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UM spring schedule includes football-baseball double-header

UM announced its spring practice schedule Friday, including sites for the two open scrimmages and the addition of "Fan Appreciation Day" -- a football-baseball double-header on campus.

Anyone that purchases a ticket to the Canes' (March 4) baseball game against Florida will be granted access to the football team's practice at Greentree Practice Field. First pitch is slated for 1 p.m.

The Canes first scrimmage will be held on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m.-Noon at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, Fla. The second scrimmage will be held Friday night on March 30 at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Fla. A 7 p.m. kick is scheduled.

Aside from those events and the previously announced spring game on April 14 at Sun Life Stadium, the other 11 practices (March 3, 5, 6, 20, 22, 27, 29 and April 3, 5, 10, 12) will be closed to the public.

> Following the Canes' scrimmage in Fort Myers, the Hurricane Club will host a golf tournament on Saturday, March 31 at the Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club.  Registration is at 7 a.m. and a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Lunch and awards will begin at 1 p.m. The deadline to register for the event is March 23. Please contact the Hurricane Club for more information: 305.284.3838.

> The spring game on April 14, free and open to the public, will kickoff at 2 p.m. and will be aired on Comcast South Sports (CSS) on tape delay at 5 p.m. that day. Schedule of events for the day will be released at a later date.

> In conjunction with the BankUnited CanesFest the Miami Hurricanes will be hosting a stadium wide Select-A-Seat. Fans are invited to come walk the Sun Life Stadium and select their seats for the upcoming season featuring home games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, N.C. State, USF and Bethune-Cookman.


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"get your licks in now".


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | February 16, 2012 at 03:36 PM



It's All U Got ...

Soldy Douche = the amazing Harold Camping and his rhetorical question banter.

What a loser.

Ehhhhh, Douchebag? Soldy? Blog Pig?

It's all U gotz, dummy.

ltcdolphin - you misread what I wrote, lots of people earn their fortunes through unscrupulous or unethical or illegal business practices, I'm sure some of UM and any other school's big donors got their money that way.

My point is, who cares? UM isn't in trouble because S***** was a $900 million dollar Ponzi schemer, they're in trouble because he gave student athletes a couple hundred bucks or bought them drinks in a nightclub.

That's where the university and ultimately Shalala's lack of institutional control comes into play, not accepting donations from a Ponzi schemer.

At the end of the day whoever needs to burn for this should burn, and sooner than later. As long as UM is left with an acre of grass and a ball I'll be happy.

And hell yes we'll be better than 6-6!

Ahhhh yeah. I am going to the boat parade this weekend in my beloved SoBe to spend my millions I have accumulated by living on the blogs on a yacht. Does any seaman out there know if the yachts come with basements and galley ovens enough form mama's meatloaf?

Meanwhile in 'trailerville they have the canoe show where all the pond worthy rafts have enough room for a bbq and two of every critter in case the sky fairy gets upset again.

Eudo, you missed the point that she should be smart enough not to take money from bad people. She did. Returning it after the fact only says she would have kept it if all the heck had not occurred.
And we will be better than 6-6. No more jokecorey.


I still agree with firing her. She has pissed me off with her changing of the enrollment requirements and accepting money from every idiot with a checkbook. She's brought us a lot of money but at the same time her tenure at The U is stained with this scandal that could have been avoided. She was told, that means she knew and did nothing. He threatened a university employee and she did nothing. Things like this can not and should not be tolerated.

Those who should burn, should burn for this. I simply hope it doesn't happen to these new kids who are here now.

FIRE THE HOBBIT!!!!! (still feels good to say that)


You are naive if you think S***** is the only 'bad person' who gave money to UM or that 'bad people' don't give money to every other university.

There's nothing wrong with taking money from a Ponzi schemer. They say beggars can't be choosers, universities don't get to vet the personal finances of their donors. Otherwise all the donors would just keep their money.

If there was a problem in Shalala's oversight, it was in hiring Kirby Hocutt, who brought us Al Golden and Larranaga but was ultimately responsible for knowing that S***** was getting personal with the players. If Hocutt fully informed her of the situation and she didn't fire him then eventually she'll be forced into retirement.

Theodore Schwartz, the guy who donated the money for the new athletic facilities, made his fortune in some kind of telemarketing. UM doesn't know if his business was legal. UM doesn't know if his business was ethical. UM doesn't care, it's not their business, not their problem.

The power of Christ compels the Gatr Trash to stop being the disgusting classless maggots that they are. If by tomorrow they are no longer classless maggots, then the sky-fairy is real. If not, well, I guess I was right. We will just file him on the shelf next to the unicorns and Easter Bunny.

Let's see, ignorant 'billy.


It's All U Got ...

Posted by: Split Tail U | February 16, 2012 at 05:11 PM

^^^^^All this coming from a school (UFELONY) that teaches its athletes how to assault women on the daily.


Not to harp on it but I just happened to get an email in my inbox a couple minutes ago - the MomentUM campaign that I keep mentioning has officially ended and the Momentum2 campaign has started with a $200 million dollar donation from the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and over 10 other donations of $5 million or more with the goal of surpassing MomentUM's $1.6 billion dollar mark by 2015.

She's a troll and a political slimebag but she is goddamn good at her job.

hey cane fan ... if U happen to get 2 out of 3 wouldn't that be like the greatest thing U done did the last 10 years ?

20 ?

or 1 outta 3 and the ump cost U one ...

Well, I guess the sky-fairy doesn't work in mysterious ways. Or in any way at all.

It's a new day and the Gatr Trash, and you, Soldy, are still the lowest forms of human garbage going. Guess you fake god is not powerful enough to change you.

DirtyBillies indeed.

You still suck, Soldy Pig. U? Got it? Douchebag rhetorical question guy.

It's a new day, and the Gators are in your head again.

the Cane Trash, and you, cane loser are still the lowest forms of human garbage going. Guess you fail again to ask powerful God to change you.

DirtyBillies indeed, Floridummy too, specifically Miamidummy.

You still suck, Cane Pig. U? Got it? DoUchebag rhetorical question guy. SUMbag too.

Will Miami have a better than 6-6 season for 2012?

Nope, but you can pay Goldencrap more again for fear of losing him to Northern Illinois


More like chronic losing and chronic mediocrity

Well, I guess the sky-fairy doesn't work in mysterious ways. Or in any way at all.

Hating on the gator trolls posting here is cool, but lay off the anti religion rants and the atheist BS. This is a cane sports blog, post your God hate somewhere else.

Not hating on god. How can you hate something that doesn't exist. Maybe you can hate an image or representation of something mythical, like hating a picture of a unicorn, but that is different.

And it isn't a rant. BS religious prosletyzing is a rant. Atheist BS? Religious BS is more like it.

Posted by: Floridummy

If you wanna believe in unicorns or whatever, knock yourself out. Just stop posting anti religious rants on this blog. Like i said, we come here to discuss cane sports. Find yourself a religion blog and go crazy there.

Haha, man y'all are sad - why not bring up politics too, that'll definitely make someone want to talk to you.

I think I've mentioned before that I don't like womens basketball but I just saw the email the coach sent out and I think I might actually go to their last game of the season (and stay for the mens rematch with FSU). Make it out if you can, it's free!

Hello faithful Canes fans and friends!

I would like to extend a personal invitation to encourage you to attend our last two home games of the season - this Sunday February 19th vs. Florida State and the following Sunday February 26th vs. Boston College. Both will be big games for us and we really need your support!

We are trying to set attendance records at both games. The FSU game is a Play 4 Kay initiative where sales of the tickets will go toward the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Advance tickets are only $1 for that game, so buy a ticket, come to the game in pink gear, and support our team as we take on archrival FSU.

Our game vs. BC on the 26th is Senior Night. I cannot express how much our three seniors, Sylvia Bullock, Shenise Johnson, and Riquna Williams mean to me and to this program. During their 4 years here, they have literally built this Miami Women's Basketball program to what it is today. As freshman, this program was only 13-17 overall and struggled for recognition in the ACC. Now as seniors, we are currently 22-3 and #6 in the latest polls. Needless to say, they are crucial to the success of this program and, more importantly, they are a lot of fun to watch! This is your last chance to see Sylvia, Shenise and Riquna play together at home in the BUC. You really don't want to miss it!

So join us Sunday, February 26th to thank these talented young women for all their efforts. Your attendance will mean a lot to them, to me and the entire team.

Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you all on the 19th and 26th!

~ Coach Meier

Just to note: Our men's basketball team also plays Florida State on the 26th. To make it a Miami Basketball Sunday, admission to our game against BC at 1 p.m. will be FREE. Come out and celebrate with our seniors and stay for the men's game later in the day.

Oh, and the previous MomentUM campaign took donations from 94,000 people, if that gives any kind of perspective on Shalala's ability to vet our donors.

Hey Bloggers here is a good hint...

When you get wound up make sure that you condense your blog to a few paragraphs...
if you do get too wound up most bloggers will skip or scan quickly your long post without getting the true gist of your idea.
No one is coming here to read a bookblog but opposing ideas and commentary are great, getting to the point,
just leave out inflamatory subjects because we are a Sports Blog.
Let's talk some Hurricane Football..

Just a few observations and as always..
Go 'Canes

Floriduhs hoops programm is an embarrassment as well

"Florida hoops"?

You deserve to be smacked in the face.


Says Mooschump fired this guy because he was looking for a NFL job. = He wanted of the sinking ship

Talking about Gators coaches?

You deserve to be smacked in the face.


More like chronic losing and chronic mediocrity

Posted by: LOSERTILLIDIE....DH and the Cane Pig


I like that one, it was actually funny.

Here's another one.

How do my balls taste? Love sucking on those Canes balls do you?? It's simple math really, the more you hate us the better we really are. BOOM.




That money you mentioned that's coming in is great. As long as that money is coming from credible people who do not have a criminal track record. The troll is doing a great job at exposing the university to many different outlets that will contribute to our future success all around as a university. She just needs to listen and open her eyes when warning flags pop up.

GO U!!!!

What's a "criminal track record?" NICE TRY TROLL The Sky Fairy sees all!

simple math really, the more you hate us the better we really are.

Great post Einstein, like the performance of the sorry canes has anything to do with what's posted here, delUsional I presume...
Oh wait, I forgot that U got Tracy Howard to commit because his momma was reading eye on the U and the fine bloggers that post here convinced them to stay home. U clUcks have so much power, why haven't you used it in the past decade when your program has been sucking mayor league.......delUsional and demented

money is coming from credible people who do not have a criminal track record.

Too late clUcks large chunks of money came from Nevin the convicted Felon and before that from uncle Luke. It's a tradition at Dah U....dirty money
Keep sticking your ugly head in the sand the NCAA will smack you soon clUcks

Wee is floriduh. We is in gainesville. Where the tooth to iq raio is < 1. our basketbull team lost to tennessee. And we think we is good. Duh.

By the way to you arrogant narrow minded atheists or agnostics as you now call yourselves

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Yep. OL' Soldy is up to predicting again.

Soldy Douche, eventually you may be right at some point. Even a loser like you gets lucky. Tom Petty sang about it.

"Diggs is all Gatah.". Yeaaahahhahahahhs

Dumb Pig.

By the way to you arrogant narrow minded atheists or agnostics as you now call yourselves
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Ahhhh, simplistic bible-thumper. You believe your god made all the universe with you in mind yet it is the atheist that is arrogant? Knowledge and critical thinking are not signs of arrogance. But failure to think or not wanting to know is a sign of ignorance.

As for absence.... Your whole religion is built around absence of evidence so of course you are going to say that. Bet you feel the same way about evolution. Only, when it comes down to it and you get sick, you head to a hospital not a church.

"That which can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof."

"Religiosity recedes as knowledge advances."


The guy who thinks he has all the answers and that they are contained in one little bible calls a person who thinks and reasons "narrow-minded."

The ignorant will never learn.

"Florida hoops"?
You deserve to be smacked in the face.
Posted by: Get a life | February 17, 2012 at 12:33 PM

^^^^^Beat Kentucky and i'll let you smack me u mofo

I'm a UM fan.

You deserve to be smacked in the face for talking about Florida basketball on a UM blog.

You are a Gatr?

That deserves a smacking.

Youre an atheist. You deserve a smacking. Of course, being that you dont believe in a supreme being, you think me putting a smack down on you is just the random event of chaos theory. The stoopid is you. Is that what they teach you at the diploma mill?

Wow dude. You have never educated yourself on anything but your beliefs. That is pure ignorance. Let me give you a hint: the only alternative to creationism is not chance. Evolution is not chance. It is the opposite of chance.

You need to liberate yourself from your closed-minded ignorance. As for smack-down, you really think throwing a few insults out is a smack down?

In the battle of wits, you have brought a knife to a nuclear weapon fight. Read something other than the bible and think. You don't have to live as a slave your whole life.

I believe in the Egyptian Sun God Ra. Is that the supreme being you are referring to? Or are you an atheist?

You're all losers. But this is kind of funny.


Tracy choose UM because of this blog and Coach Golden said he could help me get to campbells soup commercials like don ovan mom. But We havin second thoughts now Because you all be cray cray. Not believing in god and acting all crazy on both blogs

"Florida hoops"?
Posted by: Get a life | February 17, 2012 at 12:33 PM

^^^^^Dumb hicks can't quote correctly.
"Florida hoops?" <<<<

The Spring game needs to be on ESPN.

I'm not a Gators fan, I'm a UM fan.

And I'm not quoting you, I'm pointing out how ridiculous your subject matter is.

If you're a Miami fan and you're talking about Florida basketball you need to reassess your priorities in life. Who gives a sh*t about Florida? Who gives a sh*t about college basketball?

Regarding this spirited religious debate, there are many paths to the Truth. If everone was on the same road, it would be too crowded.

So if a point of view makes a better human being, then embrace it. If it produces a bigoted, intolerant, "my way is the only way" fool, then discard it as someone's confusion, no matter how well intentioned.


Since Jesus doesn't care about murder, rape, torture or genocide, I am going to pray that WOW not post here anymore. That should do it.

I'll add that he get me that promotion as an added bonus.

dbc, point is well taken. However, there has never, as far as I know, been an atheist suicide bomber nor an atheist thinking that a member of "x" religion is incomplete and not worthy of getting to some promised land. That is part of the problem with religion and belief in a being. It serves as a warrant to do all sorts of immoral acts.

Pot meets kettle,

Agreed. I don't have a problem with atheism, and there is no doubt that religious zealots display a madness that is hurtful. It must be stopped, as we see all around us these days. It is partly the responsibility of believers who are moderate to exert influence on the crazies. One is deluded if they think all others MUST be just like them.

If you are an empiricist, atheism makes sense, as does being agnostic. All reasonable positions.

If any belief system makes for better human beings that do not visit harm on others, works for me.

So, in the interim, Go Canes! May god and reason be with you!

I guess you 0.5% of the human population who doesnt believe in a diety are smarter and know more than the 4.8 billion of us who make up the rest.. Funny bunch you are.
Have you ever felt the love of a daughter? That s god. Have you ever stood in the island of kauai and stared at the natural beauty of that island? That is go:. Has your dog run to you after not seeing you for a long time and cred in joy. That is god. Have you ever stared at your wife and she smiled at you, and said she loves you? that is god.

Does anyone here rembember the joy after beating nebraska in 1983? that is GOD

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