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VIDEO: Behind the scenes at UM on Signing Day

Here's a good behind the scenes look of what National Signing Day was like for UM coach Al Golden and his staff by 3 Penny Films.


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Great stuff!

Notice how he was kind even to those that chose other schools.

He didn't yell at Northrup and cry "You lied to us!" Just wished him the best of luck for eleven out of twelve games.

Pure class by Golden, and look at that enthusiastic team he has working with him!



This is only the beginning...

Haters beware!!! Your days are numbered...

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

You can see the clouds gathering, the low pressure is picking up steam. You can sense that this storm is no ordinary storm, its will become a perfect storm. It will not be a Hurricane today or tomorrow but when it hits our shores, it will be a Category 5 Hurricane "THE U"

Wow, cleaned out all the troll comments, nice!

I hear the Canes are already ahead in the race for 2013 players, too!

Golden and Manny and Susan, winners all!

Manny and Susan good job in cleaning up the multitude of garbage posts. Can you find your colleague Matt Watts and give him some pointers.

Loved the fact that there were players and coaches together in that room. I'm excited that we are on the right track to get back to the top. Great job to Coach Golden and his staff.

Indeed, let us put an end to this nonsense that litters this blog and let us elevate the quality of the words that we input into our keyboards and monitors. I have a feeling that(within AL GOLDEN's tenure), we will see traffic lines for miles leading into a stadium right off the palmetto.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

I saw the enthusiasm of a great group..It is GREAT to be a Hurricane.

The best part of this was when Tracy said the 'U', coach G was up out of that chair like a lightning bolt..fist bumped his other coaches and led the applause..in welcoming him to our home...Loved it.

I wish that I was able to play for these guys..
this to me DEFINES Miami..enthusiasm among ALL the Coaches, teamwork, and CLASS..
What a joy it is to be a 'Cane, and to see my favorite town...get back on the map..

I may be thousands of miles away but evreyday I am a 'Cane and Very, very proud of our program, Coaches and Kids...

Well done Coach G and take a bow.. great job.

P.S I noticed during Coach G's comments at the podium he referenced Manny in assuring the questioner that he was following up on questions asked in the past.. Kudo's Manny and good job to you too Susan...
I am thoroughly convinced that some of the articles that you both wrote had a LOT to do with the success of our draft and we thank you guys too.
Great job..
We are on the journey back..
Go 'Canes we are super proud of all of you.

I liked it when Howard said he wanted to win in his back yard. Golden shouted : There you go. Say it out loud. Don't be afraid.
Looks like Golden is taking the gloves off. Time for a little bare knuckle action.
Lets hope the team feels the same way.

You guys are getting hard on because some high scoller going to your college which many of you didnt attend. LOL


Mike jones obviously isn't a scholar, and didn't attend ANY college. LOL

I thought this was going to be a good blog, with well thought out comments.

Thanks for you input Mike Jones.

Mike Jones probably dropped out of "high scoll"

You guys are talking crap about misspelled words, but who has really attened UM? NOONE losers. Keep jerkin off to high schoolers

After a tough decade I get the feeling that we are finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. I love Coach Shannon, and I am sorry it didn't work out for him, but I am convinced that with coach Golden we have the right man to rebuild the football team as well as deal with the fallout from the Shapiro mess. It was, is, and will always be ALL ABOUT THE U

I hope I didn't "attened" UM.

And what type of people are "NOONE losers." Those that appear at 12:00 during the day? Danny Noonan?

how do you know that for a fact that none of the posters 'attended' UM. In all seriousness, i think i am wasting my time responding to incoherent nonsense. Have a good day, sir

Poor Mike,

If I knew you could read, I would gladly show you my diploma.

Sat in the student section for many games, passed Sebastian up the line, and hugged gorgeous coed women when the Canes scored touchdowns, got interceptions, sacks, and fumbles, and completed third and 30 passes.

Thanks for not taking the hint that this is a troll free zone. you are commenting about fans of a team you don't like, about a tradition that you don't like, and yet you wish to mark us as losers? Look in the mirror.

Great video. Hard not to get fired up when you see that. But there are OTHER athletic departments that are feeling the same high and getting BETTER ATHLETES.

Tracy Howard is a great pick up, Congrats. But there is not a chance that he alone will save the desperately weak UM secondary. The depth chart is a MESS and sanctions are coming. yeah cane fan, feel great in January. November? Not so much. Same ole story for TEN YEARS. The fire rages on. No doubt you'll spend the summer declaring a "storm is coming."

Wash rinse repeat cane fan.

Hola Soldy


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | February 02, 2012 at 02:03 PM


You are hands down the biggest idiot to ever grace this blog. Great to see your enthusiasm but you are utterly clueless about the realities of the UM football program.

the depth chart is a MESS

considering that UM has never even sniffed a conference championship game, you should probably temper your blabbering a wee bit CANETILLIDIE. Remember, the depth is WORSE than last year. Scary but true.

Since he's back, isn't you ID a little stupid? Not surprising from you, KAK swallower but stupid nonetheless.

As for sanctions, maybe. You have no idea what they will be or how severe. So you post based on several unknowns and misstatements.

You are the Curse Pig and Soldy is the Costco graveyard shift hero.


Did you just say that Miami has never won a conference championship game?

Wait a second, let me quote your words... "UM has never even sniffed a conference championship game" These are your words. Allow me to educate the troller..

Miami has won 9 conference titles..


How many conference titles has your school won?

Ya our depth is scary as hell but am I worried, nope.
This is the beginning for Golden & Co and a douche like yourself, who is filled with so much hatred, can never allow yourself to see what is directly in front of you. We just pulled a top ten recruiting class while a few months ago, people were hearing "death penalty". If anyone is an idiot is you. Ya I'm enthusiastic as hell for what Golden has done in such a short period of time and for the direction that he's bringing us back to. Ya, I'm excited as hell for next season because IMO, we have real hungry players now, not clock punchers. That means better play on the field. Can't wait for spring ball april 14th at joe robbie and see ryan williams, gray crow, preston dewey, and stephen morris.

Enjoy your season troller. You're no Cane fan. You're trailer trash. Haters will ALWAYS hate.



That's just awesome -- thanks Manny and the Herald for bringing this Miami native behind the scenes coverage. I live in VA now and rely on the herald to keep me up to speed. Golden will bring the Canes back - as he said, "get your licks in now." Go Canes!

I'm driving 300 miles each way to the spring game. The more I see of Golden , the more I like him. Can't wait 'til August. Get your tickets with your tax return. With Early enrollees and some good coaching for a change, I wouldn't miss it.

WARNING TO ALL TRUE CANES!!!!!! Mike Jones, Soldy, MAJOR PUBLICATION, and The Curse of Art Kehoe, are all on the rag, and angry at their respective husbands. It's just amazing how women can sync up their cycles by just visiting a blog! Mike, just because you finally got that big check from Burger King (you know the one you've gone on and on about over the last month), doesn't mean we want to hear all about those see through panties you picked up for your man. MAJOR PUBLICATION, your weaves' showin, c'mon girl! Soldy, how's that Cosco gig going you KAK gobbler? And The Curse of Art Kehoe, you can hike up that skirt all you want, go 'head and paint those pretty lips 'rodeo clown red', you still stank like a tramp! LOOK AT THOSE LADIES HATE!

I love these coaches, man!
They have got heart and big time energy, and obviously can connect with kids! Go Canes!

Emilio Lopez-Centellas: I think it's going to be a Category 6 Storm...as in our 6th National Championship, once it does hit our shores!

Great stuff from Coach and his staff...it's great to see the passion they have...wow!!

Golden is so different from our recent coaches...he just seems to be more in touch with the players, and OBVIOUSLY the players love him.



How can people that have only beaten us once since the 80's think they can put down this program? Are they fools, idiots, losers, trailer trash, or all of the above? All of the above.



Ya our depth is scary as hell but am I worried, nope.
This is the beginning for Golden & Co

Again, you are the dumbest homer in the history of this blog. How many years u been spouting this same nonsense fool? It's not the coach that stinks, it's the PROGRAM that stinks. You're too stupid to understand the difference fool. And THAT is why you spend hours and hours every week banging a delusional drum. Maybe if Golden could suit up and join your atrocious secondary things might be different. I was impressed by UM's ability to only score a field goal in their final three quarters of the season against power house BC. I believe that was Goldens 12th game as coach. Lemme guess, they quit? U are a fool home boy

We'll give Tracy Howard and Deon Bush a crack at it before throwing Golden into the mix in the secondary...

Right. How did the supposed superior program, coach and five star players fare against Furman? Hmmmm. Up until the end of the 3rd Q Furman was ahead.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is progress. Outside of the Teblow years, the Gatr garbage has....has.....Zook and 7-5 in Urbie's last year.

Bravo, Gatr maggot. Bravo. Mirror, meet the blog Pig.

@ Mary - Land Terps

You guys won that game because of a fluke. Do you honestly believe that just changing your uniforms right before the game was the difference. How about we had 8 players suspended for that game. How about out of the 8, 7 of them were starters. Here's another tidbit for the TRUE FOOL ON THIS BLOG TROLLING AROUND..5 OF THE 7 STARTERS WERE ALL DEFENSIVE PLAYERS. Had we had a whole team playing that night your little twerps wouldn't have come close in that game. Drink it up cause your season went down the toilet have that.

BC game..Ya the team did quit in that game plain and simple everyone knows it. This is old news, "homie" (Dios mio, who talks like this anymore flava flav?). The NWCrew gave up in that game. Had they been told that the bowl game was canceled after the BC game would have been a different story. Everyone and their mother knows it. Jesus man do some homework before you come to the table. How's the GED working out for you?? BK paying well? Shine up that name plate so you look good for the customers..Presentation and a smile are key in the fast food business.







U know something...Whenever Miami is starting to get on its way back up to prominence is when the trollers come out from under their rocks and attempt to stir the pot. Pathetic.




Every last one of these handles are multiple people on the same rag as SPIDERHORSE put it.

dbc what's up man? How you been?

Looks like the usual dumb bashers here.

It takes time and your own players to change a program. Last year, we had a new coach but the experienced players were from another mindset. Notice how many bolted for the No Fun League. They were me-first guys and, while I wish we had their talent, good ridddance to their attitude.

We has a senior QB that threw 4 INTs at home against BC. Those guys did not believe they were winners. They were victims of poor coaching during their younger years. With a few noteworthy exceptions (Sean Spence) they were underperforming, ego driven losers.

Give Coach Golden some time to flip the attitude in the program. Bringing in his first class is a great start. Notice how many assistants left him (0). They are all in, and it will begin to show in attitude, work ethic and TEAM mentality on the field.

So, to the bashers, screw you. Look up the word culture and you might better understand what is happening at our beloved U...

Love how you stand up for the U in the face of these low IQ clowns. You are about the heart of being a true Cane!

I am excited as can be about the future, man. People that call true Canes "homers" don't get what it is to love your university.

I been following all the news, playing rock and roll and appreciating all that life offers us. And it doesn't hurt to see good stuff happening at the U, truly a special place!

Keep the faith!

You guys still swallowing loads from the high schoolers. Um is a private institute that you immigrants cant afford, attend, or even fill out an app to attend. BUMS

I too am very excited about our canes and can't wait for that very important Spring game, hope is a sell out.
We should not be worried about our lack of depth, remember our Great Golden One can play any position.
The Great Golden is such a good closer, who else would have been able to sign local kids who wanted to stay close to home.
So all the haters go away, I heard they are building a new off ramp close to the stadium to make room for the 700 or so more cars that will drive up to see our games now.

Canetillidie I am WITH you...

Maryland can you believe it...after this year he is really sweating, and what Class did they recruit?..

Interestingly I attended the 'U' Mike Jones and everyday I look at my degrees and have memories that you would die for..

My son attended a top school but is such a 'Cane from the age of 5 years old that he is many instances more a 'Cane than I am..

Attended or attended not has NOTHING to do with being a 'Cane fan...when a Cane from a team that won the BCS sits in your livingroom and shows you that ring that makes you live the dream..but in that room were 8 other 'Cane fans who never attended but were as vociferous and intense as the alumni..

Cheer for who you like, but our most rabid fans didn't have to attend, or not attend the U of M.
They have 'Cane fever and yes it is intoxicating, and special..ask Ed Reed, Kelly, Kosar, Portis, and those guys when they walk in a room..respect across the USA and Cane fans across this land, and by the way we are a National team...check out our ratings nationwide when we play.
The 'U' is Special so go back to your Sandbox and watch as this Class takes the legacy further than you could ever imagine, and enjoy the NFL as these athletes state proudly "the U".
Enough said
Go 'Canes

It's all about the U dbc, It's all about the U.

Keep the Faith!!!


Great video. Hard not to get fired up when you see that.
Still waiting to see the Muschamp video, as player after player punked them, and his face went from red to purple, and then to white when he finally passed out.

But there are OTHER athletic departments that are feeling the same high and getting BETTER ATHLETES.
It doesn't matter, you said we wouldn't be in the top 20, and now we are 8th or better. For an unranked team to do that under the cloud of sanctions, it is much better than those other teams, that got fewer players, had fewer needs, and face fewer negative recruiting tactics.

Tracy Howard is a great pick up, Congrats.
Must have hurt you typing that.

But there is not a chance that he alone will save the desperately weak UM secondary.
Don't you worry your unwashed head about that, Deon Bush, the OTHER top safety that punked the Gators, will be back there to help him out.

The depth chart is a MESS and sanctions are coming.
Look in the mirror, the Gators will be doing this in the spring:

Arty: Who's the quarterback, What's the runningback, I Don't Know is the wide receiver...
Soldy: That's what I want to find out.
Arty: I say Who's the quarterback, What's the runningback, I Don't Know's the wide receiver.
Soldy: Are you the offensive coordinator?
Arty: Yes.
Soldy: You gonna be the coach too?
Arty: Yes.
Soldy: And you don't know the fellows' names?
Arty: Well I should.
Soldy: Well then who's the quarterback?
Arty: Yes.
Soldy: I mean the fellow's name.
Arty: Who.
Soldy: The guy the quarterback.
Arty: Who.
Soldy: The guy throwing the ball.
Arty: Who.
Soldy: The guy playing...
Arty: Who is the quarterback!
Soldy: I'm asking YOU who's the quarterback.
Arty: That's the man's name.
Soldy: That's who's name?
Arty: Yes.
Soldy: Well go ahead and tell me.
Arty: That's it.
Soldy: That's who?
Arty: Yes.
Soldy: Look, you gotta guy throwing the ball?
Arty: Certainly.
Soldy: Who's playing quarterback?
Arty: That's right.
Soldy: When you pay off the guy under the table throwing the ball every month, who gets the money?
Arty: Every dollar of it.
Soldy: All I'm trying to find out is the fellow's name at quarterback.
Arty: Who.
Soldy: The guy that gets...
Arty: That's it.
Soldy: Who gets the money...
Arty: He does, every dollar. Sometimes his wife comes down and collects it.
Soldy: Who's wife?
Arty: Yes.
Arty: What's wrong with that?
Soldy: Look, all I wanna know is when you sign up the guy throwing the ball, how does he sign his name?
Arty: Who.
Soldy: The guy.
Arty: Who.
Soldy: How does he sign...
Arty: That's how he signs it.
Soldy: Who?
Arty: Yes.
Soldy: All I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name at quarterback.
Arty: No. What is the runningback.
Soldy: I'm not asking you who's the runningback.
Arty: Who's the quarterback.
Soldy: One position at a time!
Arty: Well, don't change the players around.
Soldy: I'm not changing nobody!
Arty: Take it easy, buddy.
Soldy: I'm only asking you, who's the guy at quarterback?
Arty: That's right.
Soldy: Ok.
Arty: All right.
Soldy: What's the guy's name at quarterback?
Arty: No. What is the runningback.
Soldy: I'm not asking you who's the runningback.
Arty: Who's the quarterback.
Soldy: I don't know.
Arty: He's the wide receiver, we're not talking about him.
Soldy: Now how did I get to wide receiver?
Arty: Why you mentioned his name.
Soldy: If I mentioned the wide reciever's name, who did I say is playing wide reciever?
Arty: No. Who's playing quarterback.
Soldy: What's the quarterback?
Arty: What's the runningback.
Soldy: I don't know.
Arty: He's the wide receiver.
Soldy: There I go, back to wide receiver again!
Soldy: Would you just stay at wide receiver and don't go off it.
Arty: All right, what do you want to know?
Soldy: Now who's playing wide reciever?
Arty: Why do you insist on putting Who at wide receiver?
Soldy: What am I putting at wide receiver.
Arty: No. What is the runningback.
Soldy: You don't want who at runningback?
Arty: Who is the quarterback.
Soldy: I don't know.
Arty & Soldy Together:wide reciever!
yeah cane fan, feel great in January.
That's okay, gator troll, feel abused in January, and then overconfident in September.

November? Not so much. The fire rages on.
Yes, it does, it just moved north to Gainesville.

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | February 02, 2012 at 05:38 PM

So many liars now a days. No one attended the U on this blog. Just a bunch of immigrants who only speak espanol

@ UGoCanes2


So many liars now a days. No one attended the U on this blog. Just a bunch of immigrants who only speak espanol

Posted by: Mike Jones


and you're a racist POS. Crawl back into your hole douche.

CANETILLIDIE....DH , talking crap hiding behind your keyboard immigrant go f your mom POS!

Mike Jones, not sure whether what you say about the immigrants is true, but for a supposed descended-from-the-Mayflower-Pilgrims American that you portray yourself to be, your grammar and spelling are embarrassing.

Before you post anymore, please take a few college level courses in English grammar and composition. Then come back and post. At least your bigoted posts will be intelligible.

Wow are you dumb.

Goldencrap around in 2013? After another 6-6 season? If he is lucky, more likely a 5 - 7 season or worse. Maybe he can get another extension. He got one for being mediocre, next one for being a loser. Got them desperate canes by their small testicles, they know the Golden Mediocre One is the best they can do.

Amnesia or just stupid, Cane maggot. Which one is it?
Just plain desperate...... and stupid too.

get off my nutz dude above me, am i getting graded for good grammer i dont give a **** if i spell bad you get the point, so STFU

Goog thing Cane Maggot played the 1AA teams and the likes of FAU in order to get the 6 wins they had this year. Just think if they actually played a real conference schedule, can you say 3 - 9!
Cane Trash overpays for a mediocre Big Least coach clearly out of his element. He isn't mayor conference head coach material, but in the stinky Gables, does it really matter?
Do ignorant scUMbags even know the difference? Just yell, "Dah U Is Back," and take another crack hit and all is well in skinky Gables.
The long slow slide to mediocrity continues. Another 100 years of empty stadiums. You have won some titles based on an outdated system and playing most of those games @ home, in the modern BCS era you are a no show, irrelevant.
Really, Cane maggots, what have you to be proud of?
The NFL? The Pro Bowl? Pathetic.

Great video - thanks for posting it, Manny! Love seeing all the energy in that room.


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