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New UM Canes depth chart released day before Fort Myers scrimmage

UM Coach Al Golden released his newest depth chart Thursday, a day before the Friday-night scrimmage in Fort Myers. Some of the changes you already know about. For example: Jermaine Johnson at left guard on the offensive line, and understandably, with Allen Hurns still recuperating from shoulder injury and Rashawn Scott having an outstanding first scrimmage, Scott is at first team wide receiver -- opposite Phillip Dorsett (Kendal Thompkins is behind Dorsett).

One notable change: A.J. Highsmith is now first-team strong safety, ahead of Vaughn Telemaque and Andrew Swasey. Highsmith has really paid his dues on this team, and has definitely been a team player. Happy for him, although you have to wonder about Vaughn. He's a senior with lots of experience, and was expected to take charge and lead the way.

On defense, Shayon Green is ahead of Anthony Chickillo at end, but only because Chickillo injured his back. Chickillo, as I tweeted a couple days ago, is a beast. I said if he were any tougher, he'd be made of steel. The guy is a winner. Was told he could be out for the spring, or at least for most of it, and now he'll be competing in the scrimmage tomorrow. Just hope he's healed enough to take the contact. UM needs a healthy Chickillo in the fall.

Usual outside linebacker Kelvin Cain is opposite Green at defensive end. Barry Jackson was at today's availability with Golden. He said Golden said that if UM strictly ran a 3-4 defense, Cain would be the outside linebacker. This way he can shift from one to the other, if need be. Golden said Cain is up to 230 pounds, and will get bigger.

Sophomore Denzel Perryman is now a first-team middle linebacker,with Jimmy Gaines and Tyrone Cornileus on either side. "Perryman is our most explosive tackler,'' Golden said today.

FB Maurice Hagens (groin) will miss tomorrow's scrimmage.

See you guys tomorrow night at the scrimmage!

Newest Depth Chart released March 29th, 2012:



First team: Ryan Williams

Second team: Gray Crow

Third team: Preston Dewey


First team: Mike James

Second team: Eduardo Clements

Third team: Dallas Crawford


First team: C. Holton

Second team: Mike James


First team: Rashawn Scott

Second team: Allen Hurns


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Kendal Thompkins


First team: Asante Cleveland

Second team: Clive Walford


First team: Malcolm Bunche

Second team: Ereck Flowers


First team: Jermaine Johnson

Second team: Jeremy Lewis


First team: Shane McDermott

Second team: Jared Wheeler


First team: Brandon Linder

Second team: Ben Jones


First team: Seantrel Henderson

Second team: Taylor Gadbois



First team: Shayon Green

Second team: Anthony Chickillo


First team: Darius Smith

Second team: Jalen Grimble


First team: Curtis Porter

Second team: Luther Robinson

Third team: Olsen Pierre


First team: Kelvin Cain

Second team: Dwayne Hoilett


First team: Jimmy Gaines

Second team: Eddie Johnson


First team: Denzel Perryman

Second team: Raphael Kirby


First team: Tyrone Cornileus

Second team: Gionni Paul


First team: Ladarius Gunter

Second team: Larry Hope


First team: Ray-Ray Armstrong

Second team: Kacy Rodgers


First team: A.J. Highsmith

Second team: Vaughn Telemaque

Third team: Andrew Swasey


First team: Brandon McGee

Second team: Thomas Finnie



First team: Jake Wieclaw

Second team: Matt Goudis


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Jake Wieclaw


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Ricardo Williams












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Not a bad lineup. Most impressed with AJ Highsmith taking the starting spot. Kid paid his dues alright. Considering he's a QB converted into a SS. The QB situation is correct. Williams showed the most composure and Crow the most guts. Dewey simply had a bad day at the first scrimmage. I personally would love to see a foot race of the fastest guys on the team, endzone to endzone. Clements, Crawford, McGee, Dorsett, Thompkins, D.Johnson, and anyone else. Hell lets have a foot race of the big guys too. But up to the 50, lol. Don't wanna kill these guys. I'm sure the D.Smith will be demanding a diet coke after it's over, lol. I hope to see him and Porter tear up the opposing teams Oline. I'm also liking the LB lineup too. Perryman looked great in the scrimmage and Kirby got some licks in there too. Plus there's confirmation that Thurston Armbrister is being converted from SS to LB. He's 6'4" and 220lbs I believe. Coach says that he still has room to grow. If he puts on another 20-25lbs by the time he's a senior at 6'4" he'll be scary as hell. Can't wait for Hurns, Chickillo, Buchanan to get back on the field in the fall.


Oh and this is me not the gayturd posing as the one and only. I bleed green and orange if you smell what I'm cooking. That's a shout out to Miami's son, The Rock.


Thurston is 6'2 and 212 he came in at 189 lbs

Posted by: UGoCanes2 | March 28, 2012 at 12:09 PM

"""The More You Change..I have a questions for you...If the 'U' had played and converted on plays late in the games last year we would now be sitting with a 8-4 or even a 9-3 record...that is a given..."""


*** "If" huh? If ... If you didn't start a question sentence with "if" the answer you would seek wouldn't be Hypothetical... But Canes fans have wallowed in the Hypothetical these last 10 years... I deal in facts. U "were" 6-6.***


"""Considering that a large number of players were suspended from multiple games, if Miami was full teamed and working on continuity the record would be different."""

***We're back to "if" again... They were...U weren't. The 6-6 record is reality...***


"""As for your argument about kids taking benefits.. look at the pecadillos of the Gayturds who have the most arrests, and infractions of any team in Florida and many teams are doing similar in their booster programs."""


***Misdemeanor Arrests are not NCAA violations ... "many teams" ? ... Try to prove it without using the word "if" Dick Tracy***


"""You never know but the Gayturds might have a Shapiro lurking somehere so be careful how you espouse your Gayturd slant."""


***Now we are on to the word "might"... Florida's Athletics Compliance Department is regarded as the best of the best(do U even know what that is?). And it "is". Had 'lil lUke Shapiro threatened Florida's Compliance Officer like he did in the O.B. VIP Box, he'd of be picked up by two Police officers by the back of his wannabe #6 Jersey and dumped on the street... But scUm like him would have never made it into the Presidents Box in the first place. He'd of been weeded out in a second, Unlike Donna schmooozing with him and letting a "Players" lounge bear his name. "THE NEVIN SHAPIRO STUDENT LOUNGE". Do U even have the slightest idea at the lack of the simplest InstitUtional Control that represents? The NCAA does. ... Nevin and his doings are the pure definition of, "A Cane Thang."***


"""Miami will be back ... so watch out and stop worrying about our Canes."""


***Gee, when was that cry last Uttered by Cane fans? ... Not worried in the least... Pitty is a better word."""


"""We will do just fine, and we have a program, tradition, and guess what how many Gayturds are playing on Sunday?."""


***Ur Unyealding blind faith season after season after season after season these last 10 years is actually quite admirable... Sad, but admirable. It's what fans do best... And Ur evolving more and more into a hybrid Notre Dame Fan mentality by the year. U better start worrying more about Saturdays, winning Ur Division and then an ACC Championship... Ur past regimes, programs and "tradition" are Irrelevant. This is something that Irish fans are just beginning to comprehend after 30 + years.***


"""I am waiting."""


***U will have a loooonnng wait for what the NCAA has in store for U the next 10-12 months. U are now front and center on their microscope... And even loooooooonnnnnger after they are done... So enjoy Ur 6-6/7-5 Golden Years these next few seasons... U can't make Urselves face the severity and reality of it all, but steadfast delUded denial has always been a Cane fans greatest qUality...***



what other "ifs" "buts" "maybes" "mights" "woUldas" "coUldas" "shoUlda" qUestion do U have?

idiots- the alleged Luke Campbell payments in the 90s were not bounties. They were not for taking players out of a game. They were supposedly for ints, TDs, sacks, etc. This whole new thing is 100% different.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | March 29, 2012 at 06:44 AM

The mere fact that U would even respond with the words "alleged" and "supposedly" and think that all those confirmed payouts by Luke in the 90's and Nevin the last decade didn't include "Bounties" is the pUre Definition of in denial, delUsional, Blinder Wearing Naivety Cane Fan and makes U 100% stUpid... The NCAA won't be using a courtroom genUis. It's their sandbox and they just allow U to play in it. What the NFL did to the Saints will pale in comparison after they make an example oUt of U...

Jesus... No Bounties... Ur boy Vilma knows on both accounts. And that will just be the tip of the Iceberg of what the NCAA will hammer U with...

Que Pasa Arty ...

Any 6-1/230 O-Linemen Jersey Shore walkons show up yet ?

This isn't looking good for Telemaque. I don't know what "Goldy has against Telemaque, but I don't think he is the weak spot. True, Telemaque has questioned the DC and a lot of calls and everything else. But he should be on the field. A lot of the breakdowns last year were not the fault of VT. Highsmith at SS? Just seems odd, although Highsmith is a VERY versatile player.

My guess is that they're giving Ray Ray some kind of second chance, er more like fourth or fifth.

FYI: The jury came back a long time ago on the evaluation of the DC.

LB: Gaines gave up some big/crucial plays last year. I'm not sure if he was just out of position or what. He doesn't play scared, but he doesn't play the smartest either. Cain is impressive and can definitely go at LB or DE. He has to play more. Perry could end up anchoring the defense.

Offensively, that stupid QB shuffle last year still bothers me and we have yet to hear why the OC did it. It was flat-out disrespectful to both QB's and hurt chances at beating FSU.

It saddens me that we lost the great LM, when he left so did an average of about 150-plus, can we say all-purpose, yards a game.

Coach G Money permitted me a try out next week. untz untz untz....

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yet another reason, or reasons, why it is truly GREAT to be A FLORIDA GATOR !!!

Cane clUcks ... Key word below is ... ELITE.

The Sporting News TOP-10 Football and Basketball Schools ... where ar U ?



*** At the very least, Alabama snapped a four-year drought of the college football champion not appearing in the NCAA tournament.

That the Tide lost in the closing seconds to Creighton in their first game means little. The connection had been reestablished for the first time since Florida won the 2006 football national title, and the 2006-07 basketball championship.

With that in mind, here are the nation’s top 10 dual-sport schools, the best combination of elite football and basketball programs. This isn’t just a one-year ranking; it’s about the present and future of the two sports.

1. Florida

Football: It wasn’t that long ago that Florida was the nation’s elite program. Give Will Muschamp time to clean up the mess Urban Meyer left behind, and the Gators will again compete for national championships.

Basketball: There may not be a more underrated basketball program. The Gators have won at least 20 games the last 14 seasons. Back-to-back national titles in 2007-08 were backed up by back-to-back Elite Eight appearances in 2011-12.

The future: If football wins big again—and there’s no reason to think it won’t under Muschamp—no one touches this duo. There are too many advantages—recruiting, facilities, support—for both not to succeed.


Can U gUess who the # 1 Football-Basketball-Baseball School is ?

No wonder U hate Us ... It's becaUse we are jUst so GREAT at Everything.

IF a Boar.....
Fact with a 6-6 record and full team Miami would have a 8-4. 9-3 record no IF"S.

What was the Gayturds record last year? We know what it was. FACE REALITY you guys could have used the BOAR with Sausage Balls flying high at the start of the season....what happened no balls at the end?

How many rules infractions have the Gayturds incurred?.
Has Florida Athletic Compliance Department admitted to all the infractions you admittedly inferred? NO. Best in your mind maybe.The record shows otherwise.

I KNEW you would go to the Luke bull but was Florida or the Gayturds ever highlighted on ESPN?. For ANYTHING other than your little friend Tebow? No.

You sound like a kid with a touch of P**** envy.

Ed Reed started his career at the 'U' with a similar record left with a year of 12-0. "Championshhip"
Name your year what has the Gayturds accomplished similar to that?..You Cannot.

Go hug you Special friend Tebow and even with Sanctions the 'U' has more class and Legacy than your trailer group.

Keep worrying about the 'Canes because Moosechump is in his final year...worry about your Gayturds IF they will win, or should I say MIGHT win, but wait there is a Gator loose in the swamp, but don't let the boar get ya on the way out.
Go 'Canes

WELCOME TO THE 239 CANES!!! As a former Mia Alum, man I'm excited about this Friday. I'm taking off an hour early. I know tons of people going. Lots of Canes who attend Bishop Verot. Come out Canes fans! I'm a season ticket holder. The drive is only 2 hours from Fort Myers to Mia Gardens. Best thing for me, Bishop Verot High School is only 3-5 minutes from my office. LOL. Go Canes!


gator dude, it must be awful boaring in that single wide to bother on this post. wake up your sow and have some fun. muschump will never clean up oscar meyers mess, it will take years. he will be another zook, and another chump coach will come and start all over. have you ever been to a miami beach. any beach will do. the women are incredible. tan and beautiful. but you go squeeze your sow, and watch it pop back out like a loaf of bread. that should keep you busy for a while. GO CANES

Gators are only our rival on the internet - pack it in nerds.

Whoop-tee-doo Basil...still a .500 team at best.

ACC Champs and 2012 National Championship - why? Because of walk ons like me who have the love of the programs and the free sh8t that comes with it!

Why the hell are the fullbacks always hurt. These guys are ballerinas for Godsakes. Find some toughness and blow somebody out.

What part of "was elite" past tense, do you NOT understand in the article?

Florida, the "almost" dynasty in basketball, football, and baseball.

Once these new sanctions come down be it a 3 or 4 year probation Miami will jump to 3rd place all time behind only SMU and USC on the list of all time NCAA violators. They will be on probation for more than 33 percent of the time since their first national title.



Funny coming from a school that is now being sued for falsifying its law school job placement statistics.

gatorsam, funny your diploma mill, publicly funded sh_t hole truck stop in CFLA has more illiterate idiots like you than people care to know about. Now get back to the gardening and wash my car once your done.


I see all these Gaytor fans dissing the "U" like they have something to brag about in Grainsville. Hell they are just whipping boys for Alabama, LSU, South Carolina,and Georgia. Oh them big high powered recruiting classes of 5 star athletes has got them where? They cannot say they are short on talent. One could make a case to call it a talent wasteland like Florida State. Both schools are a black hole that sucks in great football talent never to be heard from again. Want to play on Sunday? Go to the "U" and play like the next Ray Lewis.

Ramon Buchanan will be the starting OLB when the season starts.

Also need to move Dyron Dye back to DE. He is a freakish athlete who needs to be a playmaker on defense.

No ifs ands or buts here...Florida was 6-6 last year and they beat a team (by a touchdown) in their bowl game that we beat by 2 TD's.

I certainly wouldn't get loud and proud about that.

I know nothing about the Gator program this spring because I don't care.

Obviously, they care because they are here. The prognosis is perpetual obsessiveness. Some of it funny, most of it tired and boring.

That 10 years of mediocrity does include a bowl win over The Gator.

Kentucky blows Florida out every time they lace up. As long as Big Blue is in the Sec the gators won't sniff a championship in basketball. As for football Alabama owns Florida. No chance for championship there either. Keywords used to be elite. Not anymore , gayturds should stop living in the past. Muschamp hasn't shown anyone anything. Just keep reliving the glory days in your head because it's not happening again in real life. Wake up and realize the truth gator fan, it's over. Your teams are just above average. The glory days have passed you by.

Muschamp 5-6 versus D-1 schools. Nick Saban signs contract extension. 2 reasons why gators won't win the SEC or a championship for many many years. The only way Donovan can win the sec is if coach calipari retires and he replaces him at Kentucky. Florida can't compete with UK in recruiting or tradition. Sorry just stating facts , keep dreaming Lil gator boy keep dreaming of the past.

UF 15-11 the last 2 years, looks like they are on a downward spiral. Lost to the dawgs too. Wow things sure have changed in gator land. Won a ship , then lost 1 to bama, then lost 5, last year lost 6. Meyer ran from Saban because he saw the writing on the wall. UF back to the football doormat they were for the first 150 years of their existence. stop living in the past gator troll, it's sad.

Why does Golden, has in for VT? this kid is hard working football player!

Its hard to play this game, when your own coaching staff
don't give you credit!! VT need to be in the game!!

Has anybody out there forgot the DUKE game, VT had two picks. What about the first game of MD pick end zone!

We need this kid on the field!!!


Timmy Teblow and Rick Santorum have a "special" relationship.

@Cool Cat: Bro I agree with your comment. It isn't looking good for Vaugn Telemaque. I think the coaches are doing this just to wake him up. He'll start this season i'm not worried. But he does need to add on some size and he definitely needs to get more picks. The entire secondary needs to work on that. I'm glad to see that we have dept @ the lb,dt,db our defense should be rocking. When the new incoming freshman class step in it's going to be so wonderful. Duke I can't wait to see what u can do.

@Canetill I die So u seen what these guys can do? Great I hope that we will be better than last year and the year before. I can't wait to see what Ladarius Gunter is going to do. I'm going to try and make it down for the Orange and Green scrimmage on the 14th. I know I would love it! I love da U it's no other team I would like to ride and represent for.

Jimmy Gaines does not need to play another down. This gentleman needs to work on his speed. It seems like he's always getting to a play late. I have seen him make some big plays but then again I have also seen him give up a bunch of big plays after he made a key tackle. I just want our team to be back to the top like we always been. We will take it in a few years.

A young team with some promising players. It will take time to develop. Always hoping for a surprise season on the way to an ACC Coastal Championship. The first step in returning to prominence. Must win games over inferior opponents, and that will take consistent play, few turnovers, an effective O line and a fierce D. Passion to excel and win is a must!

With VT, Golden is not content to let guys ride on their promise, NFL hype or seniority. They have to outwork the other guys to win a starting position. This is as it should be. The days of the prima dona at the U are on their way out. This will be a good thing over time. Good for AJ. He has the Canes' genes.

I like Gaines' attitude. He is young and needs time to develop. Perryman will be a star and Johnson and Paul are up and comers. All these kids are hitters, what you want in LBs.

Also, I like our TEs. Size and strength, and let's hope, consistent hands. Must have the good QB play, at least consistent and protecting the ball, and some RBs that can make a difference.

Go Canes!

Oh and this is me not the gayturd posing as the one and only. I bleed green and orange if you smell what I'm cooking. That's a shout out to Miami's son, The Rock.




First, I never talk like that. Only a fakeass wanna be hood would. Second, any TRUE CANES FAN knows it's orange and green not green and orange you idiot. Nice try kid but you're still not improving. And yes, you'll never be like the one and only because you don't have the intelligence. How's life working at publix and living with your parents going for you? Should have gone to college man and done something with your life.


@Canetill I die So u seen what these guys can do? Great I hope that we will be better than last year and the year before. I can't wait to see what Ladarius Gunter is going to do. I'm going to try and make it down for the Orange and Green scrimmage on the 14th. I know I would love it! I love da U it's no other team I would like to ride and represent for.

Posted by: 850Cane4life


I was encouraged with the offensive play making at the first scrimmage. Rashawn Scott really showed up big time and Thompkins only really had one drop. There was another one from a long ball that he literally laid out for but it was just an inch away from his finger tips. Thompkins needs to bring it all together and stop this practice MVP BS. Dline looked really good only letting one long run and shutting down the rest. Honestly the defense, on the whole, looked faster. For the QB's I see Williams being a big problem for Morris. Morris got caught goofing around on the side line by Fisch when he was supposed to be on the sideline giving hand signals. Fisch called him out in front of everyone.

I can't make it to the Fort Myers scrimmage due to the birth of my first child so I'm spending time at home for now but I'll definitely be there on 4/14 at Joe Robbie. Take care man.


Thurston is 6'2 and 212 he came in at 189 lbs

Posted by: Hassan


My bad, thanks for the correction. Is this the same Hassan from ITU??


You can run but you can't hide...Sooner or later we'll meet and make it a game for the entire country to watch on an annual basis. #305 football best in the nation.


Coach Golden - call us (305) 445-2208 we have the rest of your football player flyers printed out and they need to be paid for.

@Cane Till I Die Congrads on your first kid. It's a blessing and take it from me. So the Defense looks faster and better wow!!!! I like what i'm hearing so far. So what about Brandon Mcgee is he improving or not? I can definitely see Ryan Williams starting this year over Morris. Morris can keep on playing around you'll see where he'll end up at. He makes very bad decisions so he needs to be more aware of the game. But if I had to choose anyone to start I would nominate Williams. Plus he will have Malcome Lewis (main target) in the game with him so A+ for Williams. Plus Williams and Lewis have been practicing with one another over the weekends. Didn't hear anything about Morris doing so. I expect big things from Rashawn Scott & Phillip Dorsett this yr. I can see Rashawn being a lil Reggie Wayne and Phillip being Santanna Moss. Wow what a key factor. Kendall Thompkins really needs to step it up becaise he's been there way to long.

Starting line up

QB Ryan Williams
RB Eduardo Clements/Duke Johnson
FB Mike James
WR Rashawn Scott
WR Phillip Dorsett
TE Ashante Clevland
LT Seantrel Henderson
LG Ereck Flowers
C Shane Mcdermott
RT Ereck Flowers
RG JonFeliciano

DE Shayon Green/J.Hamilton
DT Darius Smith
DT Jalen Grimble
DE A.Chickillo
OL Kelvin Cain
MLB Ralpheal Kirby
OL Denzel Perryman
CB Tracy Howard
CB Ladarius Gunter
SS Vaughn Telemaque
FS Deon Bush

My Cinderella players to watch out for.......Josh Witt,Vernon Davis,Antonio Crawford,Rashawn Jenkins,Earl Moore,Nate Dortch,Herb Watters,Angelo Jean Louis,Malcome Lewis,Jacoby Briscoe. Be on the lookout for these guys and I can't count out Jake O'Donnell. So Miami is coming back with a vengence. There is no reason why we shouldn't compete for a national tittle. And besides if we do get hit with the NCAA Sanction just imagine how pissed these guys will be. And u know what that means.....every team that we face will pay for it. Florida Gayturds,Florida State,Virginia Tech,North Carolina, South Florida and whomever else.

Goldilocks find any 6-1/230lb. O-Linemen yet ?

Or is he still wondering aimlessly around dUh U CampUs woods ?


Dumbest comment ever. Lets count on a couple of fingers how many teams have beat Alabama in football and Kentucky in basketball over the last couple of years. As far as Bama I would venture to guess since 1990 no one has beaten Bama more than the Gators.

sUck it laranaga

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