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Chickillo leaning on Spence for leadership advice

CORAL GABLES -- The last thing Anthony Chickillo imagined when he signed with UM 13 months ago was that he'd become the voice of experience for the Canes' defensive front seven this quickly. 

But after several questionable early departures for the NFL Draft, that's exactly what the 6-4, 261-pound sophomore defensive end is.

Anthony Chickillo"There's no doubt we're going to have to grow up fast," said Chickillo, who made nine starts for the Canes last season, one of six players in the defensive front seven who have starting experience (Jimmy Gaines has 8 starts; Darius Smith 7; Kelvin Cain 6; Denzel Perryman 5; Luther Robinson 2).

"We have to be accountable for each other, push each other and make sure everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing at all times. I thought coming in I'd still be learning from older guys at this point. But everything happens for a reason. I think I can anchor this defensive line and be one of the leaders of this team."

Leadership is something that comes natural to Chickillo. He said he's been a leader at every level he's played at. Last year as a freshman he deferred to seniors like Sean Spence and JoJo Nicolas. But this year, neither of those guys are around. 

And the only players on UM's defense with more starting experience than Chickillo are safety Vaughn Telemaque, who has 36 career starts, and cornerback Brandon McGee (13).

"Chick is starting to step up and become that leader a lot of guys are scared to be," said redshirt junior defensive tackle Curtis Porter. "He knows we need one."

Chickillo said he speaks to Spence frequently about the challenge he has of leading such a young front seven. Spence, he says, tells him not to worry and to lead by example.

"Sean just tells me to stay focused, don't bite off more than I can chew," Chickillo said. "He told me that as a sophomore he felt the same thing, to try and step up and be a leader. He told me his sophomore year wasn't anything great and that I need to stay focused and just work hard, have a better year than last year.

"He knows I get real hard on myself when I make mistakes. He's a guy who kept me focused when I needed it last year. Now, I have to do it myself and push other guys the way the Sean did. I have to become one of those leaders."

Last season, Chickillo finished with 38 tackles and five sacks, tied for the most on the team. He also finished third in the voting for ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year.

While he's concentrated a lot on improving his hands this off-season, Chickillo also said he's gotten "a lot stronger and more explosive at the point of attack."

He said he's gained about 20 pounds in the offseason and is now up to between 261 to 262 pounds. He wants to get up to between 270 pounds and 275 pounds by the time he's a junior. His body fat is down to 12 percent.

"When I first came in I was doing about 20 reps on 225 pounds. I'm up to 24 reps now," Chickillo said. "My power clean went up 44 pounds, my squat 40 pounds. I'm more explosive with my vertical jump, too. I'm up to 33 inches."

Said right tackle Jermaine Johnson: "Chick is a bad ass. He's more mobile now, quicker, sneaky. You have to stay locked in or he'll blow by you.


> Porter (6-1, 312) said defensive line coach Jethro Franklin has him learning the three technique at defensive tackle this spring, something Porter considers a challenge because he's only played nose guard (one technique) most of his career.

"Having short arms is the challenge," Porter said. "I'm very strong, compact. But guys that I go against are usually taller and have longer arms. I got to find ways to beat them because there are always hands in my face and I can't get to them. It's a mission right now. I just have to find ways to beat these guys with long arms. I'm beating them off the ball with my quickness and explosiveness, but I need to engage them and beat them there also."

Porter said he's trimmed down his body fat percentage from about 28 percent to 20 percent since arriving at UM.

> Both Porter and Chickillo say redshirt freshman Junior Alexis (6-2, 280) might be the strongest defensive lineman on the team. "I've never seen a freshman throw up 32 reps on 225," Porter said. "We just have to work on him keeping his leverage because he's a shorter guy. He has a low center of gravity. We're working on that now."

> Sophomore receiver Phillip Dorsett -- one of the few healthy receivers on scholarship actually participating this spring -- said redshirt sophomore quarterback Ryan Williams has looked good in practice and is more accurate than junior Stephen Morris. But Morris still has the stronger arm and can get the ball to receivers quicker.

"Both of them can do the job," Dorsett said. "As a receiver, we just have to adjust."

> Redshirt sophomore Jonathan Feliciano, who moved from right tackle to left guard this spring (he's replaced All-ACC First Team guard Brandon Washington), had minor knee surgery in December, but has recovered quickly. He said he's lost 10 pounds (he's listed at 6-5, 322).

"Last year I couldn't bench 225 pounds over 20 times. No I'm doing it over 25 times. That helps inside with the big guys," Feliciano said. "Being lighter, I don't get tired as fast, I can run down field and make plays for receivers."

> The three players who missed practice due to suspension last week returned Tuesday, including former starting left tackle Seantrel Henderson.

"He's stronger than any point last year, is healthier, in better condition," coach Al Golden said Tuesday. "He's more flexible, is moving his feet better."

Henderson isn't being allowed to talk to reporters.

> Golden said former defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis, now the backup at left guard is "fighting for a starting job."

Lewis, a four-star defensive tackle out Palm Beach Lakes in 2008, is "going to be a good player there for us," Golden said. "He moves his feet well, is strong. He's 325, in that range and can move. I'm happy with him."

> Reserve tight end Billy Sanders, a redshirt junior, was out of practice with a cast on his lower right leg. Sanders is on crutches.


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You don't have to have a rifle arm if you're accurate and put good touch on the ball. I have no doubt that R. Williams can get the job done at QB. Between he and Morris, I think UM will be OK at the position. Dewey and Crow need time and I hope they are not needed next year.

Chick is the right man for the job, he's a born leader.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

First the new QB is looking up to Joke-ory
Now the Chick is seeking advice form Spence...........how to coast, how to miss tackles, how to underachieve
Long season for the canes coming up

Curse Pig luvs the KAK.

Right, "U" User of the letter U? DoUchebag.

ACC suc...........................
Let me tell you something...
You are one scared poster..

I will guarantee that you will wake up with a COLD sweat when our Canes start playing this season.
More experience, quicker, more depth you will be quaking in your boots..

Loyalty to team mates does not take anything away from asking for suggestions then YOU as a player decide what should be done..
It is a total bonehead that thinks because Chick and Williams mention talking to teammates that they will influence how they play the game.
That is why we have COACHES.

ACC sucks and the .............GET WITH THE PROGRAM or get overboard...We will not wait for you to catch up.
Go 'Canes

Chick and Perryman are going to wreak havoc next season.
All we need is one NC this decade and that will be at least 1 NC each decade for more than a century by UF math...
And to ACC sucks...I have a picture of Spence as a Freshman driving Tebow into the ground as my screensaver.If that was coasting...play ball!

You follow UM sports so closely that you use Chickillo's nickname, 'Chick'.

F*cking pathetic.

Did you really just come and make a post bashing Sean Spence?!?!?!?! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA!! wow, man, couldn't reveal your ignorance any more than that. That has got to be THE most dumbest post I ever read. Epic fail. You need to stop, bud, you're embarassing yourself.

Chick = Heisman 2013

Chickillo is taking over. Love this kid's attitude. Pure Cane since birth.


Chickillo > any felon masquerading as a Gatr Trash football player.

I remember watching his dad play in the old OB. We drank some Miller High Life's outside and ate some mystery meat. Brings a tear to my eye as we used to have a grand old time.



I saw that buck-toothed 'neck O'Sullivan standing in line waiting to kiss Jim Morris' rings.

Try not to choke in the CWS again this year.

Chick = Ndmakong Suh

wait, they list 6 players with "starting experince" on the defensive front seven but they left out Curtis Porter and Ramon Buchanon? why does the Herald suck at reporting???!!!

Yeah didn't see Morris in Marlins Park last night like Coach Sully watching his recruit get the first hit and get the first pitching victory in th the park. Morris was nowhere to be seen.

Oh give me a BREAK my fellow CANES. GAL GOLDEN was the 2011 SPRING PRACTICE Coach of the Year, according to U FOOLS!

What did that get US? A record WORSE THAN CORCH SHANNON! Don't be so NAIVE AGAIN. GAL GOLDEN even fooled the U into giving him a CONTRACT EXTENSION with that horrible RECORD.

WHEN the U finishes the year 4-8, U idiots will claim that GAL GOLDEN is the 2013 SPRING PRACTICE CORCH of the Year.

"Oh, we're BIGGER."
"Oh, we're FASTER."
"Oh, we're SMARTER."
"Oh, we're STRONGER."


Until GAL GOLDEN wins something, he's just A GIRL.


dannyboy- or whatever you call yourself these days- LAst year you predicted 4-8. We went an under achieving 6-6.

Give it up. As you do in life I am sure, U s-##k at everything. Incluidng predicting

And before you GAL GOLDEN GALS start defending him by saying, "Oh, but he finished 6-6 because he was COACHING SHANNON PLAYERS." let's look at some FACTS that MY SOURCES helped me with.

2010 Temple Gal Golden 8-4
2011 Temple Steve Addazio 9-4 WON BOWL GAME
.......That IS an IMPROVEMENT from 2010 to 2011!

2010 Miami Randy Shannon 7-6
2011 Miami Gal Golden 6-6
.......That IS A DECLINE!

So, Steve Addazio coached GAL GOLDEN'S players BETTER than he did. But Randy Shannon coached his players BETTER than GAL GOLDEN could.

You GAL GOLDEN GALS are embarrassing. QUIT making excuses for him.

.......but at least GAL GOLDEN is the 2012 SPRING PRACTICE CORCH of the Year.....Right GAL GOLDEN GALS?????

Ew, do you really sit there and try to make up different writing styles, why do you care that we all know how much time you spend on this?

dannyboy dare I say you are an embarassment. Coach Golden WILL be ACC Champs next year or the next

@ Get a life


What kind of man USES the word "EW"?

There's one PREDICTION CORRECT already!..... The GAL GOLDEN GALS will be defending him in HOARDS!!!!!!

LMAO @ these GALS....

Ahhhhh, Gatr DoucheSam, did he go to the game after kissing Morris' rings? So some recruit, who may get drafted and not even enroll in the state's largest public diploma mill proves what?

I bet you are some douchebag Columbus grad. Probably took it from one of Marist brothers.

The complaints from this staff. "Questionable decisions to leave early." Like these know nothings at the Herald have any idea. The problem of the program spit out by you writers has been 'These Randy Shannon guys are the problem, no discipline yata yayta.' Now they leave and Golden is able to implement his way with less resistance. How bout this paper focuses not on what UM's staff tells them and more on whats better for the Team. Like playing players at their right position. Dyron Dye isn't a TE. can't catch a football. With the depth at TE and the lack of depth at DE; WTF is this coaching staff doing. Instead of crying about no OV or Streeter put the players you do have at the right position. Beginning to question (again) if Golden is right for the University.

Disgusted ones danny. Disgusted ones.

forgeting about Ray Ray, might have more starts than VT

@ Get a life

So, it's acceptable for a MAN to use the word "EW" when they're disgusted?

OK, I'll play:

-Ew, GAL GOLDEN never beat a MAC team with a WINNING record!
-Ew, GAL GOLDEN never won a bowl game!
-Ew, GAL GOLDEN finished 6-6, but Shannon was 7-6 the previous year!
-Ew, GAL GOLDEN lost to a Maryland team who's only other win was against Towson St.!
-Ew, GAL GOLDEN lost to a Boston College team that lost to DUUKKKEEE!
-Ew, GAL GOLDEN even had the BALLS to ACCEPT a contract extension after finishing 6-6!
-Ew, GAL GOLDEN criticizing players for going pro, after they had a mediocre season, but he had no problem "making more money", after having a mediocre season himself!
-.....and Ew, at GAL GOLDEN'S tie!



Miami was 6-6 bc they chose not to play in a bowl. For all you know this could have been miamis first bowl win since the coker era. So you keep spewing this junk but it is non comparable you roket scientist


Wht a dum..b arse

Sad stuff.

But it is acceptable for a man to consume his life stalking a blog in the newspaper of a team the team he likes used to play.

Acceptable to change your name every post in the hopes that people won't realize how much time you spend saying the same thing over and over and over and over again.

I'll leave you to it.

Al golden sent more first rounders to the NFL than Muschamp and Addazio won more games at temple with Goldens players than he did at UF ... Goes to show Golden recruits better at temple than UF recruits period.

I remember watching his dad play in the old OB. We drank some Miller High Life's outside and ate some mystery meat. Brings a tear to my eye as we used to have a grand old time.





Hysterical but I wasn't born yet when his dad was playing for The U. But nice try though. Now stop trying to get your sister pregnant again. The last kid turned out to be a retard and my intelligence tells me the next one will be the same. Stop bringing retards into the world.


@ 5>3>2

Just a couple of things, GAL GOLDEN GAL.

- Since MIAMI hasn't won a bowl game in six years and GAL GOLDEN has never won a bowl, odds are that we would have lost and finished 6-7.
- Donna S. knew that MIAMI would lose, so she used the SHAPIRO scandal as an EXCUSE, because she didn't want to look bad giving a 6-7 coach a contract extension.
- GAL GOLDEN was afraid of playing a MAC team with a WINNING record, so he was also part of the plan to skip the bowl game!
- I don't care what you think,OK?

All of this is per my INCREDIBLE, CREDIBLE SOURCES! It really is.

-What is a R-O-K-E-T scientist?
- "Wht a dum....arse" .....W-H-T ?

You GAL GOLDEN GALS are too easy....dumb,too!

fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa

fa fa fa fa fa fa fa


You have to give that dude some credit...he's funny!
Not much football knowledge and very obsessed with our 'Canes, but funny.

Another nameless, faceless cyberpunk.

I saw that buck-toothed 'neck O'Sullivan standing in line waiting to kiss Jim Morris' rings.

Try not to choke in the CWS again this year.

Posted by: No rings | March 06, 2012 at 06:04 PM

^^^^^Surely you meant the one in the center of his arse


Yah, London Fletcher from my high school, St. Josephs (now called Villa Angela St. Joseph's) in Cleveland, Ohio. The guy was living testament to intensity, dedication, strength and quickness, in spite of his size. Your point is well taken. I believe that is what Golden's program is about.

It's gonna take some time, starting with winning the Coastal, then the ACC, then on to the BCS. Golden must change the culture of the program, and appears to be doing it. But we shall see on the field.

Canetillidie - I seem to remember Chickillo's dad as a nose guard (or a least a DL guy) when the Canes beat Texas at the old OB (something like 15-13). Back when the Canes wore dark uniforms, I do believe, and they stopped the Longhorns. Of course, my memory may be unreliable and wishful thinking!

Glad Anthony C. is taking a leadership role. He has the Cane cred, for sure! He will be an NL prospect. Will he stay four years? Bet he does.

I hate to say it, but the Canes were not very good and not very competitive last year. the loss against Maryland was horrible. Maryland used the bubble screen to the right over and over and over again. UM made no adjustment to stop it. Against Kansans State the QB ran the Quarterback draw over and over and over again- was 3rd down and 17 or 19 and Um was ahead and they let the QB run for a first down and eventually to the winning drive. They stunk on short yardage situations- seemed like they could never make 3rd and one- They had it first and 1 to go for a TD against K state and could not make it. I am hoping for improvement this year. Maybe I am missing something, but I think the coaches just could not make changes during the season- Started with an embarassing loss against MD. ended with an embarassing loss against BC. Good luck to the Canes this year I just hope the Golden supporters are right. for now, I don't see it
just opinion STpetecane

Point well taken. I agree Ricca. I fault Donofrio for a lot of the mistakes. Fisch wasnt exceptional either, but on 1st and goal from the 1 and 1/2, it boils down to guts, passion, drive, desire, and manhood. The O-line could have taken over and said, phuc-k this, we are scoring if we have to carry Jacorry across the goal line, but didnt. This happened more than once last year. Same with how hard the running backs ran and that is one of the problems I had with Lamar Miller. Second, the D absolutely didnt adjust and I agree, Edsall, I am ashamed to say, outcoached Golden (and very embarassed that he did), and Donofrio. Donofrio was shell shocked and should have adjusted in the 2nd quarter, let alone the 4th against Maryland.
But that has been the Canes mantra the last ten years. Pathetic coaching that cannot adjust at game time. It began in the LSU game, when UM started real well by sacking Mauck (?) the LSU QB lke 3 times, our first drive was excellent but culminated in only 3 points, but then LSU adjusted, and Randy Shannon was like a deer in the headlights and LSU began running it down our throats and did. Been downhill since. Coaching.

Hey, Curse Pig, I hear you are a silent commit to the All You Can Swallow Buffet at Club Ramrod you stupid fruitcake.

"U" see, "U" dUmb Pig?

I think the blog pig w/no life is hysterical
What a wanna be Canes fan

Joseph Tony 4 president

Muschamps in wayyyy over his head

Louise ricca... we were in EVERY game last season. That is being competitive no matter what level. Now the gators , they were not, they will be even less competitive this year with their 3rd offensive cord. In 3 years. Back to where they belong. Now if we lost those games by 15-20 points....yea... then

It's inexcusable to lose to Maryland, Boston College, and UVA. We are the damn Hurricanes!!!! Better get it righted.

@ dbc

Damn man you saw all of these great games and historical Canes playing ball man. I'm genuinely jealous right now. I too believe Chickillo will not only lead but dominate and I do believe that he will stay for his 4yrs here.

Good to hear from you man. Keep the faith.


It's inexcusable to lose to Maryland, Boston College, and UVA. We are the damn Hurricanes!!!! Better get it righted.

Posted by: Canefan'72

Couldn't agree with you more. But try to look at the facts, simply to be realistic.

1.The mary-land game was a joke because we were missing so many starters. Our fastest receiver, 5 starters on defense all within days of the game. Golden had to make adjustments quickly and move guys around to play positions that they weren't comfortable with no real time to get situated.

2. BC game...NWCrew simply gave up - minus Spence. When you have that kind of mentality from soo many players on one team for so long it will filter down to the rest of the team eventually. That mentality is purely destructive on every level. We're talking about players that were simply never developed but allowed to think they were the cream of the crop when in fact they simply weren't. I'm personally amazed the score wasn't higher on BC's side with noodle arm throwing 4 picks. Since Golden told them prior to the game that they were banning themselves from the bowl game they simply quit.

3. UVA...Just too many errors in this game. Defense not staying in their lanes, safeties not giving support and taking bad angles. We simply made UVA look good. They didn't deserve that win, we gave it to them. Other than that I can't say much more.

I'm with you a 1000%, we should never loose to these teams in anyway whatsoever. We should treat teams like these like The U treated texas in the cotton bowl, with abuse and domination. Keep the faith.




Your name says it all! We are keeping the faith, brother!!! GO CANES!!!

Dannyboycane = Disgruntled

Actually, that is just another ID theft by Curse.

The real Dannyboycane13 does not write like that, is much smarter than Curse will ever be.

Hey all you recruits out there: The Dolphins will get Peyton Manning to add to Dwade, LeBron, Bosh, Reyes, and Hanley for the one of the best sports towns. Come and be a part of it - they don't have that in trailersville, , fswho, lswho, or alabummer.

All we need now is for them to rebuild the OB near Tropical Park. Maybe Peyton will help pay for it.



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