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Perryman (2 INTs), Chickillo (3 sacks) star for defense in Canes 2nd scrimmage

FORT MYERS -- News, notes, quotes and stats from UM's second spring scrimmage at Bishop Verot High , where 6,500 showed up to watch Friday night:

> The defense clearly out-shined the offense, producing 10 sacks and three interceptions in a scrimmage that ran about 120 plays in total outside of short-yardage situations. Linebacker Denzel Perryman had two interceptions and Anthony Chickillo had three sacks. Quarterback Ryan Williams struggled a bit, finishing 17 of 33 for 177 yards with two touchdowns and two INTs.

"We need guys to make plays -- to execute the defense and take it beyond the design of the defense," UM coach Al Golden said of Perryman and Chickillo. "I thought they did that. They played hard. There were other guys in there, too: [Freshman linebacker Raphael] Kirby. [Defensive tackle] Darius Smith did a nice job. [Defensive tackle Curtis] Porter. There were a lot of guys who played good football.

"We haven't been that physical on the defensive line and at linebacker in a while. I thought we ran around and hit. Clearly, we've got to take care of the interceptions, take care of the football better. But I'm telling you, our defensive line came to play today.."

> A couple players went down with injuries including sophomore receiver Phillip Dorsett, who pulled his left hamstring pull after going up for an overthrown pass from Williams early in the scrimmage. Also hurt: fullback C.J. Holton (right ankle). Both did not return. Holton had trouble putting any weight on it.

> UM ran nine plays in short-yardage situations at the start of the scrimmage and scored twice -- on a 1-yard run by Mike James and a 3-yard TD pass from Ryan Williams to fullback Holton. But it took the offense a lot longer to score once they were forced to drive the length of the field (the offense lined up at various spots throughout the field and started series with all 3 units) 

The Canes ran more than 110 plays from scrimmage after those short-yardage situations and didn't score again until Williams connected with Kendal Thompkins on a 13-yard pass (roughly 100 plays in). Thompkins caught the pass in the flat, shook a defender and dove in for the score. Rashawn Scott score later on a 7-yard pass from Williams.

"He wasn't as sharp as the last one," Golden said of Williams. "But I'll reserve judgement until we see [the film]. I thought the d-line and linebackers had a lot to do with that -- with the pressure. So, that's a function of the offense and the protection. I also think the Dorsett going out early hindered him as well."

> Scott, the star of UM's first scrimmage, had another solid performance. He had six catches for 75 yards and a touchdown to lead all receivers. He had the longest offensive play of the day, hauling in a 34-yard pass from Williams in stride down the sideline. Scott beat junior college transfer Ladarius Gunter on the play. Gunter later intercepted Williams in the end zone. Tight end Clive Walford, meanwhile, had two catches for 36 yards including a nice 27-yard catch and run.

"We didn't quite have our timing like we did the other day," Golden said of his quarterbacks and receivers. "[When] Dorsett caught his hammy a little bit reaching for a high ball, that screwed up our rotation a little bit. [But] Rashawn's obviously a guy who is coming to play a little bit [this spring]. I thought Clive made a really, really spectacular catch. We need that from him. He needs to become that guy for us."

> Freshmen quarterbacks Preston Dewey and Gray Crow weren't spectacular, but appeared more in sync with the offense. Dewey finished 9 of 14 for 71 yards -- most of them short passes to running backs out of the backfield. Crow finished 11 of 18 for 64 yards and an interception, which Perryman almost returned for a touchdown.

"I thought Dewey did better," Golden said. "Gray tried to fit one in there. It doesn't work anymore. He'll learn. Again, we're putting those guys out there. It's a tough operation for those quarterbacks the second time around. We're just going to keep putting them out there until we get it."

> The running game was pretty non-existent. The two longest runs from scrimmage belonged to Mike James (15 yards) and walk-on Darris Hughes (15-yards).

> Golden took a moment to pull tight end David Perry off to the side after he dropped a pass wide open in the flat. Perry, who fumbled in the first scrimmage, simply nodded his as Golden talked to him about his mistake.

> Here is what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio thought of the defensive effort: "I felt like they were a little more physical out there today, a little more locked in and knew what they were doing.

"But again, it's a process. We're trying to teach them to be the same guys everyday. I was glad we got some takeaways. We caught the ones they threw us this time. We dropped some last week. We've got to become that defense -- that opportunistic defense that can get takeaways and score points, like the Hurricanes used to do.

> D'Onofrio on Denzel Perryman's big day: "He's a tremendous talent. What we need from Denzel is work ethic and his preparation to match his talent, and then we'll have something special. He's not in the category of Sean Spence or anybody until he proves he can work like that on a daily basis. He has a lot of ability. But talent isn't enough."

> D'Onofrio on his true freshmen -- linebacker Raphael Kirby and defensive end Dwyane Hoilett (who had two sacks) who played well: "They were better. If you think about it, these guys shouldn't be out here yet. They should be going to their senior prom. I knew that first scrimmage would be tough. Kirby looked like he showed up. Dwayne looked like he was better technique wise. Sometimes sacks are results of guys being unblocked. I don't take too much credence in that. But they looked they were better and faster and that's what I wanted to see."


> Passing: Williams 17-33-177, 2 TDs, 2 INTs; Dewey 9-14-71; Crow 11-18-64, 1 INT.

> Rushing: James 15-56; Clements 14-17; Crawford 3-14; Hughes 7-21.

> Receiving: Scott 6-75, 1 TD; Thompkins 3-27, 1 TD; Crawford 3-6; Cleveland 2-16; Walford 2-36; Haney 1-15; M. James 1-3; Kidd 4-49l; Barnes 1-9; Clements 4-23; Johnson 2-20; Dye 2-23; Perry 1-2; Holton 2-3.

> Defense: Gunter 5.5 tackles, 1 INT; E. Johnson 5 tackles; Chickillo 3.5 tackles, 3 sacks; Cain 5; Perryman 2 tackles, 1 sack, 2 INTs; Cornelius 4 tackles; Finnie 7 tackles, 2 PBU; Paul 6 1/2 tackles, sack; Kirby 4.5 tackles; D. Hoilett 2 sacks; Porter 3 tackles, 1 sack.


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Thanks for the update fella's. So our O-line is looking rough. Giving up 10 sacks is uncalled for. Especially with the experience these guys have. It's a crying shame it just doesn't make any sense. I mean what do we have to do to get these guys going? This is some bull****!!!!! It's the coaching not the players i'm sorry. But Ereck Flowers and Daniel.I are going to come in as true freshmen and take over. Running game is pathetic!!! defense I like what i'm hearing about you guys keep up the good work. Bench Ray,Ray and play VT and when Deon Bush come in make sure him and Tracey Howard get some playing time. Because lord knows, I don't want to see Ray,Ray Armstrong in the game.

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The future: If football wins big again—and there’s no reason to think it won’t under Muschamp—no one touches this duo. There are too many advantages—recruiting, facilities, support—for both not to succeed.

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I can guess who the #1 baseball team ISN'T - The Florida Gators, a team with ZERO titles, a HISTORY of choking in the playoffs, and just lost 2 or 3 to a team that was only .500 in the SEC before they beat down the Gators. Gators have HISTORY of being an early season #1 but falling fast once they stop playing their home-only paid-for patsies.

So, ripping a Canes fan for saying IF on a Canes blog? Your momma must be so proud. Then coming on with your own IF less than an hour and a half later? Even your momma is disgusted with you at this point.

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Coach D has been Coaching up his guys and they are ahead. That is to be expected, in fact with the rest of the group coming on board it should be fun competing.
Perryman, Kirby, Chick and Hoilett are on schedule.

The offense should be settling down but we all know that nothing in game set or formation is shown at these scrimmages..in truth it is an intense practice..
The intensity will be in the heat of summer that is our time to kick it up a notch or two, develop plays and as Coach G says start planning for teams etc.

Work hard, study, and as the Rock said "leave everything on the field in order to win championships."
Our 'Canes will be fine.
Go 'Canes

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Football: It wasn’t that long ago that Florida was the nation’s elite program. Give Will Muschamp time to
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Basketball: There may not be a more underrated basketball program. The Gators have won at least 20 games the last 14 seasons. Back-to-back national titles in 2007-08 were backed up by back-to-back Elite Eight appearances in 2011-12.

""" The future: If football wins big again—and there’s no reason to think it won’t under Muschamp—no one touches this duo. There are too many advantages—recruiting, facilities, support—for both not to succeed."""

Written Matt Hayes, Sporting News March 29, 2012




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Notice how ufool did not touch national championships.

A True Soldier

So, Florida has been down in football and Muschampp will rebuild it. So Miami has been down as well and Golden will rebuild it. What's your point, that Canes' fans try to be optimistic? Don't you Gators try to do the same? So what?

Yes, Florida has much better hoops, and the SEC is a great conference. No argument there. They are stronger in football than the ACC by far. Basketball is more of a toss up over time. This year's Kentucky team was phenomenal, but other SEC teams unexpectedly went down (see Vanderbilt, who beat Kentucky, for example). Then again, Duke lost to Leigh! Without losing their point guard, UNC might have had the scoring punch to play with Kentucky.

So UM hoops has a new coach who is trying to build something. It is a start. Florida has had a good coach for years and a winning tradition as well. They looked good in the NCAA this year. Fair enough.

Miami won't draw fans for either sport unless they win. Florida saw lots of empty seats when they were not a powerhouse. But, unlike Miami, they are a large university with a great on-campus stadium that even has its own name. Miami needs its own football home on campus.

So, both programs struggled in football. When you have a winning tradition, it is natural to long for past success. But, at both schools, it will take time, fan support and good recruiting, no? We shall see the results when we play in 2013, right?

And let's not forget, Florida leads in recent arrests. Usually, the more felons you have, the better shot at a powerful football team. The Gators and the Ducks are recent examples of this. I think
Miami is going in the other direction of seeking kids of good character.

Taco anyone?

And Duh, what's the knock on Eudo. He is a smart guy with lots of great input. So, you don't agree on religion. So what? If your faith doesn't teach you respect for others, trade it in, dude.

No need to try to rationalize with thse gatr idiots. Dont forget they actually had the gall to make fun of Pata after he died. Thats the kind of trash they are. No not all are like that. Only the ones that post here with nonsensical dribble (usually about the SEC).

The SEC is top heavy in basketball. After UK (and maybe UF) there is nothing. In football, pretty much the same: UA, LSU and USC. Then theres mediocrity al around. The top is dominant. the rest are whatever. 6-6 Florida finished third in the SEC least.

But that argument about conferences is ridiculous

So, you don't agree on religion. So what? If your faith doesn't teach you respect for others, trade it in, dude.

Posted by: dbc | April 03, 2012 at 08:34 AM

Is that what religion teaches? Really? Seems there is a lot of killing going on world wide over belief in a different god. And somehow, the Catholics believe everyone else is a broken, lesser person because they don't believe as they do and will not enter the mythical Kingdom of Heaven.

So go white-wash some other topic. You respect people for who they are and how they act, no simply because they are of a faith. That, most often, is a reason not to respect them. Would you respect a priest simply because he was a priest? Then you may be respecting a sick child rapist. Go figure.

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