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Chickillo leaning on Spence for leadership advice

CORAL GABLES -- The last thing Anthony Chickillo imagined when he signed with UM 13 months ago was that he'd become the voice of experience for the Canes' defensive front seven this quickly. 

But after several questionable early departures for the NFL Draft, that's exactly what the 6-4, 261-pound sophomore defensive end is.

Anthony Chickillo"There's no doubt we're going to have to grow up fast," said Chickillo, who made nine starts for the Canes last season, one of six players in the defensive front seven who have starting experience (Jimmy Gaines has 8 starts; Darius Smith 7; Kelvin Cain 6; Denzel Perryman 5; Luther Robinson 2).

"We have to be accountable for each other, push each other and make sure everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing at all times. I thought coming in I'd still be learning from older guys at this point. But everything happens for a reason. I think I can anchor this defensive line and be one of the leaders of this team."

Leadership is something that comes natural to Chickillo. He said he's been a leader at every level he's played at. Last year as a freshman he deferred to seniors like Sean Spence and JoJo Nicolas. But this year, neither of those guys are around. 

And the only players on UM's defense with more starting experience than Chickillo are safety Vaughn Telemaque, who has 36 career starts, and cornerback Brandon McGee (13).

"Chick is starting to step up and become that leader a lot of guys are scared to be," said redshirt junior defensive tackle Curtis Porter. "He knows we need one."

Chickillo said he speaks to Spence frequently about the challenge he has of leading such a young front seven. Spence, he says, tells him not to worry and to lead by example.

"Sean just tells me to stay focused, don't bite off more than I can chew," Chickillo said. "He told me that as a sophomore he felt the same thing, to try and step up and be a leader. He told me his sophomore year wasn't anything great and that I need to stay focused and just work hard, have a better year than last year.

"He knows I get real hard on myself when I make mistakes. He's a guy who kept me focused when I needed it last year. Now, I have to do it myself and push other guys the way the Sean did. I have to become one of those leaders."

Last season, Chickillo finished with 38 tackles and five sacks, tied for the most on the team. He also finished third in the voting for ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year.

While he's concentrated a lot on improving his hands this off-season, Chickillo also said he's gotten "a lot stronger and more explosive at the point of attack."

He said he's gained about 20 pounds in the offseason and is now up to between 261 to 262 pounds. He wants to get up to between 270 pounds and 275 pounds by the time he's a junior. His body fat is down to 12 percent.

"When I first came in I was doing about 20 reps on 225 pounds. I'm up to 24 reps now," Chickillo said. "My power clean went up 44 pounds, my squat 40 pounds. I'm more explosive with my vertical jump, too. I'm up to 33 inches."

Said right tackle Jermaine Johnson: "Chick is a bad ass. He's more mobile now, quicker, sneaky. You have to stay locked in or he'll blow by you.


> Porter (6-1, 312) said defensive line coach Jethro Franklin has him learning the three technique at defensive tackle this spring, something Porter considers a challenge because he's only played nose guard (one technique) most of his career.

"Having short arms is the challenge," Porter said. "I'm very strong, compact. But guys that I go against are usually taller and have longer arms. I got to find ways to beat them because there are always hands in my face and I can't get to them. It's a mission right now. I just have to find ways to beat these guys with long arms. I'm beating them off the ball with my quickness and explosiveness, but I need to engage them and beat them there also."

Porter said he's trimmed down his body fat percentage from about 28 percent to 20 percent since arriving at UM.

> Both Porter and Chickillo say redshirt freshman Junior Alexis (6-2, 280) might be the strongest defensive lineman on the team. "I've never seen a freshman throw up 32 reps on 225," Porter said. "We just have to work on him keeping his leverage because he's a shorter guy. He has a low center of gravity. We're working on that now."

> Sophomore receiver Phillip Dorsett -- one of the few healthy receivers on scholarship actually participating this spring -- said redshirt sophomore quarterback Ryan Williams has looked good in practice and is more accurate than junior Stephen Morris. But Morris still has the stronger arm and can get the ball to receivers quicker.

"Both of them can do the job," Dorsett said. "As a receiver, we just have to adjust."

> Redshirt sophomore Jonathan Feliciano, who moved from right tackle to left guard this spring (he's replaced All-ACC First Team guard Brandon Washington), had minor knee surgery in December, but has recovered quickly. He said he's lost 10 pounds (he's listed at 6-5, 322).

"Last year I couldn't bench 225 pounds over 20 times. No I'm doing it over 25 times. That helps inside with the big guys," Feliciano said. "Being lighter, I don't get tired as fast, I can run down field and make plays for receivers."

> The three players who missed practice due to suspension last week returned Tuesday, including former starting left tackle Seantrel Henderson.

"He's stronger than any point last year, is healthier, in better condition," coach Al Golden said Tuesday. "He's more flexible, is moving his feet better."

Henderson isn't being allowed to talk to reporters.

> Golden said former defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis, now the backup at left guard is "fighting for a starting job."

Lewis, a four-star defensive tackle out Palm Beach Lakes in 2008, is "going to be a good player there for us," Golden said. "He moves his feet well, is strong. He's 325, in that range and can move. I'm happy with him."

> Reserve tight end Billy Sanders, a redshirt junior, was out of practice with a cast on his lower right leg. Sanders is on crutches.


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dannyboy i thought you were a canes fan.. i saw your tweeter page...cane stuff everywhere... so whats with all the hate? your sources crap again.. seriously dude... you need to go away and stuff your mouth!


Curse Pig jumped the shark years ago.

But he still loves the KAK.

canefan_in_AK, that is just Curse Piggy stealing IDs again.

Excellent discussion CanetilIdie. It is refreshing to see some insight and rationality on this board. Overall, I think Golden has done a marvelous job with an absolutely stinking situation. There is every reason to expect improvement this coming season. I've followed the Canes since I was a student at Miami in the 60's. People need to exercise the kind of insight demonstrated in your post: being reasonable in expectations and appreciating the positives.

Danny girl your sources are NOT legit and we can all prove it so go and mumble to yourself. You make no sense in your post or prediction.

Chick is going to be a beast with extra weight, another year, more familarity with the book, and responsibilty of leadership..

He really has stepped up and is Proud of it..

Leaders are born to step up, and his time is right now.

I agree with Canetillidie that his dad and his support network including his Grandfather exposed him to a dimension of football that no one on that team has experienced.
He is coming from a place where the 'Canes were the Premium brand in College football.
I am thoroughly convinced that Chick with his attitude, will work with Coach G and all the Coaches in fact to make our brand of 'Cane ball what it used to be and that is WIN, WIN, WIN.
Go 'Canes

The most we lost a game by last year was 8 points. Our team got blown out how many times because they quit under Shannon? Well, I guess that's it for the Shannon/Golden arguement...

I like what Golden is doing just by that stat alone. His teams don't quit.

Nice piece by Jim Martz on canesport regarding the current location of the new Marlins stadium. The pithcer's mound was around the old OB's 50 yd line. I get tears in my eyes thinking back. Contrary to what the haters say here, it wasnt that long when Kenny Dorsey marched the U in 2000 to beat #1 FSU down the field with pin point accurate slants with 1:26 left, to finally throw a dart to Shockey while getting hit.

Most seminle fans cream at the sight of Chris Weinke. Ken Dorsey one upped him, and should have played the NC that year.

The same stadium where that 2001 team beat #12 Syracuse 65-0 and #14 UW 65-7. 65-7. Thats how good they were.

Therell neverbe another OB. Give me an OB a million times over, with its decrepit latrines, smelly hallways, but they way the old gilr swayed an rocked when there were 75-80,000 fans inthere was better than anything i've ever experienced.

Gimme an OB over Dallas stadium.

I'm just sorry that the bean counters, the rocket scientists that run M-D and UM were too stoopid to see that

Posted by: corpus

I hear ya, bro. I seem to cry in my pillow every night thinking of the ol' girl who we let get away. I peed my pants when we lost to UVA 48-0



You guys weaping over a stadium sounds like a bunch of beeaatchhes

I was at the games. I was at the Washington thrashing that we could do no wrong.....and the orange bowl had to go. I've been to stadiums all over the country and I can tell u that the ob was the worst, and the davie stadium one of the best. The parking was a nightmare, traffic was a nightmare, no screens, smelly and god awful, and uh think it's time that we start appreciating what we have

We all know that isn't the real dannyboycane, just some turd or criminole posing. Danny couldn't put that much thought into anything, much less form cohesive statements. The real dannyboy would have us going undefeated every year.

Hey all you recruits out there: The Dolphins will get Peyton Manning to add to Dwade, LeBron, Bosh, Reyes, and Hanley for the one of the best sports towns. Come and be a part of it - they don't have that in trailersville, , fswho, lswho, or l we need now is for them to rebuild the OB near Tropical Park. Maybe Peyton will help pay for it.





Posted by: corpus

I hear ya, bro. I seem to cry in my pillow every night thinking of the ol' girl who we let get away. I peed my pants when we lost to UVA 48-0





Damn you guys are adorable, literally. But all of your attempts to use my handle are feeble. Since I'm a homer and I've had plenty of conversations with REAL CANES FANS, they all know how I truly come off on this blog. Now I know the criminoles and gaytard blog is so worthless that not even their own fans want to be on it but c'mon. If you're gonna try to do something then put more effort into it.

Now I can easily understand why you pathetic individuals would hate the Canes. I would too if I supported another team that got annihilated by the Canes for 30+yrs. But I'm not on your side of the fence so I wouldn't know what that feels like. But with every attempt you pathetic morons make at using my handle or anyone else's who supports THE U is a pure sign of how much your teams sucks at football, academics, being men, and simply at life. Must suck to have gone to those schools, really. Must suck to be your parents. Must simply suck to be you. Doesn't suck to be me though. You guys are simply shaking in your jorts or whatever rednecks wear to label their pathetic selves.

Bimbo and fswho are overrated as usual with pathetic teams on their schedule.

Mushchump will light the the bonfire that will be gaysville and keep it lit until 2016.



@ corpus

Sorry about that ol'friend but you know how these trailer trash inbreeders can get. Never can come up with their own handles instead they need to hide behind their parents computer using someone else's handle.


its all about the ***l******l***

no "not" you haters... you would never understand its a cane thing!!! long live every proud fan! f the haters!

Very Cool....I like it well done.

Go 'Canes

So to changes sports for a minute.

Does anyone else think the refs were terrible in the UM - FSU game? Although I usually expect it, they seemed to call some particularly lame fouls against the Canes, for example, several charges in the second half. And FSU was a good foul shooting team. Real good, better than DeQuan Jones bricking a 1 and 1 at a crucial time late in the game.

I also thought there were minimal contact fouls called against both teams at times. Let'em play!

But, the Canes didn't quite have it and the Noles shot really well, creating a frustrating evening for Cane fans. Wait till next year, or maybe the NIT...

is sneaky pete whispering $weet nothing$ in the sports editor's tin ear ...
day after day splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page ...
"f-i-u-don't-matter baseball v. how now brown cow"
"f-i-u-don't-matter women's basketball v. middle tennessee bfe"
"f-i-u-don't-matter QB battle of the bulge"
if U didn't know better ...
U would erroneously conclude that this good-for-nothing commuter school was on par with the well-established, well-esteemed, well-followed University of Miami ...
U know, the school ya love to hate since 1926 ...
swim with the fishies ...
how low do ya go to accomodate other small frys like barry, st thomas, florida memorial ... miami-dade
betcha didn't know the county community college enrolls 176,000 students ...
graduated 1.5M alumni ...
where's their beat? blog? propagandist?
(an allusion to the former staffer who worked for florida international before working for florida international)
lest U forget ...
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body warrants scant attention from a major-league metropolitan newspaper ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...


UM has had far superior teams, having won many national championships in football and baseball. That means that there is more to write about. Far more fans, moreover, go to Hurricane games. The followers of the Hurricane blog at MiamiHerald.com outnumber those following the Golden Panthers one by about 10-1, sports editor Jorge Rojas says.

There is, in other words, much more readership demand for coverage of the Hurricanes than of the Golden Panthers.
-- miami herald ombudsman 8/1/10

UM does and should get the greater share of sports coverage
-- miami herald ombudsman 8/8/10

this isn’t The Miami Herald’s fault. Until FIU starts to matter in a big way, in a way that UM matters, there will never be that same coverage, at least not in the sports page. ...

But until your everyday FIU student or alumni begins to care in a significant way and specifically until it affects The Miami Herald’s bottom line, they’ll continue to pay that other school more attention.
-- fiu student media 8/25/10

readership demand be damned ...


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