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Fisch wants to use Hurricanes tight ends the way Patriots do; plus QB Ryan Williams, receiver talk

CORAL GABLES -- With all the friends and connections he's made in the NFL, University of Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said he spends a lot of time in the off-season picking the brains of other offensive gurus.

Asante Cleveland"A lot of times we'll talk schemes and situational football," Fisch said. "Other times, I'll ask questions like 'Hey, how did you guys do this?' -- see if we can take a few ideas.

"Obviously what New England did with its tight ends is something that stands out. You've got to study that. You've got to see how they utilize them -- and that's something we've done this offseason."

While he isn't ready to declare Asante Cleveland and Clive Walford as the next Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez (combined for 169 catches, 2,237 yards, 24 TDs in 2011), Fisch believes his new tight end duo can create matchup problems for opposing teams next season. He also foresees many situations -- in light of the inexperience and youth at receiver -- where both will be on the field at the same time.

"I think between them, I'd liked to see the tight end receptions go up to about 50 [in 2012]," Fisch said (UM's tight ends combined for 28 catches, 266 yards, 2 TDs in 2011).

"I think Asante and Clive can give us a really good 1-2 punch, that we'll be able to get them on the field at the same time and spread the ball around, see what they can do to open things up."

Cleveland, who showed flashes of brilliance as a freshman in 2010, couldn’t do much of anything last season.

Following shoulder surgery, he missed spring practice and showed up to fall practice last August still slowed by it. The result: one catch for six yards in eight games.

But Cleveland (6-5, 270) is healthy and much stronger now (he showed up to camp with 15 pounds more muscle) and is catching a bunch of passes in practice everyday with only three scholarship receivers available this spring.

Coach Al Golden said other than safety Ray-Ray Armstrong, Cleveland did the best job of any player in UM's off-season conditioning program and called him "more of a pass threat right now than I think we all anticipated."

"He looks great," Fisch said of Cleveland. "He's running well, carrying the weight well, playing physical. I think he's 100 percent healthy."

Walford, who started eight games last season and caught 18 passes for 172 yards and a touchdown, bulked up 12 pounds himself in the off-season. Walford (6-4, 250) said Tuesday his primary focus this spring is on improving his pass blocking.

"We just have to get Clive healthy and improving his game," Golden said. "He's got to be more of a factor in the pass game without question."


> The Hurricanes ranked 54th in red zone efficiency last season (they scored 27 touchdowns and made seven field goals of 41 trips), converting at a higher clip 84 percent than they did in 2010 when they scored 75 percent of the time (52 trips, 29 TDs, 10 FGs).

But most will remember UM's shortcomings inside the 20 that cost them against Kansas State (stopped on 4th and goal), Virginia Tech (fake field goal) and Florida State (first quarter interception in the end zone in a 23-19 loss).

"I was real happy [with the improvement]," Fisch said. "But my feeling on red zone is we have to continue to build on what we did. The biggest thing is if we get inside the 3, we have to score. We were 15 of 16 scoring touchdowns inside the three-yard line. That's great. But I tell our offense every single day when you're 15-1 everybody wants to know who the one is, not the 15."

> Of the three scholarship receivers healthy this spring (Rashawn Scott, Phillip Dorsett and Kendall Thompkins), Fisch didn't say any has particularly stood out yet. But he said he's sees progress across the board. "Those guys are getting a ton of work and getting better at what they do," he said. "They're learning how to run routes, how to perfect their craft a little bit. It's nice to watch them grow."

Asked how many of the six incoming freshmen receivers might be asked to play, Fisch said: "It doesn't matter. Our young guys have to come in and make an impact. If it's two it's two. If it's five it's five. But they've got to play and they have to come in here and make things happen. They have to be dynamic like they are on tape. Somebody needs to fill Tommy Streeter's shoes in terms of catches and touchdowns. Somebody has to fill Travis Benjamin's shoes. Rashawn and Phillip could do it, but other guys need to do it as well."

> Asked for his take on quarterback Ryan Williams this spring, Fisch offered: "Done a nice job. Manages the game well, stands in the pocket tall, has good vision, makes some tough throws. He doesn't leave the pocket really, so it's nice. He sits in there. He's comfortable in there, knows how to have slight movements in there to find throwing lanes. That's fun to watch."

Told receivers have said Stephen Morris has a stronger arm than Williams, Fisch said: "Stephen has an elite arm. He has a special arm. So, it's going to come out a little faster. That's not a knock on anybody. Other than that, Ryan's a very accurate passer. He has very good ball placement. Guys respect that and like that."

> While redshirt freshman Dallas Crawford will receive carries at running back to this spring, it's more likely the former defensive back will end up playing slot receiver. "We moved Dallas into the slot and he's making so many plays for us," Fisch said. "He's exciting to watch."

> There were reports in January Fisch was linked to an opening with the Bears.Asked how close he came to leaving to any NFL team this past season, Fisch responded: "I'm really happy here. I made a commitment to Al. And Al made a commitment to me. It's a very good one.

"I want to watch this thing go. I want to see how good we can become. I don't want to watch it as a fan. I want to watch it as a coach. I love the kids here and I love what they're doing. Sometimes you get lucky and get opportunities. But the best opportunity for me is right here at Miami."


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8 is Great ...
4 is better


U still here cane fan ?

can U define Elite ?

Yea, it's not '8'.

so who's in the N.I.T. Final Four U NITwits ?

elite or élite (ɪˈliːt, eɪ-, ɪˈliːt, eɪ-)

— n


( sometimes functioning as plural ) the most powerful, rich, gifted, or educated members of a group, community, etc


Also called: twelve pitch a typewriter typesize having 12 characters to the inch

— adj


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[C18: from French, from Old French eslit chosen, from eslire to choose, from Latin ēligere to elect ]

élite or élite

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[C18: from French, from Old French eslit chosen, from eslire to choose, from Latin ēligere to elect ]

5 + 4= elite

3 = 2= no quite

gators got lucky bracket break. But who will they face eventually? AHHH yes, theyre daddy Kentucky. HA HA HA HA HA H enjoy while it lasts

DO they give a trophy for being in the elite 8?

Oh, Gatr Trash. Time to drop your drawers again. We promise it won't hurt, at least by the time you get back to the toxic waste dump in Trailerville.

Dumb Gatr maggots.

Man there's so much over flowing garbage from the fswho and gaytard blogs that it has completely spilled over into the Canes blog. To bad fswho will, as usual, be overrated, won't beat Miami this year, and will struggle. As for the gaytards, well the best thing to do in a hillbilly town is get drunk and tip some cows because with the muskrat around till 2016 they'll never get anything done because half of their team will be in jail. Open tryouts anyone??? Lets get some of the ultimate frisbee people in some pads and see how they pan out for trailerville..

Have a great day everyone, GO CANES!!!!

I look forw3=ard to the day when the Canes are dominant on the field, and don't loose to the Maryland, BCs, Virginias, ND, when we aren't worried about those kinds of games. I think that will shut up some of the boring clowns on this blog. Thanks to all who talk football! Some great input here...

And now, the morons in the Senate want to "investigate" Vilma's bounty program? What are they looking for, free NFL tickets? As if our country didn't have real big-time problems (see deficit, unemployment, foreclosures, etc.). Get rid of these bums.

And what the heck is a "bounty program," be it Luther or Vilma or Greg Williams or whoever? Aren't you supposed to hit a guy as hard as you can? Can't some players do their job without "incentives." Let's see a Cane defense that punishes any ball carrier or receiver or returner or whoever. That's what defenders should do. Bring it all, Canes!

same as it ever was. Emmitt, why hast thou crapped all over thine servant?

Get yer diplomas here. Come one come all. Buy some 'possum stew and get yer Utrailer diploma.

Visit the Miami Herald's Hurricanes site and watch some of our finest fans and grads post their eloquence. Don't worry if anyone says they are stupid, unintelligible or factually incorrect drivel, we are Gatr Trash. It is all we know.

Get yer diplomas here. Come one come all. Buy some 'possum stew and get yer Utrailer diploma.

Visit the Miami Herald's Hurricanes site and watch some of our finest fans and grads post their eloquence. Don't worry if anyone says they are stupid, unintelligible or factually incorrect drivel, we are Gatr Trash. It is all we know.

That whole thing about Sapp blabbering his mouth and calling Shockey a snitch is 100% a verdict on Sapp. Sapp has been a big mouth talk- too much mouf of the souf ever since he was a cane. He was good, but when it really mattered- Orange Bowl 1994, he got winded from all his trash talking and nebraska's full back pounded him and pounded him till ol Warren was basically left to arm tackling. He is all talk.

He's always been like that. He has hardly been the Ray lewis type, coming to mentor young athletes, supporting the U. He is all about his fat a55. Not a good teammate.
Shockey has been vindicted. His coaches have back his word. Sapp is left a fool. Possibly a racist fool.

As far as the gators are concerned, I've bad mouthed them as bad as they have bad mouthed us. There is not one stupid comment that they post that cannot be broken apart,dissected and made out to be for what it is- dumb dribble from a bunch of billies. But I will say this:

Them gators have to get props. They are bringing it to the tourney. As much as I hate to admit it. They play with passion, they are extremely well coached, and conditioned. They are impressing me.

There is still no comparison between a whiney, pu55y-a55 gator fan and a time weathered, city weathered Miami cane fan. No comparison between the multi-culturality of our town and that cess pool where they burn qurans. Miami has bad areas, but they are OUR areas. City folk from the OT and Ltown know how it is. No comparison.

I'd rather be dropped off in O-town than in the oods outside Ocala. At least I know I wont be made to squeal like a pig in my town. I may have to get my nasty on and open up my can, but I wont be told I got a purdy mouf.

Van not wait until nest year. Anything less than 13-2 will be a failure. I still beluieve 'THE TROLL" Shalaya is anti-football and should be fired!

Posted by: dbc

"I look forw3=ard to the day when the Canes are dominant on the field, and don't loose to the Maryland, BCs, Virginias, ND,"

Agree, and until you do your fellow "fans" show their stupidity every day on this blog.

Posted by: corpus

As far as the gators are concerned, ..... There is not one stupid comment that they post that cannot be broken apart,dissected and made out to be for what it is- dumb dribble from a bunch of billies.

It seems that this applies better to your fellow canes on this blog when they drone on about Furman and the dance. The pinnacle of stupidity is a cane trash talking a program that is in the Elite 8. Close behind is a cane harping about Furman, which was a win, while losing to Maryland and BC.
You are right there are no comparisons between Gator fans, 99% of them attended UF and support all their teams in droves, and cane "fans", 99% of which don't know where UM is, are fair weather, bandwagon and front runner to the max and of course do not show to the games. Attendance at your last BB game at the BUC was beyond pathetic.
The city of Miami is indeed a lively multi cultural town. The canes get no benefit in playing in Miami.
While the city of Gainesville is a beautiful typical American college town. The Gators get all the benefit of playing there.


Even though we were bounced from the NIT my offer still stands. Lets head to NYC for the weekend. All you need is $9.50 to cover your half of the single bed we will share at the youth hostel.

ACC- youmust be in disneyworld- close to gainesville if you think that 99% of gator fans went there. HA HA HA effen HA HA HA effen HA HA HA.

Son, either you never get out, or you are as dumb as you sound.

All you have to do is drive up I-75, park your car in some Walmart in Ocala, or anywhwere in north-central florida, and observe the numbers of pickup trucks with gator stickers on them. Observe who gets out. Observe. Guaranteed Bubba, Jethro and Sally Mae who are simultaneously cousins, kin, and lovers did not get into UF. If you think that is a fact, than that is a sad point about our state university system, because the IQ to tooth ratio in those areas of florida is quite below 1. And I gurantte you the Quran burning reverend is a gator fan.

99%. Sheez. Gimme a break.

And I agree with the Furman thing. the point being, your "mighty" gators that you so eloquently support on here, this Miami blog, were down 18-0 to a Furman University program that would lose to Bethune Cookman and possibly FAMU. Seriously. So you beat them. Yet, you say that At least they beat them, Miami lost to maryland? LOL. How many future pros did Furman have on their roster? Ill tell you BOTH Maryland and BC have at least 5. So please dont compare appples and oranges.

Finally, yes, I congratulate UF for the elite eight. Good boy. Is there a trophy for the elite eight? Good on ya. maybe 100 yrs from now they will remember that florida was in the elite eight in 2012. I frankly could care less. Beat Kentucky, then we'll talk. In the meantime, go talk to your 99% gator alumni that attend gator games.

As far as the gators are concerned, I've bad mouthed them as bad as they have bad mouthed us. But I will say this:

Them gators have to get props. They are bringing it to the tourney. As much as I hate to admit it. They play with passion, they are extremely well coached, and conditioned. They are impressing me.

U see ... That didn't hUrt.

Gaytor fans have low IQ- case in point the NIT wit that just posted this at 3:51

Hey Bubba- get Tebos 00ck out of your mouth- Its affecting your comprehension of reality

Posted by: corpus

Dude, you have no "point" when it comes to the Furman thing. It was a W for the Gators. Who cares about Bethune and FAMU, they didn't play each other. Who cares about how many future pros BC or Maryland had, you lost to both pansies. You lose to BC and Maryland, we lose to Bama and LSU, they have more future pros than the canes, BC and Maryland put together.
And no one wants a trophy for an elite 8 appearance. Why does success have to be measured by beating Kentucky? Did you beat them? Did you make it to the elite 8? Didn't think so. So why bring it up.
The fact that your fellow canes keep harping on Furman and beating Kentucky just shows how delusional and stupid you are.

And the fact that you're here and not on the Gators blog just shows that you don't care about UF, or UM and are only interested in talking about your fake internet rivalry.

Jeed Fish blows. Needs to be replaced. Canes aint ever going to win with that sucka

someone talk to me!

LMAO! NITwiiffers using Furman, Bethune-Cookman, FAMU and Maryland as crutches for our crippled program is SHAMEFUL!!! NITwiffers are grasping at anything trying to defend a PUTRID 6-6 record.


What's also more embarrassing is that DA-U has NEVER made it to the elite-8.

Bunch of mental midgets.....smh.

And speaking of midgets, this reminds me of "The Lord of the RANGZ" movie:

Gollumpirio--- Stupid, fat hobbits, Dee and Shalalalala.
Gollumpirio --- We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. Must have DA RANGZ!....The NCAA wants to steal it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!
Smeagolalalala--- No. Not master!
Gollumpirio --- Yes, precious, false! We will cheat you, hurt you, bounty you-LIE.
Smeagolalalala--- Master is our friend! Dee worked for the NCAA!

Gollumpirio--- DA-U doesn't have any friends; nobody likes us!
Smeagolalalala--- I'm not listening... I'm not listening..lalalalala lalalalala!
Gollumpirio --- You're a liar and a bad president.
Smeagolalalala--- No! I'm not listening ... I'm not listening ... lalalalala, lalalalala!
Gollumpirio --- Murderer. The NCAA will give the death penalty because of you and Dee.

Smeagolalalala--- I'm not listening .... I'm not listening ... lalalalala, lalalalala lalalalala!
Smeagolalalala--- Go away!
Gollum: "Go away?" I'm DA-U's #1 BOOSTER!

[Gollumpirio laughs as Smeagolalalala begins crying]

Smeagolalalala--- I hate you, I hate you.
Gollumpirio --- Where would you be without me, gollum, gollum? I saved us! It was me! We survived because of me!
Smeagolalalala [stops crying]---- Not anymore.
Gollumpirio --- What did you say? Dee said that high-profile players needs high-profile compliance. Those words will kill us.
Smeagolalalala--- Master looks after us now. We are cooperating with the NCAA. We don't need you anymore. We will get DA precious!


But, but, but Furman, Bethune Cookman, FAMU and Maryland....smh!

Congrats to the N.T.T. Canes for having a 20 Win Season ...

Friday night!

My sources tell me to write pages of prose on Miami's blog!

Those friends and social life can wait!!!!

This blog is currently dominated by some real adolescent types (or actual adolescents?) who should up their meds dosage. Or get out more. Or find a constructive outlet in your life. Find someone to love you! There is always hope, even for you.

It will all come down on the field, and that is ALL that matters. In that regard, it will take time for a young Miami team to flourish.

And, by the way, UF ain't no stellar program at this juncture either. FSU has got the personnel and could be the best, if they live up to expectations. Sad but true...

But if you are a true Cane, you always hope this year will be a surprise on the upside. After all, the program does have a history of major success at different junctures. We now have good coaches for the first time in a long time.

In the interim, why don't you trolls meander somewhere else? Or get a therapist or an IQ transplant. You are, well, annoying and over the line.

Again, I appreciate all the Canes' fans who understand sports and the state of the various UM athletic programs at this juncture. And to the Fisch basher, you obviously don't know the first thing about football, so get educated (that GED is calling!) and then offer informed opinions.

But for right now, calm down folks. The important score is kept on the field of play, not here.

But for right now, calm down folks. The important score is kept on the field of play, not here.

Posted by: dbc | March 24, 2012 at 01:26 AM

U mean kinda like Ur Baseball team looosing the last 100 innings to the Gators ?

Or the last time Ur Football team lost by 23 to the Gators ?

Or maybe the last time Ur Basketball team lost by 20 to the Gators ?

Same Curse Soldy Pig. Posting drivel.

Pooh, I'm really mad that the Gatr garbage won't the title 4 years ago. Ancient history. De for the hoops team. Baseball? Nothing.

Gatr Trash tradition. Celebrating the baseball team's regular season. Win a title first.

And please try to keep Kentucky within 20 today. The trailer maggots don't have enough moonshine to wash down the roach-ka-bobs if you don't.

At the game - why is Chick wearing a red jersey? Is he hurt or something? Me and my chunga came here to watch him stick the other teams qb.

Come by my impala after the game we got cold duck and boones farm



Also on second thought - this place aint too bad for our home field. Manny or Susan what are your thoughts?



"And please try to keep Kentucky within 20 today."

Florida plays Louisville you ol' chittlin' breathe dummy.

Good to see the beast seantrel with first team. If they add sky boxes here - this place would be great for our home field!



Chikillo is hurt. Out for spring.

Please keep Louisville within 20 today

Have fun celebrating your elite eight. Is there a trophy for that?

Miami has never been to the elite eight, but...
Gator football has never had an undefeated season in football. UM has. 3.

Gators never won a baseball NC. We have. 4.

But you have beaten UMis some things:

Quran burners UF/Gaineville 1- UM/Miami 0

Arrests of former or current football players in the last 3 years

UF 38 UM 2

Number of toothless in bred nibling siblings within 50 miles of campus

UF- Too numerous too count

#1 Gator baseball,

You are right about the Gators being better than Miami. That is the result on the field, and that is what really matters. If you are a true Cane, you hope to see that trend reversed, and yah the Gators have bragging rights on the diamond. For now. Things tend to go in cycles and Miami needs more offensive punch and a stopper as a starting pitcher.

We also own the gators in illegal benefits

Them boyz are hitting today. This may be a blowout!!!!



Yo cane trash
Home game in Hialeah clUcks, who's gonna win this one loosers.
Bought a happy meal yesterday and got as free tix to the Fort Myers game, what a rip, rather have the cheap toy, it's worth a lot more.
Only thing U maggots have over any other program is decades of cheating. U are good at that sUckers.
Take that back, U really sUck at that too. "I cheat but I cannot win".......Ur new motto, right next to "wait til next year"
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

The losers are you with all your so-called overhyped over ranked 4-5 star talent and still finishing 6-6 despite playing UAB, FAU, Tenneseee, Kentucky, Furman (oops I mentioned Furman), and Ole Miss. You all should be ashamed of even talking gator football. Ok stick with baseball. UF is that good in baseball (right now), but if history repeats itself,

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG, choke sound. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAG. spit sound. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG. in the cws come summer.

Curse Soldy you sick Pig.

All GATAH, rieeeeeeght?

BWAAHAHHAHAHAH. Just another dumb cliche.


You morons that continually trash Gainesville make me laugh. Do you not realize that most state universities are in small rural towns. Does, Lincoln, Norman, Athens, Columbia, Baton Rouge, just to name a few ring a bell? Do you also realize that most students that attend these universities come from all over? Do you know how many UF students come from your beloved City of Miami? You would crap if you would know. Diploma mill? Check out the most recent US News aand World Report ratings on graduate school programs. and as far as undergrad programs I guarantee you it is still more difficult to get into UF than Miami despite Miami's better rating. While you constantly trash your president she does know how to raise money, just ask Nevin. UF is a member of the prestigious American Association of Cooleges and Universities. Only 60 some odd members in the country. Miami not a member.

After the Jets debacle i'll be totally out of the league.

Posted by: gatorsam

No one cares gayturd. It's not bout academics it about championships and after watching us in Hialeah today, the nation better get ready because THE U is back!!!!! I feel bad for the other team. Long bus ride home for them.



All PIGAH. Yeah.

GatrDoucheSam, so what about the other small towns. Yes, Trailerville has that in common with them but what separates some of them is that they are nice. Gainesville is a dump.

Do you think because Trailerville and Princeton, NJ are small college towns they look the sw? Try again. Trailerville is a disgusting pit. It makes Knoxville look like Malibu.

As for academics, the numbers don't lie. UFailure is sinking academically. It is why Machem wanted to raise tuition. They can no linger keep tuition artificially low. It is too little too late. That crap school, as all in the SEC other than Vandy, is an academic backwater.

UTrailer: feeder school for McDonald's' manager training program.


Ain't that right you Curse slob maggot?

qUe, Arty? Douchebag? Hola?

Gag, choke, spit and puke all over yourself like a true GATAH.

Beat up on patsies but get pounded when it counts. Typical gagging Gatr Trash.


ChOke on my kAk, you sick Pig. Like a food Lil' Gatr maggot.


Where all my gaytor 'billies at?

Gaaaaaagggging on the kak just like your bois did today?

Another choke job by the master of kak gagging

You dumb nex thought you actually had a chance for the final four. Go back to watching your dad drill your sister/wife

Lemme hear y'all say "Yeah. We are Gatr garbage. At least we have a crappy football season to look forward to. Muscrap? Yikes."

what did I tell you, Gatorsam and all of the other gatr dooshes?


GAAAAAAG like Linda Lovelace

All of this hoopla. All of this hype. All of this talk of championships.

All of this nasty stuff from gatr pokes who dont even belong on this site...

Missed 7 shots the last 2 minutes

GAAAAAAAAAAG. Not even the biased refs could pull this one out for you

Hear that? choke sound.

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