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First UM Canes spring scrimmage is history; Ryan Williams impresses; Injury report

The Hurricanes' first spring scrimmage is over, and Canes fans finally got to see their three scholarship quarterbacks -- minus the sidelined Stephen Morris, who is recuperating from back surgery; and minus signee David Thompson, who won't arrive until the fall (that is, if he doesn't choose professional baseball instead).

Ryan Williams did an admirable job, and publicly proved he will be competition for Morris.This was not a spring game-type scrimmage. It was situational, and very choppy with preplanned segments, such as goal-line and two-minute drill stuff. But Williams did move the chains, and he had some nice throws with good touch. That's not to say he didn't have some overthrows and the like, but I'd give thumbs up to his performance -- 14 of 21 for 228 yards and four touchdowns.

We really don't get to see much of practice (once a week and for 10-15 minutes), so we haven't seen Williams in action. His arm does not appear to be as strong as Morris' (I didn't say Williams has a weak arm, just that Morris has a stronger one) It's just an observation, nothing more. Don't read anything else into it. Williams' favorite former Cane, Ken Dorsey, (No. 11, just like Williams), was not known for a powerful arm.

The young quarterbacks need lots more work, but that was expected. They didn't arrive that long ago from high school. However, Gray Crow clearly looks better than Preston Dewey. Maybe Dewey was just nervous, but he did not look good. We'll see. It's only one scrimmage.

Receivers Rashawn Scott, Phillip Dorsett and yes, senior Kendal Thompkins, had good days today. Thompkins, who has had a frustrating career at UM, is a fifth-year senior out of Miami Northwestern High. He always seems to shine in scrimmages, then disappear during the season.

"He made some good catches,'' offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said of Thompkins. "I mean, [he] scored on the first touchdown, or whatever, once we were moving the ball. "He made some nice plays. Kendal has done a good job. He’s got to keep competing. He’s got to show up. I keep telling him: 'Keep showing up, keep showing up, keep showing up. keep making plays.

  'Right now you can’t be just kind of a play here, play there.. you’ve got to be a consistent playmaker.'''

   This, from Thompkins: "Everyday it's important to show the coaches what you've got.''

   Thompkins said of his past four years: "It's been frustrating but it's been a learning experience. I can't complain because I felt I learned a lot.''

    Before I forget, Coach Al Golden lauded backup offensive linemen Ereck Flowers, Taylor Gadbois, Jared Wheeler, Ben Jones and Jeremy Lewis.

   Some other observations:

   * Tight end Clive Walford has tons of talent. But again, Fisch said that coaches are looking for consistency from Walford.

   *Mike James looked mighty fast sprinting down the right sideline for a 55-yard touchdown.

   *The DBs made some nice stops, including a great defensive play by S Andrew Swasey, who prevented Thompkins from catching a long pass from Williams.

   *Defenders dropped at least two would-be interceptions. The balls were basically thrown right to them.

  * The Canes fumbled way too many times -- at least four times, from my count.

  * The artificial turf was dangerously slippery Saturday at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah. Guys slipped several times.

   Now, the injuries:

   * Defensive end Anthony Chickillo, a star-in-the-making and one of the most enthusiastic and loyal Hurricanes, hurt his back last Thursday during practice. I was told by a couple of sources that he will not need surgery. However, he is expected to be out for an extended period of time. The sources told me he will miss the rest of spring. Knowing Chick, he's already dying to get back on the field. Coach Al Golden downplayed the injury, saying of Chickillo, "He got a little pull. Hopefully he'll be back Tuesday.''

    * Former offensive tackle Jon Feliciano, who is now playing guard, hurt his right knee today when he was pulling and hit safety Ray-Ray Armstrong, before Eduardo Clements got hit in the back and fell into Feliciano's knee. "Hopefully it's just a sprain,'' said Feliciano, who had a big bag of ice over it, and then thick wrapping. "I'll just keep some ice on it and see how it goes.''

     Feliciano said the Canes did "pretty well'' during the scrimmage, but "we got a little winded. We'll have to work on that.''

     * Right tackle Seantrel Henderson hurt his right knee during the scrimmage, and it was examined closely by the trainer and team doctor. He eventually went back in. "I kind of hurt it a little bit. I just tweaked it a little bit,'' Henderson said. "But it's fine. I felt better once I went back in.''

     * Tight end Dyron Dye was examined for an injury. Brian "The Beast'' London tweeted that he injured his finger.

    The next practice is Tuesday at Greentree Field. The next scrimmage is at 6:45 p.m. Friday in Fort Myers.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!










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happy b-day I hear!

time for Kendall to break out!

Thanks Susan !!!!!!!

We will C everything next month at da real
Spring-Game. Let's go Canes.

Susan...can we get some positive vibes from you? Ryan Williams completes 67% of his passes for 228 yards with 4 touchdowns and that's "admirable?" What did he need to do to impress you, Susan? I hope Kendal Thompkins has the breakout year he's capable of and I hope he doesn't read this article. Preston Dewey is an early enroll freshman and he was running the offense of the most successful college football program of the last 30 years. I think some butterflies are to be expected... Keep you chin up Preston...you came to the right place to become an NFL QB! Susan, I appreciate you reporting in for us...just get our from under that little storm cloud please.

Pride, Ryan WAS impressive (as I wrote in the headline; blogs are the only place we write our own headlines). I thought admirable was a fine word.

   [ad-mer-uh-buhl] Show IPA

worthy of admiration; inspiring approval, reverence, or affection.

excellent; first-rate.

As for Preston, I thought I was fair on that, too. Did I not say it was to be expected, because he just came out of high school? I reported what I saw. I was not reporting on his high school career.

Sorry, but it seems like you're the one under a little storm cloud. Williams had a fine day, Thompkins had a fine day (sorry I said "good'' and described his career situation accurately) and Preston struggled.

I enjoyed the scrimmage today.

very good editorial from the NYT on the NCAA and its use of enforcement tools. Worth reading: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/24/opinion/nocera-standing-up-to-the-ncaa.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss


Good stuff Susan, thanks for the update!

Good stuff out of Barry Jackson's blog today too - he should replace Manny here and on UM's beat, Manny's spread too thin with his Marlins stuff.

Apologize Already!

She did, what is the matter with you?

How can you still be obsessing over that almost a year later when #1 it was a pretty benign comment to begin with, #2 it was completely accurate, and #3 she apologized DAYS after she said it and took down the 'offending' tweet.

Hope this class will perform better than last....

Golden semms to already be bringing in players with more passion. I was glad to hear the other day that a defender(cant remember who off the top of my head)streched out on a diving pass break up. That my friends is "extra effort". They dont sound like they are playing as soft now. Good to hear.

I was impressed with the scrimmage yesterday. Saw some good hits and some nice TD's. Rashawn Scott had probably 4TD's and Clive did well when he caught the ball. Think he had 2 scores. Kendall Thompkins didn't do to bad either and took a nice one down the sideline for a score. Williams and Crow look pretty good, Dewey looked as if he was nervous or just having a bad day. Out of the three I would say Williams. He has more of a commanding presence. Crow seems fearless and made some nice throws between traffic on point. Taylor Gadbois got in a few series and I didn't see anyone get by him. Defense looked alot faster than last year, that stood out to me the most. I left impressed. Golden and Co. are doing their jobs.


Is Dallas Crawford a receiver now?

a slot

Nice report, Susan.
And Canetillidie, thanks for the fan's
perspective. Some good stuff happening.
Must say that RB stats per carry are not
that impressive, but James taking it to the
house is sweet. Want to see Seantrel become
a dominant force on the OL. Not sure why he
was reported to be "angry" about the recent
suspension. Anybody know?

Hope we have a motivated and determined team
on the field this year. Golden is a builder and
we are getting there. Go Canes!

who cares if seantrel is angry for being sat down. He needs to play angry. Recall he was the #1 recruit which we ended up "stealing" from both USC and Ohio State. He hasnt played angry one iota. Someone that big should dominate like Mount McKinnie used to. So far he hasnt. Maybe hes too worried about getting tickets to Liv or the Ultra fest.

With Payne gone, Golden is slowly cleaning up the garbage on this team. There needs to be unity and purpose, like that seen on Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Boise State. Who here isnttired of all of these primadonnas who put on the U helmets and think that the automatiically become superstars and dont put in the work in the off season?

If Ryan Williams "gets it" I'd liketo see him beat out Morris. Morris to me, makes too many bad decisions. I dont care about his armstrength. We need a QB THAT WONT LOSE GAMES, WILL MAKE GOOD DECIOSNS WITH THE SHORT AND INTERMEDIATE PASES AND WILL MANAGE THE OFFENSE WITHOUT TURNIONG THE BALL OVER-SOMETHING WE HAVENT HAD SINCE DORSEY AND (AT TIMES) BERLIN.

I agree with 5-3-2. How many times last year did the QB lose the game? If we had average or decent QB play we win more games. Dorsey had a weak arm, could not run, and was skinny as a rail but he had a strong mind. I'm still not sold on Morris. He throws too many int's. I think his strong arm gives him false confidence that he can always thread the needle. Glad to see Ryan Williams doing well. Competition is always best for the team.

If the coaches can do to morris what they did to jacory then he should be fine. If the o line protects , williams will be just fine also. I dont really care,but would rather see a smarter morris start.

Let's see Morris has a stronger arm. He is much more mobile and should know the system inside out. Seems to me if he gets well for fall it should be his job to lose. But it should be very interesting to watch.

Can we all please start thinking that maybe Seantrel might just not pan out to be the hot shot EVERYONE thought he would be. I'm tired of hearing about how he was Mr High School recruited by USC. It's time for him to perform. If he wants to start he better start earning it. He wouldn't be the first hot shot to not make it at the U. But it's a fresh new season starting, he has his window to perform.

Agreed bob. He has basically 1-2 yrs to perofrm, bc if he dominates this year, or does marginally well, he is turning pro. If does ok, who knows, he may stay (but it depends on the looming NCAA verdict).

Morris had flashes at times. He certainly was put indifficult positions, as a clean up QB, after Jacorry thre 3-4 picks and fell behind on the scoreboard, and he was asked to do a lot as a true freshman, but hey, this is big time. If you arent all that then you should have gone to FIU or FAMU. But he also threw some unbelievably bad ints and passes and looked puzzled. I agree Fisch should be able to work out the kikns although ---- I dare ask... will he be 100% after the surgery? Lord knows Marve was never the same after his hand "injury", and neither was jacorry after all the shoulder, arm and hand issues.

Barry had a great article on Telemaque and Ray Ray. There is absoultely positively no rhyme or reason for them to suc--k that bad. Except for...lack of desire. BINGO! One of the quotes from ray ray was...

"I wasn't into it as much last season" or something like that.


I'm Golden, i see that quote, and I cut his scholie. Period. End of story. I dont care how well he is doing now... or I give him ONE warning. And thats that.

Great football posts on Williams, Morris and Seantrel. Agree with everything said. Because Morris has a strong arm and mobility, I believe he can flourish under Fisch et al. On the other hand, Williams could be steady and move the offense without as many turnovers as in the past. That would be a nice change for the Canes. Agree that Seantrel needs to stop living off the hype and get fierce. By all accounts, he seems to be a good kid who should respond to coaching from Golden, Kehoe and Fisch.
Let's make this year a surprise rather than more mediocrity!

Thanks Susan and good job from Canetillidie. I agree with Susan, 5>3>2, and WGCane.
Ken Dorsey was the coolest quarterback in the pocket because he knew his advantage was reading the defense and getting it spot on.
He did not move or even attempt to run with the ball,consistently, and he could have used a few pounds but was a he** of a teriffic quarterback to watch.
Our obsession of height, speed, weight, and bouncing around are opposite to what Dorsey brought to the table.
Hours of tape and smart counterplays were his forte.
My observation is that our quarterback situation is not as dire as I thought, but our disappointment in performance levels of Ray Ray, Seantrel, Walford, and Thompkins, continue.
I have to keep reminding myself this is Spring practice and the intensity level will ramp up as everyone gets into serious game prep.
Good job Coach G in getting the team on the same page.
Go 'Canes

Can not wait till Sept. This team should be at least 12-2. Go Canes!!! P.S. The TROLL must GO

Levonte Whitfield "decommitted" from Miami. 2013 recruit.

This garbage that allows kids to "commit" is a joke. The words of a 16, 17 yr old, and for that matter their families, is worth the stuff that is stuck on my shoe. Kids should not be allowed to verbally commit, programs should not be allowed to offer before a prescribed specific date, and right now its too soon. It opens up all sorts of possibilities for violations or dirty play from recruits and recruiters alike.

Second, these kids need to have proof that they have the academic credentials (FCAT, SAT, ACT, combined, gpa) to graduate and attend said college- before signing day, in fact ideally before they 'commit".

A kid that may have been asked to commit to Miami 3 months ago in December when the kid was all bright eyed when he saw Miami coaches knocking at his door, could easily be swayed by another coach when the honeymoon is over, 3 months later if better promises are made. In miamis case, becasue of how long its been, these kids no longer give a danged that the U has 5 ncs, more ncs than florida or fsu, same as them combined. These kids want flat screens, i pods, ear phones, material things, cash, and pretty facilities. The days of coming in to grungy ol Hecht, and grungy ol OB for the love of the U and south florida are gone with few exceptions ( Duke Johnson, Chikillo, etc). I am tired of primadonna kids. But I am also tired of the NCAA and of this broken down system

I see ur point, I do.....here is what would help fix the situation....let kid's commit to wherever they want, but once committed, another team should not be allowed to contact them in any way unless they decommit, and that should include verbal. I'm not saying this as a fan, I'm saying this benefits the kid even more than the school, and it should. These kids are given god given talent, and are asked to make major decisions that will impact their lives forever. In the system in place now they are wooed into wrong decisions at the last minute that negatively impacts their lives forever because in this broken system teams make last ditch efforts and crazy promises to steal them.....
Fix this part for our school as well as the coming recruits.

"From what I'm hearing from many people is that Miami is going to get hit really really hard by the NCAA. Much more than what they are telling recruits. I just don't want to be stuck there and not have a chance to go to Bowl games or win a Championship my whole career."

Levonte Whitfield

Well, "Mr. Career Man" we don't want you then Levonte. You had the chance to be a part of something special with a coach and program that is definantly on the rise. Go run off to where you think things will be better. And by the time you're a Junior, Miami will be back at full strength.


5>3>2 - hope that was the Gators Troll using your screen name.

None of these kids owe anyone anything. If you don't like a 17 year old changing which college he's 'committed' to going to, don't pay attention to what colleges a 17 year old says he's going to go to.


Admirable? I agree...bad word. Admirable (dictionary isnt literal) is when a guy throws 50% with a pick and td...maybe 150 yds. its usually described for people that ARENT the downfall of the game but just prod along and get thru a game non chalantly...thats how you use admirable in describing football (hence my "literal" comment). Id say its the BEST a qb has done in a scrimmage in some time and he should no doubt be the starter over these jacori wanna bes (and ive been saying it since we acquired him)...hes a walshy, dorsey guy...thanks...good overall article!

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