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RB Hall no longer on team

Running back Darion Hall is no longer with the University of Miami football program, the school's sports information office confirmed.

"He hasn't been with the team for weeks," spokeswoman LaTonya Sadler said.

Hall had been suspended indefinitely by coach Al Golden for a violation of team rules last month.

Hall was redshirted his freshman year after undergoing shoulder surgery, and was a member of the scout team last year, appearing in only the Bethune-Cookman game.

He rushed eight times for 51 yards in the spring game last year.


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It's great to see that Golden is running a tight ship and laying down the law that being undiscipline and bad behavior will not be tolerated whatsoever !


oh ... wait ... Randy Shannigan did the same thing.

### ESPN’s Dick Vitale said, by phone, UM needs to beat Georgia Tech on Thursday and then FSU on Friday in the ACC Tournament “to even get on the table” for serious NCAA Tournament consideration, partly because the bottom half of the league is so weak….



What will Ur excUse be when the Mighty SEC puts more quality teams into "The Tourney" than Ur Athletically Challenged Conference U Colossal Cane Fools ?

#1 in Football ... Basketball ... Baseball

"oh ... wait ... Randy Shannigan did the same thing."

Yeah, but did he know how to coach?


SEC trumps U...Your team is in the bottom half of a two team top heavy conference. When are U going to stop riding their coattails? No time soon i gaurentee.Call us when you Dominate (thats undefeated season to the real world)foir a change.Tebow couldnt even pull that one out of his bible.Keep praying though...

Addition by subtraction opens up another scholie,

Al weedem and weep Golden

Apparently good riddance. Message is my way or the highway.







keep weedin

Curse Pig still bitter and still luvin' the KAK.

U COMPRENDE U dUmb maggot?

The rest of the SEC hates the Gatr Trash worse than the Canes do. Gatr Trash is too dumb to figure it out.

Been kinda busy up here. Actually saw white Erin actually said some sensible stuff but reverted back to shalalalala loving.
This guy golden is good. Looking forward to September.

Weedin weedin weedin keep those doggies weedin

Ooooooppppssss ... just blew another 9th. inning lead ...

oh ... wait ... Randy Shannigan did the same thing.

Posted by: Nevermind | March 07, 2012 at 06:08 PM

And he had twice the talent to work with ... Albeit Average.

U clUcks would be pUmped and screaming ACC 'Ships on the way, like the last 8 years, how great dUh U would be if Ransom Everglades were being led by soon to be Al be gone...

Ummm, UM fans, who the heck is darion hall again??? Meaningless article, with Mr. Florida coming in and an already loaded backfield, with Mike James, Eduardo Clements, possibly Dallas Crawford and others.

Posted by: De Ja Who ? ... That'd Be U ... | March 07, 2012 at 09:09 PM

That Northwestern class was wayyyy overrated. Lakeland's 07 class panned out, but Northwestern's 08 class flopped. I was really concerned about the attitude on defense for Miami last year, don't know if that was coaching or the players but they had no emotion out there. I always point to that BCU game when I saw Marucs Forston getting handled on the line, I was embarassed as a Miami native. Randy Shannon wasn't a great head coach we know that but at least his defenses had some swagger during his head coaching tenure.

Worst decision Randy Shannon has ever made as a head coach was when he just gave Jacory Harris the starting job back at the end of the 08 season. All the other QBs left the team, I believe Jacroy would have become a much better QB if he had to win the job. Granted we have not heard from those QBs since they left UM. But by gifting him the starting QB job when he goes to school in his own hometown after being the a king in highschool is a recipe for disaster.

Your right we haven't heard from any but one Marv. So why bother dredging it all up again. I know for a fact that the one that went back home to Rice isn't even playing QB for them anymore. Yes he couldn't start for Rice. Looking back none of them would have fit in or were any good so let it go. Randy's gone and so are they.

whatever happened to Matt Patchan?

Who of U be ready fo ...

Loved Golden's rant on Joe Rose's show the other day. More guys show up for the combine than UM practices.



good morning Arty


Darion Hall, Miami castoff > anyone the Gatr Trash has lined up at RB.

Comprende, Douchebag? Arty, Hola Douchebag?

I am the Curse Pig and I luv the KAK.

maybe Peyton will be Ur O.C. in 2018


How long is Golden going to continue to clean house. Too many good kids have departed the program. Explain why Storm Johnson wouldn't have helped the offense this year. I don't see next season as one where improvement of 6 - 6 takes place. If you doubt what others think of U football, go to the Notre Dame site on Bleacher Report and read what ND thinks about playing the U next season. I like Golden but the kids moving on troubles me.

Cleaning house BABY...

You are either on board or overboard...

Coach G walks the walk and talks the talk..

Team Hurricanes are building from the ground up..Shape up or ship out..
I could go on..

Guaranteed that every member of the 'Canes is sitting up and listening that rules and regs should be respected. This applies for the guy sitting beside you or across the room..All rules apply to everyone.

Way to go Coach G.
Go 'Canes

No surprise after what his high school coach said when the suspension was reported.Think Darion was gone when it happened,just took a little while to finalize.Kid had problems from high school,im surprised they took him on board.Go canes.

Another soft player is weeded out. The Great Golden is cleaning house. Soon we will have 20 or 30 more open scholies for all those 5 star kids that are dying to come here. You know, the ones that went to FSU, UF, Bama and Texas when they really wanted to play for The Great Golden Weedwacker. The canes are ready to finally get that elusive ACC ship. The best team in Florida and the nation in the last decade is poised to come back to the top.
Lets go canes another undefeated season and 6th NC coming up in 2012. Morris and Williams will be co Heismen and The Great Weedwacker will be coach of the year. It's all about the U.

Just goes to show what rivals and scout knows about recruits...

I think the hillbillies are really cute impersonating me - shows how scarred they are of the best school in the southeast!

Look Golden is weeding out the players who just want to come here for SoBe and King of Diamonds. Sometimes living in such an international destination can also be a detriment. Wish we would have the ol girl OB to show them tradition. I had another dream about her last night.

If we get Peyton in Miami, maybe he can work with Ryan William, Stephen Morris, Dewey and Grey.



Just because a player is not good enough doesn't mean he is a bad person. Even if a professional player in the NFL is not a bad person if he is not good enough, let alone this is a college student-athlete.

Darion Hall is good enough for a lot of teams out there. He should transfer to FAU, FIU, UCF .... even Bethune-Cookman, FAMU ...

pseudologic nailed it! Many of today's kids do feel entitled and by the time they arrive at the U, they feel by just going through the motions and avoiding injury they will glide to the NFL. Even so, some of them "luck out" and get a chance with the pros and by that time, some have learned the lesson..but...they go mid to late rounds... no first/second round money!

Part of this problem is coming from either poor coaching or no coaching at the lower levels...The kids have to be taught from an early age that most of us have to work and earn our way! And..we have to continue to work or someone WILL take it away!!!

I think the hillbillies are really cute impersonating me - shows how scarred they are of the best school in the southeast!

Look Golden is weeding out the players who just want to come here for SoBe and King of Diamonds. Sometimes living in such an international destination can also be a detriment. Wish we would have the ol girl OB to show them tradition. I had another dream about her last night.

If we get Peyton in Miami, maybe he can work with Ryan William, Stephen Morris, Dewey and Grey.




The more you use my handle the better I look. Guess you pathetic souls can't keep your minds off of me. Thanks but I don't accept that compliment coming from trailer trash.

I'm sorry if our school is better than your school.
I'm sorry if we are the better school in the same state.
I'm sorry if students from our school go out and live better and happier lives than your students do.
I'm sorry that we have more national titles among all sports than your school.
I'm sorry that our 5 national titles are the same as trailerhassee and trailersville COMBINED.
I'm sorry that now a bill will be passed and your tuition will increase by 15-18% even though we're discussing a state school.
I'm sorry that you are pathetic.
I'm sorry that your cousins are your brothers and sisters, your parents are not only related but born minutes apart.
I'm sorry that the gaytard chomp looks like a retard attempting to clap. Hey, I didn't come up with it.
I'm sorry that Sebastian the Ibis runs out to the 50yardline to pick up a stick on fire and break it over his knee. Actually I'm not because it's hysterical.
And finally, I'm sorry that none of you could have gotten into the BEST COLLEGE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Rejection letters can be harsh. I wouldn't know because I was accepted to every school I applied to. Even my POS highschool counselor who was a former gaytard alum sent my transcripts to UofFelons and they accepted me with an academic scholarship and I politely wrote back saying that I would never attend their school. For one, I hate jorts. Two trailersville is only nice when it's spring break and the morons all leave to wherever their off too. Three, what the F is there to do there???? Honestly?!?!? Cow tipping is the highlight of the weekend. Good Lord, get a life.

One thing though. I'm definitely not sorry to be a Canes fan. CANE 4 LIFE!!!!

Now suck on that while your at the unemployment office.


Shame about Darion Hall. I actually had high hopes for him with his size and speed. He just couldn't get his act together. I guess he's better suited over at trailersville. They take guys who break the rules. Opens up another scholarship for us to recruit another great athlete.

fswho and gaytards are still pissed over Tracy Howard staying home.


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!

Way to go CANETILLIDIE....DH, you sure showed those gator and nole trolls.
I'm also sorry we have the best athletic program in the state and the nation.
I'm sorry we continue to win and compete at such a high level year after year
I'm sorry we attract the best players in the nation
I'm sorry we have such a stable coaching staff
I'm sorry we have the same AD for such a long time
I'm sorry we have such great facilities
I'm sorry we have such a modern on campus stadium
I'm sorry all our games are sell outs
I'm sorry our teams always show to the big dance, CWS and BCS games

Now suck on that while your popping your pills!


Another smart player bolts the sinking ship and all the cane clowns call him a lazy bum. Typical classless UM "fans", did the same to the kids that left early for the draft.
You fools are so delusional, pretty soon your depleted team will have to play Sebastian and Golden Boy if this keeps up.
What are you delusional clowns are going to say after another mediocre season? Still going to blame Shannon, or Shalala? Maybe Shapiro is to blame.
Enjoy the spring game, after that all you will get is pain, and disappointment.

No excuses in 2012,if Miami is not at least 10-2, Golden should be gone. The problem is the TROLL! Donna Shalalya! We need to lower our academic standards and put winning NCs over graduation rates!



We are FAR LESS TALENTED than our 2011 team. Yes, our 6-6 team.

Darion Hall, Miami castoff > anyone the Gatr Trash has lined up at RB.
Comprende, Douchebag? Arty, Hola Douchebag?

I am the Curse Pig and I luv KAK.

I was bummed to see Dallas Crawford move from corner where we're thin to running back where we already have Duke but it sounds like he's going to be used as a receiving back and a slot receiver - perfect role for his skill set!

Sorry to see Darion Hall go, hope he lands a scholarship at another university.

Agree that it's ridiculous to have any academic requirements for athletes but highly doubt that's the reason UM has been losing for the past decade - we had proportionally higher academic requirements under Tad Foote than we do now.

You know, it sucks that you never let we the fans know why a player has left or been thrown off the team. What's the big deal? It's not like holding the code to the U.S. Mint.

DelUsional I would like to suggest that you use a weedwacker to get some semblance of cleaning the weeds out of your own head with your illusional post.

I wish that your team the Moosechump babes would do some cleaning of their own and you would spend time worrying about them than polluting our board.

You have to realize that we ALL know that YOU Fear the Tie.
Ask Canetilidie.
Go 'Canes


DelUsional and ACC Canes ........... are one and the SAME.

Save your time and Fear the 'Canes.

Read all about our Canes the more you know the better it will be.
It is so hard to suffer with envy, and drolling won't help.


Florida Gators has lost several high profile recruits over the past few years. A host of receivers has left the program in the past 2 years. Current Recruits such as Mat Patchan has not materialize to any meaningful contributions and Deonte Thompson. We cant forget people, all football players dont love playing the sport, and some are being force to play the game as a way out, but once they make it to college, it become harder to fake it, it become harder to contribute, it become harder to be consistently dedicatd to saying and doing the right thing. Recruiting is only one aspect.

The players leaving is not a good sign, because they can all actually play. The thing is, who's going to replace these players? "Goldy seems to have this, I won't call it discipline, short lease mentality. I'm starting too see where this is headed and it's not toward WINNING, which is what UM is about.

JJ used to give people second chances. Even Coker gave second chances, even though deep down he didn't care. On the surface, this doesn't look like WINNING!!!!

Ooooooppppssss ... just blew another 9th. inning lead ...
Posted by: dUh Peee U Bullpen ... | March 07, 2012 at 09:01 PM

It is really obsessive and sad to follow a regular season UM college baseball team on a Wednesday night against Miami (OH). Even the biggest Miami fans don't have as much interest in the Canes as you.

Cool cat
How do you know Hall didn't get a second chance? He might have been on his third chance. Henderson is on his third chance. I wish Hall well.
All I know is Golden's way took a team that was so terrible that they were thrown out of the Big East in football, and made them winners. One of the high points for me last year was watching Temple kick Maryland's behind all over the field. I saw a team that was big, strong and fast. A team that enjoyed smacking someone in the mouth.
I for one can not wait to see what this staff can do with all the talent in South Florida. Seems to me all Golden is asking for is that these young men stand accountable for their decisions.
My hopes for this year is that we win the Coastal. If we can find some push up the middle of the defensive line. Which I believe was our biggest problem on D last year. I see no reason we don't win the close games this year and win the ACC.

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