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Durand Scott reinstated by NCAA, but must serve 5 more games worth of suspension

University of Miami junior guard Durand Scott was reinstated by the NCAA after being declared ineligible by UM for receiving impermissible benefits according to a release from the school.

The reinstatement provisions are that Scott must pay the value of the received benefits to charity and serve a six-game withholding penalty. The benefits were received prior to the arrival of the current coaching staff at Miami.

Scott's six-game withholding will include the Florida State game in the ACC Tournament, the 2012 postseason and any remaining withholding games at the start of the 2012-2013 season.


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One UM troll.

One Gators troll.

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There is no difference between you two, you are equally pathetic and equally disturbed.

UM is not UF's rival. UF is not UM's rival.

The only reason you two ladies spend all day and all night spouting the same generic trash talk to each other over and over and over and over again is that you're addicted to the feeling of having someone respond to something you say.

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You two are just a couple of immature internet-obsessed jackoffs who can't leave each other alone.

And one more thing. We have the righted the ship on our way to yet ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP! 6 is more than 3 you sister loving 'neck. Now super size my fries but wash your hands first. Shapiro's accusations are all speculation and we will get a slap on the wrist.

For the true Cane fans, did you hear Joe Rose today? Apparently there is talk about knocking down CoCoWalk as a possible site for the new stadium? I think it would be amazing.

And so the story lives on............the cane and the gator trolls continue to insult each other. Taking up valuable space in our blog with nothing to contribute.

"You have to put in place the kind of institutional control we have at Miami,"' ---Paul Dee lecturing Long Beach State's President 2008.

LINK: http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/34437/long-beach-president-takes-paul-dee-to-task

"high-profile players demand high-profile compliance." Paul Dee about USC.

LINK: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blog/2011/08/paul-dee-miami-violations-football-ncaa.html

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So who's the real pathetic loser here?

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How about booking tickets to NY in case the canes make it to the NIT finals. We can stay in a youth hostel not far from MSG. It's only $19 bucks if we share the bed.

Six internet points to the Gators Troll.

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"Idiots believe to be gospel truth, most of Sh*tiro's allegations are exaggerations or outright lies." NITwit 5>3>2

Evidently Miami and the NCAA believe SHAPIRO since players ARE BEING SUSPENDED! You don't have a clue....Not one IOTA!

And lol at the allegations being MINOR:

"Yahoo! Sports acquired Shapiro’s May 2005 American Express black card statement showing a bill of $9,738 on the night the booster said Beason attended a Mansion nightclub event featuring Jay Z."


"Shapiro also told federal agents in taped interviews that his former partner in Axcess Sports – then-NFL agent and current UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue – told him that he had paid Rolle approximately $40,000 while he was playing for the Hurricanes. According to a summary document acquired by Yahoo! Sports, Shapiro told federal agents that he also had a direct conversation with Rolle in which the player affirmed receiving the money from Huyghue and that he planned to repay it. Shapiro also told federal agents that current Miami staffer Sean Allen also had knowledge of Huyghue paying Rolle."


But hey, we're #69! NITwits RULES!

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Get yourself off this blog and let UM fans talk about UM football.

Real UM fans don't care about UF. Real UF fans don't care about UM.

Because we've only played once every five years for the past quarter century.

But there's a UF blog on the same website as a UM blog, so there will always be internet Trolls making negative comments on them.

Neither one of you are mature enough to ignore those posts. Any comment will send you off to the other team's blog to call them doody-heads. You can't help yourselves.

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Hey Cool Kat. guess you arent much of a UM basketball fan. Miami has had the Bank United on campus basketballl field house for at leat 5 years.

@ NITwit 5>3>2

You NITwits are repeatedly saying that SHAPIRO is LYING. HERE'S what SHAPIRO accused Olivier Vernon of.

• "Shapiro said he made a $1,000 donation to the booster club of Vernon’s high school in April 2008, at the solicitation of Vernon’s father. Vernon had committed to the Hurricanes approximately two months before the booster wrote the check, but Shapiro said he would not have made the donation if Miami had not been recruiting Vernon."


So if SHAPIRO was LYING then why did Miami and THE NCAA SUSPEND HIM? Relatively MINOR compared to SEAN TAYLOR-

• A pair of diamond-studded dog tags from Buchwald Jewelers for approximately $15,000. According to a summary document acquired by Yahoo! Sports, Shapiro informed federal agents of the purchase of the dog tags during taped interview sessions. However, government documents recounted the value of the dog tags at $26,000.


And VERNON was suspended for SIX GAMES for receiving ONLY $1,000!!!

But hey, we're #69! RIGHT NITwit?

NIT Rules for NITwits!

Haha, you quit forever. For 45 minutes. Probably a personal best though, well done.

You're wasting your time researching the Yahoo reports, UM fans have all read them and know what's been proven and what hasn't.

SHAPIRO is LYING, huh? So far he's 12 out of 13!

"The student-athletes involved HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED RECEIVING IMPROPER BENEFITS and will now be responsible for restitution and, in some cases, the student-athletes will also serve game suspensions,” Miami director of athletics Shawn Eichorst said in a statement. “They understand that their actions demand consequences.”





Isnt Ol Rocky top in the NIT?? You know the guys that blasted UF

We get it we are screwed for awhile but Coach Golden has a plan in place to return us back to the top of college football in a few years. Our players just have to get through this and NOT TRANSFER. You picked THE U because of our rich football tradition - be part of it even if it means taking some lumps in your first few years.


IF we win the NIT and finish #69 in the country, will IT HELP RECRUITING? MY SOURCES claim that there were MORE CANE FOOTBALL PLAYERS involved in the SHAPIRO scandal than there were FANS AT THE GAME last night. RECRUITS HAD to be excited because it LOOKED LIKE A Miami home FOOTBALL GAME!

ANY NIT experts know? NITwitters?

Bu "UF" do you mean UTrailertrash? UFailure? UFestering Puss Sore?

You two are pathetic.


You got it with the phrase "senseless banter."

What happens on the field is the real issue.
It will take time for the Canes to get there, but
we are on the right track. True fans know that to
be the case. It will not happen overnight, and it is
realistic to be concerned about the NCAA decision.
Out of our control. Go Canes!

Stop the non sense stop talking Gators and Gainesville. You don't have to answer to every post. Basketball is in the postseason, already won the first game. Spring football is coming up. Talk Cane sports, leave the trolls alone. Some of you are worse than the trolls, baiting them all the time.
Lets go canes!

Posted by: miramarcane | March 15, 2012 at 03:58 PM

Stop you ask ? You inferior Cane fans simply cannot help your pathetic lowly selves. It's a U thang to see facts as you hope they were and not see them for what they truly are. It's the last desperate acts of delusional dolts.

Arty, Soldy, Danny and the other Grrreat Gators that post here. Love your work. It's brilliant to watch how you make these trained Cane hamsters going round n round on their Habitrail homer, deluded and misinformed exercise wheels chasing their tails over n over n over again. You fine fellow Gators have these in denial cluck wanna be Jersey Shore rocket scientist looosers in a tailspin that is only exceded by their irrelevant 2nd. Class University of Miami Athletic Programs.


billy boob- I beg to differ- YOU inferior hillbilly necks cant help YOURselves.

Why are gator trolls on this blog in the first place?

Ahhh. yes. They are so pathetically scared about Miami. Jealous and scaredWhy wouldnt they be?

A florida gator comes from a 55,000 student school which is >50 years older than Miami. Its football program is about 30 years older than Miami's. Yet, UM owns the head to head record, has more championships, has more baseball championships, is ranked higher academically, and is located in a multicultural metropolis, rather than some country bumkin, flea bitten trailer haven full of bigots and tobacco-chewing inbreds. Miami is a more recognized football brand regardless of how much hype Uf gets by ESPN. All overhype by the way. Ok ok, so you are national champions in womens gymnastics. Ok. CVouldnt even win the big one in softball because sas usual, your pathetic diploma mill university (which has enough funds to pay asistant coaches millions of doillars) because guess what: THEY CHOKED.

How can you come on here and talk smack onMiami? Oh thats right- my original point YOu are terrified by the fact that come 2013, Al Golden is going to have this team ready to pounce on your 5-star laden overrated team of criminals (fact- 35 arrests makes them criminals). Scared beacuse you know that the NCAA investigation will lead to less sevre sanctions than you wish. You pathtic fools have been calling for the death penalty. Like Miami is the only one who has eve done something wrong. SEC teams that have been punished severely by the NCAA in the last 25 years:
Floriduh, Auburn, Alabama, Tenneseee.

And by the way, you idiots keep alleging that Shapiros hearsay is gospel truth. I mean, can you all be any more pathetic? So Shapiro alleges that he bought Vernon a 25,000 neckalce. Prove it. WHere is the proof? No. Not that he bought it. That the necklace was directly given to Vernon. Where the proof? You know I also heard Tebow got a pearl necklace from Urban Meyer- but I cant prove it, yet I believe in my heart its truth. Because someone said so.

Just stay off this blog. No one cares about you losers. Win something for G--s sakes. UF is in the NCAA torunament why? Seriously.

5>3>2, stop living as an ignorant slave.

You are probably a Santorum fan, aren't you?

Billy Bob, Arty, Soldy, Danny and the other Grrreat Gators that post here are all the same person.

You have no 'points', no 'arguments', no 'facts'.

There is nothing you can say that changes the fact that UM and UF aren't rivals. You're not here all day every day talking about football. You're not here all day every day talking about colleges.

You're here all day every day talking about your fake internet rivalry with the UM Troll.

UM and UF compete for students; compete in baseball; compete for recruits; have played 5 times in the last 10 years in football and have a game set for 2013.

But they aren't rivals?

Only making yourself sound more stupid with every post. Congrats you succeeded in something in life.

UM and UF don't compete for students.

No one gives a sh*t about college baseball.

UM and UF have played 5 football games in the past 25 years.

UM and UF are not rivals. It'll be a big game in 2013, just like it'll be a big game when we play Notre Dame again, but that's not what a rivalry is.

A rivalry is between teams that play each other.

Imagine if you only talked to your UM Troll friend once every 5 years instead of once every half hour.

It would cease to be a f*ggy fake internet rivalry.

Posted by: Why does this blog exist?

UM and UF don't compete for students.: Ummm, yes they do.

No one gives a sh*t about college baseball.: Perhaps you don't. But they still play each other. Therefore, under your standard, they are rivals.

UM and UF have played 5 football games in the past 25 years.: Well, if you want to go that route, they have played 30 in the past 50 years. That is a lot of games.

UM and UF are not rivals. It'll be a big game in 2013, just like it'll be a big game when we play Notre Dame again, but that's not what a rivalry is.:

You have yet to give a definition of rivalry.

A rivalry is between teams that play each other.

Oh, wait. You just defined it. And contradicted yourself. And showed that, since the two teams "play each other," they are rivals.

Thanks for clearing that up, Einstein.

Listen, I don't want to become a surrogate for the UM Troll that isn't participating in your fake internet rivalry today. And I don't want to engage in an argument over whether your fake internet rivalry actually has to do with football, because it obviously doesn't.

A rivalry is between teams that play each other every year and more importantly play each other in meaningful games frequently. Florida State and Virginia Tech are our rivals. Notre Dame and Florida are huge games when they happen. Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Nebraska are too, to a lesser extent. But those aren't rivalries.

You want to pretend like you're engaged in a real rivalry because the baseball teams play every year? Go right ahead.

Talk trash about a sport that NOBODY cares about, one that gets pounded in the ratings by professional bowling.

Makes just as much sense as pretending to care about football or the schools themselves.

The bottom line is that you're engaged in an incredibly lame internet rivalry with another Troll. You two talk about it all day every day and you're going to keep talking to each other all day every day for all of this year, even though we don't play UF until 2013.

You two are beyond pathetic.

The genius says God is dead.If God never existed as a pi55ant like you claims, then he could have never died. Seems like you like circular arguments. Just for the sake of it. 5>3>2 is a slave to what? Slave to the knowledge that gator trolls are peeing their panties to see what will never happen- a death penalty for the miami program????


You and these gator trolls are the perfect example of how sometimes sper-m is wasted unnecessarily

god died in the minds of those who were forced to believe by their parents, teachers, elders, priests, whomever. Then, once they began to think for themselves, he died.

It is figurative. Of course, the believers do not understand nuance or irony. Theirs is the literal world. Every word of the bible is true because god wrote it, damn it. And if you don't believe in my god, I will kill you.

Isn't that the way it goes, bible thumping ignoramus?

Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Why not try politics instead?

Don't worry, I'm sure your little buddy will be back to talk about your fake internet rivalry soon enough.

Speaking of politics, that freak Santorum said:

"Rick Santorum wants to put an end to the distribution of pornography in the United States. “America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography,” Santorum’s official website reads."

Yes. That is what is ailing this country. Not that this freak wants to control what you can and can't do. Republican individualism and personal liberty? Only if he says it is ok. Well, him and his fake god.

Haha, I can see why that would be a seminal issue for you.

So spend a few hours on your other hobby, I guarantee your troll friend will be back to talk to you about your fake internet rivalry in no time.

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