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RB Hall no longer on team

Running back Darion Hall is no longer with the University of Miami football program, the school's sports information office confirmed.

"He hasn't been with the team for weeks," spokeswoman LaTonya Sadler said.

Hall had been suspended indefinitely by coach Al Golden for a violation of team rules last month.

Hall was redshirted his freshman year after undergoing shoulder surgery, and was a member of the scout team last year, appearing in only the Bethune-Cookman game.

He rushed eight times for 51 yards in the spring game last year.


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Yea, it's kind of ridiculous to say Al Golden doesn't give kids second chances when the instances that we have the background for (Ray Ray, Seantrel) show that he does.

We don't know what Darion Hall's situation was but only the most pessimistic mind would automatically assume Al Golden screwed him over.

Shannon's not coming back 'Cool 'Cat, let it go.

Hall gone from the U? That s pretty old news.Read that a few weeks ago.Is this a monthly review? Yeah....that s where even his ol , retired HS coach at Lely in Naples,FL said he as his coach wasn t really surprised.The kid had a few discipline issues apparently there also...during his high school days.Goodbye fella.If you can t get a great opportunity to help lead you in the right direction.....then you do need to move on.His loss...too bad for the kid.Having issues at 18 or 19 is tough.

Posted by: al

Nice writing skills. UM Grad? I think not!

Curse Pig, you love the KAK. Admit it you obsessed little fruit.

'Cool 'Cat it is winning in my book to get rid of the ones who do not comply or put forth the effort for the good of the team.
If you can't carry the load move on someone else will.
That mentality is winning not second and third chances.
Oh by the way to totally refute your post..
Seantrel has been there before and done that so this is his....


THIRD Chance so how can you say Coach G has a short lease.. that makes no sense.

We don't want SURFACE we want depth and commitment to your team and the brotherhood of players..
That is 'U' of M football...that is the Legacy.
Go 'Canes

Yo bunch of loosers. So Miller is not a baller. Before he announced he was going pro ya all said he was a stud, now he is a bum.
Seems like ya all are the bums and not Ur former players. Yep look in the mirror cane trash, U are the bums. The players leaving Ur stinking dUmpster are not the problem. U are the problem and Ur pathetic program is the problem.
How is Golden Retriever gonna fetch U some wins when most of the players are leaving.
Keep living in denial clUcks, U and Ur program suxxxs.

Them turds are 1 and done in the tourney, look at there schedule, they basically cant win a game outside the O-dome.
Big east teams own them
I really hope we somehow meet up with the Turds cause we will roll them, like Janoris rolls em
Without Johnsons injury and the suspension for 10 games that was for hearsay, we would have the 20 wins already.
And unlike the turds when we played a top five opponent we took them to overtime once and Beat them the second time.
turds got smoked both times

Who gives a sh*t about Florida Gators basketball?

top 1%

Hall fukkin sucks

Pseudologic said he knew three guys in his neighborhood who could run as fast as Miller. The difference is they were not ballers. He did not say Miller was not a baller.
To bad we can not draw pictures on here. You might understand more of the conversations, and not look like a moron all the time.

I pray to the Sky Fairy that UM will win 5 games in 2012.

It's funny how the weak that get bullied in school come on the intrawebs to be a bully. Sure wish there was a real person to back up all this garbage.

We could be down another decade and UF would still be catching up.

Posted by: 360Cane

We have been down a decade and I pray it's get better after the NCAA sanctions come down.

Again, the most we lost by was 8 points all season. That happened once. We did that with a bunch of players that didn't even want to be here.

Can't wait for Golden's process to be in full effect 2013 when the Gayturds come to town and can't bring their own refs.

Ryan Williams will prove he's SoFlo talent that got away. With Morris being out, that just opened up a hell of a lot more reps with first team for Williams.

And it takes the bait. Too easy...

I'm too intelligent to waste my time here. Thanks for playing...

I luv the KAK.

Hola, Arty, Douchebag?

http://www.police.ufl.edu/crime-map/ Click on 30 days.Some have so many crimes they have to use single icons to cover multiple crimes and then those icons are stacked on top of each other. They need to put up a razor wire fence aroun that whole campus.

http://www.crackshotz.com/gators-are-criminals.htm and they didnt even list half of them. Scary...

That one boy with the ak 47 said he just wanted the victim to know what it was like to be scared....Isn't that terrorism. Ufelons and Uterrorists...

Shut that cesspool in Trailerville down. But remember to burn the Koran's first ignorant 'necks.

Point shaving at Auburn.

Just another day in the disgusting cesspool that is the "SEC! SEC!"

Isn't that the chant Gatr Trash? Reflects well on you.

You don't think Sentrel Henderson has been given a second chance?

Get Ur NIT Tickets early ... On the road @ UCF.

F off NCAA tourney and a shot to win it all

we're gonna kick your ass

ATLANTA -- The University of Miami men’s basketball team played late Thursday night. It had to hope the NCAA Tournament bracket builders went to bed early to bank some extra sleep prior to Selection Sunday.

March Badness this was.


mUst be a U thang


Point shaving, drugs and bloody credit cards.

Must be an SEC thang.

KAK and balls. Must be a Cursy Pig thang.


pUre U class


So says the trailertrash Pig that makes light of Pata's murder and posts racist garbage. But then reason doesn't live in a trailerpark or the mind of a Pig.

Eat the KAK, Pig.

Ooooooppppssss ... just blew another 9th. inning lead ...
Posted by: dUh Peee U Bullpen ... | March 07, 2012 at 09:01 PM
It is really obsessive and sad to follow a regular season UM college baseball team on a Wednesday night against Miami (OH). Even the biggest Miami fans don't have as much interest in the Canes as you.
Posted by: SunnyDee | March 08, 2012 at 02:49 PM

It's even worse than that. It was Miami of Ohio that blew the lead in that game, not the Miami Hurricanes. Check it out, the Canes won the game. This sicko loser can't even read a box score right! LMAO!

Posted by: Miami Hurricanes’ win is not very impressive | March 09, 2012 at 07:11 AM

They won by 18, AND held their opponent to 36 points TOTAL, I would call that impressive. Let's see how your pathetic team does in their first matchup today, I bet they don't win by 18.

@ delUsionalcane

Hey you know what, if you keep copying and pasting as well as you're doing now I'm gonna put a star on the board right next to your name. How does that sound??

Now drink your milk and take your nap.

Have a great day.



CANETILLIDIE, he has gone five years without a star on the board, it might confuse him.

Five Titties,

Tell me about it. He probably hates the Canes because he had to sell peanuts at my beloved OB. I do miss that ol' lady she may have been trashy but she was always there for me. Brings a tear to my eye but these inbred 'necks make me laugh as they are jealous of THE U!



Cnetilidie/Five Titles: Stars only go to die Hard Cane fans...Impersonators and wannabeeeeezzzz get nothing.

Get that tie going and it will be Kryptonite to the Gayturds...
The ghost of the OB will finish the job...After last year they have NOTHING.....NOTHING... but DElUsional and Trashy thoughts....

Fact is they have the worst team with discipline problems in the state of Florida.
When did you hear of Moosechump cleaning house and laying down some rules...
Protecting the legacy, that is what Coach G is doing, and will continue to do until everyone is on the same page.
Darion Hall did not get the message, or elected to opt out on his contribution, by his actions.
Go 'Canes

"SEC TrUmps U Always"

Slow day at the trailer park?... is your sister on the rag again? Come on Billy Bob Gaytor Trash, leave those farm animals alone, and for goodness sake stop your obsession with the U! I know you have "red-headed-step-child Syndrome, but your obsession is out of control. You are always going to be second fiddle to the Canes in Florida, even in academics, so accept it and deal with it... now go back to your chickens and hogs and clean up afterwards... you pig!

CANETILLIDIE, you typing that on your phone? Read your message again and then LOL!

CANETILLIDIE, you typing that on your phone? Read your message again and then LOL!

Posted by: Five Titles


Trust me man, that wasn't me. That was that trailertrash troll again. I never refer to the OB as a Ol'lady OR trashy.FACT. By now everyone should know by the writing that it's not me. It's pretty obvious.

They can imitate but can never duplicate.


The Orange Bowl was my second home like the trailertrash and the meth labs. I would bring a pillow and blanket and make love to myself.


Keep it up trailertrash. It's very easy to hide behind your mother's computer. Get a life.

How pathetic it must be to be a troll. You probably work the midnight shift at the local circle K. Pathetic.

Canetilludie - it'd take less time for you to sign up for a name on twitter than to point out when your name's being stolen another time.

I haven't had to type in my information since I signed up, the Herald leaves me signed in all the time.

I gotta say, with Barry Jackson's page back up and David J. Neal covering FIU, this blog is really behind with it's coverage. Manny is spread too thin with the Marlins and for whatever reason Barry Jackson has more UM info in one day of bullet points than appears here in a week. No coverage of UM's pro day? Of Aldarius Johnson being allowed to perform?

The best part about Barry Jackson's blog is that it changes so fast that there's no time for the pathetic UM trolls and the pathetic UF troll to take it over.

Thanks Eudicumus. I don't have a twitter account - is it hard to sign up?

WTF Durand?

Yet another Cane Cager sUspended... AGAIN ...

But there's nothing to see there riiieet U clUcks.

The $10K paper trail has been uncovered... Just like the mass mUltitudes that will be presented on dozens of U thUg footballers very very soon...

Ur going down even deeper into Ur hell hole of Irrelevance...

ppsssssssssssssttttttttttt ... yUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Hoooooooooooooo ...

See U soon ...

so miami goes to the NIT. will that be bad? who the --- cares. THE university of florida, on the other hand, will pretend, pretend, maybe make the sweet 16, an POOF! as usual, will choke.

guaranteed that will aslo occur in the cws... if they m ake it.

chokers from up I-75

Aaahhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... No one to dance wif ?

U lose ... Again.

But please U Cane ClUcks, tell us all about how like in Football and Baseball U played hard, kept it close, the refs n NCAA screwed U and yet U barely lost... It's what U do over n over n over n over n over again. But U are soooo good at it... ExcUse U .

And the Mighty Gators "barely" WIN again riiieet? ... That's the difference between a TOP FLIGHT PROGRAM that has done it time and time again Unlike U ... We WIN the close ones and U fold...

bUh Bye ... Get Ur N.I.T. Tix early now ya hear... There should be 6-7 k available.

Bwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!

Posted by: 5>3>2 | March 09, 2012 at 10:51 PM

Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

OK Cane Dopes ... Football ? Phhhffffftttt ! ... Basketball ? Cllllank ! ... Time to crank up Ur annual plan C delUsional false hope machine for Ur bUmbling Baseball team ...

Just pray U don't have to get matched up in the # 1 Florida Regional ... U don't want none of that for the 12th. straight time.

SPRING GAME and LADY CANES !!! Woot Woot !

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