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Peter O'Brien named ACC Player of the Week; Hurricanes football resumes

While UM men's http://tinyurl.com/6rgh637 and women's http://tinyurl.com/7ha63ep basketball programs continue through their respective tournaments, UM baseball has been getting it done as well.

The Canes are now 16-4 overall and 5-1 in the ACC.

Senior catcher Peter O'Brien was named ACC Player of the Week on Monday.


O’Brien, who recorded an impressive .529 batting average over the past five games, finished the week with three homeruns, three doubles, nine RBI and 21 total bases. O’Brien had hits in all but one game this past week, including multi-hit games in three of his team’s five contests.

 “It’s a great honor to be selected,” O’Brien said. “But I think an even bigger honor is seeing our team on the top of the Coastal Division of the ACC.”

O’Brien powered the ninth-ranked Hurricanes to victory in a midweek battle with visiting Illinois State and in the team’s series finale against Duke, recording four RBI’s in each game. The Miami Gardens, Fla. native is now tied for the conference lead in homeruns with seven, and is hitting an impressive .389 on the season, good for fifth-best in the ACC.

“I feel great. I’m still going up to the plate and being aggressive, but I felt a lot better balance this week,” O’Brien said. “I’m hitting the ball a lot better and I’m starting to drive it to all fields. I’m just happy to help our team win.”

O’Brien finished the week with splits of .529 AVG/ .600 OBP /1.235 SLG. He leads the Hurricanes in nearly every hitting category on the season, including average, runs (17), hits (27), doubles (7), homeruns (7), RBI (25) and total bases (57).

“He's a very talented player that's getting better, no question about that," Head Coach Jim Morris said of his team captain. "He's got great power, he's got an outstanding arm and he's a big strong guy, so he's got all the tools to be really good.”


 Canes baseball is now ranked ninth in the USA Today/ESPN coaches' poll, Collegiate Baseball poll and National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association, 12th in the Baseball America poll. The Canes play at FAU in Boca Raton at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and are home for a three-game ACC series against Maryland from Friday through Sunday.


Football resumes tomorrow morning at Greentree Field. It is closed to the public. The Hurricanes' first open scrimmage is from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah. It will be one of three open scrimmages this spring. The second one is Friday, March 30th, from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers. The final one will serve as the spring game, from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, at Sun Life Stadium.



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Oh yeah Ted Hendricks Stadium....perhaps a look into the future of our new home?



Forgot to add. Fire that troll Shalalalla now. Look at the bad press we are getting for the law school!~!!!

Lets go canes bring home the baseball championship and football as well hurricane 4 life believe dat#H4L

Wow, a lot makes sense now - you're not a UF fan at all!!!!!!!!!



Glad to see O'Brien doing well now. If memory serves me right, he pretty much disappeared against UF, though. Big-time players "show up" for the big games.
In regards to the baseball team...I know they have a pretty darn good record right now and a nice ranking...but why do I still feel so uneasy by their play?

FIU > UFailure

You talking baseball? ACC honors mean nothing, ACC sucks.
You should feel uneasy about cane baseball, if they make it to a regional it will be in G ville or Tally and it will be the end of the road for them.

It is good that the canes play these away games in Hialeah and Fort Myers early on. Hopefully they can win them all and be ranked early on. Spring is such an exciting time to be a cane!

SEC! Tennessee! SEC! Tenne......errrrrrrr. Forget it. SEC East is dog crap.

U 1,200 Cane ClUcks can sit down now !!!

shUtout til the first TV Timeout !

Nuh huh!

Here U Go AGAIN ...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee ... Ur 2 for 2 !

ExcUse U

"The NCAA Screwed the LADY CANES !!! They made Us a 3 seed and then we had to travel all the way oUt to the Big Bad Basketball Haven Great North West. Then we had to play against the 11 Seed white Girl Zags on their home coUrt ! That's NOT fair ! It's a Cane Conspiracy !!! We were better bUt the Refs screwed Us !But next year we will win the ACC be back as a 1 Seed next year winning the Final FoUr !!! WE WILL BE BACK !!!"

CANES Basketball ... The Poster Children for RoUnd Ball Bloody nodive Abortions...

That trUly is A CANE THANG going on a Dozen years now !


Let's Win The SPRING GAMES in Hialeah and Fort Myers !!!

Congrats to the Lady Canes on a good season. However, the Zags were too much down the stretch. UM never stopped playing hard though. Not hiting outside shots.

Regarding the men, as comedian Ron White might say, "them hoopsters sure got a lotta quit in 'em."

Like Golden, Coach Larranaga has a lot of work to do to change the culture. Hope those without heart move on and that we have a minimum number of me-firsters, NBA wannabes, yada, yada. Embarassing to watch the inside play on "defense."

And the fans? Pathetic turnout tonight friends. When are U going to get some heart and love for your team? Surely that was a downer for the players. For those who were there, kudos for your support. Better times are ahead and, in fairness, a 20 win season is a positive accomplishment for a first year coach.


in 3...2...1...

who cares aboUt Basketball riiieett ?


Nuh uh!

Yuh huh!

nuh uh!

in fairness, a 20 win season is a positive accomplishment for a first year coach.

Posted by: dbc | March 19, 2012 at 11:37 PM

Congrats on getting that all important OVERTIME Win against FAU during the O.B. Tourney in Sunrise and an N.I.T. Victory to get U to that impressive, Magical 20th. Win...


o'brien tearing it up,thats awesome....lets see come tournament time....when it counts...

nice green shUe's ...

St. Mick Day wUz yesterday

DejaVu U U,

Thanks. I know Miami is the only team that plays lower level competition, right?

20 wins is a good season for a first year coach. Obviously, there is much work to be done. A winnning ACC record is also a positive, as is beating Duke at Cameron, FSU at home in front of a good crowd, etc.

We shall see...

If you have any Cane in you, have some faith, dude!

At 16-4........hard not to notice that THIS surprising team may be the best in the past 5 years or so.Welcome change...for sure.That said.......at least up to this point...it seems O Brien is a major reason/factor as to why.Pitching is good....except against elite teams...such as Gators....obviously.However......O Brien s power hitting and confidence seems to have helped to quickly "settle" this team.The play of Tresgallo,Carey and especially former Gator...Palmer has been impressive.Palmer is a very nice player I m surprised to see.Salcines as a relief pitcher has been more than excellent.Our 2nd,3rd,4th pitchers have been great.Erickson started out good but lost his confidence against the Gators....who tore him up early and often.

Jim Larranaga, Jim Morris and Katie Meier should all be fired immediately.

well I guess it's curtains for me!

He Teblow, Hey Gatr Trash Nation,


I knew MY CANES would embarrass the university. We were known as the NITwits, but NOW we're known as the NITwiffs! THE NITWIFFS, CANES!


SHAPIRO has ruined us and the eminent downfall has just begun, ACCORDING TO MY SOURCES!

A famous WISE MAN once said, " High profile players need high profile compliance." And who was that wise man?

PAUL DEE! Gore, Wilfork, Taylor, Johnson, Carey, Winslow, Forston, Phillips, Hester, DJ Williams, Rolle, McGahee, Joseph etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., !!!!!! THOSE PLAYERS WEREN'T HIGH PROFILE ENOUGH FOR YOU DEE?

ANOTHER WISE MAN once said, " 'You have to put in place the kind of institutional control we have at Miami," .....and who was that wise man?

PAUL 'DA U' DEEEEE!!!! MY SOURCES are LEGIT.....I don't care what you think. Not one IOTA, ok.




Gee, when the substance of what you are saying is drivel, type in all caps. Then maybe someone will read it. But probably not, you maggot.

Welcome to the U Ray Lewis III, maybe your dad can sign the petition and pony up some cash for the new stadium at Tropical Park. Ray knows about the love of the OB and how we need a stadium like it to win.



New stadium for what, CANESwillDIE? DA U CAN'T EVEN FILL THE CURRENT ONE!!!!......SMH.

Also, WHEN the NCAA sanctions us, we'll have TROUBLE FILLING UP A HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM!!!!!

OOPS, we're already having trouble filling up stadiums even WITHOUT the sanctions -:) SMH

The Canes should combine the men's and women's basketball teams, invite all S. Fla. high school players to the BUC and have a scrimmage giving a clinic on how not to play Tournament basketball.

CANES Basketball ... No Heart .

CANE Fans ... No pUlse .


The dirty rhetorical question Pog is back.

You jumped the shark, dumb Pig.

Years ago. You ain't clever or funny no mo. Just dumb.

Save it for your boyfriend.

Canetillidie. To do that we need to fire SHALALALALALA now

“oUr Cane Cagers didn’t qUit and played hard like they have all Season. Coach L has them on the road to greatness and sUrly next year, we will compete for the ACC Championship, Go March Dancing and bid for a Final FoUr appearence… PlUs the NCAA and Refs screwed Us all year, bUt we are a Top #100 Team and dUh U will be back !!!”


Football … Down in Flames

Basketball … An Abortion on the Hard CoUrt.


Baseball … U will not get past a Road Regional … AGAIN.

Then it ALL starts over again next Sept.


That U clUcks … P-U is TrUly A CANE THANG !!!




Huh? They lost yesterday.

Best player was suspended. MY SOURCES says that it's because of THE NCAA INVESTIGATION!!!!

At least SHAPIRO didn't discriminate......SMH. SHE was probably paid LESS money, though.

GO CANE$$$$$$$$$$!

All you haters will see, our away games at Hialeah and Fort Myers will be sell outs. And we will win both games.
Our canes will start the spring strong and be ranked too.
Golden will take care of the NCAA, no one will sanction such a perfect tie.
Go Canes. Spring is here, rejoice!

FloridUH's hope?

Gilislee, Driskel and Muscrap. Wow. Good thing the SEC LEast is dog crap. Come to thin of it, so is the Gatr Trash so you know, it fits.


-Colleges Listed-




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Kelvin Taylor - 4 STAR

-Colleges Listed-







*Florida St.*




Miami (FL)


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LOST is Timmy Teblows football career. Not surprising NO ONE wants him as a QB, basically he is an OVERPRICED fullback. Somewhere the real Jethro Bodine is nauseous.

ahhhhw poor lady turds got blown out by 19 points. The so called best in sports in the NCAA turds are nothing but choke artists

Lady turd basketball- gag
Lady turd softball- gag
Mens baseball- gag
Mens football overrtaed
Mens basketball- wait, youll see... gag

weak fi-tree-tU


Women's Hoops not very good, but 1-1 in the NCAA's like Ur split-tails...

Softball now ranked #4...3X SEC Champs the last 5 years and Played for National Championship last year...

Baseball now ranked #1... 2X SEC Champs the last 5 years and Played for National Championship last year...

Football 2 X SEC Champs and 2 X NATIONAL CHAMPS the last 5 years...

Mens Hoops Sweet 16 ...3 X SEC Champs and 2 X NATIONAL CHAMPS the last 6 years...

That's 10 SEC Championships and 4 National Championships and 2 Runner-ups since 2006...

Top-3 The last 5 years for OVER-ALL BEST College Sports Programs in the NATION ...


U ? NO ACC Champs in ANYTHING... A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G ... No Omaha 'ships ... NO BCS Bowl Wins ... NO NCAA BB Tourney wins ever the last 8-10 years...

Ur 0-14 the last games played vs Florida in F-Ball(23pt. Loss), B-Ball(20+pt. loss) n Baseball(12 straight and 14 outta 15) played.

Go ahead and now do Ur best Notre Dame fan impression and tell us all about the olden days again when the current players weren't even born...

Cane ClUcks, U can join the rest of us in the world and join the 21st. Century anytime now...

U can remove Ur empty head from the gUillotine now ...


but ... GO LADY CANES !!! ... it's all U got.

All that pathetic Irrelevance the last decade plus the fact that Ur repeat NCAA Probation Violators the last 10 years in Football and Baseball... And now Basketball...

The NCAA is going to bUry U until the year 2020.

Ur delUsion will be reality soon enoUgh U Looosers ...

bUt Goldie, Larrageritol, forked tongUed Meier and Elmer Fudd will have U All BACK Soon riiiieeet ?


Basketball NCAA TOURNAMENT SWEET 16 Again !

#1 Baseball 19-1 … 17 straight. Broomed U !

#4 Softball

#1 Gymnastics

Women’s Basketball Round of 32


Top 10 Lacrosse

Top 10 Men’s Tennis

#2 Women’s Tennis and Defending NATIONAL CHAMPS

Top 10 Men’s n Women’s Swimming and Diving MULTIPLE National Champions.

Top 10 Men’s n Women’s Golf.

Canetillidie. To do that we need to fire SHALALALALALA now

Posted by: ltcdolphin


Sorry ltcdolphin but I've been on vacation. That's some douche running around with my handle. Haters will hate.

Oh yeah Ted Hendricks Stadium....perhaps a look into the future of our new home?



Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | March 19, 2012 at 07:11 PM

Forgot to add. Fire that troll Shalalalla now. Look at the bad press we are getting for the law school!~!!!



Man you are pathetic. Some troll you are, can't even show your real self, you have to hide behind others. Sucks to be you.

Anyone here can easily tell that it's not me writing the garbage that you're posting here. I would never demand money from former players. Though would be a nice gesture I simply wouldn't do it because those players donated their abilities for us while during their time at The U. I merely demand that the school get back on board with being a powerhouse instead of treating our football team like it's a second-tier sport. You mentioned earlier about "CocoWalk" being the next location for a stadium... Not even close to anything I would say. Ted Hendricks stadium being the next possible location for a site? Pathetic but keep trying.. Then you have been spitting up garbage about Tropical Park off of bird rd. Though the site is large enough to house a stadium this will never happen. Politics won't allow it, the tree huggers will flip out if one tree gets taken down for parking space, and traffic would be a disaster for Bird Rd and Miller Ave. But you're simply to stupid to comprehend any of that. You're a troll and nothing more. You will not amount to anything more that a POS that runs around blogs posing as other people. You are a troll and a poser. Congrats with that.

Now get the F out of here.


I forgot....


Let's play Over/Under Cane ClUcks ...

How many Orange Ties were given out prior to the Classic B.C. Finale last year?


And how many ended up in trash cans as the 20K Fans left as Looosers again ?

Ok, Pog. I love games. Let's play over/under in the ratio of athletic dept. budget to football wins. Looks like the Gatr Trash is waaaaaaaay under the mean.

You still suck, miserable Pig. You are still fruity though.

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