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Time to book your ressies: ACC releases 2012 UM Canes football schedule


After waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally know the University of Miami football team's schedule for 2012.

The Atlantic Coast Conference released its composite ACC schedule this afternoon. See below for UM's league schedule.

UM opens at Boston College on Saturday, Sept. 1.

And Hurricanes fans, don't forget about these four nonconference matchups that already had been announced: Sept. 8 at Kansas State (10-3 in 2011), Sept. 15 at home (Sun Life Stadium) against Bethune-Cookman, Oct. 6 against Notre Dame (8-5 in 2011) at Soldier Field in Chicago, and South Florida at Sun Life Stadium on Nov. 17 (that's the game that was just moved a week ahead from the originally scheduled Nov. 24 date).

So, here it is, UM's complete football schedule for 2012:

Saturday, Sept. 1, at Boston College 

Saturday, Sept. 8, at Kansas State

Saturday Sept. 15,  home (Sun Life Stadium) against Bethune-Cookman

Saturday, Sept. 22, at Georgia Tech

Saturday, Sept. 29,  home against North Carolina State

Saturday, Oct. 6,  vs. Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago

Saturday, Oct. 13, home against North Carolina

Saturday, Oct. 20, home against Florida State


Thursday night, Nov. 1, home against Virginia Tech

Saturday, Nov. 10, at Virginia

Saturday, Nov. 17, home against USF

Saturday, Nov. 24, at Duke

ACC championship game is Saturday, Dec. 1, in Charlotte, N.C.



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Canetillidie not sure did any one answer your question miramar won the state championship that year.

losing to the worst Vandy team in 10 years. Same ol' Gatr garbage.

Same Vandy team that went to a bowl game and beat up on ACC's Wake. One of the better Vandy teams in years as a matter of fact. But then again this garbage is coming from a delUsional cane clown.

BTW I never said there are no tough teams in the ACC, you do have two, Va Tech and FSU. Somewhat tough, but lacking elite status like the top of the SEC, Big 12, PAC 10 and Big 10.

The Catholics are waiting for U convicts and atheists in Chicago. They have the Pope on their side and will surely cream U again.
KSU is coming off a great season and is ready to crush U again. They will have a packed stadium and will heckle U to submission.
FSU coming to the rent a stadium is another home game............for FSU. Just like 2 years ago No Life Stadium will be dressed in Garnet and Gold, the War Chant will be heard loud and clear. The Noles will undress U again.

Clueless troll, they are talking about the Gators losing to unranked Vandy in basketball.

And it took you two days to notice the contradiction in your statements and try to weasel out of them? Wow.

So, by your definition, the ACC doesn't suck, AND we face the top of that competition EVERY year.

Time for another name change, clueless troll.

To Recap:

Miami beats FSU, we are told that 15th ranked FSU is a mediocre barely top 20 team, and so there is no reason to celebrate the win.

Sub .500 Georgia and unranked Vanderbilt beats UF, we are told that 13th ranked UF is an awesome top 20 team, and so there is no reason to worry about their losses.

Clueless troll trying to bring religion into it again. Typical of it to try to change the subject when it loses an argument so clearly.

Tell us about how the losses to Georgia and Vandy in basketball and to Cal State Fullerton in baseball don't matter again? It's always good for a laugh.

Gators are falling fast in the standings. you were 7th based on your early weak schedule, just like in football. Now that you are facing teams that are not paid for freebies, you are losing, over and over, just like in football.

Ugh, hey Gators troll - talking up FSU???

Florida State is your actual football rival, you should be ashamed of yourself for letting your fake internet rivalry overtake what I can only assume was at one point a genuine interest in UF's football program.

One thing's for sure, there's no pop gun arms in this year's quarterback competition - Williams or Morris, either one can make the big throws.

Glad to hear Reggie Johnson's reinstated, I don't follow UM basketball too closely but apparently they have a shot at the tournament this year - either way I'll be watching in the ACC tournament, I don't think any of the big dogs want to play UM this season!

Eudo, Miami's current seeding means we might not even face the Big Two until the third round, Final Four.

Round 1 (based on today's standings, we are in a first round tie for fourth with Virginia, but lose the tiebreaker)

Duke bye
North Carolina bye
Florida State bye
Virginia bye
Miami versus BC
NC State versus GT
Clemson versus Wake
Maryland versus VT

Assuming the higher seeds win Round 1.

Round 2

Duke versus Maryland
North Carolina versus Clemson
Florida State versus NC State
Virginia versus Miami

A Miami upset of Virginia (not tough to see since we lost to them by 1 in their house when they were at their best and we were still playing Haithball) and we get:

Round 3

Duke versus Miami
North Carolina versus Florida State

Final Four in the ACC, not out of reach. A couple more wins, and a Virginia loss, and we can even get a first round bye and be in even better shape for an ACC run.

When will sorry gator fans learn?

They lambast UM fans for talking up our 5 national championships, because that's all they have. No wait. They also have the SEC. Let us all chant in unison, "SEC, SEC, SEC". Yeah. that's all you have gators.

5 national championships in an outdated system? Oh really? Ok. This venerable (to you) BCS system, allowed FSU to play Oklahoma in 2000 when UM had beaten then #1 FSU head to head, had the same record, similar schedule and they play Oklahoma,,, only to get a boring sleeper blow out of 22-0. Miami, and much more complete team than FSU with excellent passing and running, would have given Oklahoma fits, and in fact, our D, which did excepetionally well against Chris Weinke-Boldin's high flying offense, would have beaten Oklahoma, and were it not for a fraudulent ref in 2002, would have won an unprecedented 3 BCS championships in a row.


Take that to First Federal savings of Alachua county.

Too bad, I wouldn't put it past UM to upset Duke or UNC in one game but I don't like their chances of beating two good ACC teams like BC and UVA in a row.

Still, from what I hear they only need to win a game or two in the ACC tournament to have a shot at the big dance and a team with a dominant big like Reggie Johnson can definitely make some noise!

corpus - wasn't that in the Orange Bowl? If so I was there, pretty sure Florida State got a safety making it whatever OK's score was to two.

I remember the safety as well.

22-0 was our score against Nebraska in a different title game, corpus.


13-2. Sleep inducing, and certain that Miami trounces OU in that game.

Game was so pathetic, that not even an Oklahoma fan with a Wikipedia account has done more than put the basics in there.

Compare that to the detailed accounts for the
1984, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995, 2002 and 2003 title games that the Canes were in. When Miami plays, people care, even the obsessed haters.

@ TallyCane

Thanks hermano, I couldn't remember at that specific moment but then I remembered an article about Ryan Williams during the time of his transfer about his accomplishments at Miramar. Thanks man.

Go U!!!

@ Same as it ever was ....

Easy to say all of that but you're not thinking straight. All those games had one thing that helped every one of the teams win those games that's not here anymore. I'll give you a minute because I know you need it. Can't figure out what it is?? Then I'll be nice enough to tell you.

Jacory Harris is no longer on the team. The main reason that gave those teams, you spoke of, the edge to win those games. He held us back so many times. Literally handed picks to other teams, and under threw so many passes that would have been TD's had he hit his WR in stride instead of having them slow down allowing every and any DB to catch up and make a play.

Now re-contemplate what you posted earlier and see what you come up with. Chances are that you are so ignorant that you will continue to see things the way you always have. That's just because you're a douche. Now you know.


Yeah that score was 13 to 2 Oklahoma. Mennis and the Qb overslept and missed the final exam. Miami beat fsu that year and got. Robbed of an opportunity to play in nc.

tough schedule..If we beat F$U and ND..I'm happy

Buckle your chin straps. We got to scratch and claw our way back into the national dance. It's the UM way. Let other teams have the pillow fights in the beginning of the year. I say - Lets GO!!!

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