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Durand Scott reinstated by NCAA, but must serve 5 more games worth of suspension

University of Miami junior guard Durand Scott was reinstated by the NCAA after being declared ineligible by UM for receiving impermissible benefits according to a release from the school.

The reinstatement provisions are that Scott must pay the value of the received benefits to charity and serve a six-game withholding penalty. The benefits were received prior to the arrival of the current coaching staff at Miami.

Scott's six-game withholding will include the Florida State game in the ACC Tournament, the 2012 postseason and any remaining withholding games at the start of the 2012-2013 season.


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Were the benefits travel related?

Seems like whoever's in charge of compliance didn't know the rules.

I still want someone to tell me HOW FRANK HAITH is still on the sidelines coaching Mizzou, with all these "former coaching staff" allegations out there....where is he and his coaching staff's PUNISHMENT....c'mon.....let's find out exactly why "I can't coach Haith" bolted so quickly from Miami (personally, I threw a party when he left...he inherited a team at Mizzou that I COULD COACH, but they'll find out soon enough that he's a FRAUD).

UM will not go far anywhere without SCOTT, sorry but he's our floor general, top scorer, our "rock" - Larkin is going to be awesome, but the offense does not run the same with Larkin...not yet!

Now it's just plain embarrassing at this point and all the while Haith is being praised as a #2 seed in the dance. Does the NCAA consider this being cooperative as to lessen the sanctions? Anyone?

Be great to know the status of the football team. Seems like another obstacle for the upcoming season. By the way I was born and raised up here in Huntsville Alabama but bleed green and orange. Will be in Miami next Thursday through Sunday and goin to check spring game out Saturday. I heard its bout 20 mins from where I'm staying.

So what did Scott do exactly?
Are any of you reporters asking the NCAA what they are going to do to Haith and his coaches who were breaking the rules as much as the student athletes?
Do you not think that they should be punished the same if not more since they were suppose to be watching out for the student athletes?
Why don't you ask the NCAA what they are going to do to Clint Hurtt who introduced Shapiro to the football players?
Just a few questions to help you on your next blog.
How about some real old fashion foot work and try to see if you can fined some info to make your blog, or next article answer your readers questions without them having to ask.

It's leg work not foot work. Foot work is for Dancing with Stars



You missed I spelled find wrong.
Get your act together troll.

Dear Frank Haith: Please explain to me how U won so many games at Missouri, but stumbled repeatedly at Miami?

True, you inherited a good group of guards at Mizzou and I admit you have done SOME coaching at Mizzou. Meaning, U did not just roll the ball out at Mizzou and let 'em go play, although that offense passes about two times once down the floor. But where was that at UM? My guess is that maybe U were restricted in some sense at UM. Is that so Frank? Did DS institute some shackles of some kind?

Personally, I do not think U are a fraud, but how and why in the heck is all this closet stuff now coming out at UM? Frank I hope U win some tournament games because there's a lot of tournament revenue that a lot of us are counting on to come out of the BIG 12...

Unfortunate. Scott is a key, but Larkin is a potential star. In any event, good luck in today's game. Watch out for them Indiana bpoys, though!
Go Canes, deep into the NIT...

Dear Frank Haith: Please explain to me how U won so many games at Missouri, but stumbled repeatedly at Miami?

Dear Leonard Hamilton: Please explain to me how U won so many games at FSU, but stumbled repeatedly at Miami?

Did DS institute some shackles of some kind?

Or was it Kirby?

Or was it the cesspool UM has become?

Dear Frank: I am going to answer my own question: Yes U were restricted. DS has no clue as to what sports is all about. There is no basketball stadium on campus, no football stadium and no push to get one. That does have an impact on things like recruitment. But U know, I will say that there is a lot of basketball talent, and not just football talent, all over Dade County.

But Frank, come on: What are U doing at Mizzou that U refused to do here, ha?

Nice try troll but you bring up a good point with Kirby. He was brash but ran away at the mention of putting a stadium near Tropical Park. I am nervous about the suspensions and what the NCAAholes will sanction us.



Hamilton was doing really well over his last three years at UM, although it did take a while to get up to speed. He went to the NCAAs three years in a row; made it to the sweet-sixteen the last year. His team won the big east and was co-champion with Connecticut during his last year.

Jones's family never knew of or saw the Shapiro money. It went right into Morton's pocket. Reggie knew nothing of the infraction of accepting a flight for his Mama to see him play. I presume Scott's issue is much the same. Seems like these guys were doing pretty harmless things and trusting their coaches.

Where is Haith to say, "this happened under my watch, I feel bad for the kids, I am sorry there was a misunderstanding, or I am sorry there was some negligence on my staff, I hired these guys."

Nothing! And this guy gets coach of the year talk, and the koolaid vendors at ESPN and CBS hype him up. He is a great recruiter, but a horrible coach. He couldn't turn the best TE in the NFL into a really good college basketball player. His offense is playground stuff.

Haith gets no scrutinity, UM suffers, and the NCAA toys with us again and again. DeQuan Jones's family was smart. They sued the NCAA. Miami should get all letigious and fight back. The timing of these basketball suspensions were so dubious.

I'm beginning to think that we need to totally overhaul the whole athletics dept. And pack donna shalala's bags as well. No matter what ALWAYS A CANE.....even in the heart of alabama (I hate the bamers!!) GO CANES!!!!

The U has an athletics department? Really? I thought they just played bad football and intra mural baseball and basketball.

Lets get a donation drive started to build a stadium in Tropical Park. I can stand at the corner of Bird and 87th every weekend with my cane T shirt and ask for donations. Just need others to step up during the week.




How about booking tickets to NY in case the canes make it to the NIT finals. We can stay in a youth hostel not far from MSG. It's only $19 bucks if we share the bed.

Lotsa 'billies from trailertrashtown on here talking smack for what?

100 years of mediocrity with a three year break a few years ago.

NCAA - you won't get anywhere this year. CWS? - another epic fail - no ring for you, ever!

The most pathetic and underachieving university program in the history of college sports. That's who you are, gaturds, an underachieving community college masquerading as a state college.

Publicly funded mediocrity is alive and well in that stinking cesspool known as gaynsville.

The endless ballad of the Gator Troll and the UM Troll.

You guys are the worst. Have a great night.

What does this word mean? "Employment."


Employment = having a booster pay for all my stuff and not have to win anything

Just give Haith a couple of years for the talent to run out and then Missouri will be another NIT team like we are this year. I'll take this team playing smart any day over the mess they were with Haith.

Screw Frank Haith. I hope the NCAA comes out with a show cause for why Mizzou should KEEP you, you fraud.

Ha ha ha hater trolls.

UM beat 27-7 Valpo. Advance to the next round of the NIT. Miami has won 20 games this year. No matter what anyone says, winning 20 games in the ACC is a success for this program. Not like that weak a55 SEC.

UM also beat #23 UCF in baseball. #10 Miami is waaay ahead of last year.

UM is playing. Picking it up. Can't wait for Spring games.

THe fact that the NCAA allowed Durand Scott to return to play after 8 total games (six more), is a positive thing. Miami is cooperating and the NCAA is listening and acting on Miami's self imposed punishements. Delusional gator fans are wishing the death penalty, and more severe penalties. Newsflash geniuses- not gonna ahppen. All signs point towards a UNC or OSU type sanctions. At most 1 more bowl, maybe 12 scholies (4 per year). To your dismay and fear, the U will be back, to bb-- slap your gators in the mouth in 2013. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Dumb a55-es

Nice game, Canes! Good finish against a team that can be surprising if they are shooting the 3 well.
And now, we get Minnesota and Coach Tubby Smith at the UBC. Let's COME ON OUT and support our guys. It would be a good win for them and a chance to advance.
They need our support. Go Canes!

Didn't Butler with a bunch of White guys get to the title game the last 2 years? And really how long do you think your team is going to last?


good win.

LMAO @ 5>3>2

Are you seriously celebrating a NIT win? You are an undeniable NITwit!
Quit embarrassing yourself, NITwit. This program is in huge TROUBLE.

MY SOURCES told me that there was more than ONE basketball player getting IMPROPER benefits. GUESS THEY WERE RIGHT, NITwit!

The more the NCAA investigates, the more they will find. Has ANY of THE SHAPIRO allegations been REFUTED yet, NITwit? EVERY PLAYER THAT SHAPIRO has named, received some FORM of punishment

OUR basketball program will get a 3 year ban from the NCAA tournament and reduction of 2 scholarships per year for 4 years, ACCORDING TO MY SOURCES.

And NITwit, your're bragging about the BASEBALL team that was just SWEPT BY THE GATORS!

SHEESH....what a NITwit.

Keep fooling yourselves that us CANES are going to SKATE in this NCAA INVESTIGATION. You don't have a clue....Not one IOTA! Just because North Carolina was hit with ONLY a one year BOWL BAN and 15 reduced scholarships, doesn't mean that WE WILL.

There's no comparison between the two schools. NOT ONE IOTA!
Miami has over 72 players involved and over 2 million dollars of ILLEGAL benefits. Also,10 coaches or staffers were involved!

"At a cost that Shapiro estimates in the millions of dollars, he said his benefits to athletes included but were not limited to cash...."


Keep celebrating the NIT victory. I AM THE ONLY TRUE CANE AROUND HERE!

I am the:
C- in Calais Campbell
A- in Antrel Rolle
E- in Edgerrin James
S- in Sean Taylor

You're just a bunch of NITwits.

MY INREDIBLE, CREDIBLE SOURCES are saying that the NCAA is things not mentioned in the YAHOO article.....I don't CARE what you think,OK?

NITwits :)



But you are the nitwit. Now, before I lower myself to your level can call you what you are demonstrating quite clearly who you are, I will say this:

How do you actually know that there were 72 players involved...because shapiro said so? That you believe everything a ponzi schemer alleges shows how much of a moron you really are.

The fact that there bb players and 6-7 football players were even after the fact allowed to be reinstated shows how comparatively minor their infractions were in the eyes of the NCAA. The UNC football players missed literally an entire season. And yes, despite what yuou and other idiots believe to be gospel truth, most of Sh*tiro's allegations are exaggerations or outright lies- when has anyone come forward to prove that the abortion allegation was true?

And yes, we cane fans celebrate an NIT win despite your racist rant that Valpo has 4 white guys. Does that matter to you? Does it matter that they went 22-11 and that there have been several other bb teams with mostly white guys on the squad that advanced deep into the NCAA or won it ouright? (Butler, Duke, Gonzaga)

Why am I even responding to a half brain dement like this? Maybe I am a nitwit

Ahhh, in that case, all us UFailure football playas be employed. Only we don't eat steak at Prime 112. We eat roadkill at Purple Porpoise.

This Trailerville is really a pit. Ain't no other " employment" here.

...in the first round of the NIT in front of a crowd of 1,229 at the BankUnited Center.

That says it all aboUt U ...

15K 'necks at the O'Cockroach center gets you what Trailer maggot? No SEC title. Won't get out of first weekend of tourney.

Another failed year in the land of trailers and swill.

Duuuuhhhhhh. Edumuhcayshun?

Why do you Canes suck so much ?

Shut up about the Florida Gators, no one cares but you two trolls.

6-6 in the SEC LEast. Scraped past Furman at home.

No All-SEC players. Only 2 at the combine.

The Mirror asks.

A five-game suspension for blatantly breaking the rules. Lulz. How about permanent ineligibility? How about a department-wide death penalty for an institution that hasn't followed the rules in 30 years? You can't spell "scum" without....

Shut up about the Florida Gators, no one cares but you two trolls.

Yo cane trash, enjoy the NIT win, what a great accomplishment for a lousy program. Pathetic loosers.

Lotsa scUMbags from cesspool Gables on here talking smack for what? Comparing Ur sorry selves to real teams playing in the Dance. U wish, maggots.

10years of mediocrity in football, with Ur only success in the distant 80s and 90s. Nothing before, nothing since.
Forever irrelevant in basketball. Celebrate a first round NIT win, best thing that happened to ya. Pathetic!

NCAA - you won't sniff it ever. CWS? - another epic fail - pray U don't draw a Regional in Gainesville or Tally.

The most pathetic and underachieving university program in the history of college sports. And the worst cheaters too! That's who you are, doUchebag canes, an underachieving community college masquerading as a private university.
FIU has passed U as the best higher education source in Miami.

Get ready for the Spring Game, at least U will win that one.
What a bunch of pathetic maggots!

Enough with 'neck trailor trash on here! If we win the NIT then what? Oh and real cute copying my handle, again.

Coach Golden is a true Cane. He was at the BUC last night supporting the basketball team. That man is a godsend and will bring this program back in this life or the next.



If I were a classy Gator fan (oxymoron?), I would be extolling the virtues of our current top-ranked baseball team and NCAA-bound basketball team and be blogging all about them, instead of trying to dis the Canes. But then again, not too many classy Gator fans? It just makes you look like you're petty and jealous of the Canes to feel compelled to dis them when you should be highlighting your current teams' success. After all, Noah and his crew are long gone, and Spurrier and Meyer are also long gone, so you should get excited about your current teams and not sound so jealous about the Canes programs. Even though our great teams are also long gone, our current teams are on the rise and our 5 baseball and 5 football NC's legacy still live on.... Don't be shy to blog about your Gators, and do us a favor and stop sounding so jealous of our Canes.

Coach Golden is a true Cane. He was at the BUC last night supporting the basketball team. That man is a godsend and will bring this program back in this life or the next.

U clUcks need all the help U can to prop up attendance, so Golden Retriever was one of the 1200 dopes on hand.
Maybe he can get the whole BB team to show at the rent a stadium this fall to make it an even 3000.

Ur so delUsional, a true cane, whatever that means. Dude's only been her for 1 mediocre season and he is a true cane. So that's it, he is mediocre so he's a true cane. Got it.
U maggots will have to wait for the next life, again Ur such a looser.

The blog Pig is not classy. He is not a Gatr Trash fan. He just likes to rip the Canes. It is what obese smelly virgins do in their free time.

Hola, Arty? Douchebag? Soldy still luveth your KAKETH.

Ripped and shredded again, Pig. This is great comedy. You remain the blog punching bag.

So pathetic.

Respond to every post on here, intentionally misspell words so that someone will point it out and you'll have someone to talk to.

You're such a f*cking loser.

Gatr Trash football. Living in the past. The Urbie and Timmy show is over. It ain't coming back.

You have a janitor as a head coach. Fear the working-man's grin. What an embarrassment to coaching you have in ol' Muscrap.

No one cares about the Florida Gators you troll.

Ever notice how the trash-talking "fans" (how ever many there actually are) are virtually always gaytors? The funny thing about you trash-talker(s)is how you are so incredibly consumed bad-mouthing anything and everything about The U. How ironic: The U is totally consuming you. Not to mention that the garbage you spew certainly speaks sooooo well for the "high" caliber of the fans of the school you supposedly support...yeah, right. LMAO.

Posted by: michigancane
Ever notice how the trash-talking "fans" (how ever many there actually are) are virtually always gaytors?

Look in the mirror cane clown. And how about Ur cane pig with multiple handles: SEC Trash, Artys KAK, Curse lonely pig, Crackadiplomamill among others. Same looser with different names. Now U join him too maggot.
U got a lock on garbage spewing and low caliber "fans". U own the cesspool.
Bunch of pathetic loosers!

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