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UM spring schedule includes football-baseball double-header

UM announced its spring practice schedule Friday, including sites for the two open scrimmages and the addition of "Fan Appreciation Day" -- a football-baseball double-header on campus.

Anyone that purchases a ticket to the Canes' (March 4) baseball game against Florida will be granted access to the football team's practice at Greentree Practice Field. First pitch is slated for 1 p.m.

The Canes first scrimmage will be held on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m.-Noon at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, Fla. The second scrimmage will be held Friday night on March 30 at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Fla. A 7 p.m. kick is scheduled.

Aside from those events and the previously announced spring game on April 14 at Sun Life Stadium, the other 11 practices (March 3, 5, 6, 20, 22, 27, 29 and April 3, 5, 10, 12) will be closed to the public.

> Following the Canes' scrimmage in Fort Myers, the Hurricane Club will host a golf tournament on Saturday, March 31 at the Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club.  Registration is at 7 a.m. and a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Lunch and awards will begin at 1 p.m. The deadline to register for the event is March 23. Please contact the Hurricane Club for more information: 305.284.3838.

> The spring game on April 14, free and open to the public, will kickoff at 2 p.m. and will be aired on Comcast South Sports (CSS) on tape delay at 5 p.m. that day. Schedule of events for the day will be released at a later date.

> In conjunction with the BankUnited CanesFest the Miami Hurricanes will be hosting a stadium wide Select-A-Seat. Fans are invited to come walk the Sun Life Stadium and select their seats for the upcoming season featuring home games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, N.C. State, USF and Bethune-Cookman.


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Yea, I was calling myself a hypocrite since posts about lame irrelevant nonsense are inherently lame and irrelevant.

Going through a Gators troll's post line by line and correcting things is kind of a waste of time but sometimes I see a fact come up that I didn't know. There's some interest to UM fans there.

What's really a waste of time is the name calling - 'Gaytards'!, 'Pig'!, 'Trailerville'!, 'Soldy Douche'!. That sh*t is only of interest to the Gators trolls, and of course they (he?) always pop back up to 'end it' (as if that will ever happen).

I don't so much mind that people are wasting their time on the internet (as I'm doing right now) but it's appalling to me that no more than five people combined, UM and UF fans, are making it seem like these two schools pertain to each other in football when that's only the case once every 5 years.

The funny thing is that FSU is both UM and UF's rival and they own us both right now. Beat us both last year, beat us both in recruiting. But you won't see a peep from either side about Florida State - because Florida State doesn't have a blog in the Miami Herald.

There was an FSU blog but we the bloggers of Eye on the U put it out of its misery.

Nice article on Duke and Golden's signing class:


Don't think that link works - it's the headline story on SI's CFB page.

Thanks for the link.

The other option is to drown the troll with information, as you help to do above. Look at Gator Clause for comparison. NO discussion by their fans, so the troll comments look even bigger than they do here.

I will head over to SI to read the article now.

Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... take U hands from over Ur eyes and cover Ur ears...


Look who's back. The Soldy Pig. President of the Flat Earth Society. Chairman of the Oct. 20, 2011 Doomsday Cult.

Captain Wrong. What a loser. I am relieved he feels the Canes will be sanctioned. His track record is horrible.

What an idiot you are, Pig. Didn't you also predict McCain would defeat Obama, the Pats would defeat the Giants, and the Heat would defeat the Mavs.


Now when a recruit looks at both blogs, he sees Canes fans discussing the Spring Game, the winning basketball team, the upcoming baseball season, and the occassional obsessed Gator Troll getting his hat handed to him by dedicated fans.

No Mo titles U Dah Man!!!! U sure showed those gator trolls and "handed them their hats".
And thanks to your posts you got Tracy to come to Dah U. U are so effective it's scary, those dumb gators don't have a chance. Keep up the trash over @ gator clause, U got that blog bogged down with your clever posting 24-7. What a man! Dah U should hire U as recruiting assistant. What a man!

What's really a waste of time is the name calling - 'Gaytards'!, 'Pig'!, 'Trailerville'!, 'Soldy Douche'!. That sh*t is only of interest to the Gators trolls, and of course they (he?) always pop back up to 'end it' (as if that will ever happen).

This sh*t is of interest to no one. And is also posted by a so called cane over @ gator clause, same loser that posts here with different names like dirtybillies and WOW, etc, etc. So it goes both ways. So ther are two immature losers one a gator( Soldy, Arty, etc) and one a cane(dirtybillies, WOW, etc).
Too bad we can't discuss football without these losers.

The U is guaranteed a losing season next year. There is far less talent on this years team than last. Graduation and ship jumping from a 6-6 team leaves a depthless secondary, a depthless LB group, depleted lines on both sides, questions at QB. Very good recruiting class this year but that doesn't pay off for years.

UM is guaranteed a losing season in 2012

Shitpiro will eventually get raped (if it hasn't happened already) and shanked in the shower.

F the sanctions looming over head. All of those so called incidents occurred with the previous regime. The only one left from that is shalalalala. Everyone else was fired (candy randy) or jumped ship (see...Kirby Fuknutt exodus to texas tumbleweeds).

NC double A-holes will see that Golden is a no tolerance coach that will no accept anything less than what he demands. He suspended players immediately even without all the facts but simply because they're names came up for the first game and others were suspended for even more games once more information became available. We lost that mary-land game because of that and nothing else. If we had a full team, we would have been 7-5 or better instead of 6-6. We lost that third game to Kstate by a yard while we were still without a full team. Besides that, Golden went ahead and turned down a bowl invite. He's been telling kids that they have a chance here with him or that it would be best for them to transfer out and find playing time elsewhere. Even recently Darion Hall was dismissed from the team due to violations of team rules.

I personally believe that the NC double A-holes will praise Golden on his "Golden Standard" (if U will) and that nothing less than 100% dedication to the team will be tolerated.

I still believe that we're gonna be fine. F shitpiro and all his garbage. Eventually everyone will see that he's full of it and that he can't back anything up.

What were the original numbers that he proclaimed of athletes from the U that he gave "gifts" to...? Something like 72 former players and the players that were suspended for the 2011 opener... Then the number was dropped down to 54, and then 27.... He can't back up anything he's said. All those pictures he has with former players were proven that they were taken after those players left The U and went pro or already finished a year in the pros.





Wow I feel dumber reading your post. You couldn't be more wrong. We ARE getting sanctioned but they won't be as severe as everyone thinks.

Posted by: Sebastian J

Taking a name like Sebastian and then speaking like that is no more dumb than what I wrote.

If we do get sanctioned it will be nothing in comparison to what everyone thought we would get at the beginning of the season. I'm simply being hopefully optimistic. Basically my fingers are crossed that we get nothing since we already imposed penalties on ourselves. Who knows, really??? Do you know??? Doubt it. Do I know? Absolutely not, but I can be optimistic.

By the way..."dumber"?? Really, you really are using that so called word like that?

The only reason you feel "more dumb", than you thought you were previously, is simply because it took you too long to sound out all the words I used so that you can understand my previous post. Go back to school man, you'll get no where in life wearing a uniform and frying food.


From the guy who uses, NC double A-holes, Fuknutt, shitpiro,mary-land, and thinks the NCAA Investigators are going to praise Golden...um ok.

PS We didn't get invited to a bowl.

Not only we didn't get a bowl invite, but it was Shalala who canned the bowl this past year, not Golden.

Not that it matters but 'dumber' is definitely the right word, just sounds 'more good'.

Nothing wrong with optimism though, frankly I just want the thing to be over with - give us our ban, let us know how many scholarships we have to work with, and let us get on with it!

SebasianJ - it wasn't Golden's decision but UM said they wouldn't be going to a bowl well before the selections were made, we definitely would have gone to some sh*tty bowl.

I just hope they get it figured out before the bowl selections next year.

Keep up the trash over @ gator clause, U got that blog bogged down with your clever posting 24-7. What a man! Dah U should hire U as recruiting assistant. What a man!
Posted by: DelUded looserman | February 13, 2012 at 03:39 PM

I haven't posted over there in ages. Talk about deluded, you have no clue. You don't like it, you can leave. And as for 24/7, I have a life, no thank you, I don't want to do what you do on here with your 3am posts from the Shands mental health lab...

gatah gonna Ur Ass


Anyone know anything about K State or Notre Dame next year?


"This garbage has done nothing but united the cane nation. I for one ...

started a written response with the word, or question, "Whatever"

united huh ?

it will unite the cane nation. Sure. All 22k of us., What a&&holes like you dont know is the behind the scenes $ that is being sent to the U in support of Golden et al. ?huh? s7t7f7u

Posted by: what, all 22k of U ? | February 13, 2012 at 10:43 PM

More idiotic rhetorical questions from the blog Pig Soldy. Are you the second most discredited loser behind the leader of the Doomsday Cult?

You are a loser, Pig.

Ehhhhh? U? Douchebag? Costco Security Employee of the month?

I don't think we averaged 40-50,000 pre game last year. A lot of us were still out tailgating.

Soldy...errr, Marshall Applewhite....err, Harold Camping, can you make some more predictions you fat slob loser.

Here's one: in 2012, you will not be morbidly obese.

Another: You will soon make millions from your Costco security guard gig.

BWWWAHAHAHHAHA. Preacher Camping and the fat slob Soldy.

What good are you, captain rhetorical question?

Ehhhhh? U? Douchebag?

Any college football fans out there?

Anyone know if K State or Notre Dame are supposed to be any good next season?

Both teams have a lot of retiring starters and the core of both defenses are returning. I think both will be pretty good. It's gonna be hard to win in in manhattan and Chicago is almost another home game for notre dame.

Returning excuse me.

Arthur and Bryce Brown are waiting for U in Manhattan. Can't wait to show U a good time.

The Pope is waiting for U in South Bend. Can't wait to chat with Golden.

It may rain, it may snow. U better be ready.

What is greater? The distance from LA to Moscow or the gap between Cane Trash expectations and the reality of their dismal disgusting status?
Methinks the latter both academically and athletically.
Goog thing Cane Maggot played the 1AA teams and the likes of Bethune in order to get the 6 wins they had last year. Just think if they actually played a real conference schedule, can you say 3 - 9!
Cane Trash overpays for a mediocre Big Least coach clearly out of his element. He isn't mayor conference head coach material, but in the stinky Gables, does it really matter?
Do ignorant scUMbags even know the difference? Just yell, "Dah U Is Back," and take another crack hit and all is well in skinky Gables.
The long slow slide to mediocrity continues. Another 100 years of empty stadiums. You have won some titles based on an outdated system and playing most of those games @ home, in the modern BCS era you are a no show, irrelevant.
Really, Cane maggots, what have you to be proud of?
The NFL? The Pro Bowl? Pathetic.

I am most proud I am not Gatr Trash because, really, that is the worst trash of all.

Even trailertrash is insulted if you call them Gatr Trash.

Geeks - go buy your ladies some flowers and take them to dinner. Stop the non sense for one day.

That's a shame - Notre Dame is losing their big time wide receiver though, right?

Soldier Field is definitely their home turf but there should be some advantages in that it's going to feel like a big game for both teams - not that UM has exactly thrived in those situations but as bad as we've been Notre Dame has been worse.

Either way I'm looking forward to it - I have a couple buddies who live out there and go to the alumni watch parties, apparently Ted Hendricks is always showing up to watch, guess he lives out there.


U still think Ur Boys are going to make the NCAA's ... Omaha ? ... Win Ur Spring game ?

6-6 ?

2015 will come soon ... like 2008

# 1

see U soon


Go Lady Canes !

Floriduh is ranked #1 in baseball. But as usual, they will gag the big salami at the end. Mark my word. When will the media learn?

pretty sunrise over at the Fontainebleau. breakfast and heading over to Miami's Arena for a shoot around. we're all taking bets if there'll be over/under 5 thousand tonight ?

Your place holds 6 thousand right ?

Soldy Pig, we are taking bets on the number of male prostitutes you have "known" in the past year. Over/under is 364.

There are 365 days in a year, right?

Harold Camping, can you make some more predictions.

Speaking from experience 364 male prostitute is expensive you dumb 'neck. You need to get one and give him candy. Even the sky fairy knows this.

Ugh, now you losers are trying to rope in other trolls with religion?

Why not just call him a neocon?

I am most proud I am not Cane Trash because, really, that is the worst trash of all.

Even trailertrash is insulted if you call them Cane Trash.


I'm more worried about KSU at Manhattan. The U will be heckled to death. Its a loud stadium and like Gainseville, full of cows and pastures and nothing else to do.

Yeah, I'm also worried sick about our poor girls getting heckled. And what if it rains or gets cold, I don't know if our girls can handle that.
Too bad other school can't be like us, only a few thousand show up at the stadium, no one gets heckled, no one cheers for you, it's a large empty place. Nothing like home!

Ugh, now you losers are trying to rope in other trolls with religion?

DirtyBillies, can it be that you are recognized as a LOSER even in your cane blog by fellow canes.
So not only are you the Gator Clause loser, you are a loser here too.
That priest that molested you really messed you up.
No religion, no friends, no life = LOSER

Sh*t. I had forgotten that QB's name but I was hoping he might have graduated.

Anyway I like the out of conference schedule this year, Notre Dame seems more winnable than Ohio State did last year and Kansas State is coming off a great season and we play them very early on.

If UM can win those two games they can get some real attention and some momentum going into the ACC schedule - and next year we have Va Tech and FSU at home.

There's no distinction between internet nerd losers who troll sports blogs 24 hours a day who like UM and internet nerd losers who troll sports blogs 24 hours a day who like UF.

At the end of the day you're all internet nerd losers who troll sports blogs 24 hours a day.

The football is clearly irrelevant - UM AND UF ARE NOT RIVALS!!!!!

The Catholics are waiting for U convicts in Chicago. They have the Pope on their side and will surely cream U again.
KSU is coming off a great season and is ready to crush U again. They will have a packed stadium and will heckle U to submission.
FSU coming to the rent a stadium is another home game............for FSU. Just like 2 years ago No Life Stadium will be dressed in Garnet and Gold, the War Chant will be heard loud and clear. The Noles will undress U again.

Those things could happen, why would a fan of UF football care? Why would a fan of UF football give props to their rival FSU?

Because you're not a fan of UF football, you're a fan of being an internet nerd loser who trolls sports blogs 24 hours a day.

The sidelines at Doak Campbell next year will be manned by cleaning crews in haz-mat suits to clean-up the Gatr trash left by the unwashed maggots of UTrailer.

The DirtyBillies-R-Us is just a Gatr Trash loser posing as Cane posing as a Gatr Trash loser.

Watch him repeat this post over and over. That is what you get for your public education dollar. And what passes for culture in the world's biggest sewer, Trailerville, USA.

Go dem' Gatrs.

The DirtyBillies-R-Us is just a Cane Trash loser just like Arty

Watch him post his same crap over and over. That is what you get for your so called education in MDCC. And what passes for culture in the world's biggest sewer, Miami,USA.

Got dem'Canes ova here

DirtyBillies-R-Us is definitely a gaytor troll

He stole my id and posts inflammatory comments posing as a canes fan

Therefore I will no longer use this screen name. Any following comments by DirtyBillies-R-Us are from the porcine troll. This is my last post with his name

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