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Time to book your ressies: ACC releases 2012 UM Canes football schedule


After waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally know the University of Miami football team's schedule for 2012.

The Atlantic Coast Conference released its composite ACC schedule this afternoon. See below for UM's league schedule.

UM opens at Boston College on Saturday, Sept. 1.

And Hurricanes fans, don't forget about these four nonconference matchups that already had been announced: Sept. 8 at Kansas State (10-3 in 2011), Sept. 15 at home (Sun Life Stadium) against Bethune-Cookman, Oct. 6 against Notre Dame (8-5 in 2011) at Soldier Field in Chicago, and South Florida at Sun Life Stadium on Nov. 17 (that's the game that was just moved a week ahead from the originally scheduled Nov. 24 date).

So, here it is, UM's complete football schedule for 2012:

Saturday, Sept. 1, at Boston College 

Saturday, Sept. 8, at Kansas State

Saturday Sept. 15,  home (Sun Life Stadium) against Bethune-Cookman

Saturday, Sept. 22, at Georgia Tech

Saturday, Sept. 29,  home against North Carolina State

Saturday, Oct. 6,  vs. Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago

Saturday, Oct. 13, home against North Carolina

Saturday, Oct. 20, home against Florida State


Thursday night, Nov. 1, home against Virginia Tech

Saturday, Nov. 10, at Virginia

Saturday, Nov. 17, home against USF

Saturday, Nov. 24, at Duke

ACC championship game is Saturday, Dec. 1, in Charlotte, N.C.



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Oh yeah - just saw the schedule and I see 8-0 up to our bye the Va Tech

It's not easy, but it's a better schedule than it's been in several years for the Canes. It's tough starting the season with 2 road games, but the Canes have a chance with this schedule.

I know we are to crush Bethune and start a new home win streak!!!!!!

At BC in september - good timing, although UM should have plenty of motivation to beat them even if it was in the dead of winter.

Love this schedule, hardest game on there is UNC, right after a big nationally televised game at Soldier Field and before a home game against our rivals, gotta keep them from looking ahead!

Awesome season, I already have my plane tickets to Chicago and FSU, Va Tech, and UNC are here in Miami.

Is there live UM football games on the internet??
if so please let me know the website.
I don't care if I need to paid for it.

That is a tough schedule.

Off-topic, did anyone see the U rated as one of the "Hottest Colleges" by Inside College publication?

I know all about the anytime anywhere anyone motto of the canes. But this is getting ridiculous. Who schedules these games? What genius, or shall I say, brain surgeon? Who is this astrophysicist?

Every cfb team, every single one puts on a patsy schedule the first few games. Ga tech went 6-0 last year for that reason. Florida, Even FSU. Who plays conference games their first game? Answer- only stupid Miami. And then to travel to KSU to play a tough team like KSU is ridiculous. I know back in the day it was no problem, but this is not back in the day, so smart people would and should adjust to the new reality.

Someone please help pme here.

That schedule is very doable.
3 away games to start will give our young guys a taste of the road.
Oct.6 th in Chicago will be one of our biggest and most anticipated games and everyone will be playing into positions and settling in for this one.
North Carolina should prepare us for Fla. State, and the bye week before Tech should give us a breather and a chance to heal and plan.
Va. and Duke to finish should wrap up a very interesting schedule.
I know that Coach G and his group will be planning and preparing way ahead so our 'Canes will have a schedule that should have us in the top 10 this year and watch out in 2013..
After all we are rebuilding and our young team will settle in..
This is very exciting to be a 'Cane, and our legacy, values, and commitment will be out there shining in the wonderful Florida sunlight for all to see.
We did it before and we will do it again..
Coach G will have them ready.
The 'Canes are back..
Go 'Canes.

F the haters. We gots this..like the famous president Aristole said these are the best of times and the worst of times. Weezy got this!

Man up, play the schedule, and win! U want the respect of the nation, return to the motto of old, "Anywhere, anytime!"

Man up is what I dooze.....holla back GO CANES!!

corpus - the other side is that UM has a great opportunity to rise very quickly in the rankings by winning their first two games.

They'll be on top of their division and the ACC by default for a week and then jump into the top 25 after beating a ranked and (previously) accomplished team at home in K-State.

Lord I hope I get to see my Canes up here pounding on Syracuse again in the future!! Go Canes!!

everyone better remember how many players bolted. this is a tough season for alot of young talent to grow. the future grows brighter with golden, but it would be asking alot to not stumble some this year. it will be great to watch these young kids grow with a COACH who is building a team not for a one year run, but to be nationally relevant for many years to come. i can't wait. GO CANES





Stumble all you want.

Beat Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame and the season's a success.

This is the best schedule for a very young team. To be the best you have to beat the best. Great way to get baptized into college football.

ESPN 360 - the name now - ESPN College Pass on ESPN Player. Good but no commercials at least overseas.

toUgh place to play


A good hard schedule. I could care less about our out of conference schedule except for USF. With USF there is in state recruiting at stake. We need to win that game.
Win the ACC coastal division, and bowl game. I will be a happy Cane Fan. I guess to many years of getting my hopes up only to watch the team not finish strong.

Damn that is a tough schedule....

This is a challenging schedule with the first 3 of 4 games on the road. As always, opposition fans (like K State) will be hungry to beat Miami. However, most of our tougher opponents are at home. If the Canes get of to a solid start, Sun Life should be filled for the at home games. Fan support is critical.

Starting on the road can be tough for a young team. One key will be QB play. I believe Moris could be very good for us, strong arm, quick feet, competitive and smart. We will need a solid running game, and Mike James needs to make his mark. I like Clements and am hopeful regarding Duke as well. WRs must seize the opportunity to excel. I like Dorsett and Hurns here. And, there are both lines and CB (come on down Tracy!).

So, this season could swing either way. I hope the Canes are ready to play smart and hard and win the early games on the road. We shall see. Coach Golden will move the program forward. It may happen early and I hope it does...


Ouch! Having a bad day?

Sure, I could throw in a few more "cliches". Do you dispute the content in the post? Isn't it hard for young teams to start out on the road? Isn' that a factor in determining outcome? Aren't the other points relevant in making predictions about the upcoming season? What's your analysis?

By the way, I have three degrees, including 2 graduate degrees from the UM. How about you? I've never been accused of being a "banal" writer. Funny stuff, man.

Seriously = Gator troll trying to stir up trouble.

Real ground-breaking analysis:
"Starting on the road can be tough for a young team."

HELLO, MCFLY, nobody had noted that yet, he has the RIGHT to comment on us going on the road again to start our season, to be in ACC play again to start the season, while your team is playing a free win at home to start the season.

You don't like his comments, ADD SOME OF YOUR OWN, rather than insulting folks that are not trolling on here, troll.

Seriously? You're critiquing a UM fan's contribution to this blog? Seriously?

You're a Gators fan who's so ashamed of how much time you spend trolling this blog that you change your name every post. Your entire existence here is pointless, you spend your days just hoping that some UM fan will get sucked into talking to you about your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports.

Seriously. We don't play you next year. You have no reason to care about UM football this season, you just have nothing else to spend your time obsessing over. Seriously.

dbc - I'm actually looking forward to seeing what UM has at the skill positions but I'm not nearly as optimistic as you on Stephen Morris. I hope he gets beat out by someone else, anyone else, I just don't like the player. He throws more interceptions per attempt than Jacory Harris, more than any other player in the NCAA.

I know that a lot of the love for Morris was really just hate for Jacory but Jacory is gone now. Time to find a real quarterback, and Morris hasn't been that.

Hey Seriously,

Of course others have pointed out that starting on the road is tough for a young team. That does not make it any less true or relevant in looking at the upcoming season. All the cliches that you list are also true. So what? I don't think that everything I post is a cliche, at least I hope not.

I don't have a constant Sportscenter loop, nor do I play Madden. Both can be bad for your neurological health. I consider myself a fairly astute fan who also played ball and love my Canes.

So, I try to share my observations on this blog and enjoy the astuteness of many who post here. I don't make my living analyzing sports, but rather analyzing people. So what are you so angry about, brother? If you've got good ideas on the topic at hand, put them out there.

As with Eudo's comment on Morris let's debate the concepts and not shoot the messenger on either side of an issue.

uh oh...

Seriously has something up his ____ today!

Ahh how I love those gaytard trolls. Only thing I don't like about them really is the stench. It's so mediocre.

I love this schedule. BRING IT ON!!!Damn I can't wait to get my hands on my season tickets.

In regards to Stephen Morris... This kid seriously hasn't been given a true shot at the position, IMO. He made some mistakes in the mary-land game that were, in fact, inexcusable. He's had 2 offensive coordinators so far. Now he's got a year under his belt with this new system and hopefully he'll put on a good show during spring ball. I love this kids' passion when he plays. He sometimes does make decisions that are hastily, maybe even rushes the play a bit, but the kid has something positive about him when he has the ball in his hands. Lets wait till spring to judge him.


This Curse is still one dumb Pig

U had to bring the Mighty Gators into this boring crap-cake of a schedule conversation.
What a scary ACC schedule, least you can do is play a couple of good teams OOC. Even so your "young" girls will struggle mightily and will probably lose as many games as last year.
Who is Morris going to throw to, apart form the opposing DBs? Who's your top RB? Who's gonna stop the opposing offense? Al Golden will. He can play any position, and will need to.
Your schedule is a joke because you play in the worst conference.

No he is right The SEC div where the Turds play is sorry. The turds schedule is a joke. Admit it. Be a man Jeremy Foley and UF trustees. be a man. Play OOC out of state. Playing in yes the very tough SEC is no longer a valid excuse. Players are familiar with opposing stadiums and noise, and coaches know each others playbooks like the palm of their hands. Not the same as travelling across country to Oregon, Columbus, Cali, texas, Oklahoma, Boise, or Manhattan Kansas. And no the bowls dont count. Bowls are typicaly either neutral or heavily supported by well travelled teams. Go to 98,000 Columbus to play the Luckeyes, where they hate you as much as they do the canes, and see how hard that is.

Instead, you schedule Bowling Green. Yeah theyre in Ohio as well

Wheres jax State? In Florida?

No he is wrong and so are you. The SEC East is light years ahead than the Coastal and your other crappy ACC division. FSU is the OOC tough opponent every year. Besides that the annual January bowl game does count, just because the sorry canes either fail to go to a bowl or get creamed when they do it still counts.
Don't be such a sore loser that you change the names of teams better than you, like OSU. Typical loser cane wannabe.

Hmm, let's compare the comments of Canes fans like DBC with the comments of Gator fans on Gator Clause over the past two weeks.

What? No comments since before Valentines Day? In fact, a fake comment using my ID be the namechanging troll?

You have no room to complain about the quality of comments on here, when your blog is a complete cesspool thanks to your efforts there.

And at the first bit of criticism of your trolling, you jump to your old standby, accusing strangers of being lovers. A real shame that you don't even have another troll to love you, except for your mom.

Yeah, I went there, because it is a level that your weak mind can understand, barely.

Congratulations, your failure on both blogs is complete.

You are not our rivals, we play you once every five years and we're not playing you next season. None of you nameless trolls are football fans. You are internet blog fans. Don't forget that.

It's true that Morris hasn't had a full year as starter and there's no doubt that he's got a live arm. I won't be disappointed if he earns the starting job but I hope that he really does have to beat out competition for it.


Ryan Williams will be the QB next year. Much better than Morris under similar circumstances.

Typical troll stupidity in action:

Claim 1. No ACC teams are tough.
Claim 2. FSU is a tough OOC opponent.

Do you gentlemen want to tell the troll, or let it's ignorance stand for a while?

You have no room to complain about the quality of comments on here, when this blog is a complete cesspool thanks to your efforts there.

And at the first bit of criticism of your trolling, you jump to your old standby, same old tired crapola. A real shame that you don't even have another troll to love you, not even your mom.

Couldn't have said it any better, Curse Pig. You have been owned and you are now.....


BTW, may God have mercy on your lonely, pityful existence.

I was thinking that Ryan Williams transferred for some reason (maybe I was thinking of Forcier) - that's a legitimate competition right there!

Now I have someone to root for in the spring game! Good call five titles!

PS - you're all high school girls. STFU, no one cares about your internet rivalry.


Forcier did transfer out due to the realization that the job would not be handed to him. From that we got Ryan Williams who always wanted to be here and is from South Florida (Miramar High). He took his team to the state game but can't remember if he won it or not. The position is Morris's to lose but if anyone can take it would be Ryan IMO. I've seen a couple of practices, during the season, and the kid looks good. I didn't see too much because I was concentrating more on WR's and DB's. April 14th will tell.


@ Five Titles

Let it stand for awhile and lets see how long that last.

You going to the spring game?

C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!

finally no bye in the 2nd or 3rd week.

We should be 5-0 going into facing ND in cheecago. We beat them and the NC is ours.


TheU has one of the younger rosters in the country, but is loaded with talent. Heres my projected 2-deep

QB- Morris, Williama
Rb- James, Clements, (special plays Duke)
Fb- Hagans,James
Wr- Hurns, Dorsett, Scott, (one of the freshmans)
TE- Clive, Dye, Cleveland
RT- Henderson
RG- Bunche
C- Lender
LG- Johnson
LT- Feliciano
P- Botts

FS- Telemaq,Bush
SS- Ray Ray, Jenkins
LC- Mcgee, Crawford
OL- Perryman,Cain
ML- Gains,Kirby
DE- Chick,Hamilton-Mccord
DE- Green,Gamible
DT- Smith,Ivery-Moore

PR- Dorsett- Angelo Jean,Duke
KR- same

8-4 season this year but next year on we going
to be giving teams hell.

All Bout TheU

Posted by: rich

Nice job Rich - thats why the U fans are the greatest in Miami-Dade County. HOLLA

Susan is reporting that Morris had back surgery and will be limited in Spring ball. Opens the door wide for Williams to take the spot. Should be an interesting spring.

Ryan Williams is a Miami kid? And Morris had surgery?

Awesome! I'm all in on Ryan Williams, hopefully one of those guys steps up and makes it obvious who the starter should be.

Most miserable city in america and now #1 for identity theft. We number 1 in sumpin

Nice post Rich. The only thing that I would consider "adding" would be Taylor Gadbois somewhere on the Oline. Otherwise great lineup.

Eudo... Yup our boy Ryan is from Miramar High. Candy randy ignored him completely and somehow he ended up at Memphis something college, can't remember right now. He got thrown in as a true freshman with no Oline whatsoever and he was stuck running for his life. Since he sat out a year due to transfer rules he's had the time to learn this system and get himself ready mentally and physically.

I can't believe that Morris had "back surgery"!! Guess it's gonna be the Ryan Williams show. Kid does have good size at 6'6" and 220lbs as of last season on the roster. Who knows where he's at now. Hopefully Morris can do something...Best wishes to a speedy recovery and to Gianni Paul who's crutching around campus.

C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!


Nice lineup. I don't see an IL on the defense. What are your thoughts there? We need 11 guys, man!

Appreciate the discussion on Morris and Williams. Hope Morris recovers quickly, and he may, depending on the surgical procedure used.

Word is that Williams has a strong arm, as well as obvious size, but is not very mobile. Sounds like he will be featured in spring ball. Isn't the kid from Texas an early enrollee as well? Not sure about the others, but Crow and Thompson might be in the mix too.

I think Morris could be very good. I like a QB who can run and who has, as Fisch said, "an elite arm." I hope he gets a shot. Yes, he must cut down on INTS, and the one at the end of the Maryland game comes to mind (as does the previous Maryland game). But he is a tough kid and a competitor.

Nice to see great football talk on this blog again. Makes you see how many knowledgable fans reside in Canes nation, who can respectfully disagree with each other on ideas. We are coming into a transition year that I hope will surprise all Canes.

Well said DBC. It's about time we pulled together, put our differences aside and joined up for one common cause.

Could the Canes Nation finally be coming together?

I absolutely hope so. NOW FILL JOE ROBBIE!!!


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!

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