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UM spring schedule includes football-baseball double-header

UM announced its spring practice schedule Friday, including sites for the two open scrimmages and the addition of "Fan Appreciation Day" -- a football-baseball double-header on campus.

Anyone that purchases a ticket to the Canes' (March 4) baseball game against Florida will be granted access to the football team's practice at Greentree Practice Field. First pitch is slated for 1 p.m.

The Canes first scrimmage will be held on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m.-Noon at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, Fla. The second scrimmage will be held Friday night on March 30 at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Fla. A 7 p.m. kick is scheduled.

Aside from those events and the previously announced spring game on April 14 at Sun Life Stadium, the other 11 practices (March 3, 5, 6, 20, 22, 27, 29 and April 3, 5, 10, 12) will be closed to the public.

> Following the Canes' scrimmage in Fort Myers, the Hurricane Club will host a golf tournament on Saturday, March 31 at the Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club.  Registration is at 7 a.m. and a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Lunch and awards will begin at 1 p.m. The deadline to register for the event is March 23. Please contact the Hurricane Club for more information: 305.284.3838.

> The spring game on April 14, free and open to the public, will kickoff at 2 p.m. and will be aired on Comcast South Sports (CSS) on tape delay at 5 p.m. that day. Schedule of events for the day will be released at a later date.

> In conjunction with the BankUnited CanesFest the Miami Hurricanes will be hosting a stadium wide Select-A-Seat. Fans are invited to come walk the Sun Life Stadium and select their seats for the upcoming season featuring home games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, N.C. State, USF and Bethune-Cookman.


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Well, It is more than .5%. In the USA alone, it is closer to 15% and growing. In Europe, the numbers are over 50% so I'm not sure where you get your figures from.

Natural beauty on an island. Ever heard of evolution? Love? Why is that god? That human emotion was around well before god "revealed" himself 5000 years ago. You don't know where live comes from. You just think it is god precisely because you do not want to think.

As for thinking I am smarter than a believer? No, but I choose to think. You choose not to think and that is ignorant.

If you attribute god to the love of a daughter then you must also attribute to god a father murdering a daughter. You must also attribute infidelity and spousal abuse to god if that is the path you are going down where god is responsible for everything includimgnevery game the Hurricanes have ever lost. In fact, god wanted Nebraska to lose. He wanted Rozier to get hurt in the 4th quarter. Anything less is intellectually dishonest.

You don't need god for love. And what god, exactly, are we talking about? There are thousands. If you think you know the answer, that is the ultimate in arrogance. Wishing your make believe god is true does not make it true. Big difference between the two.

Open your eyes. The bible is full of inconsistencies and immoral acts.

Pot meet kettle is ur seat warming up yet? Don't worry if it aint yet, it will be soon.

Only losers, the delusional and the ignorant believe in hell.

Let me know when Jesus cares more about child murder, rape, genocide and fatal disease, to name a few things, thank what I do or don't believe.

Religiosity recedes as knowledge advances. No need to be a slave to a first century text.

Hey Pot, don't worry. Hell is as much of a joke as heaven is. It was created by old bronze age men to scare the ignorant.

Apparently, from the looks of WOW, it is still working. Maybe the tooth fairy will save you.


Pot meet kettle. Enlighten everyone and name one and one only please transitional fossil. There was one supposedly in the Smithsonian decades ago but had to be removed, the glue fell apart.

This moron pretends to be a cane but all he posts about are two themes: either anti religion crap and atheist BS or baiting the gator trolls. He has nothing to contribute about sports. Look up his posts and you will see I'm right.

Hey genius wannabe, can you explain the Big Bang Theory, you know the one about how the universe was formed? Go ahead and see if you can explain that in simple terms for all of us ignorant people out here. I dare you.

I love The Big Bang Theory - it's funny.

This is a sports blog

But since you brought it up, religion and science are not inconsistent. One is based on empirical proof, the other on faith. They are not mutually exclusive.

By the way, troll moron that pretends to be intelligent and an atheist just to stir things up: the Big Bang theory was first proposed by Father Georges Lemaître, a contemporary of Einstein.
Georges Lemaître is considered one of the great physicists of the 20th century. He's also a war hero and a Catholic priest, but you've never heard of him because you're a drooling troll with no education.

Get an education and STFU about religion - you've been owned and your ignorance has been exposed.

Keep it about the []_[]

I didn't not bring up the Big Bang but it is not a surprise you did. It is one of the last refuges for your gods. You fail to keep your issues straight however. If you want to speak Fiest Cause, then the Big Bang is a highly plausible explanation for how we got here. You bible-thumpers claim god causes the Big Bang which of course explains nothing. Who caused god? You have an infinite regression which is no answer at all.

And while you are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts. Edwin Hubble is credited with the big bang, not Lemaitre. You suffer from a "science can't disprove what we do not know. Therefore it must be a god (Zeus?)". This is classic god of the gaps ideology which again explains nothing.

Your anger and insults belie your insecurity and further prove my point. Your religion is built on lies. Your god (assuming it is the judeo-christian god) is man-made. Your pope is a Nazi and your priests are old sexually repressed homosexual pedophiles.

Some religion. Some god. You bible-thumpers are arrogant beyond any atheist. You believe you have all the answers and they are contained in a first century text. You try to make not-thinking a virtue when it poisons the mind.

So perhaps you need to educate yourself on something other than theology. The truth is out there. It's just not contained in the god dogma you were brainwashed with since childhood.

Pot Meet: try again. Even Wikipedia shows the history of the big bang theory. Lematraie well before Hubbell was in there. Sorry.
And again name one and one only please (a little Sean Connery there) transitional fossil.

What yiu cant explain, you criticize, and you try to desperately explain the emotion of love through evolution. You are more ignorant than you sound. The mere existence of love, and human compassion, and emotion is unexplainable through quantum or particle physics, mathematical logic or simply chaos. Not one neurobiologist has ever been able to exolain how the brain formulates "love". How is the human brain the only organ that can think about itself?

Again, ill say it again. Absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence. Faith and science cannot explain the unexplainable. I am a scientist, and i can tell you that i have seen more instances that explain a higher force, i.e. A God, than not. Simple evolution is not enough. But je..ks like you like to quote sham stats like "50% of europeans dont believe in God. Reallly? Where is your source? Does that include spain, portugal, france, italy, the vatican?"
lies, dam lies, then statistics

I brought up the Big Bang to shut up the atheist troll. It shows that science can't explain everything. The Big Bang is the accepted theory on the origin of the universe, the best that science can offer. And it is pathetically lacking. It is illogical to the point of insulting any intelligent being. So the best scientific explanation for the origin of everything is "the last refuge for your gods"? WTF is that supposed to mean, only that you and your atheist ilk have no answer. There was a beginning, before that there was nothing. In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. God is the creator, outside our realm.
Gos is the only logical explanation for the Big Bang and thus for all of us.
This discussion is pointless since none of your arguments are going to change any ones beliefs around here just like we are not going to change yours. However you are an instigator, an arrogant one indeed. Believe what you will, but don't come here to bad mouth and insult the rest of us. Keep pretending you are so smart, you impress no one, you only show your ignorance. Try to keep the discussion here about the Canes and post your anti religion ignorance somewhere else. I know you won't do that, it seems you live to instigate, must be a lonely and pathetic life, feel sorry for you.

If course science cannot explain the unexplainable. At least not yet. That is a tautological argument and a red herring for those of theistic belief.

And truly, you are the arrogant one. There have been 10 thousand gods that humanity has believed in. Yet you think you have the right one. Your god beliefs are simply a producr of product of the place and time you were born. Had you been born in India, you would believe in the Hindu monkey god. In Afghanistan, Allah. In 2500 BC Egypt it would have been Ra.

As for my friend the scientist, I guess I could ask you where you got your stat that only .5% of the human population doesn't believe in a deity. Certainly a scientist likenyou wouldn't make up stats. And simply because science cannot right now explain something does not mean it never will not does it imply that god is the answer. Again, god of the gaps. And if you are prepared to ascribe to god love, then you must also ascribe hate, suffering and evil. Or is that the devil?

1000 years ago, science couldn't explain a solar eclipse. God must have been the reason. Then science explained it reducing the role of god. And so on it has gone over the past 1000 years.

You have no support for theism. I would hope that a scientist like yourself does not leave room for the "god" factor in your research. That wouldn't go over too well in peer-reviewed papers.

As for "transitional fossil" guy, every time a fossil is found, it doubles the number of gaps and your kind say, "now you have to show two transitional fossils."

But that is beside the point. What you seem to be saying is that you are a creationist which is a joke. Evolution is a fact. Make no mistake. You and your young earth kooks are a laughingstock. Maybe man walked with the dinosaurs. Maybe god revealed himself as a burning bush. Maybe Santa will visit you next year.

"anti-religion ignorance" from the guy who thinks reason and critical thought are useless and not thinking is a virtue. You take your cue from a Nazi in Rome.

Aids is bad but condoms are worse. The anti-contraception motto of the church.

I don't believe in any god made up by man, including the judeo-christian one.

But I can't stand people who belittle religion and I can't stand people who belittle evolution - religion exists for good reason and it helps billions of people.

Evolution is an indisputable fact, like gravity. Every time we've dropped a ball or a cup, it's fallen to earth, without exception. Evolution is like that - we have countless examples of speciation events happening in observable timeframes, we have the complete genome sequences of over 1,000 higher level organisms, within the mapped genes there are hundreds of thousands experiments as to whether those organisms have evolved the way we would guess - and every single time without exception we find that the genes of progressively distantly related organisms are progressively divergent.

Transitional fossils are a joke, like the 'missing link'. It's extremely rare for ANYTHING to get fossilized, the fossil record for every creature that has lived on this earth in the past 3.65 billion years has 5% as many species as are currently living today.

There are around 7 billion, 7,000,000,000 people living in the world today. If you put the same odds on that group of being fossilized as you do the odds of any given species being fossilized in the earth's history, not one person out of those billions would be found in the fossil record.

But pot head it seems there has not been one found so there can't be two.

It's time to ignore the ignorant troll folks

Religion can help people. It has also authorized genocide, slavery and murder. That it exists for good reason? That is debatable. Mind control is not a food reason. Neither is subjugation if women. You really think the tenets of Islam are all good? The fact they are inconsistent and contradictory shows they are man-made.

And why can religion, in today's somewhat more enlightened society, not be belittled? Why is it so deriving of unquestionable respect? Just because you are a person of faith does not mean you are good or righteous. In fact, why should the Jews not belittle the Catholics when for centuries they were discriminated against and accused of deicide?

And if the religious are so thin-skimmed that they take critique and beliefs different than theirs as belittling, that says more about the frailty of their beliefs than it does about those positing the questions and competing beliefs.

"Evolution is an indisputable fact, like gravity."

Eudo, what you call evolution is species adaptation. No species have "evolved" into a completely different one. There are no new species being created or evolving, only the same ones adapting to different environmental changes. Be careful what you call an indisputable fact. It may be a popular "fact", what the media and the establishment condone as the "truth", but it doesn't make it so.

Atheist troll,
Don't confuse religion with God. Religion is man made and is responsible for all the atrocities you name. Religion has also been a force of good in the world and continues to do so. Look up Mercy Ships and learn how volunteers go to poor African and Central American countries and provide free health care and more to poor people following the example of Jesus. Look up Christian Freedom International or Food For The Poor. Those are just 3 that I'm involved with, there are countless others. So don't come here and call religious people ignorant, don't come and say God is responsible for all the evil in the world. Man is responsible for evil, we have free will we can choose evil or good.

Posted by: ltcdolphin

It's time to ignore the ignorant troll folks

Agree with you. I said my piece and will now sign off.
Like I said before no one will chance his beliefs based on this discussion. Just respect others and get back to talking sports.

Bible-thumping troll,

So reduce religion to social work. Great. Many secular organizations provide the good deeds you name. All without the baggage of religion, i.e. the genocide, crusades, missionaries that felt superior to natives and forced them to accept Jesus at penalty of death. Was that social work too?

If you believe in free will, do you believe your god interferes in the affairs of man? Answers prayers? If you do, then you must ascribe the bad in the world to your god. Otherwise, he is impotent.

And the overriding theme here is that nothing you have posited makes your god true. I can believe in fairies but that does not make them true.

That you still doubt evolution says all there is to say about you. Next time you get the flu, ask your doctor to innoculate you with a vaccine from 20 years ago. I mean, the flu virus doesn't evolve. You sound like someone that has never taken the time to learn and understamd the skeptics side. Everything you say sounds like it is regurgitated nonsense you would hear in church Good luck.

My two cents. Arrogance and Ignorance, of course we have free will but you don't need god for that. Just as you don't need god to explain many of the things he was previously attributed with causing.

And if you believe in god and free will, then your god is either impotent or evil, as he allows things like genocide and rape to occur. Use god as your reasoning. That is fine. But then be consistent.

And is it your position that anyone who doesn't agree with you is ignorant? I believe that is truly the pot calling the kettle black and the reason why the religious are considered closed-minded.

But I'll leave you to your turmoil and mental gymnastics everytime science reveals what was formerly considered gods work or where the church admits it was previously wrong about a topic, i.e. purgatory.

I have a PhD in molecular biology, I have studied this subject for 12 years and there is no question that evolution occurred and is occurring. Humans had a common ancestor with chimpanzees, gorillas, and bonobos, all four had a common ancestor with all other primates.

The real question is why people like you want to turn this into a 'political' or 'media' topic? For all the reasons that you can find on any religious website, science and evolution do not 'disprove' god or any religion.

I could sit here for hours and fill up four pages of this blog with clear examples of evolution and speciation and the precise mechanisms where small changes in only a few developmental genes completely change the organism, or where one or several genes are duplicated in the genome, leading one of the genes free to mutate into a completely different function as the protein made by the other homologue meets the cell's demands for that enzyme.

And you'd bring up something about dinosaurs. If you're not interested in how life works then just dismiss science as blaspheme and leave it at that. Don't learn just enough from some website to spout off some misinformed and ignorant talking point, it doesn't help your cause.

There is always room for god in science you ignorant ameba. The fact that you doubt his existence proves that he exists. Idiots like you, at your death bed, are the first to say, oh god!

I feel sorry for your emptiness.

Eudo et al,

Good comments all the way around.

Man, it is tough when football season is over and the new one has yet to begin! In this vacuum, philosophy reigns. It is fun, but can't wait for the new season!

Again, any belief system that makes for better human beings, tolerance and a greater love has my vote...

Look at 5>3>2 hurling insults. Exactly the loving compassionate theist that we have come to expect.

Doubting his existence proves he exists? Are you kidding? What kind of intelllectually stunted human are you? That reasoning then proves fairies, unicorns, the Easter bunny and life on mars which, since it is now true, disproves everything the bible tells you about humanity. We are not so special after all.

And should someone yell "god" on their death bed, exactly what does that show? Nothing. You don't need god for evolution or any science. It works perfectly without the god factor. As knowledge advances, religiosity recedes. That is the path we are on. Science does not have all the answers and may never. But those it has far supplant any mystical simplistic "god" explanation that was clearly created by first century man who didn't have the faintest idea of the universe or the germ theory of disease.

You don't need god to be good or moral. While religion can make some people behave better, it is also a means of dividing. "My god and my religion are the only way to the mythical kingdom in the afterlife. You are flawed."". That kind of thinking is neither beneficial nor helpful to society.

Just look at the way old 5>3>2 attacks a molecular biologist and calls him an "ignorant amoeba." (He didn't even get the spelling right). That is what religion does for you. Lashing out because deep down, you are insecure. Maybe 5>3>2 should go pray the rosary or lash himself 50 times to prove strengthen his faith.

I doubt my bank account has $3 billion dollars in it. Thankfully, according to 5>3>2 genius, because I doubt that it proves it is true.

What joy. Thank god. Oooopps. Let that secular non-religious colloquialism slip. Must mean something. Don't have time to figure it out though. I have to go find the image of Jesus in a piece of toast or Mary in a tree stump.

A researcher who studied physiology during the last stages of dying recently wrote a book about what people talk about as they're dying.

Nearly every single person she studied talked about the people who were most important to them in life, their friends and family, even people they hadn't seen for decades.

If you need a god to find fulfillment in life then by all means enjoy. Don't worry about those who can find fulfillment in life itself.

"And if you believe in god and free will, then your god is either impotent or evil, as he allows things like genocide and rape to occur."

This statement is illogical and completely flawed. Humans are the cause of all these evils as they have free will to choose to do evil. God does not micro manage his creation, He gave us the guidelines and Jesus set the example on how to live when He came to earth.

"The real question is why people like you want to turn this into a 'political' or 'media' topic?"

Just because you are a scientist or an academic doesn't mean you have all the answers. Throughout history science has "evolved" as new knowledge is gained. The more knowledge we gain, the more we realize how little we know as every new invention or breakthrough raises more and new questions we didn't know to ask before.
It is a political and media topic just like blaming humans and their technology for climate change when climate change has been going on since the formation of the Earth.
There are many scientists on the other side of your argument who get ridiculed and shunned by the media and the establishment when they dissent from the popular theory of the day. Evolution is a theory, not a fact by definition.
So go ahead and ridicule me and other like minded people, it is what you do best. It doesn't make it so.

"Look at 5>3>2 hurling insults."

A lot less insults that you hurl routinely, take the block out of your eye before you insult your neighbor's mote.

Yo cane clUcks, I see all you girls are in a tizzy with all this religion talk. What? no news about the sorry cane trash? Let me give you some................you still suck!!!!!!!
BTW, this Pot fellow you all love now is well known to the mighty Gators, he is the gator clause troll. Glad to see he lives with ya all now. Sweet fellow he is right?
You clUcks are all a bunch of losers. Looking forward to the Spring game, at least you won't lose that one .
Cane scUM and anti religion troll belong together.

Buenos Dias everybody

So when the hell did this blog turn into a religious site??? Good Lord!!!

Evolution is a theory like gravity is a theory, there is no one who has studied those subjects and come to the conclusion that gravity and evolution are not operating on this planet.

Those 'other' scientists don't exist.

Hey, 5>3>2, if your god doesn't micromanage, then why do you pray? Does your god answer prayers? And if your god is omniscient, then he already knows what all of your actions will be. So do you really have free will? Your god, if the bible is to be believed, did micro-manage and authorized slaver, genicide and murder. You don't even know the details of the text you claim to support. Or, equally likely, yours is a cafeteria style religion where you pick and choose your metaphors and allegories to suit your particular ends.

As for your statemement, "There are many scientists on the other side of your argument who get ridiculed and shunned by the media and the establishment when they dissent from the popular theory of the day," NAME ONE. Just one credible scientist that has published a peer-reviewed paper that has been accepted by any other scientist.

The difference between science and religion is that if there were credible proof that creation was true, the scientists would freely admit they were wrong. Conversely, in the face of mountains of evidence supporting evolution, you theists still deny it and point it gaps. Thus, the "god of the gaps" ideology. That is ignorance defined.

As for evolution being a theory "by definition" you fail to distinguish between the scientific definition of theory and it's colloquial definition. They are not the same. Evolution is a well-established fact. There is not a credible scientist that disputes it. All research is based on it. That you are an intelligent designer is a joke. You cannot be taken seriously.

If I hurl insults, well, don't you expect that of a heathen like me condoned to the (imaginary) hell? Certainly a religious god-lover like you would be above that sort of conduct and show how loving and kind you are. But I guess not. You are just like everyone else and all your god belief fails you.

That is the problem with politicizing scientific endeavors - all the facts get left on the doorstep so political biases and idiology can dominate the discourse.

It is mind boggling to me that someone could equate our knowledge and understanding of evolution with our knowledge and understanding of climate change.

Evolution is an indisputable fact that is fully understood down the most basic mechanisms and processes.

Climate change is a global scale process that isn't understood at all, yet anyone with a political leaning is somehow 100% sure that it's a hoax or the end of the world.

The facts are that there is more CO2 in the atmosphere than at any point in recorded history and it's there because of combustion. As to what the effects of all that CO2 will be, no one knows, least of all Glenn Beck and his ramblings about snowy winters or Al Gore with his rediculous doomsday movie.

So when the hell did this blog turn into a religious site???

Let me help ya turn it into what it is..........a losers site. All ya clUcks haven't evolved yet you are stuck in the muck. Spring game is coming, enjoy it. After that, when the real games begin, you all will be crying again: wait til next year.
BTW, I forgot to mention, that Pot fellow was molested as a child by a priest that's why he hates God and religion.
You deserve each other in the sewer you call UM, pathetic garbage dump and trash of a program.

All you boys are so nasty and what blasphemy I hear. If I had known this before I woulda told my boy to go somewhere else. Lord help you all.

The facts are that there is more CO2 in the atmosphere than at any point in recorded history and it's there because of combustion.

Scientists have just discovered an inordinate high amount of emissions not only of CO2 but of all kinds of fowl things withing the past year alone. They have isolated the source of these fowl emissions to Coral Gables. It is theorized that this is the evolution of the Golden Era at UM, where the balloon of hot air and other crap is already unraveling after one mediocre season and upcoming NCAA sanctions. This is expected to get worse as a factual statement corroborated by PhDs in molecular biology as well as other assorted wannabe philosophers. Given the indisputable fact that the current team has no depth at multiple positions, has an unproven and unwanted QB, and has lost the best offensive playmakers early to the NFL. Given the fact that there is a high degree of unbelief in the air it can be said for sure that the canes don't have a prayer, and that not even a miracle can save them.


Interesting point about dying. As one who has worked with many patients who have experienced sudden death from V tach, none fear the experience of actually dying in the future. The peacefulness of near death seems to bring a fresh perspective on living for many.

And no patients on their deathbeds ever say "I wish I would have spent more time at the office." As some suggest, let death guide you in your life decisions now, and you point out those themes closest to the heart for those passing on.

But I do believe that some of us hard-core Canes fans may go out dreaming of the ecstasy of that 1 additional National Championship!

Canetilidie - ain't it the truth, brother?

It is true, you and the rest of the so called hard core cane fans will spend the rest of your pathetic lives dreaming. First of another NC like you say, but soon of just having a winning program, just being relevant. Sadly it will just be a bad dream or a nightmare. So dream on fools, all you have left.

Well said Canetillidie. This is a football blogg. And no one has named one and only one please transitional fossil. You see you need one of these to prove evolution and there's none named so far and some say they are not needed. Hmmm!!! And just reported that the volcano now erupting has spewed more co2 in the atmosphere than man in over 200 years. And oh my gosh we are all still alive. And the trees are greener.

ltcdolphin, what exactly would a transitional fossil look like? You have no idea, do you? You are regurgitating a very early objection to evolution that has since been discredited. You are 50 years behind the curve but that makes sense since the ancient text you use to guide your life is almost 2000 years old and as full of garbage as it has ever been.

Read a little about evolution. Preferably not something authored by a narrow-minded young-earth creationist who knows next to nothing about science. Try learning something. Don't be afraid. It won't hurt. You just may be enlightened.

[]_[] guys are too funny, this blog is more entertaining than the Jerry Springer show.

ltcdolphin is a mental midget - not in the context of this conversation but in a general sense.

I'm not going to waste my time except to say Archaeopteryx is a transitional fossil.

And my god, there is no volcano erupting right now putting out more CO2 than people you raving lunatic.

Most likely you're regurgitating the valid point that in the past there have been periods of high volcanic activity where the CO2 in the atmosphere was much higher than today.

Those periods were marked by widespread extinction.

Breaking news, extra, extra, breaking news...
Coral Gables, FL
A University of Miami molecular biologist has just discovered the elusive "missing link" thus proving without the shadow of a doubt the theory of evolution.
Better than the elusive fossils we have been searching for this esteemed scientist found something better. He has inferred the existence of such a creature by posting on eye on the U. This creature is barely intelligent and it's only known reason for existence is to post daily on the Miami Herald sports blogs. It is assumed such creature lives in a basement and has been taught to use a computer, search wikepedia, and post dribble about religion daily, it's latest handle is Pot meet some one or another.
Said molecular biologist has been automatically granted a Nobel prize. Congrats to UM for employing such a fine scientist.

Eudo, you are obviously intelligent and enlightened. You may not agree with my slightly more strident tone towards the believers, but they no longer deserve to be treated with kiddie gloves. They fabricate and purposely distort facts.

Just because someone believes that saying Latin words over some bread means they are eating the body of a Christ figure does not mean they are immune from ridicule. Certainly not less so than the person who says some magic words over his waffles and believes he is them eating the body of Elvis. The latter would be ridiculed. Why not the former?

The religious think people are sick and defective if you don't believe like them. For that reason, they forfeited their right to be above reproach a long time ago. Ltcdolphin and 5>3>2, you may have your own beliefs but not your own facts. Your ciew of the world is in a rapidly diminishing minority and perhaps in our lifetimes, you god and your Jesus will be relegated to the scrap heap of history Long with Zeus, Thor, Ra Apollo and the thousands of other gods humanity no longer believes in.

Scientific evolutionist poster, you mock someone more intelligent than you because you are insecure. 24 hrs of SportsCenter and reading SI cover to cover turns your brain to mush. It is why the Chinese, Russians and Indians are eating our lunch.

Instead of doing some research on your own, you just insult. But that is typical of the bible-thumpers. And why religion and god in turn are now mocked openly. No one is afraid of hell or your god both of which are imaginary.

Maybe next time you have a serious disease, go to church instead of the hospital. You wouldn't want to take any of the vaccines that a molicular biologist helped develop. Nahhhh, that would be inconsistent with your beliefs in the sky-fairy.

Bible? Creationism??? FOOLS we all know dinosaurs were made by the CIA to discourage timetravel

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