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UM Canes hit jackpot with Peter O'Brien. Second home series to begin.

 UM baseball has a strong chance of getting back to Omaha for the first time since 2008.

Thanks to senior transfer Peter O'Brien and an impressive starting pitching staff, the Canes seem stronger than they've been in a few years.

There's no reason the Canes shouldn't win big tonight and this weekend at home against UAlbany, which is way up there in New York and as of a few minutes ago, was 35 degrees (feels like 29), with snow and rain forecast for today. Additionally, this is the Great Danes' season opener. They have gotten into the title game of the America East Conference championship the past three seasons. But here's a more accurate assessment: 21-31 last year.

UM ace Eric Erickson (1-0, 0.00 ERA) is pitching tonight at 7 at Mark Light Field (Alex Rodriguez Park).

As for catcher O'Brien, he has eight hits in his last nine at-bats and is leading the Canes with a .579 batting average and 1.000 slugging percentage.

"I try not to get too much into the stats and stuff like that,'' O'Brien told me yesterday. "I go out there, play 100 percent and whatever happens, happens. I Kind of just see the ball,  hit the ball."

O'Brien, 6-4 and 226 pounds (he said he was proud of the extra pound, but admitted he wasn't the 6-5 listed on the roster), played at Bethune-Cookman last season and opted not to play pro ball this season after being drafted in the third round by the Colorado Rockies -- a huge gift for UM.

"It’s amazing,'' O'Brien said. "I love being out here with all the guys. I’m proud to rep the University of Miami and I hope to continue to do so in the same fashion.''

However, the Canes need to get the bats consistently going, and Rony Rodriguez needs to connect, which hitting coach Gino DiMare and coach Jim Morris believe will happen if he stops trying to do too much, relaxes and just goes with the pitch instead of trying to pull everything.

Also, a couple injuries have already struck. Redshirt freshman center fielder Julian Santos, the talented speedster who endured two reconstructive knee surgeries (one on each leg) before starting out this season fresh, has a pulled hamstring he sustained in the opener. Jim Morris said last week that he hoped he'd be back for tonight's home-series opener against Albany, but hamstrings usually take longer than that to heal. We'll see.

Closer E.J. Encinosa, a 6-5, 242-pound junior who regularly reaches 95 mph, hurt himself during his last appearance Wednesday at Ft. Myers. Don't know the extent of that either, but wondering if it's a groin or sports hernia or some type of stomach thing. Will let you know on that one when I find out.

Reminder: Sunday's home-series finale is at 11:30, NOT 1 p.m. because of Albany's travel plans being changed.








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The Canes need to stay focused and win big this weekend and again on Wednesday leading up to #1 Florida coming to town next weekend. No looking ahead!! The Canes should be 8-0 heading in to the Florida series.

Anyone want to see some high quaility baseball w/ a ton of pro prospects on the field, take in a game next weekend b/t Florida and Miami. Should be some great baseball!

Cane baseball is straight crapp now. How many times do you need to see Sully punk Elmer Fudd before []__[] grasp this? How many silent bus rides home from Gainesville will it take? Sully is destroying Morris in recruiting.

If by 'high quality' you mean they play with metal bats and by 'pro prospects' you mean a bunch of kids who won't be on a MLB roster for half a decade then yea, go college baseball.

Eudocimus you do not have the slightest clue of what you are talking about. When you post something, brain first, then type. But when you have no brain, I guess step one is a problem.

Eudo has moments of clarity but quickly slips back into being a complete and utter idiot.

that peter obrien is a stud! I was at the game vs. florida gulf coast and this kids is a first rounder, he's patient at the plate, has a cannon for an arm and great speed for a catcher, he's good at going the opposite way and his senior leadership is definitely needed on this team, this team is very young however and will probably not end up in the CWS this year.

College baseball sucks, check the ratings, I'm not alone in my opinion.

i am a HUGE CANES fan and i just moved up to ALBANY a couple of months ago...i don't know how those guys practice. i don't wanna be swinging a metal bat in 20 degree weather...GO CANES!

Heck Eudo Pro Baseball sucks for that matter

4-0 is better than 2-1 or whatever mediocre record the Gators have right now.

4-0? Isn't that also the difference in TITLES between the Canes and that perrenial loser in Gainesville?

Why, yes it is.

DECATUR, Ga. -- Former University of Miami football player Glenn Sharpe was arrested Thursday in Georgia and charged with murder, according to DeKalb County police.


Lemme guess, he's innocent and didn't interfere in the Fiesta Bowl riiiieet ?

still thUg U

Hopefully the piece of trash he killed was, to use the phrase of the blog's biggest Pig,


Let me know the next time an atheist organization (if there is one) systematically covers up crimes against children. I guess your god wants touchdowns scored but when it comes to protecting innocent kids, well,

"A Philadelphia archdiocese official on trial for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse of children has asked a court to throw out charges against him based on a 1994 memo showing Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua ordered a list of suspected abusive Catholic priests to be destroyed."

You can't really compare college baseball with the excitement of college football, or in many venues, college hoops.

Nonetheless, it IS a great game and UM has some talented kids who work just as hard as other athletes. Many have a broader skill set than athletes in other sports.

The U has a beautiful college stadium and we ought to get out and support the team. There are pro prospects who may one day shine in the majors. Yes, it can take a long time, but that says something about the complex nature of the game. Only 4% of kids who are drafted make it to the majors.

So see you at the Canes' games. At the very least it is something to do, as is UM hoops, until football season cranks up. And, let's make a home field advantage against the hated Gators!

Let me know the next time an atheist organization (if there is one) systematically covers up crimes against children. I guess your god wants touchdowns scored but when it comes to protecting innocent kids, well,
"A Philadelphia archdiocese official on trial for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse of children has asked a court to throw out charges against him based on a 1994 memo showing Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua ordered a list of suspected abusive Catholic priests to be destroyed."
Posted by: Jesus is napping? | February 25, 2012 at 06:43 AM


Arrested for Feeding the Homeless in Violation of New Orlando Law

Members of the organization Food Not Bombs were in good spirits as they passed out corn on the cob, rice, beans and other vegetarian dishes to the homeless and hungry in an Orlando park. This cheer was interrupted when police officers on bicycles arrived and arrested five of the volunteers.


Secular organization. No need for Jesus to feed homeless.

Now, let me know the next time an atheist mob kills 2 US services over the burning of some ridiculous, made-up 7th century text. the god squanders live to kill and rape. Jails are full of bible-thumpers. Makes you wonder.

If they are murdering atheists then whats the problem?

I believe they are murdering US service personnel but really, isn't killing wrong in the fake god's eyes? Or is it ok when done in the name of the fake god? Or only when the person you are killing believes in another god? Or no god?

Gets complicated when you use fake morality based on a fake god to justify whatever you want to do. The god squaders are delusional killers.

When the church has been infiltrated by the same delusional killers that you apparently support, it all begins to make perfect sense.

Yes. Of course. An apologist. I guess if they were killers they wouldn't need to go to the extra step of "infiltrating" some church. They could just kill.

Seems like the power of Christ is not enough to overdone mere mortals wishing to kill. Seems like this Jesus guy is good at appearing in toast but not so good at the important stuff. But to the delusional bible-bearers, he is perfect cover.

Killing in the name of an imaginary god. Same as it ever was.

Posted by: Jesus is still napping.

We get it dude. There is no god. I think most thinking people would agree with you but this is a Canes sports blog or at least it is when the Gator troll or Pig Soldy aren't around. So let's leave it at that.

Sounds like you never had a chance to know God....I will pray for you and your worthless soul. The Devil can have you. You sound like redemption will never find you and that my friend is the sad part.

Wow. So much good stuff there bitter god guy.

Wouldn't the omniscient god already know I would think this way? He created me (in your mind) right? So, the mad scientist god creates them sick and commands them to be well. A sick joke. Only the delusional bible-thumpers would believe it.

As for the devil, that is funny. He does
T exist either. That you believe in the guy with horns makes you a child. You also believe in the Easter Bunny.

Living a lie your whole life is the sad part.

Georgia oh georgia, oh georgia on my miiiind!

Fake gators with their fake ranlings with a fake schedule (except uk), who cant beat anyone worth anything.


Jesus wanted UTrailer to lose. He has nothing else to worry about these days.

Wow!! Manny and Susan, I see that this blog has gone from being hijacked by Gator trolls, to being hijacked by individuals who want to discuss theology. I am all for discussing other items besides football, but the 2 things I don't want to discuss on a University of Miami SPORTS BLOG are: 1a- Politics and 1b- Religion. Those things should be discussed need to be discussed on there respective blogs, again, not on a UM SPORTS BLOG.

Manny and Susan, before you need to put your foot down about this before a good blog just disappears. If you don't believe me ask the folks over at the Sun-Sentinel. They had a vibrant blog till posters and Shandel Richardson destroyed it. Now poor Steve Gorton post good information, but due to the scorched earth policy of Shandel and the posters you may get 3 comments over a 5 day period on one of his post. Bad enough we have to deal with the troll Gators on here, but that comes with the territory with this being a UM SPORTS BLOG. You guys need to put a stop to the religious banter before everyone runs off.

The NCAA will destroy UM soon.

Ray Lewis
Bryan Pata
Glenn Sharpe

A growing list of cane thugs who are bereft of honor and code. The only code they know is thug code. I know, I know you clucks, Pata was a good and decent kid. That's why he wasn't robbed and killed. He was just killed. U don't understand the difference.

The thug behavior is your identity. []_[] are without honor. []_[] are without code. []_[] are THUGS!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/02/um-hits-jackpot-with-peter-obrien-second-home-series-will-soon-begin.html#comments#storylink=cpy

Randy KNEW and you are SCREWED
When the NCAA is done cornholing you, you will beg for just a "bowl ban." it's incredible how ignorant []_[] are. Keep blaming the midget you rudderless clucks. Throw another tire on the raging dumpster fire that is UM ATHLETICS. As though you aren't already battered enough, you're about to be dealt an irreparable blow that will ensure ANOTHER DECADE of pure s h lt out of Coral Gables. Yeah, Tracy Howard, congrats you hapless clowns.

Olivier Vernon, who received the stiffest penalty of any of the UM players punished by the NCAA last August, told a few reporters at the NFL Combine on Saturday that "the person recruiting me introduced me to Nevin Shapiro." I asked him who that person was. "It was Clint Hurtt," he said. "And Aubrey Hill. I hold no grudges [toward them] but I feel if they knew the type of person he was, they shouldn't have introduced me to him."


Blame the runt All u like. In the end you are going down in flames. THEY KNEW


His coverage of UM football is awesome (no offense Susan and Manny).

Great breakdown of the QB situation, it's been a long time since UM was this deep at the position. Competition is so important at that spot, look at the difference in Jacory Harris from when the job was handed to him to when Golden made it an open competition - night and day!

Look at Chad Henne for that matter, handed the job and didn't improve in any facet of the game in his three years starting.

As to Vernon's comments - how cute is it that the Gators troll couldn't sleep he was so giddy, he woke up at 6 o'clock and wrote in CAPITAL letters to emphasize his EXCITEMENT.

Over something we've known about since the suspensions...thanks for following UM football though buddy - you better hope we don't get the death penalty because that would be the end of your 'social' life.

Agree that the theology battles should go somewhere else, although there has been some informative input on the science side of the "debate." Eudo, you are obviously a qualified scientist, so your thoughts have been informative for me.

And yes, Hurtt and Hill were employees of UM. Therefore, all who supervised their activities bear some responsibility. On the other hand, these guys have a rep as good South Florida recruiters, so Louisville and Florida will be stuck with them now. Perhaps that will ultimately be to our advantage, no?

I believe Golden is bringing a high level of integrity to the U. We are on the right track. Our team will be young, and I hope that they will outwork their opponents. We need good QB play in particular.

The underclassmen who went to the draft apparently did not want to go through the conditioning regimen. I would see that as a great sign for the future of the program! Tougher players with comparable talent tend to equal better on field performance.

I hope the NCAA cuts UM some slack. We know that psychopaths like Shapiro will aggrandize themselves by blowing off their mouths as to their importance. Let's hope that a lot of his claims are discredited by the evidence.

UM is on the upswing. It will take some tome to get there. But we shall become very relevant once again, I do believe...

I got JESUS' back = 5>3>2

Why not post as: "I believe in unicorns?"

Hey Deny,
Your delusional if you think UM will be punished for things that allegedly happened 10 years ago. Get it through your thick skull that the investigation has no legs for anything alleged 10 years ago. Former players have not spoken to the NCAA. UM and the coaches involved will be punished. Hurt will be drummed out of major college coaching for a minimum of 3 years. Based on what the NCAA did to O. State, the individual coaches will suffer greater punishment than the school. UM will be hit harder for a lack of institutional control than for anything the coaches did, but not to the extent you're hoping for.

Posted by: rboud | 02/26/2012 at 02:12 PM


Ur the perfect example of a typical in Denial Cane Dope. The NCAA can and will follow any and ALL paper trails and evidence back to when Ur boy Nevin began the Cane Recruiting gravy train in 2002 with Wilfork and all the multiple other thUgs that recieved improper documented gifts, benefits and payments... bUt U go right on believing Ur midguided denial.

Just wait for Nevin's videos and recordings to be released as the final nail in Ur soon to be 5 + year and 50 schollie reduction probation coffin.


Bla blah blah blah and the book will come out and the videos and the tapes and the DVD and the downloads and streaming and MP3. You are a broken record dope. It's all out there and has been for some time. The record is complete.

Or is a full-length movie and action figurines coming out too? What a dope.

The NCAA knows ... Reggie Johnson knows ... Now U know ... That's just the begininng Cane Clods ... Vdeo, recordings and signed loans are coming next. U really don't think I have this evidence locked away do U ? U stay tUned. Much more to come.

N.I.T. Bound !!!

U better hope U Win tonight Cane ClUcks ... Atleast that way U'll have ONE Victory for the 2012 Season after the NCAA reems U !

A SOLD OUT BUC of barely 7k to watch Ur Cane Cagers go down in Flames ! Classic !!!

It's just the beginning of the END for U

Just accept it U Dopes ... The TrUth will set U free.

BbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhWwwwwwaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Pssssssssssssssssssstttttt ... YooHoo ... Canesfools ... Told U

We saw this show already. Last August. Read the Yahoo! report. It's all there. No need to wait. I guess you can't read.

Sad miserable troll when you are Nevin's biggest fan.

You wouldn't be the sw coward that predicted all those recruits were "All Gatah" only to be wrong 23 out of 24 times then disappear from this blog like the coward you are.

That wasn't you, right Pig? Naaahhh. Couldn't be. There must be more than one stupid Pig.

You wouldn't be the sw coward that predicted all those recruits were "All Gatah" only to be wrong 23 out of 24 times then disappear from this blog like the coward you are.

That wasn't you, right Pig? Naaahhh. Couldn't be. There must be more than one stupid Pig.

Posted by: This Curse is still one dumb Pig | February 26, 2012 at 06:33 PM


Thanks to the posters here who are commenting on UM sports. It is refreshing amidst the blather.

To the others, get a life, folks. Really, you can do it! Maybe a hobby or therapy could be helpful? I mean, c'mon guys, let it go. That much hostility is bad for your cardiovascular functioning. Read the research.

Charging the court because we beat a top 20 team?

Unlike Florida, who we've only played five times in the past quarter century including bowl games, UM-FSU is a rivalry that exists outside of the internet.

Wouldn't expect you to understand.

Great W over FSU. In spite of the Gator blah-blah on this blog, I believe they are our chief rival because of the history and common conference affiliation.

Congrats to Coach Larranaga (I love the guy) and all who filled the UBC. It will become our Cameron over time. With Coach Golden, we now have a great major sports combo at the U. It portends good things down the road.

Quite impressive blog with wonderful content.

Georgia (13-15, 4-10 Southeastern Conference), trounces UF by 14.

Net result on here? Curse Piggy goes on a tilt, whining about the color of the women's team jerseys, rehashes ten month old accusations that have already been disproven, and then whines about the existence of God, all in a weak attempt to distract from the FACTS:

Miami beat a Top 20 team.
Florida lost to a sub-.500 team.
FSU lost to the Canes for the first time in six games, as their cinderella shoe is starting to fall off.

Miami's players are dominating the NFL combine.
Florida's and FSU's players are a footnote at the NFL combine.

O'Brien is slaughtering, and the Canes swept by 28 runs this weekend.
Gators are struggling, and although they also swept, they struggled to a 3, 4, and 2 run win over William and Mary and they have a loss on their record.
FSU lost to our little sister FIU, giving FIU it's only win of the season.

In all sports, the news is good for the Canes, bad for the Gators and Noles, so Curse Piggy is gonna be trying to change the subject for a while. Know that every time he changes the subject, it is because he lost the previous argument. And he changes the subject as often as he changes IDs.


You need to take control of this blog! Blog statements should only be reflective of the CONTENT in the story. No comments should EVER be allowed regarding religion or politics. There are other stories where they are better addressed.

Oh yeah - just saw the schedule and I see 8-0 up to our bye the Va Tech.


Canes win, get Johnson back as the NCAA cleans up their mistake after one game.

Gators lose, to unranked Vandy.

Great day all around.

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