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UM says Canes offensive tackle (6-7, 305 pounds) Jermaine Barton "chose to leave'' and is no longer a Hurricane

University of Miami offensive tackle Jermaine Barton is no longer a member of the Miami Hurricanes football team, UM confirmed Monday morning.

Barton, a 6-7, 305-pound alum of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High, was dropped from the roster this past weekend.

He has never played in a college game.

According to Chris Freet, UM's associate athletic director for communications and marketing, Barton "chose to leave.''

Other specifics were not divulged, though UM coach Al Golden has been candid about suspending three players for this past weekend -- offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, linebacker Kelvin Cain and cornerback Keion Payne.

Freet said the departure of Barton is unrelated to the three suspensions.

Since the Hurricanes signed only 24 of their NCAA limit of 25 new scholarships in February, if they have not reached the NCAA team limit of 85 total scholarships, they could still sign another player before the signing period ends April 1. Freet said Golden wouldn't divulge the total number of players on scholarship. Golden has said more than once that he does not expect to have his full slate of 85 scholarships when the season begins.

The Canes could go, for example, for someone who is unhappy with the situation at his current college, and wants to transfer. Spring ball will start soon across the nation, and those guys will begin appearing.

Barton would have been a redshirt sophomore in 2012. He was on the scout team last year, and broke the fifth metatarsal of his right foot playing basketball just before coming to UM as a freshman. The injury required surgery.

Barton, who grew up in Coral Springs, was a star basketball player at St. Thomas and late bloomer in football. He was a Rivals.com three-star recruit coming into UM in 2010.




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Hope Ryan Williams doesn't follow in his mentor's footsteps. The way i see it is there are too many unknowns at offense, too many unproven young kids that are counted on to make an impact.
If it were at just one position it would be fine but this is across the board. Long season coming up.

inimounts what basis are you using to sya that Morris is a loser..
He 1) Has not played a full game other than Maryland last year after minimum prep.
2) We don't know about his game calling since we have never seen him and Coach Fisch calls the game plays.
3) His completion record compared to what?
4)Winners are 80% mental and he has not played and managed a game so we cannot know his football acumen.
5)What is this IT that you are talking about?
Give the guy a chance to show himself in at least a few games then criticize.
Doesn't make sense to criticize out of the box not knowing his performance level.
Williams sounds like a good prospect but we don't know that either.
Our Game for the Canes were not based entirely on offense or defense so to say we are in serious trouble is off the mark.Wait until we can see at least the first part of the season and make adjustments then go to town and give your opinion.
Go 'Canes

Reality Check, I also hope he doesn't just follow in Jacory's footsteps. But read his quotes, he says that he learned from Jacory's mistakes as well as his good plays. So he doesn't necessarily need to follow in his footsteps, but instead learn from the mistakes as well as the lessons of his "mentor".

I cant wait for sanctions to rip your little schools football program a new one.......

FACT: All those players miami "put" in the NFL were bought and paid for......

FACT: miami fans live in the past so deep they should write history novels.......

FACT: We removed your sorry butts from our schedule because we gain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from playing you tools. We play in the SEC and have nothing to prove to a team that buys its players and plays in the all crappy conference.

FACT: Last time you sniffed a national championship was more than a DECADE ago and got smoked by another CHEATING team.

FACT: You dont even have a stadium to play in........

FACT: your head coach was the coach at temple (lmfao)

FACT: your football program is headed in a downward spiral and there is nothing you can do about it. cheaters!

FACT: Your glory years are behind you. Nothing but mediocrity from this point forward for you guys......

I could go on and on but ive got work to do.....unlike most of your alumni :)

Have a nice day

The U died the night Willis McGahee got hurt and will never return to greatness. Too many players saw their careers and NFL $ flash before their eyes when Willis got hurt. The U is now just a training facility for future NFL players. You can tell by the effort and the results that the players are only concerned with avoiding injury and pursuing a paycheck. I think you will be hard pressed to find a school that loses more underclassmen to the NFL than the U. While I appreciate what Golden is trying to do, my blinders have fallen off for good. There is no loyalty to the school or the tradition. Look at some of the losses over the last decade. They border on disgraceful. Do you think Marcus Forston gives a flying duck that we lost to BC last year? Or that Tommy Streeter stays awake at night having nightmares over the Maryland game? Too many fans and coaches, and I was one of them, are fooling themselves. The fact that this last group left early with no NFL input tells you all you need to know: THEY DON’T CARE!! There is no one on this blog that would turn down 400K a year, which is probably what league minimum is. These kids aren’t looking for “first round money”. They are looking for money period. See the U for what it has become. We are to college football what Kentucky is to basketball: a bus stop to a paycheck.

Hey dumpster fire,
Fact: none of your facts are facts except our head coach was head coach at temple....where was muschamp head coach at before this gig

Five time...you are a troll

What's up Sid? Truth hurts.

One more schoolie just opened, the faster we get rid of Shannon's player's the better off we'll be.

What truth...? Every team has players that are scared to play hard hoping for that big payday. There are a few exceptions , Even the gators had one in tebow. But now they have don't. Perryman and Chickillo are two other exceptions. Trick is having them on offense and defense at the same time to unite the whole team. We may have that this year. I don't know what y'all saw of morris last year but he does have the fire and the arm and the legs...and if they can do to him what they did to jacorey in one spring in terms of decision making...the offense has found its leader. I was there live when he was congradulating other players and with them on the sidelines instead of hiding in corners like jacorey did.

Phillip Dorsett says that Ryan Williams accuracy is on point but Morris has the stronger arm. Gray Crow has a cannon for an arm and Preston Dewey looks like a seasoned Junior. No worries Canes, we're looking good.



@ da U is a dumpster fire




I don't believe he "chose to leave", because if he did, everyone would have been transparent about it. When Storm Johnson, Travis Williams and some other players left last year, we all learned their reasons.

The coaches should not be so insecure as to cut Jermaine Barton. The coaches need to be honest about this.

Even with 8 home games per year, those 2 infamous non-conference cupcake games, and all the political FL-crony support and money from the Board of Regents; the GAYTURDS still struggle in the SEC. I love it!

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