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Hurricanes football open for spring cleaning -- quarterback Ryan Williams speaks

The Hurricanes start practicing for the 2012 season at 9 a.m. Saturday, and, given the fact that they were prevented the opportunity to play in a bowl game (thereby missing several more practices), they must be incredibly hyped to get onto that field.

Though they'll be in shorts Saturday, and will be easing into practice the first couple of days, their spring leader -- quarterback Ryan Williams -- will have plenty of eyes on him.

The Memphis transfer who sat out last season while trying to learn the offense, finally gets his chance to play with the big boys, while experienced quarterback Stephen Morris recuperates from back surgery.

Following is what Ryan, who will be a redshirt sophomore this season, told reporters Thursday afternoon at UM:

 I’m real excited to get out there on the field. We practiced on just routes and stuff but I’m ready to bring it all together with the O-line and everything and get things started.

 Can you get this team in a groove? Yeah. last year I had to sit back and watch, just learn by watching and learn from Jacory [Harris] what he knows, what Stephen knows and Coach Fisch. Now I’m able to get on the field and do it for real.

 It’s a great opportunity to get reps and learn the offense and get a chance to run it and see it and not just see it on paper and actually do it with live contact.

 What about Gray Crow and Preston Dewey?They're really hard workers. They’re smart. They’re picking up a lot but we've got to see how it goes on the field. Anyone can learn it in the playbook but I expect high of them. I hope they expect high of me on the field. I think they’re going to do real good.

 Last year? I learned a lot, especially from jacory. He was my mentor when I came here. He just sat down with me in camp and we went over the playbook. Just sitting  back and watching him during the season handling the media and the adversity through the season and him on the field how calm he is. I learned a lot from both of them.

 On the UTough offseason strength and conditioning program: At first I didn’t know what to expect, what the coaches really wanted from us because I had never done it before. I was just going to go out there and work as hard as I could, and I got a green jersey my first day which was the second level. Then I realized what they were looking for, what type of effort, what type of work you needed to put in to get to that top level black jersey and I found it at the end and figured out what I needed to do to get to that point.

 During the season I was around 230 pounds and I didn’t feel like I was able to give my best effort. I didn’t feel comfortable and I lost five to six pounds and I feel a lot better running around and moving.

 The biggest difference between end of last year and now? We’re really focused. We saw the opportunities we had last year that we missed and that we needed to capitalize. we have a lot of open spots from all the departing srs and former starters and a lot of opportunities to get some playing time and get on the field.

The goal should definitely  be to win, no matter what team you’re playing. You’re here to play; you’re here to win.

 Any extra work you’ve done? I watched a lot of film, seeing last year's reps, watching Jacory run them against the teams we’re playing this year. Seeing what he saw and if I saw the same thing and if he didn’t see something then I could see it on film and not make the same mistake.

 You've got three healthy wide receivers on scholarship this spring. How tough will that be? it’s going to be tuf but you’ve got to expect the nonscholarship receivers to step up and make plays. I expect the same from schlarship  and non scholarship [players].

What did you envision when you transferred? I envisioned the team from the old [past], how excited they were to be on the field with each other and the passion they had for the game and to be able to go out and win every game and expect to win every game.

 How excited are you for this opportunity? This is a chance to show my abilities, to show I came here for a reason, that I wasn’t just nobody who was given a scholarship, that I can prove myself on the field to my teammates. They haven’t really seen me play yet so I ‘ve got to to prove myself that I’m worthy to be on the field with them.

How was it that you ended up here? Coming out of high school I wasn’t very highly recruited because I played at a smaller school for my first three years and I transferred to Miramar High School for my senior year and ended up winning the state champ and I got a few offers off that. I ended up going to Memphis for a year and started as a true freshman and after the season they decided they wanted to go a different path with the offense, that I didn’t feel best suited me and I told the coach I’d rather leave than try to fit into something that I didn’t feel I would fit into.

 And my high school coach got in contact with  some schools after I told him I wanted to transfer and ultimately it came down to between here and Arkansas and I chose to come back home to the school I wanted to go to. They wanted to go to more of a spread oriented with a duel type quarterback, and I’m more of pocket passer and I’m not going to run zone reads and stuff like that.  


P.S. Just got back from the UM-Gators baseball game. UM lost 7-5.

Going to sleep, then waking up at 6:15 to get to Greentree Field bright and early for practice (then, back to Mark Light Field for the baseball game at night). Talk to you all tomorrow




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That’s 9 (NINE!) in a row and 12 outta 13 … Maybe instead of waiting til the 9th. inning to put on Ur stUpid rally caps the last 9 games, U dopes might wanna try wearing Ur Hats backwards to start the game today…

Gator pitching…13 K’s … Gator Bats … 15 hits

U lose yet again … More of the same Today and Sunday.

Jesus, when was the last time U beat the Mighty Gators in anything ?

Wake me when the Gatr trash can win in the CWS. Paper champions.

Just like football. Recruiting champs. Regular season chumps. The loser's formula.

Wow our transfer qb talks about jokecorey being his mentor. Ouch. As the top gun line said " God help us" The best and only way to think of that is to flush the toilet.


I have HIGH hopes for Williams....he's got all the attributes.
Lets go Canes! Beat those stinking Gayturds!!!

the Noles are going to crush,any quarterback the so called U,put on the field,by the Utah hes been calling itself the U,for over 60yrs,GO Noles

My prediction.
Back issue or no back issue Ryan states over moris

Williams seems like a calm cool collected kid. I like that in a QB. LETS DO THIS!!!!


Eudo I'm in the green tree parking garage waiting for you in my mom's station

Today's cane headlines:

1 - Baseball loses to the Gators again. The Gator dominance lives on.

2 - Basketball gets ready for the NIT by playing BC, will probably lose again.

3 - The best cane team, Ladies Basketball loses to an underdog.

4 - The next great cane QB, the transfer from that great football power (Memphis) reveals that Joke-ory Harris is his mentor and that he has "learned a lot from" Joke-ory.
Given that Williams threw as many TDs as INTs while playing against top defenses at Memphis, and that he has learned a lot from Joke-ory, all the ACC DBs are licking their chops.

Williams did fine at Memphis 2000 yard, 13 TD's 10 INT's, not bad for a true freshman, and better than Brantley last year. Oh and Moron ACC sucks, here are Jacory's stats,2500 yard, 20 TD's, 9 INT's, 65%. Let's see what Brantley did, 2000 yards, 11 TD's, 7 INT's, 60%. Who would you rather have for a mentor. Quite being a moron.

read Jacory s tweets this week. He and streeter were making fun of the season last year. good mentor that jerk

I don't think J12 is a bad mentor to have, i mean look at the season last year and look how he SURVIVED the incompetent Nix, coming from a spread O at NW, injuries, and a plethora of head coaches, yea, he's OK as a mentor, and if U listen to people who've never been under center before, then I got a bridge in crooklyn that I'd like to sell U, J12 flat-out had a good year last year so plz be quiet

And then there's the nutjob who said TB doesn't have the physicality, etc. Does Desean Jackson have it? Does Wes Welker have it? OK, so TB gave some throws away, but he's got what every NFL team wants.....It's called he can SCORE....

Wait: I got another: Another nutjob said Streeter can't run routes....Are U kidding me?

He and Aldarius and J12 dominated at NW and, again, did anybody see Streetr last year.....geeeeeez

actually utah call themselves the utes right- not the u

Who cares what Streeter, Aldarius and Jacory did at NorthWesten - I was really good in pop warner as well, but those days are over and competition continues to get better at higher levels. WE ALL SEE WHAT THEY DID AT THE U- Not all that much to be honest.

Post some of those tweets. Jokecorey was a cancer and is now gone, good riddance, and we can only hope his stink is gone too.

So Joke-ory had a good senior season............ maybe if you compare it to the first 3 years, but really not really. Or your expectations have sunk so low fools?
Joke-ory had a terrible career at the U this is a fact, unless you are a dope.
Williams looking up to Joke-ory is not good.
13 TDs and 10 INTs playing against cupcakes @ Memphis is not good.
But go ahead and enjoy the Spring and all your football girls in shorts running around, I'm sure they all look real good now. Wait until the fall and U will cry again: "wait til next year".

cool cat is a racist... well you know what I mean.

Jacorry Harris apologist.

Jacorry Harris and Tommy Streeter both s--cked for 4 years. Get over your racist self why dont you. Its the 21st century!

Bottom line is he s---ked and yeah, he'll be a good mentor on:

1) how not to learn how to read defenses
2) how not to be able to look off safeties
3) how to hold on to the ball too long
4) how to throw unbleieveable interceptions (by the way Vinnie Testaverde is tied with him on this)

5) how to lose a game
6) how not to be able to get 1 yard to beat Kansas St at home.

You are still mentioning how good they were in high school? Are you serious? Bottom line cool cat, get over yourself. Jacorry Harris will not. Listen close. Will not. Ever. ever ever. ever. Start in the NFL. ever. Will he make a roster? Maybe. I say 1% chance that he does.

What team would take him after that BC debacle? After he went 0-3 in bowls? After he whined about racist fans? What team would take him? Maybe the arena league soi he can throw blooopers to TO.

What do we expect Ryan Williams to say about J. Harris? He was a newbie and Harris was a senior. Ok, the senior threw 4 Ints in his last home game against BC. But, any inexperienced kid will try to respect and learn from older players. It's natural and classy.

Troubling Tweets from Harris and Streeter. They are part of the failed Northwestern experiment, and were less than motivated TEAM players. Me-first types. Good riddance to them and the others who left early. Notice how many commented about their bonds with their teamates or coaches? Zero.

Time for a new attitude at UM and Coach Golden will make it happen in time. In the interim, best of luck to Ryan. I hope he is a great QB and positive leader who feels part of something larger than himself.

Dbc. He could have said he learned alot, like how not to do it, not mention the mentor thing. Mentor is supposedly good, and there is not much good about jonecorey

We are in the process of "Turning the Page" in our Football Program. I appreciate the effort all departing Canes gave, but they in most cases did not fit the "Golden Way". If we want to examine what that looks like and what to expect, I believe the answer lies in his recruits from last year and those coming in. The effort, attitude, and maturity demonstrated last year as a freshman, by Anthony Chickolo, speaks volumes. I also believe intelligence and related decision making will begin to become he norm in players he is bring in (think Ken Dorsey types). Not the necessarily 5 star, but very smart, rarely making mistakes, and certainly good enough to win. JMHO...Go Canes!


We have a QB that couldn't beat out PUNT-ARM Harris and a MEMPHIS reject. Who are THEY going to throw to? Hurns IS SLOW and Dorsett has STONE HANDS with STIFF HIPS. TEAMS are going to put 8 in-the-box and DESTROY us.....they really WILL.

I keep hearing my FELLOW CANES say-
Oh, Clements runs so HARD.
Oh, Clements runs so HARD.
Oh, Clements runs so HARD.
Oh, Clements runs so HARD.

Here's a breakdown of our "STRONG RUNNER"---

Maryland- 0 carries
OSU- 0 carries
KSU- 0 carries
VT- 0 carries
NC- 0 carries
GT- 0 carries
Virginia- 0 carries
DUKE- 5/30 yds
FSU- 2/7 yds
USF- 3/5 yds
BC- 0 carries

So against BETHUNE-COOKMAN- and DUKE-he had a combined 9/67 yds.
All other teams he had a combined 6/16 YARDS!


My 2012 PREDICTION= 3-9
NCAA PREDICTION= 3 year bowl ban and 40 lost scholarships.

I have good sources, OK?

Seantrel Henderson and two other dopes suspended. Yeah, Golden's done a great job cleaning things up. Overrated savior. Fire the Tie.

I can't believe the Jacory hate from so called Miami fans. Fact he wasn't the QB everyone expect when he enrolled out of NW. But he was a good kid didn't get arrested, went to class,. It's not his fault that he was the the best QB on the roster, and he wasn't what to so called fans wanted. Many of you were great rec players, any of you play HS or college ball. Yeah that's what I thought a bunch of do nothings being critical of someone who achieved a lot more than what you ever did. Makes me sick.

Yeah idiot ACC, those stats for Williams were as a true freshman. What have you ever achieved, please let me know moron.


True enough, but I think the kid has some class and wouldn't throw negativity into the interview. To his credit.

Agree that Jacory was a good guy and did some good things for UM. Like all of us, I wish he could have been a consistent winner.

The Canes need more consistency and reliability at the QB position. I hope someone steps up and produces on a consistent basis.

Michael jokecorey was worse than a joke a nightmare. I supported jokecorey over marve and then jokecoreys father pulled the power play. In retrospect marve was probably better than jokecoreys

Dbc that post should have stopped with him learning something. The part in commas was my editorial comment.
We should be glad the joke is gone and may we have a true qb competition this years. Last year was all in jokecoreys favor.

So Seantrel and 2 others suspended for the weekend. I don't think Golden will tolerate "me before the team" and the University. Painful to watch, but the right approach.

Itcdolphin, I get your point and can't disagree with it. Hopefully, things will continue to improve. What else can you do?

Oh, NO!

My INCREDIBLE, CREDIBLE sources has been telling me that RYAN has a WEAKER arm than PUNT-ARM Harris, but I didn't want to believe them....


PUNTROOSKI PART II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ4Xp5lCWkg

A 6 min. video with EVERY PASS that PUNTROOSKI threw, FLOATED IN THE AIR.

He didn't FIRE the BALL one time...he really didn't.


My SOURCES are good, OK.


ltcdolphin, you act like Jacory wanted to not succeed, or didn't play hard, or was a cancer in the locker. He was none of these. Do I, and did I want someone who performed better of course. But you don't put a kid down because he didn't perform, if he was a leader on the team, and by all accounts he was. If he went to class and by all accounts he did. If he didn't get into trouble, and he didn't. He did have the skill you wanted or I wanted, although he had a pretty good senior year, you congratulated him for the good things he did that were in his control. I can tell you never play any kind of sport at a high level. You have the little league mentality. BTW I did, that's why I know and you don't.

Good riddens to the NWCrew, minus Spence who actually left everything on the field. He's the one and only that came here and broke his back for us. Everyone else wanted a NFL pay day. This "me first" mentality destroys a football team on any level.

Golden's mentality and structure will get everything straight. It takes time to rebuild a team and thats exactly what was needed here from the ground up.


All I know is that there are tons of people with no lives. If you life consist around a new paper's website comment section on another in-state university then that is down right pathetic. I think all Florida and Florida State fan's have no right to speak when it comes down to football. Yes Miami hasn't been spectacular but at least they haven't had 34+/- arrest? Also look who UF beat least year? Then I thought the noles where gonna dominate the ACC Atlanic division and that blew up in there face when Clemson hired Chad Morris. For how much talent comes out of this Rich state as of lately it hasn't panned out Since the Tebow era. I am a Miami fan and a realist and I believe FSU will be the first to do anything on a national scale, out of the 3 major Florida Schools. I also think Florida made a great Hire with BSU coordinator. I also believe Miami will come into it's own. It may not win Championships but you will see them start to average out 8,9, and 10 win seasons. So in all of that rambling above go ahead and bash Miami because your currently the laughing stock behind SC,and Georgia and two years running you been getting curbed stomped by FSU. I can't say much negative things about FSU but at the same time I can't say much positive. All I can say is that they should expect more out of there coach and players for how great there recruiting classes have been over the past couple of years. Maybe beating 2 FCS teams this year will build there confidence.

The only number Gator fans should keep up with these days is the number of INMATES their teams have at the Alachua County Detention Center!

Win it all in Baseball before you come dissing on the Canes and what only three, national chumps in football and NONE of them undefeated? The U with FIVE and THREE undefeated ones, match that then come with all your garbage.

Isn't it time for bed check at the Detention Center yet? I guess they allow extra hours in the computer room at the center on weekends!

@Dannyboycane...really? 40 Schollies and 3 years Probation? Really? Dream on in the raging dumpster fire with your Momma/Sister/Cousin!!

And who is the Turds UNPROVEN QB THIS SEASON?...crickets


#1 GATOR BASEBALL?? to that idiot who posted first on this blog, 4 national championships vs. 0 for the florida gators, you gotta earn your trashtalkin you stupid uneducated prick!!!

Grow up Michael. It was plain from his 2nd year on jokecorey was out for himself only. If he was not that, then he was the dumbest football player to have ever water a U uniform.
As to your childish insults I'll take leading 6k men in uniform over your supposed sports experience anytime.

Do you know what is striking about all these posts.
Dannyboycane13 is trying to convince us of his SOURCES when he has none and is full of drivel.
MontanaCane makes good coherent sense.
Canetilidie is spot on.
Carol City Cane you said it very well.
dbc perfect.
Bottom line is, Coach Golden can only work with those athletes willing to work with all the Coaches and have a sense of loyalty to the 'U', study and the playbook.
This is not a "me" mentality but rather an "us" against the world. Give Williams credit for working hard and trying to excel. That is the only way for Coach G.
Vinny, Ed, Lewis,Irvin...our Legacy..these guys are watching our program..and to a man know that it is on it's way back.
I will wager that dannyboycane13 won't be around when the Canes start winning.
Go 'Canes

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