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UM spring schedule includes football-baseball double-header

UM announced its spring practice schedule Friday, including sites for the two open scrimmages and the addition of "Fan Appreciation Day" -- a football-baseball double-header on campus.

Anyone that purchases a ticket to the Canes' (March 4) baseball game against Florida will be granted access to the football team's practice at Greentree Practice Field. First pitch is slated for 1 p.m.

The Canes first scrimmage will be held on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m.-Noon at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, Fla. The second scrimmage will be held Friday night on March 30 at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Fla. A 7 p.m. kick is scheduled.

Aside from those events and the previously announced spring game on April 14 at Sun Life Stadium, the other 11 practices (March 3, 5, 6, 20, 22, 27, 29 and April 3, 5, 10, 12) will be closed to the public.

> Following the Canes' scrimmage in Fort Myers, the Hurricane Club will host a golf tournament on Saturday, March 31 at the Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club.  Registration is at 7 a.m. and a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Lunch and awards will begin at 1 p.m. The deadline to register for the event is March 23. Please contact the Hurricane Club for more information: 305.284.3838.

> The spring game on April 14, free and open to the public, will kickoff at 2 p.m. and will be aired on Comcast South Sports (CSS) on tape delay at 5 p.m. that day. Schedule of events for the day will be released at a later date.

> In conjunction with the BankUnited CanesFest the Miami Hurricanes will be hosting a stadium wide Select-A-Seat. Fans are invited to come walk the Sun Life Stadium and select their seats for the upcoming season featuring home games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, N.C. State, USF and Bethune-Cookman.


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Glad you got that cleared up, would hate to accidentally think I'm reading childish trash talk from an internet loser who trolls sports blogs 24 hours a day who likes UM when it's actually childish trash talk from an internet loser who trolls sports blogs 24 hours a day who likes UF.

Damn it's lunch time already and the trolls are running loose again. Hysterical.

Guess there's nothing to talk about on the other Florida college football blogs because those teams aren't looking as promising as the U. Next season is literally a toss up for what it could be. Could go 6-6, 8-4...who knows..? UofFelons are still racking up the arrest sheets and putting players on highway trash pickup duties and fswho really didn't do all that well in the recruiting department this time around. The U did an amazing job cleaning up the program, getting things to go in the right direction, recruiting across the board and flipping recruits left and right. All of that with looming sanctions. Personally I think we're gonna get a slap on the wrist. All those that were affiliated with this scandal have all left, literally. Hurtt is at loserville, kirby fuknutt jump ship before anyone could blink for the tumbleweeds, players were suspended, kicked off the team, told to transfer, or have graduated. I say, if the NC double A-holes have any real common sense, they'll go after those who broke the rules, and not punish those who are here now and had nothing to do with it. IMO that's just senseless. Lets punish a kid, who did nothing, for something that someone else did, and say it's to make an example. While I'm sure it's a great example, they're messing with the life of a kid who did nothing. Punishment for no crime???? Makes no sense to me. I'm no genius but c'mon... Only people who I can see that would think that's a great idea are mark "THE BIGGEST DOUCHE" mayes, gaytards, criminoles, and other trailer trash hillbillies, etc...

Hope this thing is finished quickly so we can go back to football and quit all of the legalities and assumptions of what might or might not happen to The U.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"fswho really didn't do all that well in the recruiting department"

"U did an amazing....recruiting across the board"

What formula are you using? Because if you say UM has a Top 10 recruiting class based on rankings then FSU has a better class in every recruiting ranking.

Glad you got that cleared up, would hate to accidentally think I'm reading childish trash talk from an internet loser who trolls sports blogs 24 hours a day who likes UM when it's actually childish trash talk from an internet loser who trolls sports blogs 24 hours a day who likes UF.

Posted by: Eudocimus01 | February 15, 2012 at 11:43 AM _____________________________________________________________

As opposed to internet losers who troll blogs 24 hours a day to call out "childish trash talk" from other Internet losers.

Got it.

This sounds good to me, I don't know that UM has ever had a rivalry that was as genuine and intense as they had with Notre Dame. It wouldn't be the same today as it was then but most of the elements are still there. UM still recruits thugs, Notre Dame is still holier than thou.


Haha, I love that you put 'childish trash talk' in quotation marks like it's an opinion.

Like there's any way that a normal person would consider UM fans and UF fans trash talking each other on the internet all day a mature or worthwhile activity. We've played them six times in the past 25 years. We don't play them again for another year. They are only our rivals on the internet.

Already admitted I'm a hypocrite for writing lame posts about lame posts, at least I acknowledge when I'm wasting my time on nonsense.

those teams aren't looking as promising as the U. Next season is literally a toss up for what it could be.

Says the delUsional cane clown when in fact ALL the other teams are looking better, did better in recruiting, and have better talent in place. Your season will be a toss up between 6 -6 or 4 - 8.
Keep sticking your head in the sand and whine about the NCAA. It's soooo unfair, wahhh, wahhh

As opposed to internet losers who troll blogs 24 hours a day to call out "childish trash talk" from other Internet losers.

The first step in the healing process is to admit what you are. Good job in recognizing you are a loser. The rest of the planet already knew that. Now time to own up about the pedophile priest from your childhood.

Nice one. Any thoughts on UM football?

College football?


The power of christ compels you, Gatr Trash. Clean it up.

BTW, priests act as extensions of your phony god. So anything they do must have the stamp of godly approval.

Are you saying your god is a pedophile? Hmmmmm. Too bad logic doesn't work in the realm of the sky fairy belief system.

Eudo, I have mentioned this before:

If you are looking for a plae to discuss UM sports without trolls, the Miami Herald will just be a disappointment for you. Try one of the dedicated blogs, like Eye of the Hurricane, Canespace, CanesOverHere, etc. where folks will find more to talk about, even in the deadest part of the offseason. I really hope you are going to a site like that to get your football/sports fix.

Thanks again for spotting that article yesterday.


Actually no, I had only ever heard of Canespace, tried to sign up for a name but it wasn't working and I gave up.

Hadn't heard of those other two, I'll check them out, thanks for the tip!

Forget Lamespace.

It has a crazy owner (Soup) who makes up fake "inside" sources (Skreetz) to make himself sound connected and generate interest

Try the other two or the free part of Scout

They re-instated our basketball player PRETTY quickly. I think that says enough in regards to the NCAA having that much to go on.

Canes game vs. North Carolina still not a sellout. Come on get to the BUC tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Canes Continue to Roll

That means nothing. UM had to reinstate him.

The goes obese Montreal Cane bashing other sites again
How many times do we have to tell you that Canada sux??
You know what im talking aboot, eh!
Go wherever the heck the let you frogs go blog and stop bashing others slappy

"Canes game vs. North Carolina still not a sellout."

When is a cane game, in any sport a sell out?
Only if they host the Noles or Gators.

"If you are looking for a plae to discuss UM sports without trolls, the Miami Herald will just be a disappointment for you."

Even your home town newspaper downplays the canes but then again, who doesn't?

"BTW, priests act as extensions of your phony god. So anything they do must have the stamp of godly approval."

What do you know about religion or God? Not much. And logic? Yep you sure are an Aristotle.........NOT.
Again, seek help about that priest situation and maybe you can be set free.......probably not.


posted by the douche who supports a team that The U controls the series against. Pathetic.

C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said before, sex with family members is wrong. Stop doing that to your sister. Why?? Because she's your sister.

C'mon haters..is that all you got??? PATHETIC!!!!!

It'll be a cold day in hell when my passion for my hurricanes dies out.


Not to change the subject too much but anyone else hear what the hell is going on over at that "christian school" TCU???????

Bunch of students and 4 players busted in a drug ring!!!!

Somehow, Mark "I'm a douche and I know it" Mayes is trying to devise a way to blame this on The U and demand the "death penalty", aaaaagain.

If it was Miami, certainly the death penalty, any other school, kids get kicked out and everyone goes on their merry little way.

Hypocrisy?? I think so..


Suck on that one trolling douchebags, enjoy the flavor.


Honestly, do people really think that UofFelons would have pulled the recruiting class that it did if they had looming sanctions? Don't think so. What about fswho??? NOPE...

Sorry facts are facts and yes, your sister is your mother. Sorry for that genetic update brought to you by Maury Povich...

GO U !!!!!

They re-instated our basketball player PRETTY quickly. I think that says enough in regards to the NCAA having that much to go on.

Posted by: Canes Continue to Roll

Love it when the truth comes out.

GO U!!!!!


You got that right, but then again, this is Miami, why would you expect anything different.....front runners, tramps, fair weather, cheaters and losers.

Honestly, do people really think that UofFelons would have pulled the recruiting class that it did if they had looming sanctions? Don't think so. What about fswho???

Dumb and DelUsional is no way to go through life fool. You also believe other schools are afraid to play you and that the NCAA and ESPN are out to get you. Losers against the world type of mentality.

Love it when the truth comes out.

Except you couldn't recognize truth even if it hit you in the face. You can't handle the truth, fool.

Your mother is your hermana y hermano y perro, UofFelons! Or are from fswho? Give a hoot don't pollute.

GO U !!!

The only thing World Class at that 5K unpainted cement bunker dUmp BuC tonight was the team in Carolina Blue …

Now U-tards can start Ur rally cry of winning a post season tourney that absolutely no team wants to be invited to … but epic fail of that will get lost on all of U dopes.

Leave Big-Time College Basketball to the BIG Boys which U have never been, are not and never will be.

N.I.T. CHAMPS Woooooooo !!!

What a complete ShitdUmp U play in !!! Our student Rec Center is 10 times the facility than that JUCO gym.

We've never seen a crowd, if 5k is a crowd, with less of a B-Ball I.Q. then Cane Fans.

I know your god is man-made.

I know your religion supports racism, slavery and genocide.

You would know these things as well except you have been brain-washe since childhood. Oh, that and you are Gatr Trash. Insecure Gatr Trash.

Fortunately, I was not brought up around any pedophile priests that either your god watches and chooses to do nothing, in which case he is evil, or cannot in which case he is impotent. Or just doesn't exist.

You pick, ignorant 'neck, but those are the choices.

Miami basketball: Bunch of late game choke artists. Taking a piece from the UF philosophy. Only way they beat Duke is bc they were up by like 30 points and almost gave that one away as well.

Miami basketball players have no heart, no desire. Larranaga is also overrated. Close down this mediocre program. Will never compete against the Dukes and UNCs of this world on a consistent basis. Put the money back into football and baseball.

TCU's new slogan:

TCU: the UFelony of the West. Bible-thumping, ignorance and felony arrests wrapped together.

Maybe they share credits and curriculum too?

Posted by: 5>3>2

A little harsh, no? BUS was rockin for a bit last night. Did you go to UM? It was fun.

Posted by: Cher, Belushi and Nicholson

The difference between the "truth" that you refer to and the truth that I go by is that your truth is completely blinded by your hatred and ignorance towards the team that I love to support. I'll support my team till the end. Ignorance is blinding, but for a criminole or gaytard, that's all you really have anyways besides your double-wide trailer.

The only true way to see truth is to look at all sides of the story. Is it true that college football is better when Miami is on top? Yes. Is it true that Miami hasn't been the powerhouse of old for the last decade? True.

Now ask the really important question. Why?

Miami hasn't been (by college football fans opinions) good for a decade for one reason. Not having the right people running the team. Coker was put as the head coach simply to fill the spot. Everyone thought that he would be able to carry the team but he's truly an idiot. That 2000/2001 team would have won the national title without a head coach. Butch Davis made that team perfect, literally perfect (12-0 and a NC). Had Butch stayed and continued doing what he did to create that team then it would be easy to say that Miami would have won more titles after 2001 season. Then candy randy comes in, brings a great recruiting class, and sits down and takes a nap for a few years and doesn't bother to develop the kids at all. Jimmy Graham, Sam Shields and others are prime examples of this. Once they were developed in the NFL, their stock soared. Now with Golden in charge, who actually has a track record for no tolerance and making something out of completely nothing (temple who?), we have a great opportunity to fight for the national title once again. It, of course, takes time. People want NOW NOW NOW, and that's not how it works. You have to clean up everything, weed out the garbage, recruit, develop, and win games. 6-6 with suspensions, players kicked off of the team, and off field problems is better than most other schools would have done. Sorry that's a fact, and we did that with jacory harris. I want to see another school do that, literally. Now the garbage has been weeded out and recruiting has taken place, we're on the way to development. Already the beginning stages have been dealt with. I would love to see what trolers like yourself will have to say in 2yrs. I say 2yrs because that's what it's going to take. I'm excited as hell for my team. We did great with recruiting and handling this so-called scandal. I say "so-called" because since it broke out to the public we have more schools coming out with child molestation, recruiting violations, a kid at fswho stole a motorcycle simply because it was there, 9 players arrested at UofFelons since urban liar left (how many were arrested while he was there??? Double digits), and now TCU has players busted in a drug sting. Suddenly, Miami doesn't look so bad after all when you look at the whole picture of college football, and I do mean the whole picture.

These are facts that simply can not be denied unless you're a delusional piece of trailer trash, like yourself. So talk all the trash you can but like Golden said "Get your licks in now" because later you won't be able to.


Your mother is your hermana y hermano y perro, UofFelons! Or are from fswho? Give a hoot don't pollute.

GO U !!!



Apparently someone dusted off that old 5th grade spanish book to pull some of these words out and attempt to construe them into a spanglish sentence. Que clase gringo eres.



We finna be 6-6 again next year. Holla

Ditto the Gatr Trash. But with a few felony arrests mixed into the roach stew.

Haha, I thought it was all Shalala's fault - she does run the football team, doesn't she?

No, I completely agree, UM has been down because of two bad coaches in a row, it's as simple as that. Everything else is an excuse - we didn't win because of the OB, other teams win with higher academic requirements, we've never had the nicest facilities, and there was nothing wrong with the northwestern kids.

Bad coaches. That's it.


I blame shalalala for changing the academic requirements to enroll and accepting money from every douche with a checkbook... Nothing more. Before she got there Miami was punished for the Pell Grant scandal and one of the punishments from that was to raise the academic standard for enrolling at The U. Then after shalalala got here she raised it again. That I blame on her because if it wasn't for that, many players (top players), who would love to come here as their number 1 school to attend and play for, couldn't qualify academically. I don't blame the fact that we don't have the OB anymore. Sure it really hurt to lose the OB for the players and fans but that's an excuse. People complain about lack of facilities but guess what, national championships have been won with those same facilities. That's a fact. Now we have a pretty nice athletic facility and gym. It's not up there with other schools but it's better than it ever was.

I never blamed her completely for everything. I blame poor coach hiring, shalalalala for ever coming here and making the changes that she made, and shitpiro for this mess that he started that shalalala did nothing about until it was too late and the news hit the nation.

That's it. I blame those 3 things. Everything else is how everyone wants to look at it. Either an excuse or reason or whatever. Oh no we lost that mary-land game.. Any team would have lost that game when you have 5 defensive starters suspended and replacing them with guys with little to no experience, and our fastest receiver was suspended as well. But people would rather talk about mary-land winning the game because they changed uniforms right before they ran out onto the field. How did the rest of their season turn out anyways?? Garbage, and they didn't recruit worth a damn either. Edsall is a bust. In regards to the NWCrew, they could have been something had they been developed, played disciplined football. But candy randy made sure to recruit and then take a nap for a few years. They were left to do whatever they wanted and it showed on the field. Weight training took a back seat and that showed to with the Oline being blown off of the line and Dline getting manhandled. One good thing about candy randy is that he knew shitpiro was garbage and at least spoke up about it. A lot of good that did. Shalalala never cared about what candy randy said about shitpiro as long as that little midget kept funneling money into her pocket. Who knows really how much money he gave her, could have been cash payments that he can't report because he has nothing to show for it.

That's my honest opinion.

-Bad coaches
-Shalalala ever coming here
-Shitpito allowed to run around and cause trouble

Haters can use my handle as much as they want, I guess they really love me. Notice the sarcasm there? At the end of the day my passion for my hurricanes is stronger than their feelings towards whatever garbage team they want to support. Plain and simple.

Have a great day everybody, cuidate.



Florida TE A.C. Leonard arrested

Police report: Leonard tried to drag woman out of his apartment by her hair & later her feet. If true, will be tough to stay on the team.

“He ripped out several chunks of hair out of her head.”
– jason lieser


Florida coach Will Muschamp can’t afford another 6 loss season

Will Muschamp, Florida

Funny thing about the Urban Meyer years at Florida: The further away Urb gets, the shorter the memory for Gators fans.

But know this: Muschamp can’t afford another six-loss season, no matter what Meyer left him (once again, everyone, Meyer’s words: The Florida program was “broken” when he left). The Gators have a new offensive coordinator in Brent Pease and the same large expectations.

There is, however, hope: The same team that lost six games was the same team that gave away victories over Georgia and South Carolina—teams that won 21 games in 2011—and a spot in the SEC Championship Game. The East Division is winnable, and the Gators will have one of the conference’s best defenses.

Alabama, LSU and South Carolina won at least 11 games last year with stout defenses and limited offenses. Why not Florida in 2012?

^^^^^^ BWAHAHAHAHAHA the experts agree. I’ve been saying all along that the sinking ship has another boulder size hole in the hull. Seriously guys, that recruiting class WASN’T all that. They are setting him up to be fired with this so-called highly touted recruiting class. When he fails, (you noticed I din’t say IF) they will fire him faster than WVU can score td’s on Clemson. Just remember you heard it here first.


Florida TE A.C. Leonard arrested on battery charge
by Jason Lieser
Gators freshman A.C. Leonard was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge Wednesday and remained in custody as of this morning, according to Alachua County court records.

The Gainesville Police Department’s arrest report, according to a department spokesperson Angelina Valuri, said Leonard, 20, and his 21-year-old girlfriend he was living with got into an argument around 7 p.m. When it turned physical, Leonard, “shoved her forcibly with both hands in her chest/neck area. The force of the shove knocked her down to the ground, causing her head to strike a dog cage that was behind her.”

The woman, a UF student whose name has not been released, also alleged that Leonard grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her through the apartment. He “ripped several chunks of hair out of her head” in the process, Valuri said. She resisted by trying to kick him, and he responded by grabbing her by the feet and dragging her outside.

The arresting officer wrote that the woman had visible injuries on both arms, and Valuri said abrasions are “consistent with being dragged on carpet.”

After this incident, Leonard went to a tutoring session at Florida and the woman went to a neighbor’s house and called 911. Police contacted Leonard and arrested him at 9:15 p.m. He refused to talk with officers.

Leonard, a tight end entering his second year with the program, is the ninth player arrested since coach Will Muschamp took over the program in January 2011.

The only other arrest that alleged violence was against LB Dee Finley, who was charged with resisting arrest with violence, though that was later reduced to resisting without violence.

A message seeking comment from Muschamp was not immediately returned.

Leonard played nine games as a true freshman last season, starting four of them. He caught eight passes for 99 yards.

^^^^^since matthew wont post this, I will.


just drive the patty wagon up to the athletic field at UofFelons and tell the players to form a single line and start walking....

My point about UofFelons gets stronger with every passing day.


C'mon Gatr garbage. LC Leonard only commits a batter?

Step it up. You are slacking. You need felons on that trash football team.

And Muscrap? Only 9 arrests. He is going to have to step it up if he wants to catch Urbie "please come back" Liar's record of 34.

Sad times in the trailerpark indeed.

Y'all ashamed of UM's national championships or something? Why do you care about Florida Gators being arrested? They're following a tried and true formula of recruiting hard ass thugs - a formula invented by UM BTW.

Definitely agree that any academic requirements are absolutely unforgivable, nobody judges the university by the IQ of bunch of kids who could never get admitted on their own.

Obviously we disagree on Shalala, I understand why people think she's a skeezball politician who does anything to raise money because it's a 100% accurate description.

The part that people usually miss is that that's the biggest job of a university president - to raise money and throw political weight around to get what we need. There's an article out on her sitting on the corporate boards of a couple big time UM donors - the comments below are all shredding her to pieces and I'm sitting here thinking about how great it is for UM - the tighter we are with the Miller family the better.

Anyway she's raised 1.8 billion dollars for UM, Shaprio's combined donations are 0.0008% of that. Or maybe he donated 10 times as much as he said (as if he would be discreet about those numbers...) and it's 0.008%.

Who knows how many of those other donors earned their money unscrupulously? Who cares? UM has a new $15 million dollar athletic center/weight room/locker room being built, a new science building, a new student center, and on and on.

The one thing that could get Shalala canned is S***** - if the NCAA says that there was a lack of institutional control she could easily become the scapegoat, she's the only one still around. I don't blame her for taking S*****'s donations, if UM required the kind of background check that would have been required to expose his Ponzi scheme then we wouldn't be getting the athletic center donation from the Schwartzes.

But no doubt everyone involved has some level of culpability for letting him leach around after it was apparent that he was more unstable than the typical jocksniffing slimeball athletic donor.

Here's some more evidence that schools are breaking rules left and right...

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP)—Steve Spurrier and University of South Carolina officials will appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions in Los Angeles on Friday.

The NCAA says the school received $55,000 in improper benefits for athletes — mostly football players—who stayed at a hotel for a reduced rate and for South Carolina’s involvement with a mentoring group in Delaware.

Spurrier, university President Harris Pastides and athletic director Eric Hyman are part of the 11-person contingent traveling for the meeting.

South Carolina agreed in its response to the NCAA in December that major rules violations did take place.

Spurrier bluntly summed up how he feels about the hearing when he said earlier this month, “Sometimes crap happens. You just have to deal with it.”

--When one scandal breaks the roof comes down. It won't be long now until every school has the NC doubleAholes roaming the campuses until they discover dirt one way or another.

GO U!!!!!

Well, well,well. Things looking up for the white trash 'necks.

"Gainesville High School was dealing Thursday morning with the fallout from at least one YouTube video connected to two female students and described as a racist rant."

Happy racist times have returned to the world's largest trailerpark.

Apologies for the expletive that got through without asterisks on the post above.


It's great that she's raised all this money. It really is, but at the cost of making a blunder like this shitpiro when she was told numerous times that this guy was bad news?? He even threatened an employee of the university, c'mon man.. She has to be wise with her decision making. Even though this guy contributed 0.0008% of what she brought in, apparently that was enough to cause a scandal. Honestly, besides her raising the requirements to enroll I didn't have a problem with her. She was bringing in a ton of money which is always great and trying to make the university look good. These are pluses in anyone's eyes. I hope you notice that I'm attempting to be neutral in this post. My problem with her truly began at the beginning of the 2011 season and not before it. Have I been happy with her decision to raise the enrollment requirement, hell no but I didn't fuss about it as much as I have lately. It was this scandal that set me off.

We both know that we don't agree on anything, except that other day you said something (not remembering exactly what right now) and I stood by your post because it was truly accurate. But even you can see my point here. She should have been more careful and if the $hit hits the fan, she'll be the scapegoat. Not because she's the director of the university but because this all began when she got here, when shitpiro said it all started. It would be wiser for the NCdoubleAholes to fine the school and not punish anymore student athletes simply because the players who were involved are gone and it makes no sense to punish kids who did nothing in the first place. Go after those who left in a hurry I say. Hurtt is in loserville and Fuknutt is in texas. Go after those guys. They knew exactly what was going on. They all jumped ship the moment everything was about to crumble around them. An exodus doesn't occur for no reason man. We already gave ourselves a bowl ban plus suspended players who were involved even in the slightest way. Couple players were suspended even more so and kicked off for lying during the investigation. Other suspended players paid back what they owed. I say the NCdoubleAholes should concentrate more on child molestation, recruiting violations, and drug dealing than what happened here from a rogue booster. Every school has a rogue booster, every school. They're just better at handling them I guess than shalalalala did.

I'm in a very good mood today so I attempted to be neutral.

At heart, I'm a homer and will always be a homer.


Agree 100%, they should go after the people involved, including Shalala if they can prove she was willfully ignoring the situation.

Every team has boosters but UM is the only school in the country where S***** could happen because it's the only team in the country where someone with no affiliation whatsoever to the university could become such a rabid jock sniffing supporter. At Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, S**** would be an alumni and would take his secrets to the grave.

Write this down...

For the second time...I'm agreeing with Eudo..

Everybody loves to crap on a winner. Miami has been doing more winning in the last 30yrs than anyone else so as Golden said, "get your licks in now".


Wow Eudo and I both agree on something...

Could tides be turning?

Is the apocalypse near?

Will a nuclear blast remove gaysville from the map?

Will Miami have a better than 6-6 season for 2012?

Who knowssssssss?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Damn this is some good weed, HAHAHAHA




GO U!!!

It is amazing you are agreeing and I have also with a couple of the posts. But it is a hollow argument to say only .00 something of the mone she raised was not good. We know that how?? If she got sucker by Shapiro how many others have done it too, not necessarily in football.
It's not like prima shortie Donna came to the U with a blank slate. Her track record speaks for itself in her past.
It's nice to see white heron actually t honking for a change. We shall see.
Still say fire shalalalalala now!!!!'n

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