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RB Hall no longer on team

Running back Darion Hall is no longer with the University of Miami football program, the school's sports information office confirmed.

"He hasn't been with the team for weeks," spokeswoman LaTonya Sadler said.

Hall had been suspended indefinitely by coach Al Golden for a violation of team rules last month.

Hall was redshirted his freshman year after undergoing shoulder surgery, and was a member of the scout team last year, appearing in only the Bethune-Cookman game.

He rushed eight times for 51 yards in the spring game last year.


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I saw UNC penalties and I hope we have are in line with those sanctions. I only fear the transfers.

To all U Cane Dopes that keep harping on, crying and blaming Ur "Former" Coach as to why U didn't make the Tourney just stop. Haith was responsible for nothing that happened to this Cane Teams lastest and predictable Collapse. Nor should he be punished for it. He was an employee of the University of Miami. The School is 100% responisible for it's employees actions and therefore dUh U is gUilty and dUh U only.

That's the pUre DEFINITION of the term, "Lack of InstitUtional Control." .... In other words ... " A CANE THANG"

The sooner U realize and accept that, the sooner U'll realize that what the NCAA is aboUt to hit U with will help U move on after 2017 and start over...

AGAIN ... Try to, as hard is it obvioUsly is for U to do, to Concentrate ... Miami isn't in the BIG DANCE because they lost to average Maryland and N.C. State at FULL Strength ... "THEY" period. Not Frank Haith.

But Miami fans will use homer blogs like Gorten's, " Haith has a hand in Canes missing the NCAA Tournament again", Frank Haith and his assistant coaches to fUther excUse accepting the responsibility that rests solely on them, their team and dUh U ...

TrUly a Cang Thang... ExcUse U

Mizzou was in the big 12 last yr, hence your fake pseudo allegiance i mean obsesion with the sec explodes in your zit laden face

One of the alachua geniuses a few posts ago called miami a pernnial loser yet they stated that the football program hasnt done anything in 10 years. Lol. Pernnial? You dumb hic..k just contradicted your self in the same breath.lol. What a maroon.
do you know the meaning of the word perennial? What a nin compoop

So miami football hant done anything in 10 yrs?
2002-nc stolen #2
2004-#13 cow whipped the gators, and were ranked 13 bc the turds were 19

10 yrs? One of the hallmarks of perinatal crack and meth babies is a faltering memory and obsessive compulsive ticks like coming on this blog and writing with CaPiTal letters in the wrong places.


zit laden? i know you are but what am I?

Josh, we have.nothing to worry about. Slap on the wrist esa.I will drive to boca to play fau anytime anywhere. Tell them owls to briing it



'All U Cane Dopes'?

As if there were more people reading this blog than you and the cane troll.

Stop stealing names too.

More fiction from the Soupsters.

Totally made up:


1. Yah Barrow had a talk with BTW and MNW but it was him going to them to ask what the f they doin by trashin this staff. Al only got in it cause our boi was about to go HAM on them fools lol.

2. The only thing Al has ever said (from parents) is that he tells them coaches and ballahs that fall for that sh$# college coaches lyin to them about, then maybe Miami aint the place for them.

3. Ill also say this and I know for a fact this is true, if a recruit is known to be offered outside sh$# (you know what im sayin) he will pull any kind of offer made.

4. Miami has already jacked 2 offers from ballahs cause of that in the 2013 class. 1 slid to FSU and the other is a commit to UF. Ill go ahead and call it now, UF will go over the salary cap for next season lol

Posted by: SOUP | March 12, 2012 at 09:28 PM


How about booking tickets to NY in case the canes make it to the NIT finals. We can stay in a youth hostel not far from MSG. It's only $19 bucks if we share the bed.

zit laden? i know you are but what am I?

Josh, we have.nothing to worry about. Slap on the wrist esa.I will drive to boca to play fau anytime anywhere. Tell them owls to briing it





Really cute how you keep running around using my handle. Honestly you can keep trying but I'll catch you on it constantly. Very sad that you simply can't come up with your own. Get a life troll attempting to use a Canes' handle to come off as a good guy on this blog.

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