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UM spring schedule includes football-baseball double-header

UM announced its spring practice schedule Friday, including sites for the two open scrimmages and the addition of "Fan Appreciation Day" -- a football-baseball double-header on campus.

Anyone that purchases a ticket to the Canes' (March 4) baseball game against Florida will be granted access to the football team's practice at Greentree Practice Field. First pitch is slated for 1 p.m.

The Canes first scrimmage will be held on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m.-Noon at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, Fla. The second scrimmage will be held Friday night on March 30 at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Fla. A 7 p.m. kick is scheduled.

Aside from those events and the previously announced spring game on April 14 at Sun Life Stadium, the other 11 practices (March 3, 5, 6, 20, 22, 27, 29 and April 3, 5, 10, 12) will be closed to the public.

> Following the Canes' scrimmage in Fort Myers, the Hurricane Club will host a golf tournament on Saturday, March 31 at the Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club.  Registration is at 7 a.m. and a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Lunch and awards will begin at 1 p.m. The deadline to register for the event is March 23. Please contact the Hurricane Club for more information: 305.284.3838.

> The spring game on April 14, free and open to the public, will kickoff at 2 p.m. and will be aired on Comcast South Sports (CSS) on tape delay at 5 p.m. that day. Schedule of events for the day will be released at a later date.

> In conjunction with the BankUnited CanesFest the Miami Hurricanes will be hosting a stadium wide Select-A-Seat. Fans are invited to come walk the Sun Life Stadium and select their seats for the upcoming season featuring home games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, N.C. State, USF and Bethune-Cookman.


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Seriously - buy a baseball ticket to be able to watch the spring game? They should have them buy some basketball tix - the BUC was empty last night. Are we close to the BK coupons again?

Can't help but wonder if this was goldens call to hav a joint spring fest but I think its marketing genius especially considering the canes are treated more like a pro team ( hate on us for a half empty stadium fact is canes fans don't support mediocrity we know what can happen with sfla talent and good coaching- see five rings)

Finally introduce great coaching with a world class university in a world known city and progress is the result ..we are one the rise in EVERY SPORT.....fear the future envy the past.....WE GOT SOM CANES OVER HERE!!!!!!!????;;

Stefon Diggs

ALL Maryland!

LMAOF @ the clueless turds

Wow. What exactly did the blog Pig say? Wasn't it:

Stefon Diggs Gatr Trash lock?

The bitter angry blog Pig is now 1 for 23.




Wasn't OC Fisch supposed to be house hunting in Chicago right about now???

We got some canes over here! Woosh woosh

Do you all mean the golf scramble is at Heritage Palms rather than Heritage Bay? There is no Heritage bay in fo town.

That makes pig 0-12 in his predictions. "__________________ (fill in name of 4 or 5 star player who was still available on signing day), he is a silent commit and a Gator lock. 'Canes will be lucky to end up in the top 20, bwhaaaaaaaa". Well porker, you are 0-12 on your predictions. Good thing you live in mommies basement and are not a weatherman. You would have lost your job.

Even I thought that Diggs was a lock to trailersville. Glad to see that the kid wised up and decided to not be fooled by the janitor and the rest of his cleaning crew.

lmao @ U guys...alls quiet in trailervile.

Tracy Howard to "THE U"

Diggs to MD



Not that very long ago, the baseball team was a team to be feared, hitters, defense, the whole nine yards. I don't know about now. The jury hasn't come back yet on the recent signings by the football team, but the stupid secondary needs help no matter what.

Defensive secondary could be a huge positive for the team. Don't be your negative self cool cat.

Soldy is the biggest waste of human life.

Only thing worse than being a loser is being a wrong loser.


What U say, Soldy Douche?

Hola, Pig?

Why bring up those Gaytor Trolls here? They are all licking their wounds and making love to their farm animals in Trailerville... A/k/a Gaynesville....Go Canes....


Gators and Hurricanes SUCK! Fear the Spear Beeeoootches!

Love to see FSU trash talk on here - y'all ever hear of FSU? Our rival? The team we play in football?

Still blows my mind that these Gators and Hurricanes losers that spend all day on their internet rivalry actually think they're talking about football teams.

Oh, and I was going to say that UM should try to schedule their low interest ACC games (BC, UVA, Duke, etc.) in the new Marlins park.

Supposedly it can facilitate 40,000 and it'd be real loud with the roof closed.

I'm sure there are hurdles to overcome with the Joe Robbie contract but it'd be worth the effort.

Read an article that said if there's a 6 team playoff schools are going to have to drop their cupcake games and make their schedules as tough as possible.

Sounds good to me.

Can't wait to see what the spring game is gonna show us for the upcoming season. I'm more optimistic simply because of the leadership factor that is finally present on our team.

People always want to talk garbage but they only talk against what they fear. Respect the past and Fear the future.


Eudocimus s,,,t,,,f,,u please.

Siemnenholes: when will you all ever win something and not choke went it counts?

When will you ever live up to the espn-built hype and actually do something?

Youre even worse than the gtrs. At least theyve won something recently. Not 1999.

Six internet points, well done 5>3>2!

You show those internet Gators who's boss!

Only one year and seven months left before you'll all be forced to talk about football for once!

The Sporting News is reporting that Barry Jackson received a tweet from the p--os Ponzi schemer in jail (who shall remain nameless), stating that he is going to come out with more crp about UM, so bad that it will take the program to "chinatown". He reportedly said that "people will hate me even more". The report also states that UM officials are not very worried about the severity of the NCAA sanctions because most of this twerps allegations are unsubstantiated and holes can be punched into any of his allegations but says that one UM official expects 1-2 more bowl bans and a few scholie reductions.

1) Why is Sporting News still after this story. IS it because it proved to be the rantins of a criminal convicted liar and scam artist?

2) Whys is Barry Jackson even lending any time to this worm. It only allows him to feel validated

3) Realistically, would you all not think that UM officials would have already instituted self imposed scholie reduictions, penalties, etc etc if they thought some of the most serious stuff could be proven? Furthermore, everyone and anyone involved is OUT of the program.

@ Posted by: 5>3>2 | February 13, 2012 at 07:07 AM

You really aren't too bright. It doesn't matter if the allegations were from Mary Poppins or Charlie Manson. What matters is if they are corroborated by the NCAA. You continually dismiss everything on the grounds that the allegations were made by a convicted felon. In fact, that will only make any wrongdoings worse in the NCAA's eyes.

What really matters here is if the coaches or administration knew anything that was going on. If that is the case there will be huge sanctions. IMO I can't believe that Randy didn't know there were things going on especially since he was so adamant about players staying away from Shapiro. I know that it's hard for you to wrap your short term memory brain around that.

You have continually dismissed or downplayed all the accusations by Shapiro when the important matter is the NCAA findings, NOT Shapiro's allegations. You continually point to a lack of proof. You fail to grasp on any level that the NCAA is autonomous and doles out punishment as they see fit. In other words, if they decide that violations occurred, they can and will penalize an institution. For example, if a former player declines to speak with them, like it or not, they can and will judge that as harmful to the schools defense.

It's obvious through your months of posts that you truly don't understand the process and what will eventually happen. You also make the common mistake of letting elapsed time lull you into believing that nothing is happening. Huge mistake.

The single most important aspect of the investigation is the culpability of the administration and/or coaches.

At this time you would be smart to quit carrying on about how this is all a farce. It's not! Quit forming subjective opinions based on the subjective statements of the UM administration. Your constant insistence that this will be nothing is absolutely absurd. You are in denial.

That is absolutely untrue, if the NCAA can't PROVE a claim it is DISMISSED.

They absolutely cannot just 'decide' that violations occurred, like with former players. They're not wasting their time on former players because former players don't have to talk to them and probably won't. They absolutely can't judge that as harmful to the school's defense - the NCAA is not autonomous, they operate in the United States of America and are subject to litigation just like any other organization.

There is no 'opinion' involved - if the NCAA can prove that particular violations occurred, they'll punish UM accordingly. If they can prove that the administration was willfully neglectful, the punishments will be more severe.

Anyone who thinks the punishment will be much more or less than a year or two bowl ban and 5-15 scholarships being revoked is in denial one way or the other.

Thomas B, you showed your prejudice by this sentence: "For example, if a former player declines to speak with them, like it or not, they can and will judge that as harmful to the schools defense."

You are drawing a conclusion based upon an unknown. It is not certain that is how the NCAA will perceive a former player not speaking to them. This undermines your logic.

Ultimately, there may be penalties and sanctions, more or less severe, but they will not be doled out under the scenario you present.

If a kid got suspended for the whole year for lying about a lunch with Deion Sanders we's in trouble.

Ah, just read the Barry Jackson article in question - yea S***** is bent out of shape all right but there is nothing more he can do.

He's completely lost his mind, talking about bringing in former players in front of a judge?? He's already been tried!

He avoided the open trial at all costs because he knows what a scumbag he'd be portrayed as by the lines of victims who entrusted their money to him. He missed his opportunity to force players to lie under oath or hurt UM.

This is where I differ from most UM fans, I admit that most of those players took most of the benefits S**** claims, but when that Yahoo report came out I looked through it. Page by page. There isn't a single direct piece of evidence to corroborate ANY claims - just night club receipts and pictures of S***** with players.

S***** isn't producing any more evidence from where he is. He can tell his tales until the cows come home but without evidence it will just sound like more ramblings of a desperate man.

As Jimmy Johnson says, 'well obviously the guy is embellishing, he's talking about taking players out on his million dollar yacht - well a million dollars, that's not a yacht it's a boat!'

Salud Don Johnson.

I agree with Eudocimus. If you look at the Yahoo report there is no direct evidence linking any of the players to any of the allegations apart from Shapiro's work. A receipt from a restaurant doesn't show anything. There is no player name on that receipt. The former players aren't talking. The 8 players who were suspended last year admitted to accepting nominal benefits. 2 year bowl ban (one already served) and 10 lost scholarships over 3 years at most. UM has done everything to cooperate with the NCAA investigation (unlike USC). And unlike OSU, the head football coach did not try to cover anything up.

I would guess much of what Shapiro has claimed is true. I would also suspect that he has exaggerated many of the claims. However, we do not know for sure what is true and neither does the NCAA.

NCAA doesn't know what they are doing, there is no rhyme or reason the its punishment and unfortunately, I think they are going to make an example of us.

Don't let the NCAA go poking around the dark corners of every SEC school. They may begin an investigation that will never end.

Thomas B(otch). The unintelligent one is you. For biasing your 1000 word diatribe with ridiculous statements.

First of all, none of us here like the NCAA. they are as corrupt as they come. But they are not as stoopid as you- THEY cannot convict a university willy nilly based on hearsay. I do agree whether the hearsay involves a convicted liar, or Mary Poppins. Its still hearsay. It's uncorroborated allegations. Furthermore, if the allegations are from a sc-mbag who lied his way to steal 930 million dollars from people, that absolutely has weight. Do you not think the NCAA is composed of rational intelligent human beings who would throw that fact out just because? The dumb a55 is you for even thinking that.

the other assinine statement you made is that 5>3 "makes subjective opinions based onsubjective statements from the UM admin."
Wow. Are you able to put one foot in front of another?

If the UM adminsitration states that they do not believe many of the allegations can be backed up with facts, that is pure and simple THEIR take on the subject. Why else would they say that then? If they are wrong than so be it. Who is going to prove them wrong? Do you think Randy Shannon is waiting in the wings to incriminate the U? Don't hold your breath. On the other hand, yes, Hold your breath. Till you turn purple, you child.

Let me just spell it out for Thomas B nice and slow:



Then why did we take a bowl ban and suspend 8 or 9 players? Let's not be naive - there WAS some NCAA wrong doing! And we are going to get sanctioned. Probably another bowl ban and loss of scholarships.

Furthermore, everyone and anyone involved is OUT of the program.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | February 13, 2012 at 07:07 AM


If that is what Ur hanging Ur hopes on, Ur about to get kicked in the gUt within the next 6-12 months. 90% of all NCAA investigations into programs are conducted after the players and even coaching staffs have moved on like the con men that they are. The NCAA can take all the time they want and levy any type of punishment that the see fitting. This isn't a court of Law. It's the NCAA's playground and and Ur in their sandbox as they play Judge n Jury. And the FACT that The University of Miami is a REPEAT offender within 20 years is the reason that the NCAA will Undress U when this all comes down.

That and Shapiro's documented Guaranteed claim that he has handheld and security video, audio of signed documentation of the loans and gifts he handed out to not just a few, many, but dozens and dozens of players at the time that they were still student athletes at UM. And it makes NO difference if they are no longer at Miami... And even less difference whether the testify or not.

"Furthermore, everyone and anyone involved is OUT of the program." Posted by: 5>3>2 ...

REALLY ? U believe that makes any difference ?

If U are banking all Ur hopes that this toxic evidence doesn't exist, U have already voluntarily taken Ur head out of the sand and placed it squarely under a gUillotine...

This is just the beginning. Ur lil #1 U FAN midgit #6 wearning sideline roaming gnome "Cracker" Luke may be a snake but he isn't dumb. He's setting this up for the book, jailhouse interviews, American Greed part 2, to release ALL the MuLTIPLE, credible, and verifiable evidence that the NCAA needs ... U could bring back Johnny Cochrine and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.

Everyone's out to get U right?

U dopes hUng Urselves on this one. And the NCAA will prove this as the biggest lack of Institutional control since S.M.U.

Reggie Bush's case will look like USC was punished for buying him a steak dinner at Sizzler when the NCAA Big Boys are done making an example out of U.

bUt U go on doing what U do best ... Deny, deny, deny

We are the canes
The NCAA will get us even if we have our heads in the sand
No need to get upset, just wait and see
The Spring game is almost here
Best game of the season
We will be favored and win big
The Gator Clause troll is posting here too
Baiting Gator fans to come here
What a loser he is
Why does a cane fan have to buy a baseball tix to a Gator game in order to see a practice?
Even if you give them away for free no one will come
Move cane football games to the new Marlins stadium???? Dumb idea
Better to move them to Shalalas back yard
Either way only the same 2,000 usual suspects will show
We are the canes
We excell at Spring football

h aha ahahahaha leave it to the dooshes (10 yrs and the other one above it) to start up. What a bunch of pathetic worms.

Nevin, buu bee. I know you can read this since that joke of a penitenciary allows you computer access:

read this: we all know you are nothing but a runt j-wboy wannabe. Anyone who has ever known you know how much of a joke you've been all your life. The little mutt who nipped at the bigger dogs' heels. The annoying little flea in everyone's arse. The wishful wistful blabebrmouth who could never get any girl because his maculilnity was always in question. Do yourself a favor. Watch your back.

And the FACT that The University of Miami is a REPEAT offender within 20 years is the reason that the NCAA will Undress U when this all comes down.

I think this is the fact that we are all dismissing. The NCAA Hates us and will do anything within their "legal" power to nail us hard. The question is, do they have the authority to do so based on what they find and deem as violations.

Which is what scares me. If they hit us hard, and I mean much harder than any of us expects, where are we to turn to appeal ?

Why do you care what happens to UM? It's not like your Florida Gators ever play us in football.

Don't worry about it, even if UM's football team gets the death penalty you can still come here and talk trash to other internet-obsessed jackoffs, the football part's clearly irrelevant anyway.

Chris T. - if it is the death penalty and UM disagrees about the proven facts then they would sue the NCAA in federal court and maybe try to put together a tort antitrust suit against it.

As much as some in the NCAA might want to come down on UM I guarantee there are more who would rather avoid litigation, which the death penalty would likely bring even IF they had a rock solid case.

The greater question and the thing that could sink Miami is not who took what it is if the NCAA had any balls they would question the administration and ask why this piece of garbage wasn't better vetted and how this person was allowed to become a booster during a time when Miami football and baseball was already on probabtion. The fact that these violations were committed when two Miami programs were already on probabtion is the reason that severe sanctions could be levied at this time and why this is different than USC and Ohio State.

This is why the NCAA can cripple The U if they want to.

And the NCAA will prove this as the biggest lack of Institutional control since S.M.U.

Eudo, why does it worry you that Canes fans give the Gator trolls abuse? They will come here either way, better that we get in the last word.

They wanted to make Tracy Howard think that Canes fans were a bunch of racist haters, and we set the record straight that it was a GATOR TROLL that posted that.

Tracy Howard is now a Cane. Not saying it was due to our efforts, but it at least made sure that their misinformation was cleaned up and made a difference.

Since you choose to not correct them (although even you have done so a few times, you gotta admit), why grief on the folks that feel the right to do so in your place?

I have sided with you in the past, but please don't expect Canes fans to roll over and play dead for Curse Piggy and his racist comments. We can choose to fight back and retaliate. We did, and now Gator Clause is in the mess it is in, thanks to our response to his attacks.

Now when a recruit looks at both blogs, he sees Canes fans discussing the Spring Game, the winning basketball team, the upcoming baseball season, and the occassional obsessed Gator Troll getting his hat handed to him by dedicated fans.

It is the offseason for football, so what would you suggest we discuss instead?

Because every time a UM fan 'wins' and gets in the 'last word' they're really just giving the Gators trolls what they want.

That Gators Clause blog is a complete embarrassment to UM fans, it is beyond pathetic that any UM 'fans' would care enough to spend 24 hours a day on a FLORIDA GATORS blog. Of course it works both ways, doesn't mean that both sides aren't childish little women who are more interested in talking to people on the internet than football.

What is there to talk about? How about our rivals, the Florida State Seminoles? How about the University of Miami Hurricanes for once? How about anything besides childish meaningless name calling with a handful of losers who follow a team that UM never plays in football?

And recruits? Are you kidding me? Get over yourself, no sensible person would take the time to scan through pages of childish name calling to find a handful of football posts.

Suffice it to say we see the Gators versus Hurricanes internet rivalry from very different perspectives.

I'll keep writing hypocritical lame posts about how lame it all is and you keep doing your thing.

Nothing ever changes around here.

We the bloggers of Eye on the U helped 100% in the recruitment of Tracy Howard as he mentioned on the Big O show. We have also led to the demise of the Gator Clause and we are not stopping there - > We are starting a petition to build a new stadium near Tamiami Park or Coral Gables. Once we get 2,356 signatures, we can break ground with an orange and green shovel.

I wasn't calling you a hypocrite, and wasn't even against you, (I would love to see the Gator trolls disappear even more than you would), just saying that there is no need to go after Canes fans on a Canes blog for defending their team.

A recruit might not read these threads (as you say, I would hope not), but they might have a cousin that wants to see what we say about their relative, for example. It happens, even to the point that Phil Mickelson is suing to track down one of those trolls.

In the end, I thought we had a deal that we would be able to discuss sports here until one of their trolls attacked, and that we wouldn't start any trouble, just finish it.

And things HAVE changed on here, thanks to Manny and Susan. You are relatively new here, but after the death of Pata, this sicko called him all kinds of sick names based on his ethnic heritage, skin color, and his cause of death. They clean that up now, thanks to our efforts on here.

Like you said, we will both do what we feel is right, and other than disagreeing about the Gator trolls, will cheer on the improving Canes in football, basketball, and baseball.

The NCAA is also reviewing the posts on the Eye of the U and the only conclusion they can come up with is that The U is innocent on all the Shapiro allegations. So at the end of the day recruiting and The U receiving NO SANCTIONS can be attributed to the post from we the bloggers of the Eye of The U.

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