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UM Canes football releases two-deep depth chart for spring -- QB Stephen Morris out!

 It's that time of year again. Football is upon us, as evidenced by the two- (and sometimes three) deep depth chart just released by the Miami Hurricanes.

And QB Stephen Morris is out for the spring, according to a note below the depth chart, and as just confirmed by UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet. Morris underwent back surgery two days ago, according to Freet, who said he didn't learn of the surgery until late last night and was originally told he was "limited.''

 If Morris is out, then Memphis quarterback transfer Ryan Williams, who sat out last year learning the offense, will have a great opportunity to show his stuff. But it's unfortunate for the quarterback situation in general. Competition makes everyone better.

Apparently, Morris hurt himself doing some sort of training -- not sure if it was weight-room connected.

There are some definite surprises below, but remember that coach Al Golden makes up this depth chart based on how these players have been doing in their offseason conditioning program, etc. Plus, we figure he's trying to light some fires.

Here it is folks:



First team: Ryan Williams

Second team: Gray Crow

Third team: Preston Dewey


First team: Mike James

Second team: Eduardo Clements

Third team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Maurice Hagens

Second team: Mike James


First team: Allen Hurns

Second team: Rashawn Scott


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Kendal Thompkins


First team: Asante Cleveland

Second team: Clive Walford


First team: Malcolm Bunche

Second team: Ereck Flowers


First team: Jon Feliciano

Second team: Jeremy Lewis


First team: Shane McDermott

Second team: Jared Wheeler


First team: Brandon Linder

Second team: Ben Jones


First team: Jermaine Johnson

Second team: Seantrel Henderson



First team: Anthony Chickillo

Second team: Ricardo Williams


First team: Darius Smith

Second team: Junior Alexis


First team: Olsen Pierre

Second team: Curtis Porter


First team: Shayon

Second team: Dwayne Hoilett


First team: Kelvin Cain

Second team: Eddie Johnson

Third team: Josh Witt


First team: James Gaines

Second team: Gionni Paul

Third team: Raphael Kirby


First team: Tyrone Cornileus

Second team: Denzel Perryman


First team: Larry Hope

Second team: Ladarius Gunter


First team: Ray-Ray Armstrong

Second team: A.J. Highsmith


First team: Andrew Swasey

Second team: Vaughn Telemaque


First team: Thomas Finnie

Second team: Keion Payne

Third team: Brandon McGee



First team: Jake Wieclaw

Second team: Matt Goudis


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Jake Wieclaw


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Ricardo Williams

Practice, closed to the public, begins Saturday.



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If nothing else, U the dumbass gets points for originality and a sense of humor, if not a knowledge of history. I'll take what's in Miami's review view mirror against Florida's history any day. Truth be told, I don't see a lot of success in the Gator's future, but only time will tell. In the meantime, though, I'm going to watch Al Golden execute a plan over the coming years and see what happens. Hopefully, UM's gridiron performance grinds the Gators into the dirt, but what do I know?

@ Casino...

Damn you're dumb. I merely answered a question about what did the "H" stand for. I could careless who catches and holds the ball for the kicker as long as they don't mess up. True it should be a "hands guy" as you said such as a QB in case the play is botched and we have to throw a quick pass but other than that Sebastian the Ibis can hold it for all I care.

Read the whole post before you make a comment. Send that to Susan if you feel so inclined. Good Lord.


Posted by: alabamacane



GO U!!!!!


Hey LOSERTILLIDIE....DH maybe Sebastian the Ibis can play QB for U clUcks. Seems like she has as good skill set as the other dopes U got.
But U are right it's time for U to celebrate the Spring, after all it's the best time of the year to be a cane.....the practices don't count, all the cane girls look good without pads. Wait til the fall for U clUcks to start jumping off the Golden bandwagon.

Sorry but the Canes got greased by NOBODY last year, and for comparisons, we played FSU close, UF wasnt even in the game, and the only TD you Pole Smokers got wassnt from the Offense.
Next, ya we GREASED OSU with 6 starters on probation you girls didnt do as well.

Haha, yup, more trailer parks in Miami than in Gainesville, no doubt!

If THE U was in the SEC, we would win it every year. Would you still chant, "SEC, SEC, SEC?" I wish we would go the SEC and blow all these 'necks out.

Canetrash you vitriol is so hilarious that to come here and write that dribble is a joke.
Pedro you wish that you were a 'Cane fan.
"Same as it ever was" with the frantic screams. Wow.

Get your licks in now because we are talking about a Spring chart people so get excited and write the crap because come gametime we are set and both the Gayturd and the Nole Coaches are on the hot seat with what is expected...did anyone say top 10 Class.

We have a very reasonable schedule and we will be working in the newbies who are very talented..

The 'Canes are going to surprise a lot of people this year and that is good because, for 30 feet and 9 points last year we would have had a better record than any Florida team..
It hurts when our legacy gets in the face of all those screamers on this blog..
I love it...So
Scream and write all the junk you can muster..but the Canes have the National Horsepower to out draw you guys nationwide..the talent to win.. and the Coaches to make it happen...
We are the 'Canes, and the jealousy of all thing 'Canes should be expected.
By the way we got Tracy you dolts did not.Envious.
Go 'Canes

8 in a Row and 10 outta the last 11 ...

people people please calm down this is not a game-day depth-chart much like last years all this is to push the true starters out so they don't expected to be given there job that we all know they will get like safety Vaughn Telemaque behind Andrew Swasey no-one really believes that thats goin to happen come magee just like last year will start and as the summer goes on the name we expect to start will

Man this is great.... competition baby!!!! I’m glad to see Asante Cleveland doing good in the off-season. Asante showed great hands his freshmen year(hope he bulked up a little). Asante + an athletic Clive Walford = nice underneath passes along with big targets to hit in the red zone. Also I didn’t see Jalen Grimble(DE/DT) or Stacy King(DT) on the chart. Curtis Porter showed some flashes against BC but can he take the next step and stay injury free and good conditioning. Plus we have the addition of freshmen’s (pending coach D and Jethro Franklin’s approval w/ Coach Golden) Earl Moore, Dequan Ivery, the kid from the Acadiana area Jacoby Briscoe.. Also I want to see if Cory White is going to be used with his size as a good blocking tight end. Sept 15,2012 I will be looking forward to the battle of the bands between THE PRIDE VS THE BAND OF THE HOUR... A CLASSIC!!!!!!!

Dont Drop the Soap!!


JAcorry Harris>> Driskel> Brantley

Bethune Cookman >> Furman

Any ACC team >> Kentucky

Duke>> FAU

My high school team > UAB

Comparing Gainseville with Miami is like comparing Oprah Winfrey with Kate Upton. Please.

November 9, 2006 - Tampa Tribune = UF jacks up their rates in "fees" by 500 dollars, money not covered by the Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid College Progams. Uses the money on some shady deals rather than in improving the school, and the school's ranking plummets.

"We want more money for a worse product" is apparently what Bernie Machen is saying.

Florida's ranking in US News and World Report is in freefall, from 47th to now 58th, while the Univeristy of Miami has supplanted it as the top college and the ONLY state school in the Top 50, moving from 61st up to 38th.

January 13, 2012, and Bernie is at it again:

University of Florida President Bernard Machen said students seeking a so-called STEM degree — in science, technology, engineering or mathematics — should pay more than an education major, for example.

The country is in need of STEM graduates, and Bernie wants to charge them more, rather than give students an incentive to go into those fields.

He can already get a 15% increase without legistlative approval, and he wants even MORE, for a degree that is becoming worth less and less. Bailing out those football and basketball players gets expensive, I guess.

Meanwhile, will the money be going to the teachers? No. Their 3% (yep, only 20% of the total increase goes to the teachers, the rest goes???) raise is on hold, and good teachers are leaving UF for greener pastures. Yes, some others have been fired for teaching while stoned, or for making racist comments to the classroom, or for having sex with their students in return for better grades, but the few quality teachers UF has are leaving for places like U Buffalo for a better opportunity to teach better students.

So, Gator troll, want to try telling us again how UF is a better school? We need a good laugh!

Them Felon fans are angry...I cant understand for the life of me why fans from a lesser school with less history would come here and talk smack.We (THE U )changed college foot ball and my most memorable moment of the gators was a game I went to at the windless swamp and steve spurrier punted on third down. Later he was asked why and he said "well, if we cant run the ball or throw the ball , we may as well give it back to them". Thats inbreeding at its finest...punting on third down ...College football is great!

Thanks curse is still a dumb pig. U hit the nail on the head...

Agree that Golden will not settle for less than full effort. Let's say goodbye to mediocrity. Guys will have to work to win a starting job, and that's how it ought to be at every position.

Sorry to see Morris out, but look forward to Williams (and others) stepping up.

Also agreed Curse, Turds are talking trash(trailer) when they just finished 7-6????

Are you seriously kidding me?

And who is their next great QB this year with NO experience?? Wait for it...wait for it...crickets

Sure wish I could be there for the private practice this weekend to see the new QB's toss the ball around. I wish UM would have sent me my invite a little sooner so I could arrange my schedule.

I sure hope the ncaa stuff doesn't tame our enthusiasm. Wish they announce it so we can find out punishment and move on.

Doesnt matter foley...We already started our own punishment last year and that will take some of the sting out of it. They are gonna do what they are gonna do anyway. At least we have some of it behind us.


Tyler Perry>> Matt Patchan

Jerry Sandusky>> Jeremy Foley

Lamar Miller - better 40 time than Chris Rainey

DT is the key as always.We will be fine the schedule is tough early but we have tech and state at home.Not that it has helped lately.One can hope we finally start having a home field advantage.Like everything but our DTs.The roster will turn over next year and if you notice mostly freshman and sophomores at the top.Golden was feigning supprise at the players leaving early but I beleive he encouraged them or they knew all their fun was over.Which ever ,but that is a lot of talent leaving[as we will see from the draft and from their teams depth chart after one year in with their new team.]We have the best talent in the country right here in the state of miami.Golden is what we need, a manager.Except for Jimmy,that is all we have had as our coaches.CLUB CORAL GABLES is over and now we will start seeing the so called swagger back but with dicipline.

Even the sky fairy cant help the u

I'm not sure but didn't Nebraska put up the most points in nc game against Florida? Lawrence Philips scores again.lol

Yeah. Lawrence Phillips and Tommy Frazier are still running, oh wait they just scored again/

I agree with my fellow canes that the ACC is way better than the SEC. Everyone knows that! I also agree that the U is back and we are the best program in the State of Florida by far in the 3 major sports as evidenced by the national rankings and record. Can't argue with the facts!
Lets go canes with Golden we will win the ACC and NC in 2012!

I like the way delusionalcane thinks...keep it positive..

Good to see that all the obnoxious posts were deleted and now we can get back to the point of the story and discuss the depth chart.
Depth????? What depth? Forget depth, how about getting someone to start. We only have 1 LB, only have 1 WR and have a bunch of holes on both lines.
Our QB is out with injury and he is not that good to begin with. So we have some transfer from Memphis. Memphis, really? Who threw as many INTs as TDs while playing at Memphis? So how is he going to do against a good defense? Looks like a long season coming up.

Hurricanewatcher I agree it will be more of Coach G's team this year..

If you listen to what Coach G states as a recurring theme...it is Desire, Commitment, Practice, Strength, Study, Team..
These are key words that are the glue for his program.
Lifting and clearing repetitive (over 30) reps of 250 plus pounds..last year 11.. this year 31..
Stronger, commited, and intensity..
That is what the intensity level should be to win games and that is what Miami football is all about.
Forget talk, swagger and bull****, show me by your work and dedication the desire to win, then we all know it is real..
That is what we are talking about.
Go 'Canes

I agree with You too. All we need is Golden and desire. Who needs talent when you have Golden. He ran out the best skill players early because he will coach up all the young guys and fill them with dedication and desire. Yep, Golden Desire it's all you need. And love. All you need is love.
Golden loves the game therefore he will win. It's very simple. He will fill his players with love. And desire.
Love and Desire just like a disco song.

Man, I dont care what ANYBODY says, I can't wait for my Canes to play this year! To all of yall haters, SAVE IT! I'm a believer EVERY YEAR in my Canes! We may have slipped on the field a bit, but Coker won a championship on the field and Shannon won in the CLASSROOM! As CANES, WE NEVER FAIL! We expect championships, and that's why yall LOVE to see us lose because you expect us to win too! As a CANE, I love what Bama and LSU are doing because they are ballin out without apologizing! Good for them. But its apparent we are getting "MIAMI" kids again. Its a mentality, SWAG is confidence, belief in self, your NATURAL walk and talk. And the future is even brighter cause MY SON will be a CANE TOO!!!
http://youtu.be/cf3zpoK6FuA UFAMILY FOR LIFE!!!!


Relax. Don't worry about the "spring sheet". That's only to light fires under the players who need to step up, that's all. Remember last spring??? Whippy was the STARTING QB!! Everybody freaked out as expected. Golden loves to light those fires so chill and go to sundays practice and hell, make it to the fort myers if you can. But most importantly make it to the Spring Game April 14th at Joe Robbie Stadium, foremost. I hope for a speedy recovery for Morris but I'm not scared at all after seeing film on Williams playing as a true freshman for a team with no Oline whatsoever. He had more picks but anyone would if you don't have time to throw the ball. He spent most of that time there at Memphis scrambling. Now he's here with a tremendous Oline that has alot to prove to everyone. Hurns will definitely show up and so will Scott, Dorsett and we'll get some freshmen in there as well. 2012 is gonna be sweet in my opinion. Give Golden a chance and he'll make a believer out of everyone. Everyone else who spoke down about him will swallow their words. He's here for the long haul. Destination job people, destination job.


Everyone and anyone who is a Cane fan needs to be at Spring Game April 14th at Joe Robbie Stadium. We need to start off the spring right with home field advantage and scare the beejezus out of the opposing team. Show them this is our rented house built by SWAGGA.



Whew, for a second there I thought you were crazy and didn't know it was an intra-squad game

@ UGoCanes2

Well said mi hermano, well said!



I wonder where Vilma learned to put bounties on players from???

I wonder where Teblow learned ignorance.

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro

Shut up fool!


We need to start off the spring right with home field advantage and scare the beejezus out of the opposing team. Show them this is our rented house built by SWAGGA.

Well said, dummy. Get home field for the spring scrimmage. Yep Einstein, I guarantee you will not lose that one game. Best time of the year to be a cane, always win the spring game. Go ahead and scare the 700 or so fools in the stands.
At least you got right its a rent a stadium.
What a dolt!

Posted by: DirtyBillies-R-Us

" I cheat but still can't win"

I hope Morris will be fine , back surgery can be a little scary , wish him well.Hope Ryan Williams turns out to be good. I do have one question about the running back depth chart . I dont see whats the big deal with Mike James , he really hasnt shown me anything the last few years. He needs to really step it up. I see the Duke being on top when season begins. Lets get him in the drills, dont keep him on the back burner. GO CANES.

do you know the score of the baseball game?

I am offering $50 and 2 pounds of meat loaf to anyone who takes out the trash

I take care of my kids

I respect my alma mater.

Larry Hope? little known corner from American High, only 6'0 185 lbs and runs 4.4 40. best cover technique of all corners in 7 on 7 tournaments. This guy even outplayed AJ Legget in these drills (SLEEPER!)

Quit eyeballing me you perv


At least you got right its a rent a stadium.
What a dolt!

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete


You know that was all you posting under my handle. It's kool though. You can't keep me off of your mind or your mouth. Everyone here knows I'm a homer and I wouldn't ever trash my team or the beloved Joe Robbie Stadium. Nice try "dolt".

Hats off to the real loser using other people's handles.


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