against us with wtc#1, and the uss cole.

Doesnt fmu have a white kicker or is it bethune?

the canes are trash, you guys have never played anyone even when you guys were an independent in the 80s, you guys would play 2 or 3 big games then the rest would be scrubs, then you guys went to the big east with one decent team, VT, now you are in the ACC and can't even win your division. Meanwhile the SEC has always been a power conference and Florida has always competed, sure we had a tough stretch these past two seasons, but guess what we did not miss the bowl season unlike U scrubs, you have missed two bowl seasons in the past ten years. You guys are pathetic, now that UM has to play in a decent conference they can't win anything. Why don't you guys win the coastal then mention the gators in your comments. Your love affair with the gators is borderline insane every time I read the blogs canes fans mention the gators in their comments. You guys are so mad that we are a better program that you guys sit around and hate.

Posted by: UFloridiot | February 10, 2012 at 04:32 PM

yea fsu beat us twice in the last 7 years big deal we won 5 in a row. Do me a favor, run to the mirror, look at yourself and say "I am a hater"

What's FAMU?

hey gatorman, Got a Question you. As a gator fan wouldn't you like to see some top ten teams play in the swamp? I agree that the SEC is the toughest conference. And I agree that you have beaten teams in the bowl games but those are not played in the swamp. In the last few years I have been able to see Tennessee, Texas A& M, Oklahoma, and ohio State. Even though the U has been down those were fun games for me and my sons to attend. So, wouldn't like to go to some games like these in the swamp?

Gatorman aka gatortrash, aka traylorbeetch:

In 1987, UM played 3 S-Effen-C schools, beat them all, and played FSU, Notre Dame, and Oklahima, to win the National Ch. UNDEFEATED. Do you know what undefeated means?

In 1988 they played at wisconsin, vs Cal, at Mizzou, at Michigan State, at FSU, at Pitt, vsd Notre dame and beat Alabama for another NC.

In 1990 UM played at BYU, at Cal, Iowa, FSU, kansas, ND, at Texas tech, Syracuse, and destroyed Texas in the Cotton Bowl.

In 1991 now in the Big east, they played Arkansas, Houston (which back then was respectable with the run and shoot with Ware or Klinger), Ok State, Penn State, at FSU and destroyed Nebraska for another UNDEFEATED NC.

You see, even when Miami was in the Big East they actually sought out tough, away games and opponents. The motto ANYTIME ANYWHERE ANYONE was a Miami thing. Florida by then cowardly took themselves off our schedule. they were tired of beatdowns. PU55-ies that they always have been.

So UM never played anyone? S-t-% f---U

To Tallycane: better get your facts straight; as for Bush, for his first 7 years in office, unemployment never rose over 5%, he was a job creator; the housing bubble, and then financial bubble caused mostly by Barney Frank and the bankrupt Freddie/Fanny mortgage giants who gave out loans to people who could not afford homes.

yea we didn't play for 25 straight seasons so cut the crap I don't want to hear about the 25 year crap secondly you guys did not play toug teams all year, stop saying the names of the teams and post their records that season...exactly the canes playing 3 or 4 good teams is still not close to an SEC schedule. Of course we done never went undefeated look at our schedules we get beat up while the canes relax

GatorMan you remind me of a participant in Swamp people. You are the gator who is trying his best to talk his way out of becoming gator meat..

Fact how many BCS rings do the Gators own? The U

How many wins against the 'U'? The U

How many times have we played? The U

We got Tracy and you are still steaming..Get over it and stop repeating your blogs..

Go'Canes and play anyone we please, and Gatorman try for a better season.
Look at the Gayturds record and stop about the SEC it does't get you off the hook..
Go 'Canes

If the ACC schedules the game Monday, if i'm Al I send one freakin' hot under the collar letter to those Cane's haters and tell them just WHICH one of these teams is the TV draw!!! STILL.
If they don't play Saturday, it's a deliberate slap at the program, as there will be maybe 1 or 2 games of any importance that Saturday.

Posted by: GatorMan | February 10, 2012 at 01:53 PM

Too bad they don't teach basic English skills like PUNCTUATION at that joke of a school (UF)

I hear Syracuse is tough.
Posted by: SouthFLGator | February 09, 2012 at 04:31 PM

Which explains why you stopped playing them after they beat you. Remember 1991, the last time you dared go out of state for a scheduled non-conference game?

Keep laughing about Syracuse, they beat that Gator.

What is greater? The distance from LA to Moscow or the gap between Cane Trash expectations and the reality of their dismal disgusting status?
Methinks the latter both academically and athletically.
Goog thing Cane Maggot played the 1AA teams and the likes of FAU in order to get the 6 wins they had this year. Just think if they actually played a real conference schedule, can you say 3 - 9!
Cane Trash overpays for a mediocre Big Least coach clearly out of his element. He isn't mayor conference head coach material, but in the stinky Gables, does it really matter?
Do ignorant scUMbags even know the difference? Just yell, "Dah U Is Back," and take another crack hit and all is well in skinky Gables.
The long slow slide to mediocrity continues. Another 100 years of empty stadiums. You have won some titles based on an outdated system and playing most of those games @ home, in the modern BCS era you are a no show, irrelevant.
Really, Cane maggots, what have you to be proud of?
The NFL? The Pro Bowl? The 80s and 90s?Pathetic.

Canetrash basic proofing is non existent, so therefore I take it that your post is not as relevant as your think..

Goog...excuse me. Good? I presume
mayor for major..
Come on you can do a lot better than that..

I agree with IMAWriter...
You have worn out your rant and lost..

The Canes will have the National Audience you so desperately crave.. and our legacy will always be there hanging over your program..
So take a deep breath and watch the Golden era unfold...

You might not like it, but it will happen and
your sorry program can't do a thing about it..
Get over Tracy we got him..
Go 'Canes

Canetrash basic proofing is non existent, so therefore I take it that your post is not as relevant as your think..

My post is a copy and paste of one proud cane, the Gator Clause troll. Just like this:

The Gators already have the National Audience you so desperately crave.. and our legacy and success in the modern BCS era will always be there hanging over your program..
So take a deep breath and watch the Gator era come back after a 2 year hiatus

You might not like it, but it will happen and
your sorry program can't do a thing about it..
Get over NSD we did a lot better than you

gaytor man i like your post from a life long cane alum.

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