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UM Canes open spring football practice with news of three suspensions; Al Golden "disappointed.''

Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, linebacker Kelvin Cain and cornerback Keion Payne have been suspended for the first weekend of spring practice, UM coach Al Golden said Saturday afternoon.

The three violated team policy, though Golden didn't elaborate.

They will be back for the next practice on Tuesday, the coach said, and rejoin the team for Monday meetings.

Golden used the word "disappointing'' more than once to describe the situation.

Kelvin Cain had been slated to practice at first-team outside linebacker because of the absence of injured Ramon Buchanan (knee), and was still listed as the starter ahead of Eddie Johnson and Josh Witt on the depth chart released to reporters Saturday. Cain will be a junior.

Henderson, a 6-8 and 350-pound rising junior, is listed as the second-team right tackle behind Jermaine Johnson.

Payne, who will be a redshirt sophomore and graduated from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, is listed as a second-team corner behind Thomas Finnie.

Golden was asked how disappointing it was to deal with repeat offenders such as Cain and Henderson, who have been disciplined before.

He compared the problem players to, well, weeds in a garden.

"It think it's disappointing for the team, to be honest with you,'' he said. "You can't just weed all the time. If you weed all the time, if you're just constantly weeding, that's the problem. When you're trying to improve the program and move the program forward, you can't just weed your garden, you've got to water your garden, too.

"And so we're sitting here saying to the guys, 'That is an incredible offseason,' and 'Great job,' and then the next day you've got to weed the garden again. It's like after a while, you know, you stop using the weed whacker and you get a shovel and get the whole root. That's kind of where we're at.

"There are a lot of kids on that team that have given up a lot and that will continue to give up a lot, that love the University of Miami, that are trying to do things the right way. As a group and as a team, we're all disappointed because it's really not that hard. What we're asking them to do is not that hard. Just do what we're asking you to do, what everybody else on the team is doing. And that's it. I'm not going to get into it. It's a team. It's a team rule. That's it. Period.''

 Golden seemed very pleased with the initial practice as a whole, saying the players were in much better shape than they were a year ago at this point, and that he doesn't expect them to be in excellent condition yet. That will come in time.

Some of the players he praised: center Shane McDermott, junior-college transfer cornerback Ladarius Gunter, quarterback Ryan Williams, safety Vaughn Telemaque, freshman cornerback Larry Hope. But he especially lauded the talent of Dallas Crawford, who will have a versatile role as a running back, special teams return man and as a slot receiver.

"Dallas Crawford looks like he's really in shape and got his quickness back,'' Golden said, describing his "lateral quickness'' and saying he was a "strong competitor'' and "good with the ball in his hands.. Very versatile. ...Good start for him.''

Quarterback Stephen Morris spoke to reporters but didn't want to talk too much about the reported back injury or give details about his surgery. "I feel fine,'' he said. "Today I was tossing the ball, throwing the ball around.'' Golden said Morris acted as a coach in practice.

Safety Armstrong said he expects to be a leader this season. On his decision to return for his senior season, he said: "I come from a family when you start something you finish it. I started my freshman year so I have to go through the four years and get my degree. If I left last year I couldn't do that... I'm not a finished product yet.''

Armstrong said he tried to get the five underclassmen who left early for the draft "to come back, but they felt that was the best decision...''

The strongest Hurricane pound-for-pound, according to strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey? Tailback (and backup fullback) Mike James, who is 5-11, weighs 222 and bench presses 225 pounds for 28 reps with a 400-pound max, back squats 525 pounds and power cleans 308.

Quarterback Williams, who has taken over the first-team responsibilities with Stephen Morris out, said he had a good day. "First practice was good,'' Williams said. "Get out there, get in the flow of things, finally get everything moving with the O-line, the receivers and everything. Just nice to get out on the field and do it for real.''

Don't forget that tomorrow morning's practice on what UM is calling Fan Appreciation Day is open to the public -- as long as you are either a football season-ticket holder or show your ticket for Sunday's UM vs. Gators baseball game at 1 p.m.

The football practice starts at 11 a.m. on Greentree Field and will conclude in time for first pitch at 1 p.m.






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I'm still hoping Henderson will get it together and realize his potential. So much ability will go down the drain if he doesn't. He can help the team so much if he becomes a true team player.

Seantrel...w'sup bro? You'll never start as long as u do stuff that gets u suspended.

SOME of these UM players JUST DON'T GET IT, do they?

I'm so glad that Golden won't allow them to even THINK about who's the boss on this team!!

With the NCAA bearing down on UM, one would think that these players would be on pins and needles every single day of their lives, but some of these MORONS just cannot help but to break team rules, etc...etc.

It must have been something big for Golden to "not elaborate" - GOOD FOR YOU, COACH...these kids get full shots at a great school like UM and they don't appreciate it.

I don't care who it is, if somoene breaks the rules, SIT THEM OUT, even in a big-game situation....that's the ONLY WAY that players are ever going to have a sense of PRIDE and a sense of staying out of trouble, unllike the HILLBILLIES up at UF! That's right....30+ arrests in the past few years IS DISGUSTING by any standards!

"Mike James, who is 5-11, weighs 225 and bench presses 400 pounds 28 reps" Really Really That's not possible.

He said WEED like 10 times, is this code for the guys smokin that hay in the middle of the barn?

UMike why bring up the gators when it's the canes that are in trouble. Concentrate on your own crappy team see if they can muster some wins, see if they don't get pasted by pansies. It's your team that is mediocre and getting worse. That Gables weed must be getting to you too fool.

Acc we know the gators are awful and have 30 arrests lately. For you not so much

HAHAHAHAH, bench presses 400 LBS 28 Reps. DAMMMMMMMMMM he is in the wrong business, that guys needs to go on tour with the circus. Hey, Manny are you gonna be at the FIU Alumni reunion at FIU vs Marlins game?

Henderson looks more and more like a complete bust. He is a very immature young man who wants to be given everything without earning it. Bet Golden eventually boots him off the team. Glad we have a REAL coach with REAL rules finally!

U can go home now Cane fan ...

that's 100 straight Innings of LUsing

Coach Golden's explanation for those three players makes him sound like the main character, Chauncey Gardner in "Being There"

Susan I think you meant 225 pounds 28 times.

Golden will get it done. Repeat offenders will spend their time on the bench and paying "dues" and if that doesn't work, then good bye and their scholly will go to someone else. That's two times for henderson and cain. Immaturity will not be tolerated. Hope Henderson learns that quick now that we have Ereck Flowers and Taylor Gadbois here. Flowers is 6'7" 300+ and strong as hell for a incoming freshman and Taylor is 6'8" 300+ who can play anywhere on the line, went to prep school and kept his commitment to us the whole time and convinced another player to come to The U as well. That shows alot of his character right there and how much he loves The U. I've always spoken highly about Taylor Gadbois. If anyone has ever seen his film, this kid is a goon. Just railroading players and when they switch him to a pulling guard, he annihilates anything in his path. Henderson better watch out because everyone is replaceable. In regards to Cain, all of the above applies. We have quite a few incoming LB's and others waiting for playing time. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BOYS OR AL GOLDEN WILL DO IT FOR YOU AND HE DOESN'T WAIST TIME.


Well said UMike!!

This won't stand here. That only passes over at trailerville.

Get 'em Al.

Man i dont understand these guys .Here they get a scollie a lot of people dont have a chance to get .Here they have a chance to better themselves and at the doorstep of the nfl and the chance to make millions. These guys dont get it together they will work there way down the depth chart.Good things about weeds, if you get it by the root and pull gently they can be re planted. just dont use round-up coach.

Ive always said this team need to get stronger and more physical and that our players look more like track and field atheletes than football players(see combine). That bench rep S.Spence put up was flat out embarrasing. Streeter did more reps than Spence and this guy started for 4yrs. I have no doubt that he will be a good pro but 12 reps. Thats why we got pushed around and guys fell for 2 and 3 yds after contact. The old Canes didnt allow that. Im just saying

I really hope the two suspensions are for some nit picky things, my point being, G is capable of some unnecessary behavior regulation norms.
Just not sure we need to create a team of tie fearing automatons.
Ban the blue bus.

yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn ...

Jim Morris said. “We got soundly beat, and we didn’t pitch well. We didn’t play defense at the end. It seemed like the last four or five innings our hitters didn’t show up.


U didn’t pitch, defend, or hit … Other than that, U played great …

Weed out the trash and we will be fine. Go U

You morons can't read. She said he benched 225 28 times and weights 211.

Yawwwwwn is right. Let me know when the Gatr trash is #1 at the end of any baseball season. To date, that has. Even accomplished ZERO times. So the losers celebrate an early season ranking. Big deal. Wake me in May.

Now, drop your drawers Trash Nation and get ready for Kentucky.

Don't the F*****G have ther own site to spit there gargage on??????

# 1

And the Gatr Trash ain't got one.


hendersons a huge bust, pathetic to watch

Give Henderson a break, he can't understand why he is supposed to stay away from Club Liv. After all that is where he was taken during his recruiting trip and now you tell him to stay away.
Remember this is the guy who transferred out of USC when they were hit with probation, he came here to enjoy the good weather, SoBe, and all the Shapiro perks. Poor slob.


Meet me at A Rod park (I just love that name) to catch the game and then we can get a few drinks and discuss your platypus.

Yo cane trash, different day same crap for U. Got schooled again in baseball, I hear U clUcks wanna fire the coach already, bunch of dolts.
Basketball headed for a first round loss in the NIT, pathetic.
Football what an EPIC fail. What a dUmp. Golden Retriever ran off your best skill players now he will run off your best O lineman. Who's gonna block for the Jacory disciple at QB? Whatcha gonna do maggots?
ACC secondaries getting ready for an INT fest, either Morris or Williams, both follow the Jacory tradition. What a sorry excUse for a program U have fools.
What a heaping dUmpster of a university.

CANETILLIDIE, UMike and others,
You are saying it right. These guys need to shape up, not only because they bring the team down, but because others will gladly step up. Seantrel is looking more and more like a "me-firster." A five star top prospect than can't consistently start and needs discipline is an unfortunate exception.

I hope he gains maturity and fire. But he may be an NFL-first, UM and TEAM second guy. It would be a shame, as the coaches have been very supportive and encouraging of him.

Anybody know how Ryan Williams' arm is looking. Has he got power or, as some suggest, a weak arm? As we know, Morris can throw the ball hard and we don't need anymore gift QBs for DBs.

Love the football optimism , but....

I AM CALLING FOR THE FIRING OF COACH JIM MORRIS! Before you jump all over me, I was AT the game last night...were YOU?? I can't stomach my ONCE mighty Canes losing AT HOME, to the GAYTURDS! But you want to know the most sickening thing? Watching the Canes dugout while they're getting pummeled 13-5 laughing and joking with each other. WHATS SO STINKING FUNNY??? You're getting spanked AT HOME by your Arch Rivals. Jim Morris has been riding those two NC's for long enough.

You Know the Pig is stung when he reverts to those random Eudo posts.

What's the matter Pig? Facts overwhelm your vitriol?

Same stupid pig. Owned again.

@Canetrash...when was the last time the Mighty Dumpster Fire won a Baseball NC?????.....wait for it....wait for it.....CRICKETS...Bahahahahahaha...so stfu and go back to your Momma/Sister/Cousin and feel her/them up after your overnight shift at the Piggly Wiggly LOSER!!!!


Posted by: Josh

Yo cane trash, fire the coach. Easy fix. Except you need to fire the stinking team. Bunch of softies and pansies.
Same for your football girls. Whatcha Golden Retriever gonna do maggots?
Yo cane pig I've got one fact for U fool. 10 in a row.
Here's another U dummy, 10 years for the football girls.
Yo Williams is a disciple of Jacory, U figure that out Einstein. Morris or Williams, same crap. Enjoy the Spring game maggots, come fall U all will be crying: "wait til next year"
Pathetic dUmpster U got .


Yo what a retard U are, first Ur name would be relevant if the Gators had lost to Furman U dummy. Bur I can tell U, OH NO HERE COMES BC AGAIN! or OH NO HERE COMES Maryland AGAIN! Now THAT would be relevant, except U are too dUmb to know the difference. What U dropped out of MDCC and didn't even get a GED? Typical cane maggot who can't find UM on a map.
When was the last time cane dUmpster trash won ANYTHING??
Yep, fire the coach.
U already did and keep losing, what an EPIC fail.
U cheat and still can't win, what a bunch of doUches.
U suck in all 3 major sports, what a raging dUmpster.

I have said it the past 3 years. Morris has gotten waayy too big of a pass. His last NC was 10 yrs ago. His last CWS app about 5 years ago. What gives? Why is he still being allowed to coach this team when they have lost 10 times in a row to UF and who knows how many other times to FSU? This team will not go to the CWS because the regional will likely be at either UF or FSU and if UM cannot beat UF at home, forget it.

Therefore, as I have said it before FIRE that boring old has been unimaginative Morris. Get him the ( ) out of Coral Gables. This baseball program, once the pride of south florida, has deteriortaed as bad as the football program, all the while there has been a rise in programs elsewhere. Thats no excuse.

IMO, Morris=Shannon=Haith

Another opinion:

Seantrel, time to go big boy. YOu obviously dont get it. Cut his ()-ing scholie. He just dont get it. I remember last season against UVa at night, he was standing in the sidelines dancing and shaking his butt all the while UM was struggling against the Cavs. He's no cane. He's from up in Minnesota or whatever and he has no swag. He's big an all, but dont be surprised if he never makes it to the NFL.

Cain and Payne should be warned that they are on double secret probation. Time to tighten up the reigns on these kids. Not like theyve been winning a lot for them to start breaking rules and all. 7-6, 6-6. and you are breaking team rules ? What?

Stung and owned. Story of the stupid Pig's life.

Betcha Brandon McGee wished he would've declared for the draft now! oh yeah, you can add Vaughn Telemaque to that equation as well.

Too many of U are too hard on these kids. We don't even know what they did. It's tough to do everything perfect all the time. If it was something serious or drugs involved, well, we all know where those guys have gone that committed those types of infractions. A one weekend suspension. Couldn't have been that bad of a thing. And as far as disrespecting their scholies goes, I'll bet dollars to donuts that a lot of people here went to college on some sort of scholie, be it Pell grants, loans, or other scholies, that weren't perfect in and out of the classroom all of the time. Let the program grow and mature under Golden and see what we have when his first freshman class are juniors and seniors. Understand the process.

It is time for Jim Morris to go. He's missing on recruits and the baseball program has fallen far behind UF and FSU. It's going to be another long season with no CWS again. Time for a new coach.

@ dbc

Thanks for the post amigo. In regards to Ryan Williams arm I can't say much. I didn't go to the spring practice today due to my wife being ill. So, of course, I stayed home and handled things here. There's film on him online while he was at memphis. He seems really composed under pressure during game play. This while not having a good Oline since he scrambled for most of his time at memphis. Next open practice to fans will be at fort myers. Since I missed this one and going to that one and of course the spring game. Hope you're doing well man. Cuidate.

GO U!!!!!

UMike why bring up the gators when it's the canes that are in trouble. Concentrate on your own crappy team see if they can muster some wins, see if they don't get pasted by pansies. It's your team that is mediocre and getting worse. That Gables weed must be getting to you too fool.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete


ACC/Canetrash/Embreeder/My Mother is my Sister&girlfriend

To quote your own words "Concentrate on your own crappy team see if they can muster some wins, see if they don't get pasted by pansies." You should practice what you preach so your team doesn't loose to pansies or even struggle against them. Furman comes to mind. And now since coach muskrat has signed on till 2016 it'll be a loooooong time before your team is EVER good again. I do mean EVER. No more Teabag tears filled with prayers for you guys to bathe in. Urban Liar is gone, oooh you gaytards won 3 measly championships and you guys think that actually means something. The U has won 5 and did it with 3 undefeated seasons. Until trailerville or even trailerhassee can come up with that, shut your mouthes.



"There's Some CANES Over Where" ? Wooooosssssh Wooooooosssssh ...

U qUit ... That's 11 straight.

Morris should be fired


These players choked. gagged. Peed their pants. So did this has been of a coach.

Morris hasnt done anything for Miami in years. How long are we south floridians willing to put up with this mediocrity? How long are the board of trustees and the AD willing to clap their hands for all of these near misses?

You see, if this was football, we'd be through 3 coaches already. Guess what. We have/

Morris' time has come and gone. Time to move on. Losing to the gators (no disrespect they are good), 10 times in a row is unacceptable. Maybe its ok in Tallahassee, but not here. and by the way, FSU is just a s good. So forget about the cws with these little boys in Coral Gables. Did you watch the game? UM players look like they are still in high school. Who's recruiting these kids or developing them in the offseason?

seantrel needs to get it together just for this year, he's gonna leave after this year and theres no way he'll come back for his senior year, he'll probably be a first rounder if he stays healthy so I sure hope he gets it together and gives us 100% this year

how are U Lady Canes doing ?

football, baseball and basketball teams too ... ?

Canes Fans: Stop answering the Gaytor inbreds on these boards, just ignore their trash talking and they will all go away quietly back to their trailers to be their sister, I mean wife. Miami has more rings than those hillbillies in football and baseball... they are just the red-headed step children of the State of Florida... you have all heard of penis envy, well the Gaytors have that and also Cane envy.. we are ranked higher than the Gaytors in academics, we have more championships.... enough said.

Like the most interersting man in the world would say: I don't usually talk to University of Florida graduates, but when I do I say I prefer fries with that....

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