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Perryman (2 INTs), Chickillo (3 sacks) star for defense in Canes 2nd scrimmage

FORT MYERS -- News, notes, quotes and stats from UM's second spring scrimmage at Bishop Verot High , where 6,500 showed up to watch Friday night:

> The defense clearly out-shined the offense, producing 10 sacks and three interceptions in a scrimmage that ran about 120 plays in total outside of short-yardage situations. Linebacker Denzel Perryman had two interceptions and Anthony Chickillo had three sacks. Quarterback Ryan Williams struggled a bit, finishing 17 of 33 for 177 yards with two touchdowns and two INTs.

"We need guys to make plays -- to execute the defense and take it beyond the design of the defense," UM coach Al Golden said of Perryman and Chickillo. "I thought they did that. They played hard. There were other guys in there, too: [Freshman linebacker Raphael] Kirby. [Defensive tackle] Darius Smith did a nice job. [Defensive tackle Curtis] Porter. There were a lot of guys who played good football.

"We haven't been that physical on the defensive line and at linebacker in a while. I thought we ran around and hit. Clearly, we've got to take care of the interceptions, take care of the football better. But I'm telling you, our defensive line came to play today.."

> A couple players went down with injuries including sophomore receiver Phillip Dorsett, who pulled his left hamstring pull after going up for an overthrown pass from Williams early in the scrimmage. Also hurt: fullback C.J. Holton (right ankle). Both did not return. Holton had trouble putting any weight on it.

> UM ran nine plays in short-yardage situations at the start of the scrimmage and scored twice -- on a 1-yard run by Mike James and a 3-yard TD pass from Ryan Williams to fullback Holton. But it took the offense a lot longer to score once they were forced to drive the length of the field (the offense lined up at various spots throughout the field and started series with all 3 units) 

The Canes ran more than 110 plays from scrimmage after those short-yardage situations and didn't score again until Williams connected with Kendal Thompkins on a 13-yard pass (roughly 100 plays in). Thompkins caught the pass in the flat, shook a defender and dove in for the score. Rashawn Scott score later on a 7-yard pass from Williams.

"He wasn't as sharp as the last one," Golden said of Williams. "But I'll reserve judgement until we see [the film]. I thought the d-line and linebackers had a lot to do with that -- with the pressure. So, that's a function of the offense and the protection. I also think the Dorsett going out early hindered him as well."

> Scott, the star of UM's first scrimmage, had another solid performance. He had six catches for 75 yards and a touchdown to lead all receivers. He had the longest offensive play of the day, hauling in a 34-yard pass from Williams in stride down the sideline. Scott beat junior college transfer Ladarius Gunter on the play. Gunter later intercepted Williams in the end zone. Tight end Clive Walford, meanwhile, had two catches for 36 yards including a nice 27-yard catch and run.

"We didn't quite have our timing like we did the other day," Golden said of his quarterbacks and receivers. "[When] Dorsett caught his hammy a little bit reaching for a high ball, that screwed up our rotation a little bit. [But] Rashawn's obviously a guy who is coming to play a little bit [this spring]. I thought Clive made a really, really spectacular catch. We need that from him. He needs to become that guy for us."

> Freshmen quarterbacks Preston Dewey and Gray Crow weren't spectacular, but appeared more in sync with the offense. Dewey finished 9 of 14 for 71 yards -- most of them short passes to running backs out of the backfield. Crow finished 11 of 18 for 64 yards and an interception, which Perryman almost returned for a touchdown.

"I thought Dewey did better," Golden said. "Gray tried to fit one in there. It doesn't work anymore. He'll learn. Again, we're putting those guys out there. It's a tough operation for those quarterbacks the second time around. We're just going to keep putting them out there until we get it."

> The running game was pretty non-existent. The two longest runs from scrimmage belonged to Mike James (15 yards) and walk-on Darris Hughes (15-yards).

> Golden took a moment to pull tight end David Perry off to the side after he dropped a pass wide open in the flat. Perry, who fumbled in the first scrimmage, simply nodded his as Golden talked to him about his mistake.

> Here is what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio thought of the defensive effort: "I felt like they were a little more physical out there today, a little more locked in and knew what they were doing.

"But again, it's a process. We're trying to teach them to be the same guys everyday. I was glad we got some takeaways. We caught the ones they threw us this time. We dropped some last week. We've got to become that defense -- that opportunistic defense that can get takeaways and score points, like the Hurricanes used to do.

> D'Onofrio on Denzel Perryman's big day: "He's a tremendous talent. What we need from Denzel is work ethic and his preparation to match his talent, and then we'll have something special. He's not in the category of Sean Spence or anybody until he proves he can work like that on a daily basis. He has a lot of ability. But talent isn't enough."

> D'Onofrio on his true freshmen -- linebacker Raphael Kirby and defensive end Dwyane Hoilett (who had two sacks) who played well: "They were better. If you think about it, these guys shouldn't be out here yet. They should be going to their senior prom. I knew that first scrimmage would be tough. Kirby looked like he showed up. Dwayne looked like he was better technique wise. Sometimes sacks are results of guys being unblocked. I don't take too much credence in that. But they looked they were better and faster and that's what I wanted to see."


> Passing: Williams 17-33-177, 2 TDs, 2 INTs; Dewey 9-14-71; Crow 11-18-64, 1 INT.

> Rushing: James 15-56; Clements 14-17; Crawford 3-14; Hughes 7-21.

> Receiving: Scott 6-75, 1 TD; Thompkins 3-27, 1 TD; Crawford 3-6; Cleveland 2-16; Walford 2-36; Haney 1-15; M. James 1-3; Kidd 4-49l; Barnes 1-9; Clements 4-23; Johnson 2-20; Dye 2-23; Perry 1-2; Holton 2-3.

> Defense: Gunter 5.5 tackles, 1 INT; E. Johnson 5 tackles; Chickillo 3.5 tackles, 3 sacks; Cain 5; Perryman 2 tackles, 1 sack, 2 INTs; Cornelius 4 tackles; Finnie 7 tackles, 2 PBU; Paul 6 1/2 tackles, sack; Kirby 4.5 tackles; D. Hoilett 2 sacks; Porter 3 tackles, 1 sack.


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There was a great crowd for the game. Quarterbacks did not look that good, but there was a lot of pressure. There should have been at least 2 more picks that were dropped.

The 1st string defense looked good, but in general sloppy and slow on both sides. I guess that's what spring football looks like. Perryman seemed like he was all over the place.

Bout time the defense played wit a chip on there shoulder. And thanks for catching interceptions. Oh i forgot this is the 2nd scrimmage and not a regular opponent. Duke we really need u man a running backs sucks

Yeah....my gut feeling....with the talent here in South Florida....D'Onofrio is going to be licking his chops this season with his defensive players.

First, the stands were filled and a great crowd for a scrimmage. Secondly, I'm not sure how to react to the play on the field. As Bishop Verot alluded to, maybe this is what making sausage looks like during the Spring, but it was not pretty for the offense. The walk on running back Darius (#47) had some get up and go in his step. He looked like he had more intensity in his runs than Clements and James. The Dallas Crawford running back/slot receiver expirement should be over by the start of Summer camp. I guess they thought he was the next Sammy Watkins, but the times he got the ball today, he couldn't do much. Ray Ray still looks like garbage, so hopefully Al will recognize that his time is up. It looked like the defense was running more 3/4 sets. Did anyone else think this? All in all, the defense looked good and it looks promising for the fall.

Tebow kisses men in the mouth..

I agree Ray Ray looks like garbage! they need to VT on the first team.

At less VT can read coverage, come on coaches are you blind.

We are gonna need a strong QB and a running game.

Kudos to the defense in terms of intensity...

For anybody don't know what VT is? Vaughn Telemaque!

U ClUcks just keep beatn Urselves ...

1-1 this Spring ? That seems aboUt right.

ray ray ray ray. wow thought this guy was going to be the real deal at least the nfl scouts believe so.

Mr. Walker, your taco and handcuffs are ready.

It is too easy to joke about UFailure. The biggest joke in the state.

Summer practice is going to be more interesting when the freshmen class comes in. They are going to need make a major impact if Miami is going to challenge in the coastal division.

UM had more talent on defense last year than this year. Yet, last year they didn't play well in losses to Virginia Tech, Kansas State and Virginia. And the offense turned the ball over too many times in losses to Florida State and Boston College.

Bottom line: they need Allen Hurns back on offense and Ramon Buchanan back on defense. They also need Dyron Dye back on defense at DE; he can contribute more at DE than at TE.

Great crowd. The stadium couldnt hold anymore people. It was very well organized and canes showed up big, with flags and colors, all the way from Tampa and even Dade.

Miami's defense was very aggressive. I agree the D line is where its at and they pressured Williams big time. Williams didnt look sharp but at times he did throw some good lasers. Many of the so-called "sacks" are situations where the QB could have run for 5, 10 yds even more but refs whistled it as a sack because of the pressure. I know one instance for sure Williams had an open field and could have run for about 20 yds. Hes got good wheels for a big guy

Running backs- back to the 2 yards and a cloud of dust. I just dont get it, Is it the O-line? Mike James hasnt proven anything to me in 3 yrs and until he runs for at least 1000 yds, hes going to be a Tyrone Moss, Charlie Jones type. Clements didnt run as hard and furious as he usually does. Clearly the new kids, incl Duke Johnson will have something to say. I say Golden and staff have to put in Duke next year to see what he can do. Because we are missing the home run kind of guy.

The Dallas Crawford experiment is a buts I dont think they know where to put this kid.

Wide receivers are average at best although Kendal Thompkins did much better, and Rashawn Scott is showing that he can be a go to guy.

With Williams' 2 ints I am sure Morris job is safe

The tight ends are beasts. They will be the difference for the U offense next yr. Guaranteed.

But the Defense will be the ones to dteremine our fate

Overall aswesome scrimmage. U: thanks for coming to Fo-town

Nice to hear that a good crowd showed up and supported The U and their hometown players. I wish I could have made it but family calls. Notes from the scrimmage sounded really promising. Nice to hear about the DBs stepping up and blanketing our receivers. That's an improvement from last season. Dline looked good during the first scrimmage and it sounds like they stepped it up even more. LBs played tough in the first scrimmage it that sounded like it was stepped up again also. These are all pluses in my book. During our best years our defense was always a menace for our offense which only made the O better. I'm very encouraged with this information. Damn I can't wait for April 14th. Take care everyone and have a great weekend.


Another Miami Hurricane 21st. Century GREAT Epic FailUre moment in Cane Sports History !!!


ray ray ray ray. wow thought this guy was going to be the real deal at least the nfl scouts believe so.

Posted by: stacey | March 31, 2012 at 03:46 AM


No no no no no no no ... U clUcks anointed him as the "next" Sean Taylor.

Coaches: Leave VT alone: Find a replacement for Ray Ray. Play Finnie.

Leonard gets reinstated after he slappahoes hiss girlfriend and drags her by the hair along the carpet

Walker steals a taco-Yo quiero taco bell

What is going on at that dump near Ocala?

Cool cat- I agree with you

My biggest worry is qb. And that's what it all boils down to. Stephen Morris is not a division 1 qb. Is Ryan Williams? If Morris is named starter our season is over before it starts. Why couldn't forcier have stayed??

Nice outing for the D. We really need Morris back to heat up this qb competition. I still like Morris and think he's the man but I'm very happy Ryan is here. Hats off to the great fan turnout. Wish I could have been there with you. Go Canes!

Thanks for the update on the scrimmage, guys.

And thanks to the Florida fans who can't help but be obsessed with our program!

Love it!

C -A -N -E -S- 'CANES!!

A UTrailer diploma isn't worth more than a taco so let's call it even.

Intersting Scrimmage. Good signs for the team as a whole is the defense is playing lights out. Its actually good for the offense too. The more difficult a defense that this offense sees in practice will make the games easier. Williams performance doens't bother me too much and glad to see that the freshman did a better job in their 2nd outing. This team is going to be better than what people are thinking they will be even if they are a young team. Its going to be an interesting Fall Camp to see who our starting QB is when we play BC at the start of the season

The University of Miami is a higher ranked educational institution than the University of Florida. In the 3 major sports (Football, Basketball & Baseball) the University of Miami has 9 championships, and the University of Florida has 5. Miami is better than Florida in education and athletics.

I was shopping on the Gator athletic site for a t-shirt. Unfortunately they didn't have one of these.....



Right, suck Pig? All PIGAH!

Wow,too bad fans who attended this 2nd scrimmage feel Armstrong is still garbage.What a huge bust and underachieving kid.No running game?????No O line??????Sounds like this team will be just like last year s mediocre team.Too bad.

Watching these Kentucky clowns, is there any such thing as too stupid to get into an SEC "skeeeeewl?"

Good thing it's only 3 letters or else they wouldnt be able to spell sec.

To Cane: Really 10 N.C's , the Ohio St game was robbery in the desert

This was an awesome move by Golden to have a scrimmage in Ft. Myers. There are some great athletes in Ft. Myers and Naples who now have a team to cheer for. Having this in Ft. Myers every year- will prove to bring a lot more of these Ft. Myers and Naples kids to the U instead of the other schools.

Great crowd- awesome to see the green and orange smacking each other around. Offensively we didn't look great- but it will come. It was nice to take my wife on a date and I didn't even have to pay to get in.

Inimounts that is about as dumb a comment as posted on here for awhile.

Yo quiero taco bell

But seriously when will Morris ever be fired? This is like a broken fr...kin record.

Inimounts that is about as dumb a comment as posted on here for awhile.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | March 31, 2012 at 08:22 PM

That's not even a sentence you illiterate third world trash.

Porter will be the plug in the middle, it all starts in the middle!!

Man that Bball team missed all those spring break empty cars, lots a radios ya know! To easy.

PIG(AH)???? Could this have something to do with MESHUGG(AH)?

dUh, I agree that is not a sentence but how do you know he is third world trash and not the Gatr Trash valedictorian? Seems that in both cases command of the English language would be suspect.

Isn't that right, All PIGAH?

Agree that Stephen Morris will be the starter. He has a strong arm, can run and has experience. He and Williams competing will be a good thing. The bashing here ("not a D1 QB" etc.) is nonsense.

Why can't we get an efficient and aggressive O Line?
Forget a running game without it. We have great size and guys with experience. What's the problem, year after year? Effort? Other, mediocre teams with that kind of size can generate a running game. This must change big time. Yah, the O jells last because of
complexity, but it is worrisome nonetheless (again).

On the other side, the D has definite promise. I have believed that Coach D'Onofrio would turn out a fierce D when the right players came into the system.

As in: "NFL-me-firsters need not apply. Looking for dedicated Cane TEAM players".

We have some on the D side, and it will pay off.

By the way Fort Meyers, great support!!!

I agree dbc. THe UM O-line is almost as big as Wisconsins, yet the UW O line is feared. Those players are mountains, and are nasty. The Kansas State O line same. Our O line, soft. Big but soft. Its in the attitude, and problem is there isnt much depth on that O line, and great O linemen are hard to recruit.

Miami may get swept by unranked Clemson in baseball. When will Morris get fired? How long will we accept this garbage from the formerly vaunted UM baseball team?

How's that Baseball team doing since they took 12 games in Feb. and early March from the likes of snowed in gym practing teams like Rutgers, Albany, The REAL Miami of Ohio, Boston College and Illinios St. ?

Going to get Broomed twice before the season is even half over is what U are. And to a 12-12 Clemson team coming off looosing 4 outta 5, getting swept by Virginia and looosing to Presbyterian College...

Ur Baseball team is a fraUd just like Ur NIT Basketball team, Football team, Football coach and entire Athletic program... Simply, U serioUsly sUck.


hey Jackball - Posted by: lancepowerhouse | March 31, 2012 at 07:56 PM

Why doesn't Ur homeless and sUpportless Candy Cane football team go ahead and play scrimmages in the Bahamas, pUerto Rico, Haiti, de Dominican and cUba as well ? Then that way, those dregs of society will have an equally rated 3rd. World level team to cheer for as well...

typical dUmb clUck.

But seriously when will Morris ever be fired? This is like a broken fr...kin record.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | March 31, 2012 at 09:43 PM


Elmer fUdd is all Urs and all Canes U flippn skippn C.D.

will TWO BrUUms fit U tightazzzed Cane clUcks ?

The 2 O-Line players that Miami must recruit for next year: Denver Kirkland from hometown Miami and Richy Klepal from Tampa, supposedly the best O-line prospect in Tampa.

UTrailer baseball may lose a series to unranked, uneducated typical SECnilliterates Ole Missy.

What do Perryman and Chickillo have in common?

They both played and punked that cesspool UFailure. Wouldn't want to spend 4 years in a cesspool redneck backwater.

Ain't that right, Pig? You had them as All PIGAH? Or was it All Gatah? I can't remember from your blitz of idiot posts.

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Just because I crush you and expose you for the stupid Pig you are doesn't make me a f*ggot. You are a stupid Pig. Deal with it.

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Gator puke- keep you comments to yourself. This is a Miami blog.

Just like the gatro basketball team, last years baseball and softball teams, the gator baseball team will throw up all over themselves come the cws,. Thats garowenteed.
Thats their M>O. Gag the kilbassa.

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