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Combine combustion? BCS changes? Bowling with some Canes

Should be interesting to see how UM's eight players (Sean Spence, Travis Benjamin, Jacory Harris and underclassmen Lamar Miller, Brandon Washington,  Marcus Forston, Tommy Streeter, Olivier Vernon) perform at the Combine this week. The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson flew to Indianapolis this morning to be there.

Speed and other physical gifts sometimes seem to trump most everything else these days, as teams often figure they can take these kids and coach them into players if they haven't already stood out as stars. UM's track record recently has been positive for that, so I wouldn't bet against some of these underclassmen.

I'm very curious about how Brandon Washington and Marcus Forston will end up. I think Olivier Vernon might end up doing better than people expected.

But Alonzo Highsmith, a former UM star and 14-year scout for the Green Bay Packers, told me he believes the only sure future picks -- meaning they'll end up on an NFL team -- are linebacker Spence and tailback Miller.

"The speed and all that other stuff is awesome, but it still comes down to being a good football player,'' said Highsmith, whose son, A.J. (now up to 201 pounds), started out as a UM quarterback but was converted to a safety. "If it was just speed, anyone off the street could come out and try out for a pro football team. To be a good football player you've got to have a body of work. Guys who have bodies of work and they're good college football players, eight out of 10 times they're going to play well as a pro."

Highsmith said he believes all eight of these players will get drafted. "But they might not be happy where they go,'' he said.

"When you say you're going to forgo your senior year of college football, when you've been a dominant player I'm all for it. When you see kids leave like [Oklahoma State receiver]Justin Blackmon and [Alabama running back] Trent Richardson, and [former Canes] Sean Taylor, Cinton Portis, Frank Gore, those were great players. But when you see average players come out, and you see it all across the nation, not just Miami, and the kid gets drafted in the sixth or seventh round and don't make the team, they're out of football. They could have been playing another year and making themselves better.

"I'm not trying to bash Miami kids or anything like that. This is a business. This is about you're a man, you're coming out and you're being judged against every other player coming out."

In closing, Highsmith said he believes the combine is "just a small part'' of what determines someone's draft status. "It just solidifies what people see on film, or it can help. But too many people get worked up about this combine thing. Yeah, it's good to work out well, but there's also a lot of film work and a lot of character that goes along with it. The combine doesn't make you or break you.''


In his SI.com 2012 Scouting Combine Preview (Inside the NFL column) posted today, Tony Pauline listed two Hurricanes under the category "Who will surprise?"

From Pauline:

"Lamar Miller, RB, Miami -- Miller has not let postseason shoulder surgery slow him down. The speedy back recently returned to training after rehabbing his shoulder and has been posting times in the mid-4.3s.

Oliver Vernon, DE-OLB, Miami -- Vernon sat on the sidelines for half of last season, serving an NCAA suspension. His stats, including 3.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks, are nothing to get excited about. But on film Vernon looks fast and athletic. He could be the talk of the Combine; at more than 260 pounds, he has been regularly posting times in the low-4.6-second range."


BCS commissioners, Notre Dame's athletic director and BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock met the past couple days in Dallas to discuss possible changes to college football's postseason.

If the BCS does decide to create a four-team playoff to decide the champion, the setup has not been determined.

"It's very clear the commissioners do not want the championship game to be played too late," Hancock told the Associated Press in a telephone interview.

He couldn't define too late, but in the past the BCS title game has been held as late as Jan. 10, and has regularly been played on Jan. 7 or 8 since it was implemented for the 2006 season.

Hancock told the AP commissioners were "resolute about not having BCS games in the midweek after Jan. 1".

The Sugar, Orange and Fiesta bowls take turns being played after Jan. 1, but ratings and attendance for the weekday games have been sagging, the AP said.

Hancock said part of the 4-hour meeting was spent reviewing final exam schedules for all 120 schools. He said the commissioners would like to avoid playing games from early December to about Dec. 21, when most schools have finals.

 "Whatever we do, we want to protect college football's regular season which is the best and most meaningful in sports. We want to preserve the great bowl tradition while making it better and more attractive.  We also have heard the message about playing bowl games closer to or on January 1, the way it used to be,'' the commissioners wrote in a statement I received today.

 "As we proceed, we will evaluate the many pros and cons of numerous possible changes."


 John Routh -- UM Sports Hall of Fame executive director, Canes fan and hard worker extraordinaire (not to mention former Sebastian the Ibis!) -- wanted me to remind you that the 2012 UM Sports Hall of Fame Celebrity Bowling Tournament is at 6 p.m. next Monday, Feb. 27th, at Splitsville, 5701 Sunset Drive, Miami, 33143.

"Come eat, drink and bowl with some of your favorite Cane All-Stars,'' the event ad states.

Some of the Hurricanes who will be attending: UM Hall of Famers Darrin Smith, K.C. Jones, Eddie Brown, Randal Hill, Leon Searcy, Rich Mercier (inductee for next month), Alex Santos and Mike Pagliarulo. Also attending will be Falcons center Brett Romberg and Raiders tight end Richard Gordon.

There are about a dozen others, as well.

The event benefits the UM Sports Hall of Fame.

A silent auction, open bowl and registration all begin at 6 p.m.

The awards ceremony and live auction begin at 9 p.m. (Live auction includes the 2001 Hurricanes National Championship Ring -- fyi: the ring doesn't belong to a former player; it is an exact replica and will be specially made for the winner and include his or her name)


Team of 4 (includes one former Cane): $400. Individual bowler: $125. Each bowler gets buffet dinner and soft drinks and bowling and T-shirt. Cocktails are extra.

Social Tickets: $75. Kids under 12: $25

Trophies for winning team and best score

Call Routh at 305-284-2775 or email him at umsportshalloffame@aol.com; or call Gerard Loisel at 305-361-5301.


P.S. You might have seen my tweet, but I saw Canes linebacker Gionni Paul yesterday walking very slowly on crutches, his right knee in some sort of brace and not bending when he walked. 

P.P.S. UM's  baseball game Sunday at home against Albany has been switched to 11:30 a.m. (instead of 1 p.m.)



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BCS games sagging?? OF course when every facking year you put SEC and Big 10/12 in the major bowls and pre-rank them high..What the hell do you expect The nation to watch the same teams every year?? Trolls!!

Should have had it at Bird Bowl so people could hit up some carreta afterwards.

Bird Bowl or Splitsville is the same, very few will show either way. It's a cane tradition, poor attendance at any cane event.
Why hate Notre Dame, shame on you. Just because they are better and more relevant than you is no reason to be a hater. Just get your lousy team to play better,
I hear in Chicago they are calling your game Catholics vs Atheists.

Well, U got to say U beat the Gators in one baseball game at least once the last 4 years ... congrats.

Maybe that's why U Canes dopes are so inferior and trUly so bitter about the Gators and our total dominance over U in ALL things Sports and Scholastics ? U've gone home the loser time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time, again and again and again and again and again, over and and over and over and over and over and over and over the last 4 years...

c U in 10 days ... get Ur excUses ready.

UF over UM academically???...sorry, not a chance.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of those gator wins are by the baseball team...very convenient of you to pick the only time period in memory that The gator has been successful vs the Miami baseball program.

I'm still amused on how obsessed they are with us.
Ah, there not the only ones though, it's no big deal.

It's ALWAYS great to be a Miami Hurricane.

Ha!...and Gator Nation was gracious about their 6-6 year in '11?

Real funny stuff!

Hey guys...how old do you think "excuse u" is??
Is she 14??...15??

They usually start stalking our program at a young age.


U were chUmp team filled with experienced upperclassmen that went 6-6 giving U yet another non-winning season...

Gators were 7-6 with yet another winning season going on 32 straight years now in the TOUGHEST Conference there is ...

# 1 Gators beat # 16 UCF 8-0 on the Diamond.

Who did U play tonight ? Gulf Coast CC ?

And nonranked snowed in Rutgers to open with ?

And now another team that's been confined to practicing indoors Albany St. for a weekend 3 games of high school caliber scrimmages ?

Damn, when will U schedule and play ranked teams ?

C U soon 1-12

We beat U Gators in Chess and Debate !

Where's this Barry Jackson character been? Best UM coverage this paper's had in years - Pope's darling but senile, LeBatard just wants to wax poetic, Cote's an outside observer, Manny is a predictable and neutral voice, presumably due to his job title.

Chump gaytors just wont stop. So now the world began in 2008. Not 2005 or else they say we live in the past. Not 2004 2001 or 1990, but 2008. Lol. Yeah gayttors, so you beat us several times in baseball. Hw many national championships have you won?

Oh i see. Zilch. Nil. Nada. Zero. Nein.

BCS commissioners, Notre Dame's athletic director and BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock met the past couple days in Dallas to discuss possible changes to college football's postseason.


In the last 25 years since Florida cancelled the rivalry to avoid the consistent romps by the Hurricanes, Miami has gone 6-1 against Florida in football. Miami has won the only two bowl games by wide margins against Florida and of course Miami has 5 National Championships to Florida's 3. Miami has 3 undefeated national championships while Florida has none.

did you read the article quoting Alonzo Highsmith about the Canes who left early for the NFL? He hit the nail on the head. Those players left early because they did not want to go through another round of Al Golden's conditioning program. Pretty much sums up our problems right there. Players who are too soft both mentally and physically. Glad they left.

Or could it be those players left because of previous former players success in the NFL, while being irrelevant @ Miami? There are several examples of former canes who did nothing in college and turned out to be good in the NFL. Until Miami turns it around and starts developing its players this will continue to happen. Golden so far has shown nothing in his first season so don't start with the crap that everyone who leaves early or transfers "doesn't want to work hard" or is "soft". Miami has a lot to prove as a program, namely that it is able to coach and develop its kids.

Did the Canes play a baseball game last night? If so what was the outcome?

Wilder has MORE issues coming his way as does FSWho. According to some people who know some people who know some things, he was never "eligible" but FSU made him so.

He would NEVER have gained admission to UM but somehow FSU made it work for him.

I'm jus sayin...stuff is gonna hit the fan.

Posted by: SOUP | February 22, 2012 at 11:09 PM

On the record, Soupy

Which is a LOT more than I can say about the rest of them. Funny how sports reporters think there job are SOOOOOOO tough and that they are the only ones who work hard. It makes me LOL.

Posted by: SOUP | February 23, 2012 at 09:29 AM

Manny & Susan

Here's what Soup thinks about you.

He!s basically laughing at you and calling you lazy

Have fun on his next live chat

Reppin at the combine???

[]_[] KNOW IT!!!


You know who is not repping at the combine - The Sky Fairy

Mark, they won, 3-0 on the road. Scored 3 early, then coasted to a win.

What does "solidies" mean, have never seen the word.

Thanks, Bob. I meant to write "solidifies.'' I appreciate the heads up...

Obama threw up a U not a cross.


Vernon could end up being a steal in this draft. He can rush the passer fast and can go at LB or DL. That and teams need defense. I like Spence, but he's got to even play 10X harder at that size.

What the he!! is the deal with someone going on another site to copy posts then bring them over here to complain about whats being said
You seem to have an issue with the other site so why are you going over there hanging and worrying about every post that is up?
Who cares what other sites have to say. This is the Eye of the U blog. If you have nasty things to say about other Cane sites then man up and say them at those sites
I cant believe an idiot would spend that much time surfing Cane sites just to copy and paste only to complain that the site sux
Pretty pathetic life for that stalker

Of course no deleted post for this freak here^^^^^

I got $5 on the buffet line.

Curious as to one IP address comes up to over 3/4 of the comments on here????
The loser has yet to post under the same name on this article
Nobody be shocked that this I have to copy and paste everything I see on other blogs guy has his IP directly linked to owning and operating gay chat sites
Seriously you waste of human air enlighten us all on how you are able to keep all those sites running and still have time to stalk Cane blogs?
Do we need to make your location public so this stalker can be shutdown once and for all

Oh and you aint the only one who can track IP addresses IDIOT

Amazing = Soup

Calls Manny and Susan lazy reporters. He has a Napoleon complex and claims to have inside sources. Makes up racist characters to fluff out generalities. All of Cane nation laughs at him.

When's your next live chat with Manny and Susan?

And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Again I say to you since you cant seem to get it thru your thick head
Why do you run to that site to copy n paste then run back here to trash another site
If you have such an issue on that blog then why dont you go over there and say something instead of hiding under fake names over here. Man up for once in your sad little life and confront who it is that youre stalking or do you have to much work to do keeping your gay chat sites you own running
It really is sad to see a man stalking other bloggers. You do need help son
You dont like that blog and you show this blog no respect so please tell us what Cane blog you run to the most and like

Again I say...go monitor your 5 members on lamespace

I dont know or care how many members any site has
I just find it strange that you arent man enough to tell someone at that site what you think of them and just come to this blog and spout off
So Mr. Owner of gay chat sites where is your favorite Miami blog to stalk
It seems you have a problem understanding the question

So the guy sells it to that person known as Ohio Cane and you will stalk that place everyday doing your copy and paste
Be a man already and post on that site what you think should be done to make it better under the legit name you use ar come clean here as to what name you really go under
Ill be more then happy to put your name out for everyone that reads this site will know the true you and how you try and make a living
Maybe then you would give blogger stalking up

Why can't the Miami herald block the trolls? Can they put an end to the annoying trolling. It's pretty damn annoying.

If I were Ohio, i'd pay u 2 nickels for it

SOUP gets more advertising from you than anything he does on his own.


UF IS superior in education. Period. No questions. sorry.

seriously ... why do you Canes have such a Gator complex if you're so superior ?


Posted by: SouthFLGator

Hahaha - #38 to #58, you're wrong.

Al Golden = LEAVING! Wrong.
Tracy Howard = ALL GATOR! Wrong again.
Ryan Braun = GUILTY! Wrong again.

Sure looks like this gator troll is obsessed with Canes even after they move on to be MVP players in the pros, but he cannot predict his way out of a paper bag.

But then he belongs in a paper bag. Guy has serious issues, led to the destruction of his blog, and now he is trying to do the same here, with his multiple IDs.

Go back to your Gator blog and make excuses for AC Leonard, fool.

'He's no Tim Tebow. Why do I say that? First of all, Lin has a Harvard degree and Tebow got his college education at the University of Florida. That's like comparing a rocket scientist to a Honda mechanic.'

~ Uncle Luke

I think that the comment by the player who said that many left UM early because they didn't want to go through Golden's conditioning program is telling. These are players that exemplify an attitude that UM can no longer afford, and one that underlies the mediocrity we have seen for years. You know, so much tasldent, so little success. On and on.

Golden wants mentally and physically tough players. That has not been the hallmark of UM teams for a long time. Those that bolted were part of the problem. For the most part, they overvalued their skills and were hype driven, as Alonzo suggests.

We shall see a different culture of toughness and dedication that is long overdue at the U. Good news for the future. Watching Canes play their hearts out will energize the fans and the community once again!

mark it down

@ dbc

Perfectly said hermano!


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