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Q&A with UM quarterback Ryan Williams

Quarterback Ryan Williams was unable to speak with reporters following Tuesday's practice, but took the time to answer some questions left behind by the media on Wednesday.

> How much are you looking forward to the scrimmage on Saturday at Milander Park in Hialeah and why?

"I’m really looking forward to the scrimmage. It will be the first time that we can get out there in a game-like situation and see how the offense is coming together. Are we keeping score? I want to get out there and win, beat the defense."

> What are you looking to accomplish during the scrimmage, both personally, and as an offense?

"To go out and execute each play and not have any mental errors or turnovers. To see how the offense competes.

> What would make the scrimmage successful for you?

"A win."

> Will it be tough considering the depth issues at receiver?

"No. We have a whole group of offensive skill players who have stepped up, including walk-ons."

> How have you seen freshmen Preston Dewey and Gray Crow improve since they've gotten here?

"They are learning the offense and getting a feel for the speed of the game."

> How much are you looking forward to getting out there in front of fans, friends and family?

"I’m excited to get out there. It will be fun to be able to give the fans to see how far the team has come since last year with a bunch of new faces."


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L-U-ser > Tulsa 48-7
L-U-ser > Louisville 56-0
L-U-ser > S. Miss. 41-19
L-U-ser > Houston 56-19
L-U-ser > Tennessee 50-14
L-U-ser > Marshall 28-13
L-U-ser > UAB 31-15
L-U-ser > UCF 37-17
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Ryan Williams will have a very good season.

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The 3507Z was not me. Who ever you are troll grow up

Posted by: ltcdolphin | March 21, 2012 at 05:46 PM


No worries man. We're good.

I like this kid's attitude and reviews of his play to date. Need the TEs in the mix in an active way. 2 TEs on same plays will give him options. It is the same formula that mediocre QBs used to beat the Canes last year. Dump off the ball, run the WRs downfield, use an RB as a safety valve, etc. See U at the scrimmage!

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