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UM Canes football releases two-deep depth chart for spring -- QB Stephen Morris out!

 It's that time of year again. Football is upon us, as evidenced by the two- (and sometimes three) deep depth chart just released by the Miami Hurricanes.

And QB Stephen Morris is out for the spring, according to a note below the depth chart, and as just confirmed by UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet. Morris underwent back surgery two days ago, according to Freet, who said he didn't learn of the surgery until late last night and was originally told he was "limited.''

 If Morris is out, then Memphis quarterback transfer Ryan Williams, who sat out last year learning the offense, will have a great opportunity to show his stuff. But it's unfortunate for the quarterback situation in general. Competition makes everyone better.

Apparently, Morris hurt himself doing some sort of training -- not sure if it was weight-room connected.

There are some definite surprises below, but remember that coach Al Golden makes up this depth chart based on how these players have been doing in their offseason conditioning program, etc. Plus, we figure he's trying to light some fires.

Here it is folks:



First team: Ryan Williams

Second team: Gray Crow

Third team: Preston Dewey


First team: Mike James

Second team: Eduardo Clements

Third team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Maurice Hagens

Second team: Mike James


First team: Allen Hurns

Second team: Rashawn Scott


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Kendal Thompkins


First team: Asante Cleveland

Second team: Clive Walford


First team: Malcolm Bunche

Second team: Ereck Flowers


First team: Jon Feliciano

Second team: Jeremy Lewis


First team: Shane McDermott

Second team: Jared Wheeler


First team: Brandon Linder

Second team: Ben Jones


First team: Jermaine Johnson

Second team: Seantrel Henderson



First team: Anthony Chickillo

Second team: Ricardo Williams


First team: Darius Smith

Second team: Junior Alexis


First team: Olsen Pierre

Second team: Curtis Porter


First team: Shayon

Second team: Dwayne Hoilett


First team: Kelvin Cain

Second team: Eddie Johnson

Third team: Josh Witt


First team: James Gaines

Second team: Gionni Paul

Third team: Raphael Kirby


First team: Tyrone Cornileus

Second team: Denzel Perryman


First team: Larry Hope

Second team: Ladarius Gunter


First team: Ray-Ray Armstrong

Second team: A.J. Highsmith


First team: Andrew Swasey

Second team: Vaughn Telemaque


First team: Thomas Finnie

Second team: Keion Payne

Third team: Brandon McGee



First team: Jake Wieclaw

Second team: Matt Goudis


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Jake Wieclaw


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Ricardo Williams

Practice, closed to the public, begins Saturday.



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Larry Hope??? There is no hope for that unbelievably inexperienced chart.



Is Seantrel Henderson really that far behind?

Sorry, this might be a dumb question; but, what is H?

H = holder

There you go.

Now don't freak out people. Remember last spring?? Whippy was the starting QB on the depth chart. Golden loves to light those fires so give it time. I'm a firm believe the football players play better with they're angry lol..


I'm a firm believer that you are a Kool-Aid snorting moron. Lose the tie romance doofus.

Starting Safety is Armstrong according to Miami's website. The other is Swasey with Telemaque behind in at the FS spot. You also got to remember that Miami has the #1 Corner coming from the 2012 class. You will for sure see him taking that spot from Larry Hope. I don't know much about Tyrone Cornelius, can anybody tell me anything about him? Seems that Denzel Perryman had a great season, which I expected him as a starter. Wonder if this is one of those players they are trying to get fired up.

Dag - swasey over telemarketer?!?

Dallas Crawford can't help with db depth? If Duke Johnson isn't redshirting then the simple math says one of the four running backs will be wasted.

Are any of the linebackers big enough to play end? I'm guessing not but the front 8 has pretty unbalanced depth.

@ Eudocimus01 I went and looked at Dallas Crawfords tape he just had talent and athleticism across the board. I think Miami/coaching staff is trying to feel that hole that lamar left so they just want to see if Dallas is a playmaker. Also you got to remember Mike James is a bruiser so they are probably looking at a rotation and who knows if one of the backs gets injury. Plus next year you got to remember Mike James will be gone so they probably want to build some depth there. I am also curious to see what they do with duke and how well duke adapts to the college game/speed. I think if you use duke right you could cause a lot of trouble for teams. i.e do a couple no huddle runs then do a no huddle 5 wide-out set with duke in the slot and make a slow linebacker try to cover him.

It should be obvious there will be changes as the offseason progresses.

This depth chart will surely look much different by the time the BC game comes around in Boston. This depth chart is not that consequential.

I remember when Damien Berry was switched from D-Back to Running Back. That worked out quite well for us.

The Canes gonna look horrific this season, there's no stud at QB or running back. This team is going to slautered, I think they're gonna be worst than the previous talents. What happened to the U, this has become everybody's welcome mat.

we will be good. cant give opponents the 411 to soon. we give them our depth chart a day or two before game time they cant prep from this chart

hahahahahahahaaaaa! Either A) There are a bunch of cry baby Cane fans on here not realizing that this is just the end of Feb/1st of March or B) They're a bunch of imposter Semenhole or Gaytur fans which is probably the case but PUHLEASE!!!!! I saved this depth chart and will compare when the final depth chart is released. Some glaring things that stand out. Denzel Perryman at 2nd string? Ray Ray at 1st string? Seantrel at 2nd string? I can almost guarantee those will change unless we're just weak as PI** at Safety. Ray Ray has been such a flop to date. I hope it changes but the proof is in the pudding and Denzel? He'll be starting unless he gets hurt; he is a BEAST and if they had a stat for most players injured, I can almost bet he will lead that category b/c he lays the wood when he hits someone. Stephen Morris will be back battling for that spot come summer ball. RELAX people!

I refuse to get too down over this QB situation. But It is getting off to a bad start. This team will start off very green and the early schedule isn't tough but it sure isn't easy either. We all have to relax like the man says. Let's see how everyone looks coming out of Spring. I don't expect to be disappointed this season like last. I expect 8-4 or 7-5. Considering the schedule and our talent, I think that would be a great season to build on down the road. Anyone expecting a lot more is just setting themselves up for heat break.

Hate this blog, you can't correct typo's or respond directly to others comments.

Looks like we're gonna be in trouble this year.... I hope they prove me wrong. So far i'm not impressed.


N ........ I ........ T

Williams was a starter at Memphis. He threw for more than 2000 yards with 12 TD's and 10 INT's as a freshman before he transferred. As for the depth charter, that's a reflection of progress in conditioning. It will be different in the fall. Also if you haven't heard of these kids, it doesn't mean they can't play, it just mean YOU haven't heard of them.

By the time the Legislature is out of session, the value of that UTrailer diploma will be less than today's crap value. Talk about gutted. The budget cuts for the public education system make the UTrailer football team look loaded at QB.

Get out while you can. Don't waste 7 years of undergrad to learn what would take 2 at any other school.

So what's Ur latest U Hoops excUse ?

HOOPS TEAM: BUNCH OF GUTLESS, CHOKING, QUITTING, DESIRELSS, SOFT, PANZIES. Sorry but its true. Just when they had a chance to go on the road, make a statementto the NCAA, they fold like a 3 dollar bill. P-is-ses me off.

I know it's only spring, and the position is relatively insignificant, but Ricardo Williams as second string holder? I don't know if I've ever seen a DE anywhere on the depth chart for that job. Weird/interesting...

I am not worried one bit. FEAR THE TIE!!!!!!! One ACC Championship coming up!

U can't spell N.I.T. without U.M.

Those are from the weight room the ones who worked out the hardest. Glad Golden makes his players reliable.

What a dUmp of a depth "charter". It's only spring U clUcks, suppose to be the best time of the year for pansies like U. But this spring U girls are scared, can't blame U. U got no depth and very poor talent. Fear the tie, drink up the Golden Kool Aid fools. Watch those Beagles from Boston give U a tough game or beat U straight up and then lose the rest of their games, Maryland redux.
Some of U fools talking hoops, can U say lose in the first round of the NIT? Losers and chUmps.

Gators ... 4-5 Seed

U ........... 17-18 Seed

Wow, seem like trouble for the ACC pansies coming up. Golden Retriever better go fetch better talent, what he has now suxxxxs.

U Hoops ... Same as it Never was.

Posted by: Curse is still a dumb Pig

" I think I'm very smart. I think the canes are the best team in the ACC and the ACC is the best conference in the land. "

Time to stop "thinking" fool, that Golden Kool Aid is not only rotting your teeth it's also rotting your pea sized brain.
You are still the dumbest pig around, no matter what you think.

Hey, Morris is not going to practice this spring. The BC corners sure hope he is ready for the first game, they wish him a speedy recovery.


I would add they are also PANSIES and DESIRE LESS, apart from that U got it covered. Same goes for the football girls.

Someone turn the lights back on. The cockroaches are scurrying about again i see.

APB on Dyron Dye!
Ray ray and Dyron??? What a joke
DeBose will score at least 10 TDs in 12
U fools got, like always, the sh i tty end of the deal

(plus Michael & CANETILLIDIE....DH, above)
I expect the backup Holder is QB Ryan Williams, not DE Ricardo Williams. The UM website just lists "R. Williams", but you would expect a "hands guy" like a QB to hold on FG's & PAT's.
Starting Holder/Punter Dalton Botts was a high school QB and played some JUCO QB.
Nice coverage as usual.

North Carolina State 77, Miami 73:

Miami’s NCAA hopes took a big hit with the road loss. UM fell to 3-10 against top-100 teams.

Today's relevant cane headlines:

1- Stephen Morris unable to practice this spring due to surgery. Opposing DBs send their best wishes.

2- Hoops team suffers another road loss and NCAA hopes dim. NIT all the way, never had shot at big dance.

DeBose has only been at UF for 2 years, he did not play his freshmen year due to injury. His second year started slow but he came on strong at the second half and played very well. He is the top returning WR for the Gators.
Hammond has played on and off and is still there.
Patchan has played well when healthy.
Brantley was having a very good year until he got hurt.
RBs in the past 12 yrs is such a wild and over the top misstatement that warrants no response.
None of these players have been busts as you imply.
It is safe to say DeBose is better than any of the receivers on UM's roster right now.

Yo cane clowns, the ACC suxxxs! Ur top QB is out with injury so what U gonna do? Play on the the 3 unknown stooges? Can Goldencrap also play QB?
Mike James Ur best RB??? Who's gonna block for him? Can Goldencrap play OL?
U call that a Defense? Swiss cheese? Can Goldencrap play DL? LB? DB? Don't think so. Its gonna be a long season for cane trash, pull out your hankies. Wait till next year I hear U cry. Again? Same crap all over. What a dUmp of a program and garbage of a school.
Hey but that tie looks good. Bunch of chUmps and scUMbags keep snorting the Golden Kool Aid along with Ur assorted pill mill ware.
Good thing U play in the ACC, imagine if U played in a real conference.


'cane trash'?

Are you really so unimaginative that you have to regurgitate insults that don't even make sense when applied to UM?

Put a little effort into it, you spend your entire life following the Canes, might as well do the best you can.

Sorry dummy but Gators are the kings of busts!!
Straight up you pole smokers have been top 5 in recruiting 5 staright years= 7-6

And hey you got straight up greased by any good team you played. Not even in any game





Are you really so unimaginative and inmature that you have to make up insults that don't even make sense when applied to UF?

Put a little effort into it, you spend your entire life envying the Gators, might as well do better than that.

Straight up you pole smokers have been top 5 in recruiting 5 staright years= 7-6

No dummy cane clown, it equals one NC won, a top 3 finish another yr missing the NC by a one game SEC ship loss and 2 off years with 7 - 6 better than 6 - 6.

And hey you got straight up greased by any good team you played. Not even in any game

Again a lot better than getting creamed by not one, but two bottom dwellers that one won one more game, and greased by any good team played as well.

You're on a UM blog in the Miami Herald homie, who's the one obsessed with another team here?

And of course there are no trailer parks in Miami and that insult is tailor made for Gainesville.

And of course the University of Florida's mascot is the Gator, hence the play on words.

And of course there are no trailer parks in Miami

Said the dummy cane clown, when in fact there are more trailer parks in Miami than in Gainesville.
So you don't like canetrash, you want a play on words. Miami is UM so how about scUMbag. You like that one better homie?

There's more trash in Miami than in G ville so canetrash fits nicely too.

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