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NCAA hits UNC football with probation, scholarship losses, post-season ban -- UM Canes still await day of reckoning

After a 16-month investigation, the NCAA announced its sanctions regarding the UNC football program. The Tar Heels had imposed their own sanctions, including vacating all 16 of its 2008 and 2009 football victories, a nine-scholarship reduction over the next three academic years, a $50,000 fine and two years probation.

But note that UNC did NOT self-impose a bowl ban, as the Miami Hurricanes did this past November (the only self-imposed step the Canes have taken thus far in the Nevin Shapiro case), and the NCAA obviously didn't agree with UNC's decision on that.

The NCAA Comittee on Infractions hit UNC with

* Three years' probation from March 12, 2012 through March 11, 2015

* A reduction of 15 scholarships over those three years

* Postseason ban for the 2012 football season.

* A three-year show-cause penalty for former assistant coach John Blake, who, "while employed by the university,'' according to the NCAA statement, "was compensated by a sports agent [now deceased Gary Wichard] for the access he provided to student-athletes and failed to disclose the income to the university." Blake, who was forced to resign from UNC after the scandal broke, will not be allowed to do any recruiting-related duties. Thus, he is expected to remain out of coaching for at least the three years.   

The NCAA said Blake "was also cited for a failure to cooperate and [for] unethical conduct. According to the Division I Committee on Infractions, not only did he refuse to provide information relevant to the investigation, but he also furnished false and misleading information. At the hearing, in a reverasal of his previous refusal to provide information, the former assistant coach expressed a willingness to provide the pertinent records. However, he did not provide the documents for more than three months following the hearing, resulting in a significant delay in bringing this case to conclusion.''

 Some more interesting info on the case from the NCAA findings:

 * "The academic fraud violations stemmed from the former tutor [Jennifer Wiley] constructing significant parts of writing assignments for three football student-athletes... and also provided $4,000 in impermissible benefits, including airfare and paying for outstanding parking tickets, to 11 football student-athletes after she graduated and was no longer a university employee. The tutor also refused to cooperate with the investigation.''

* "This case also included the provision of thousands of dollars in impermissible benefits to multiple student-athletes.'' The NCAA found that seven football players "accepted more than $27,500 in benefits from various individuals, some of whom triggered NCAA agent rules. These impermissible benefits included cash, flights, meals, lodging, athletic training, admission to clubs and jewelry, among others. Whle the value of the benefits the student-athletes varied, one student-athlete received more than $13,500 cash and gifts.''

UNC, by the way, will not appeal the penalties.

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp called those penalties "more severe than we expected.''

Former UNC football coach (and former UM football coach) Butch Davis, who now is a defensive assistant in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was not cited for any violations in the NCAA report. Davis was fired by Thorp just before fall training camp began last season.

Here's the statement by Davis, that was released Monday, and ran in the Charlotte Observer:

"As was stated by the Chancellor this summer, and has been noted in this report, I was not named in any of these allegations. I cooperated fully with the proper entities throughout this entire investigation. I felt that my staff and I implemented many practices into the program to try to prevent these types of issues. Indeed, the NCAA report stated that 'there was no indication during the joint investigation that student-athletes are not well-educated on regulations concerning agents, extra benefits, and preferential treatment.'

"I am truly saddened this matter has affected so many innocent people. i wish UNC the very best.''

 UNC finished 7-6 last season (losing to Miami 30-24).

Telling quote by NCAA: "This case should serve as a cautionary tale to all institutions to vigilantly monitor the activities of those student-athletes who possess the potential to be top professional prospects. It should also serve to warn student-athletes that if they choose to accept benefits from agents or their associates, they risk losing their eligibility for collegiate competition.''


I think this is a pretty severe penalty, though, yes it is only the 15 scholarships over the three years (five per year) -- including UNC's nine scholarship losses already self-imposed (Aside: thanks Ken, and have a great day!).

In the mid 1990s, in UM's big NCAA pell-grant case, UM self-imposed seven scholarships and lost an additional 24 through NCAA sanctions, for a total of 31 over three seasons.

Also, please note should UNC qualify for winning the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference this coming season, it is banned from playing for the ACC title.

Is UM next? I heard a couple weeks ago that UM's case was still not close to being decided. But with this one over, it could begin to move faster.

UM, understandably, declined to comment on the NCAA's ruling of the UNC case.

UM should hear its fate, for sure, before the end of the 2012 football season -- and possibly before the season begins. Can you imagine if UM were to strike gold and win the Coastal and qualify for its first ACC title, only to be banned from playing in the championship? 

UM's self-imposed bowl ban was definitely a good idea. If the NCAA can prove more of Shapiro's allegations, and obviously some have been proven because of previous football and basketball suspensions, no doubt UM will be losing scholarships. (Will find out more about the status of currently suspended hoopster Durand Scott later; the timing of the last two UM hoopsters' suspensions, just hours before playing FSU, can't help but conjur head-shaking and all kinds of curious thoughts)

I just think it's strange that former UM coaches implicated by Shapiro in this case are seemingly flying high with their respective football and basketball teams. Let's see what happens when this all shakes out.



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The total benifits for J12 and company were less then $10,000....we co-operated....self imposed a bowl ban. The acusations against us are far more then that....but...have they actually been able to prove them other then Shapiro's allegations.

The reason USC got hammered and Ohio St. and UNC received minimal sanctions is because USC refused to cooperate in the investigation. The fact that Miami is cooperating will help significantly reduce the sanctions. I think Miami will receive more sanctions than UNC, but not that much more.

I am not too worried. We self imposed a bowl ban so we are in the clear and possibly on track to win it all next year.

I agree with you SunnyDee. UM has been extremely cooperative, which should help in the big picture.

Football players should be paid somehow. This is why the NCAA is looking to allow $2,000 per player stipend on top of the full scholarship.

i love the u

It doesn't seem like the length of the investigation is taken into account in the punishment.

This has been what, three years? Three seasons of UNC's rivals being able to roast them in recruiting?

It's totally unfair that the NCAA is allowed to investigate schools as long as they want to with no kind of timeline and no mitigation in scholarship reduction.

Manny and Susan ...

Where is the Miami Makes The N.I.T. Blog ?

It's time to pUmp it Up how playing at home in front of 2k fans and making a deep run and possibly making it to New York will be so nice because all the players and coaches that are from there can have family reUnions (without Nevin and assistant coaches paying for family to travel) like Coach L-Kane from Poltergeist said...

That and how Winning the N.ot I.vited T.ourney will be a sprinboard to an ACC 'Ship, #1 Seed, and sUre Final 4 appearance next year !!!

It's a Cane Thang and U'll BE BACK NEXT YEAR !!! riiiieeeet ?


FINALLY A New Blog ... And it's about ... U.N.C. !!!

Nobody at Ur Home Town Paper even bothers to write aboUt U... Not one story, blurb or even a mention of U being in the N.ot I.nvited T.ourney ...

Why ? BecaUse NO ONE cares about an Irrelevant team in an insignificant Tourney...

TrUly a U Thang ...

Hopefully the NCAA will ban the "TROLL", Donna Shalalya from the UM campus. She is the Pres. and she should be held accountable!

The 'U Cheat' investigation has tentacles reaching far and wide. After 10 + years of cheating one guy squeels and anyone associated with those programs are fired....hmmm....dead men tell no tales huh? Problem is, they aint dead. If this was such an open and shut case; don't you think it'd be closed by now? We're at 18 months and counting!

18 months and counting? You are clearly misinformed.

I mentioned it on the other blog. I think we will take our medicine but I worry about transfers.

I do feel some scholarships will be withheld by the NCAA against Miami.A lot of Shapiro s accussations were overblown but of course some were not.Guess since the Coaches have told all they know.....like the line coach at Louisville....Cint Hurtt....then the NCAA must shield them from prosecu///er I mean.....persecution...and they can resume their coaching...without penalty.Unfair to the kids they mislead and gave a poor example to as adults though.How else can Hurtt keep coaching up there and no one reads a thing about his large part in his dealings with that scumbag..Shapiro?????Unbelievable....and I can t wait till it s all said and done how Hurtt and that Basketball asst coach and Coach Haith are going to have explained their part in all of this.

U Cheat your post has earmarks of misinformation all over it.
Tentacles reach only as far as the investigators have PROOF of any acts deemed not in the interest of NCAA rules and regs.
10+ years of cheating has no substation of that so you are fising with no bait.
hmmm. dead men.. not dead you are in fantasy land..go back to your comic book.
How can an open and shut case be closed before a hearing and thorough investigation.
What validity do you have that this case has been invesitgated and being processed for 18 months?.
You are delusional.

The 'U' will have some sanctions.. they will be minimal because of complete co-operation and self imposed bowl bans, and let us not forget players sitting out last years games for accepting meals etc.
All this will be considered and I think a lot of programs will be watching and taking lessons from Miami on how to handle their problems(believe me there are a bunch)...
The Majority of players and Coaches accused are not in Miami and that will also be considered in the question of why should these players suffer for the indiscretions of a Liar,Embezzler, and thief..
Miami has a strong case for much less sanctions than you could imagine.
Go 'Canes

Posted by: UGoCanes2

Reggie Bush left USC in 2006 and USC still got sanctioned years later. We are screwed.

Considering that what happened at UM was infinitely worse than what happened in Chapel Hill - abortions?? really?? - and considering that this was involving more than one sport, I'm hopeful that UM will finally get what they've been asking for for the past quarter-century -- a departmental death penalty. No sports. Period. Ever. Permanent. Donezo. Basta. Finito. Finished. "University" of Miami and your "fans" -- prepare your anuses! Dis gon be good!

A death penalty would mean they suspend their football team for two seasons.

Not all sports.

Not forever.

What's the quote around 'University' of Miami supposed to imply BTW?

Soup TheCon can you please type in English. I could not understand half of what you were saying.

K-man you have to ask Soup. He!s the one that makes up this "insider" fiction

Thanks SouptheCon

Soup, what the heck are you writing. English please.

"University" implies that it is not actually an institute of higher learning. They're an academic fraud. Don't give me what Shalala has done. Smoke and mirrors. Dog and pony show. The whole place should have been shut down 20 years ago when they defrauded the federal government with their Pell Grant scam. Suntan U, always and forever. I've yet to meet a credit to society that came from that cesspool.

Go here k-man http://canespace.typepad.com/canespace/2012/03/time-for-the-fhsaa-to-step-in.html#comments and ask him yourself

Skreetz is just a fictional character made up by Soup to try and con his readers and generate traffic to his site. His "inside" information is just general knowledge and tidbits from other sites, which Soup puts into fake "street" talk to try to give it an air of authenticity.

Notice that if he had real information, he would have broken this story. Instead, once it's general knowledge about the high school coaches, he comes out with this lame attempt to provide "inside" information.

It's sad and pathetic and even on his own site, there are only maybe four of his regulars that actually fall for it. The rest if them, like CGNC, are too smart to believe it.

Haha, 'Suntan U'.

And you tell us to stop living in the past!

Your opinion isn't close enough to reality to refute.

Can I just ask why you care if a gentleman with the 100% real name of 'Soup' pretends to be a gentleman with an obviously faked name of 'Skreetz'?

What's it to you? If it's insulting to your intelligence then don't subject yourself to it.

The Moral Voice is totally immoral in Sanctimonious Nonsense.
You quote the lies and innuendo of a Convicted Ponzi Schemer and throw them out there as FACT.

You are IMMORAL for pushing lies around without foundation.
Your school whoever it is should be carefull.
You are swimming in a cesspool of morality but someone is going to pull the plug, and the 'Canes will be playing and winning so hate and spout...in the end you are the looser.
Fraud, smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show..on and on you sound like a Circus Clown. Wrap your Moral hands aroung yourself and give yourself a hug.
The Canes will be back whether you like it or NOT.
Go 'Canes

The abortion thing is an allegation. Gator losers still brining that up? Whohas proven that the so called abortion thing was true? In fcat many things have been disproven as pure overblown exaggerations.

And I ma not surethe UNC thing was much worse than Miami. Count the proven $ that was exchanged- less than Miami players took. And will the NCAA actually take hearsay from people as proof and indelible proof? Dont think so. There has to be hard proof like receipts, etc. And the NCAA is getting info from Shapiro and his little b-tch lawyer. Wow. Thats solid proof. right?

Dream on. Gators dream on.

Actually it shows how scrred you all are about playing MIami in 2013. Wishing all of these bad things on Miami. Casuse you are scred litle puppies/

The UM coaches, especially Hurt, will be severely punished. Hurt will be out of college coaching for at least 3 years. Something tells me the NCAA is upset that past UM players will not talk to them. To show their unfair disdain, they pulled the stunt on D. Scott. The NCAA's job is to make their judgment on the information they have collected in their investigation, not on things that might have happened in the past. You hope for objectivity from this bunch, but don't count on it. I feel UM will lose another bowl game and around 8-10 schollies a year for 3 years. I say this because the NCAA has no real credibility. If you think they do, why would they let the O. State players play in the Fiesta Bowl after knowing they accepted $$, and suspend them beginning the next season. They lost whatever credibility they might have still had when they made that decision.

Gator fans casting judgement on UM should look at Charlie Pell and Galen Halls violations from 79'-89. A decade of cheating and the Pouncy-Tebow scandals in recent years.

Soup the Con

Why do you always come on here and worry what that man does? Tom is a pretty nice guy I met him and he is all about the Canes. He does not get paid for his site and he gives away shirts and even tickets to UM Games so why do you always want to hate on him? Think for a second a true insider could not pubically say who he is or else he would lose his access to the program. There are not many secrets in college sports, this is not UFO Propulsion here, So of course the insider tells us stuff we already know, but it is just normally more detailed and gives insight from an inside angle not a fan angle.

Haters hate. It is all they have in their little world.
I will be happy when the NCAA gets through investigating and gives us the penalties so the University can move on.

No matter how you spin this, its not good for the U. By the way Susan stay objective please. The U is not winning the Coastal this year or anytime soon. Proposing such such makes you look like a complete homer, for a sports writer that isn't good.

Hassan - that 'Skreetz' name is very obviously someone's alter ego, he's never posted any 'inside information' that wasn't on Canesport's subscription site a half an hour earlier.

But that still doesn't answer my question - why does this guy care that someone is fooling people on the internet? Why does it matter to him?

Talk to Skreetz and homie said the ncaa was at Shalala's office breaking done the penalties including repossessing her Cadillac Station Wagon.

Listen, the truth of the matter is that we're all just fans and no one gives a sh*t what we think.

There is no harm in anyone convincing anyone of anything about UM football on the internet.

Obviously you have some kind of relationship with the regulars on the other blog and you're frustrated that they can't tell that one of the regulars is using a fake name HARMLESSLY if not weirdly and douchely.

Get over it man, no one cares and it doesn't matter. Let him have his fun, let them keep thinking they're getting 'inside information' about what Al Golden is saying to recruits that don't exist and will never be heard from again.

It is harmless.

* harmlessly IF weirdly and douchely - you know what I mean.

The post name says it all!!!

Haha, 'Suntan U'.

And you tell us to stop living in the past!

Posted by: Nothing moral about college sports. | March 13, 2012 at 03:57 PM

What ? The Sun stop shinning in the Gables ?

And when did Mr n Mrs. NorthEast MashUganas stop pinning a 250K check to their lil bUbby's lapels with a note saying, "Thank you for babysitting my Vilde Chaya the next 4 years ... Just send the Diploma to me."

Is bUrger King giving away Free Valpo N.I.T. Tickets with the purchase of a 99 cent menU item yet ?

*************************** A Cane Thang ***************************

THIS jUst IN !!!

If U order a FREE Water... Use the water foUntain, bathroom or just come in out of the rain...

bUrger King will give U a free ticket to dUh Miami -vs- Valparsio N.I.T. Classic N.ot I.nvited T.oUrney !!!

Come on Cane Fans !!! Lets FILL the Top 10 Rows all the bUc !!!

************************** CANE THANG BABY !!! **************************

UNC failed to cooperate with part of the investigation. Academic cheating was involved. Registered sports agents were involves. None of this occured at UM. Some parties and dinners thats it. Hurttt and Pannunzio will get show cause. We may lose scholarships max 5 for 3 years. .Probably less. Doubt any more bowl ban.
All the haters will be disappointed. Golden has got the U storming back. Its just a matter of time before UM is tops in the state again.
Charles Robinson will get sued for defaming people without adequate sources.Shapiro and his attorney will stand trial for extortion. Printing that he paid a hooker for an abortion based on Shapiros word was yellow journalism at its worst. Even worse is that Susan Degnan shilled for the guy against her home town team.

We need to build a stadium at Tropical Park during our sanctions.



Steve B players got suspended in two sports. lack of institutional control and we are a repeat offender we in trouble

You really that desperate to get someone to talk to you?


F.S.U. - 2


Moral Voice,

You commented that "...I've yet to meet a credit to society that came from that cesspool. ..." One can then assume that you have been living under a rock somewhere or maybe living in a trailer somewhere in the "Swamp".

Let's start with politics:

Mercedes Aráoz Peru's Minister of Economy and Finance

Pat Cannonforme r member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Paul L. Cejas former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.

Randy Christmas former Mayor of Miami.

Sue M. Cobb former Florida Secretary of State and former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica

Alex Diaz de la Portilla current member of the Florida Senate

Manny Diaz former Mayor of Miami

Dante Fascell former member of the U.S. House of Representatives

Maurice Ferre former Mayor of Miami

Sandra Freedman former Mayor of Tampa

Sally A. Heyman current county commissioner for Miami-Dade County.
Robert King High former Mayor of Miami.
Patricia Ireland former president of the National Organization for Women.
Daryl Jones former member of the Florida Senate and former nominee for lieutenant governor of Florida.
David T. Kennedy former Mayor of Miami.
Dexter Lehtinen former member of the Florida Senate.
Bob McEwen former member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Joe Moakley former member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Richard C. Nowakowski former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Alex Penelas former Mayor of Miami-Dade County.
Tom Rooney current member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen current member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Marco Rubio current member of the U.S. Senate.
Burt Saunders current member of the Florida Senate.
Porfirio Lobo Sosa current President of Honduras.
Bernard Siegel founder and executive director of the Genetics Policy Institute.
Alex Villalobos current member of the Florida Senate.
Frederica Wilson current member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Then Business

Alumni Notability
Will Allen urban farmer and 2008 recipient of MacArthur Foundation's "Genius Award"

Ralph Alvarez former president and COO of the McDonald's Corporation

Micky Arison CEO of Carnival Corporation and owner of the Miami Heat (attended but did not graduate)

Lyor Cohen CEO of U.S. Recorded Music Divisions at Warner Music Group

John W. Creighton, Jr. president and CEO of Weyerhaeuser Company

Pedro Fabregas senior vice president for American Eagle Airlines and president and CEO of Executive Airlines

James J. Greco CEO and President of Sbarro

Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg former CEO of American International Group

Michael Johns health care executive and former White House speechwriter

David Komansky former CEO of Merrill Lynch

Rohan Marley owner of Tuff Gong clothing line and son of late reggae musician Bob Marley

Drew Rosenhaus professional sports agent

Martin Zweig investment advisor and author of Winning on Wall Street.

Gators-Seminoles baseball.

When was the last time anyone anywhere watched college baseball?

What is wrong with you?

What I don't understand is....why hasn't the "stripper" who had the abortion come forward yet? Do you know how much publicity and possible money she would make on went down. I'll tell you why....because she does not exist....thats why.

Although some infractions may have happened under the watch of former Canes coaches, and we the U should be punished why not lok at taking some people down as well. The U can look at taking legal action towards the people who have been targeted by this investigation and make an example of these people.

If I was legal representation of the U and the U was punished by the NCAA for past transgressions of former employees I would make legal precedent of making these former employees pay. I think it could work, and make people in the future to think twice about doing something illegal to ruin one of the best programs in the country.

At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, the No.2 seed Hurricanes (19-12) face No. 7 Horizon League regular-season champion Valparaiso (22-11) at the BankUnited Center in the opening round of the National Invitation Tournament.

here or to go ?

If I was legal representation of the U and the U was punished by the NCAA for past transgressions of former employees I would make legal precedent of making these former employees pay. I think it could work, and make people in the future to think twice about doing something illegal to ruin one of the best programs in the country.

Posted by: Drewsapher | March 14, 2012 at 01:40 AM

it's, "If I were..." not, "If I wUz..."

U wUz once Upon a time thoUgh...

#1 gator baseball:

LOL. Print this and tack it up on your bulletin board, or fridge in your trailer, because come summertiome, you'll see how badly, the turds CHOKE. Again. repeat. again.

Overhyped again. Will choke when it matters. Again.

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