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Perryman (2 INTs), Chickillo (3 sacks) star for defense in Canes 2nd scrimmage

FORT MYERS -- News, notes, quotes and stats from UM's second spring scrimmage at Bishop Verot High , where 6,500 showed up to watch Friday night:

> The defense clearly out-shined the offense, producing 10 sacks and three interceptions in a scrimmage that ran about 120 plays in total outside of short-yardage situations. Linebacker Denzel Perryman had two interceptions and Anthony Chickillo had three sacks. Quarterback Ryan Williams struggled a bit, finishing 17 of 33 for 177 yards with two touchdowns and two INTs.

"We need guys to make plays -- to execute the defense and take it beyond the design of the defense," UM coach Al Golden said of Perryman and Chickillo. "I thought they did that. They played hard. There were other guys in there, too: [Freshman linebacker Raphael] Kirby. [Defensive tackle] Darius Smith did a nice job. [Defensive tackle Curtis] Porter. There were a lot of guys who played good football.

"We haven't been that physical on the defensive line and at linebacker in a while. I thought we ran around and hit. Clearly, we've got to take care of the interceptions, take care of the football better. But I'm telling you, our defensive line came to play today.."

> A couple players went down with injuries including sophomore receiver Phillip Dorsett, who pulled his left hamstring pull after going up for an overthrown pass from Williams early in the scrimmage. Also hurt: fullback C.J. Holton (right ankle). Both did not return. Holton had trouble putting any weight on it.

> UM ran nine plays in short-yardage situations at the start of the scrimmage and scored twice -- on a 1-yard run by Mike James and a 3-yard TD pass from Ryan Williams to fullback Holton. But it took the offense a lot longer to score once they were forced to drive the length of the field (the offense lined up at various spots throughout the field and started series with all 3 units) 

The Canes ran more than 110 plays from scrimmage after those short-yardage situations and didn't score again until Williams connected with Kendal Thompkins on a 13-yard pass (roughly 100 plays in). Thompkins caught the pass in the flat, shook a defender and dove in for the score. Rashawn Scott score later on a 7-yard pass from Williams.

"He wasn't as sharp as the last one," Golden said of Williams. "But I'll reserve judgement until we see [the film]. I thought the d-line and linebackers had a lot to do with that -- with the pressure. So, that's a function of the offense and the protection. I also think the Dorsett going out early hindered him as well."

> Scott, the star of UM's first scrimmage, had another solid performance. He had six catches for 75 yards and a touchdown to lead all receivers. He had the longest offensive play of the day, hauling in a 34-yard pass from Williams in stride down the sideline. Scott beat junior college transfer Ladarius Gunter on the play. Gunter later intercepted Williams in the end zone. Tight end Clive Walford, meanwhile, had two catches for 36 yards including a nice 27-yard catch and run.

"We didn't quite have our timing like we did the other day," Golden said of his quarterbacks and receivers. "[When] Dorsett caught his hammy a little bit reaching for a high ball, that screwed up our rotation a little bit. [But] Rashawn's obviously a guy who is coming to play a little bit [this spring]. I thought Clive made a really, really spectacular catch. We need that from him. He needs to become that guy for us."

> Freshmen quarterbacks Preston Dewey and Gray Crow weren't spectacular, but appeared more in sync with the offense. Dewey finished 9 of 14 for 71 yards -- most of them short passes to running backs out of the backfield. Crow finished 11 of 18 for 64 yards and an interception, which Perryman almost returned for a touchdown.

"I thought Dewey did better," Golden said. "Gray tried to fit one in there. It doesn't work anymore. He'll learn. Again, we're putting those guys out there. It's a tough operation for those quarterbacks the second time around. We're just going to keep putting them out there until we get it."

> The running game was pretty non-existent. The two longest runs from scrimmage belonged to Mike James (15 yards) and walk-on Darris Hughes (15-yards).

> Golden took a moment to pull tight end David Perry off to the side after he dropped a pass wide open in the flat. Perry, who fumbled in the first scrimmage, simply nodded his as Golden talked to him about his mistake.

> Here is what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio thought of the defensive effort: "I felt like they were a little more physical out there today, a little more locked in and knew what they were doing.

"But again, it's a process. We're trying to teach them to be the same guys everyday. I was glad we got some takeaways. We caught the ones they threw us this time. We dropped some last week. We've got to become that defense -- that opportunistic defense that can get takeaways and score points, like the Hurricanes used to do.

> D'Onofrio on Denzel Perryman's big day: "He's a tremendous talent. What we need from Denzel is work ethic and his preparation to match his talent, and then we'll have something special. He's not in the category of Sean Spence or anybody until he proves he can work like that on a daily basis. He has a lot of ability. But talent isn't enough."

> D'Onofrio on his true freshmen -- linebacker Raphael Kirby and defensive end Dwyane Hoilett (who had two sacks) who played well: "They were better. If you think about it, these guys shouldn't be out here yet. They should be going to their senior prom. I knew that first scrimmage would be tough. Kirby looked like he showed up. Dwayne looked like he was better technique wise. Sometimes sacks are results of guys being unblocked. I don't take too much credence in that. But they looked they were better and faster and that's what I wanted to see."


> Passing: Williams 17-33-177, 2 TDs, 2 INTs; Dewey 9-14-71; Crow 11-18-64, 1 INT.

> Rushing: James 15-56; Clements 14-17; Crawford 3-14; Hughes 7-21.

> Receiving: Scott 6-75, 1 TD; Thompkins 3-27, 1 TD; Crawford 3-6; Cleveland 2-16; Walford 2-36; Haney 1-15; M. James 1-3; Kidd 4-49l; Barnes 1-9; Clements 4-23; Johnson 2-20; Dye 2-23; Perry 1-2; Holton 2-3.

> Defense: Gunter 5.5 tackles, 1 INT; E. Johnson 5 tackles; Chickillo 3.5 tackles, 3 sacks; Cain 5; Perryman 2 tackles, 1 sack, 2 INTs; Cornelius 4 tackles; Finnie 7 tackles, 2 PBU; Paul 6 1/2 tackles, sack; Kirby 4.5 tackles; D. Hoilett 2 sacks; Porter 3 tackles, 1 sack.


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Yuh huh!

Miami Hurricanes?




Thought not.

Things in Hogtown are truly “Golden” Arthur… Baseball STILL # 1, Gymnastics # 1, Track # 1, Softball # 4, Girls Tennis # 2, Lacrosse # 5, Men’s tennis # 8, Golf Teams Top 10, Swimm Teams pumping out Olympians, Billy D. has the inside track on 2 TOP 10 ELITE BIG MEN McDonald’s All-American’s, Beal is leaning to stay to be a Top 3 pick next year and the “Baby” Gators are “growing” their “Fangs” having a SOLID Spring Campaign heading into the Spring Game in front of 80 Thousand of the Best College Football Fans in the Nation next week !!!

Not to mention heading over to Agusta on Friday for the weekend, The S.uperior E.lite C.onference won another Title in yet ANOTHER Major Sport and to cap it all off… Spring is here and The Boys of Summer get cracking on the Diamond in a matter of hours !!!

I also spent a nice night in beautiful Downtown G’ville with Real Red Blooded 4th.n 5th. Generation Legacy off the Charts High Sports I.Q. Americans to watch the Cats roll last night… Got hungry and had a craving for Tacos… They were so delicious that I damn near went into a scarfing coma forgetting where I even was. After 3 Jumbos, then comming to, I dropped a Benji on the fine gentleman and he assured me that “all” will be resolved and that the next 30 Tacos were on the house for any Gator Athletes… Good man he was Unlike those Peasant Con Artist Roach Coach Goat Empanada selling EdUardos n Emilios down in Cesspool City…

Hey Cane Fans … U dopes think U can maybe convince de Marleeens that U coUld schedUle a game on the ol grounds of the once gloriUs and now bUilt over graveyard O.B. for a throwback game in Ur pathetic fUture when Ur on 5 years of probation ? I hear the place holds 35k, which woUld be jUst pUUUrrrfect for U chUmps… Hey, maybe U can get a rematch with Virgina and see if U coUld actUally pUt some points on the board next time…

‘dios Arty … Stay in touch brotha … Go Gators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duh. Can you do more than try and mock?? It seems being smart enough to answer a question is beyond you.
And yes Christianity teaches respect and love of others.

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!


Canes have fans watching their scrimmages.

Noles have nobody watching their scrimmages.

Gators coaches wish they didn't have to watch their scrimmages.

Big difference.

Does Christianity teach respect of gays?

Thought not.

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Yuh huh!

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Yuh huh!

Quarterback competition?

How is it that Fisch gives an interview and its on Canesport but nobody here can get a fresh interview?


Agreed. A religion should produce better people and should be inclusive. It should never be used as a way to exclude and oppress the nonbelievers. That is deluded ego and not God.

Yes, God loves Canes, Noles and even Gators, no?

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

D'Onforio's defense?

Freshmen starting?



Canes have fans watching their scrimmages.

Noles have nobody watching their scrimmages.

Gators coaches wish they didn't have to watch their scrimmages.

Big difference.

Posted by: Five Titles


All true points. Hmmm gaytards and criminoles are left scratching their heads in the attempt to understand such a predicament.



@ dbc

I do believe that God is on the fence in regards to gaytards and criminoles... Just a hunch. But he has been known to turn the other cheek. Forgiveness is one of the greatest powers one can possess. That and 5 championships! Ahhh, it always feels good to say that.

GO CANES!!!!!!!

Yea and it was spoken that no champion of the reptile who slinks on his stomach nor that of the godless savages shall enter the kingdom of god - but verily it shall be the righteous among us whom profess love for the creation of Howard (peace be upon him) shall inherit the earth.



Start Flowers at guard?

Actually duh it does. Keep changing the subject. Makes sense not to you

What makes sense?

Hardly anything from theists makes sense. Deists at least have a fighting chance at a coherent argument but for the religious, that ship sailed a few millennia ago. Get your head out of the sand. You sound almost as dumb as the blog pig.

Just in case a reminder. Fire SHALALALALALA now

Duh your the one flopping around like a fish on the deck. Can't get back there since on iPhone, but you were asked a question and still no answer.

So were you.

There was a question somewhere? Is the answer the typical answer non-answer of believers, "god works in mysterious ways?" Your god apparently cares enough to let certain people be cured of cancer while thousands of others die excruciating deaths. I guess god just plays favorites and wants certain people to die.

Sorry, not my type of god.

Flowers does not start as a true freshman in his first game. He will own the spot by the end of the season though.

It's better to get Flowers experience where he can or to develop him at his long term position (tackle)?

Kehoe likes to say best 5 start.

The SOLDY TACO is now available...only 1 tooth needed to bite.
Rush out and get 1 or 2 or more.
The twist is run very fast and when apprehended say "It was only a game, and the evidence is in my belly".
Soldy go hold hands and sing Kumbya around Gville..as no one is interested in the Gaythurs so you are camped out here for a little action..typicaly nothing is happening on the Gayturds board so I don't blame ya.
I feel a SOLDY STOLEN TACO break coming on...
Go 'Canes

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

So have him back up at tackle then?

Have him back up until he knows the playbook thoroughly. Even Seantrel Henderson, with his natural talent, needed time to learn the calls before going onto the field.

I doubt he is ready for the college level blitz packages, stunts, and speed of the college level, yet.

I stand corrected on the divinity issue.

Marlins scored at least 1 the last 2 games ...

Best 5?

Bunche, Feliciano, Linder, Jermaine Johnson, Henderson?


GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida tight end A.C. Leonard pleaded no contest Wednesday to a charge of misdemeanor battery stemming from a February altercation with his live-in girlfriend and will serve six months of probation, according to his Gainesville attorney.

Leonard must also pay $628 in court costs, continue to participate in anger management classes and have no contact with the victim.

"We took the victim's situation into consideration and thought this [resolution] was best for everybody," attorney Huntley Johnson said. "In my opinion, he's certainly learned from this situation, and I don't think we'll be having any further incidents."

Leonard was arrested Feb. 15 after Gainesville Police Department officers responded to a call made by a 21-year-old female Florida student at The Polos Apartments on Southwest Williston Road at about 8 p.m. ET, according to Cpl. Angelina Valuri, the public information officer for the Gainesville Police Department.

The victim, who said she had been dating Leonard for a year and a half but living with him for only a month, claimed Leonard assaulted her during a verbal argument, Valuri said.

The woman claimed Leonard shoved her with both hands in the chest and knocked her to the ground. As she was falling, the woman said she struck her head on a dog cage, according to Valuri.

The woman said Leonard, 20, grabbed her by her hair and dragged her toward the front door, ripping out chunks of her hair and breaking a necklace in the process. The woman said Leonard then grabbed her by both feet, dragged her out of the apartment and locked the door, Valuri said.

The woman had abrasions to her left forearm and right elbow, injuries consistent with being dragged on a carpet, Valuri said.

Florida coach Will Muschamp suspended Leonard, who caught eight passes for 99 yards as a freshman last season, after his arrest but reinstated the 6-foot-4, 245-pound sophomore on March 26 and allowed him to participate in spring practice. Muschamp said last week he has not yet determined Leonard's status for Saturday's spring game or the fall season.

"As I stated last week, A.C. has a number of things he has to work through before his status for the fall is addressed," Muschamp said in a statement on Wednesday.








p.s. Sucks to be everyone else...


Clearly, the crap flows uphill in this state.

Gatr Trash looks in the mirror and a raging dumpster fire looks back.

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