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VIDEO: Behind the scenes at UM on Signing Day

Here's a good behind the scenes look of what National Signing Day was like for UM coach Al Golden and his staff by 3 Penny Films.


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Manny and Susan >>> Matt.

Each day proves it to be true.

Hey Five Titles...

I see coach muskrat being carted off the field to the insane asylum real soon. Paramedics are on standby.



It's dbc, my friend. Hey, I know letters and numbers can be challenging. Don't give up, get that GED, that dream job awaits you!

As noted, the trollers are in a frenzy as of late! Maybe their psych medication costs too much this month, because their thought processes are truly bizzare if not somewhat funny. So thanks for the yucks. It helps and it can help you too.

As a true UM fan, i was reading all this b.s. from non-fans - 1) say where u want to meet up, and I'm sure a true UM fan would meet up if they felt they need to Ray Lewis/Ray Liotta U - 2) I have never been on a UF/FSU/Bama board because I dont give a F - we have a winning program rich in tradition - but trolls dont know anything about tradition or integrity - or standing up for yourself when u get punked in your non-internet life - AYYYY DUKE, TRACY, WADE, LEBRON - whats that 305 life like under the lights!!!

Have any of U been on other blogs???...i know i have not...i really don't need or care to...

Question for all of you 'Canes over here...why are they soooo obsessed with us??

Class of '83

Let's be honest, in the last 10 years the Gator has been ranked in the top 20 only FIVE times. Is that what all this smack is about?

They constantly rag on the 'Canes so lets compare a few things...
Miami rankings up to, and after their last NC...
'97- Unranked
'98- #20
'99- #15
'00- #2
'01- #1
'02- #2
'03- #3
'04- #5
'06- Unranked

And now...The Gator
'04- Unranked
'06- #1
'08- #1
'09- #3
'10- Unranked

Please, those of you who are so obsessed with our program, please tell me what The Gator has shown that tells me THEY will not go into a major funk?

5 ranked years? Could that be attributed to 1 coach and maybe 1 player?

Thanks for the brief stay as a relevant football team!....MAN, they're so obsessed.

Yo, Cane Trash, the ACC suuuuuucks.

It's now been 10 years since Cane maggot won anything. Tired yet? Next year's track team will feature no track athletes so whachagonnado?

Send out Morris and the freshmen as the two-headed monster? HORRIBLE

Run behind that sieve of an O-Line? HORRIBLE

Throw to the non-existent receivers? HORRIBLE

Yep, things sure look bright in caneville. And once the NCAA finishes gutting the program, you will look back fondly on the Shannon years.

But hey, Goldencrap is a fine choice. BWWAHAHAHAAHHAHA.


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